Quotation1 A very precious metal. Quotation2
— Description, Sonic and the Black Knight[1]

The Mithril is a collectible item that appears in Sonic and the Black Knight.


The Mithril is needed to craft the following swords:


  • No: 145
  • ID Point Price: 10
  • Rarity Level: 9/10
  • Item Type: Mineral
  • LocationMolten Mine


  • The metal originated from J. R. R. Tolkiens high fantasy books. "Mithril" was a precious silvery metal, very lightweight but capable of providing extreme strength in alloys, which were mined by the Dwarves in the deep mines of Khazad-dûm. Due to the fact that the Tolkien Estate did not trademark the term, it is often used in a variety of other franchises and fiction.


  1. Official in-game description of Mithril in Treasury, item 145/247.

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