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This character exists primarily within the Sonic X continuity.
Information in this article may not be canonical to the storyline of the games or any other Sonic continuity.
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Mr. Stewart (スチュワート Suchuwāto?) is a character that appears in the anime series Sonic X and its comic series published by Archie Comics. He is a human government agent who worked undercover as a school teacher at Station Square Elementary School, his assignment being to watch Sonic the Hedgehog and his friends by the President. After disregarding his superiors' orders, however, Stewart got moved to other assignments which would intertwine with Sonic and his friends' future adventures.


Stewart is a fairly regular human with peach skin, violet eyes and neck-long blonde hair. He wears glasses with teal frames and pink lenses, a blue blazer, a turquoise vest, an eggshell turtleneck sweater, dark grey pants, celeste socks, and short dark blue boots with black soles. Occasionally, his sweater, vest, blazer, pants, socks, boots, and glasses' frames and lenses were colored black, light red, red, light grey, grey, dark grey, black and dark orange respectively instead.




Not much is known about Mister Stewart's past. At some point, he used to play a lot of basketball and was seemingly a very good player.[1] He also joined the government as an undercover agent.

New World Saga

Stewart being introduced to Chris' class.

Mr. Stewart was eventually assigned as a substitute teacher at the Station Square Elementary School, taking over for Miss Westerly. In secret, his government assignment was to spy on Christopher Thorndyke, who was hiding the newly-arrived Sonic and his friends in the Thorndyke Mansion. On the day of his introduction to Chris' class, Stewart personally introduced himself to Chris and told him that he knew his parents and that he was a big fan of his mother, who is a famous actress. Later the same day, while he was teaching his class, Stewart noticed Chris take a mysterious leave of absence. Deciding to investigate this, Stewart left his class to study on their own while he followed Chris in his car. When Chris ended up falling from the sky, Stewart tried to save Chris by getting beneath him and then cushion his fall with an inflatable car cushion in the backseat of his car. However, Sonic beat Stewart to it and rescued Chris in mid-drop. Relieved that Chris was safe, Stewart returned to the school.[2]

One day, Stewart dozed off in class while teaching. However, he was soon awoken and kicked out of his own classroom by Dr. Eggman's E-51 Intelligente. Furious, Stewart went to the School Principal and showed him the situation. However, the principal did not see it as a problem, as E-51 proved to be a competent teacher. He then tried calling his superiors for help with sending G.U.N. forces, only for the control center to laugh at him and reject his request, considering it not worth their time and resources to help him. Forced to take matters into his own hands, Stewart called in an officer from the Station Square Police Department. Unfortunately, like his superiors, the officer who showed up saw no problems with E-51 when Stewart showed the robot, who happened to play an innocent game of baseball with his students at the time. Stewart thus angrily grabbed the burger the officer was munching on in frustration. This led to the officer chasing him instead. When Mister Stewart then saw Sonic had taken care of things, he realized he had a lot to learn about being a teacher, but was soon pursued by the officer again as he still had the officer's burger.[3]

Stewart paying a visit at Chris'.

Later on, Stewart learned while eavesdropping that Chris's mother was organizing a party. Plotting to use this event to his advantage, Stewart approached Chris and told him that he would be visiting him as a part of his efforts to get to know his students. That very same day, Stewart went to the Thorndyke Estate, planning to plant a microphone in the house. Although Stewart was warmly welcomed there, he did not get to meet Chris' mother, who had to leave for an important movie. At the party, Stewart met, among others, Sam Speed. Most of the time though, he would look at a painting while pretending to not notice Sonic and Cream run around among them. At the end though, Stewart noticed that the Thorndykes had enough trouble as it was. He thus decided to not plan his microphone and took his leave.[4] Learning later of the government's plan to have Sonic recruited by G.U.N. to help fight Eggman, Mister Stewart passed a fake lead on a Chaos Emerald being found in an old warehouse to Chris, who later checked it out with Sonic, unaware that Rouge overheard and led Sonic and his friends in the wrong direction while she was caught in the trap. The next day in class, Stewart noticed that Chris and Danny were exhausted from following his lead all day yesterday, and apologized for sending them on that misadventure.[5]

Sometime later, Stewart gave Chris a pair of goggles to wear, which he had secretly placed a tracking device in. This device allowed him to pursue Chris in his car when he went to Tingalin Villa in the X Tornado with Frances, Tails, and Amy. However, when the signal unexpectedly shifted, Stewart followed it to its source, only to find the goggles he had given Chris in a field. No sooner, he and his car got caught in a strong wind current. Suspecting that Chris and his friends were caught in it, Stewart made an anonymous phone call to Chuck Thorndyke, Chris' grandfather, telling him about Chris' whereabouts so help could be sent.[6] Not long after, he saw Sonic run past him. After the wind then finally died down, Stewart noticed the X Tornado fly toward Dr. Eggman's Fortress.[7]

Chaos Emerald Saga

Stewart rescuing Chris and his friends from Eggman's robots.

Mr. Stewart eventually came to the rescue of Chris and his friends when they were attacked in the center of Station Square by E-33 Buballs as Eggman laid siege to the city in the Egg Fort, robots which Stewart destroyed by reflecting their lasers back at them with a mirror. Afterward, Stewart got reacquainted with Sam, who was accompanying Chris and subsequently shoved Stewart into his car with the rest of Chris and his friends. The group then headed for the Thorndyke Mansion to pick up the X Tornado. On the way there, Stewart and the others nearly were attacked by E-33s again. Because the car was too crowded, Stewart was unable to reach his mirror. Fortunately, Mr. Tanaka came to the group's rescue, who ran over the E-33s with a truck carrying the X Tornado.[8]

Sometime after, Mr. Stewart served as a guide for Chris and his friends when they went on a summer trip to Mr. Tanaka's home country, his secret agenda being to keep an eye on Chris and Sonic's friends. After coming to the campsite, however, Stewart would, while helping Tanaka and Amy cook, reflect on how he was starting to enjoy the trip and the company. When Cheese got flushed down a river, Stewart helped the kids look for the missing Chao. The group's search took them to a passage too narrow for Stewart to pass through, so Stewart allowed Chris and the others to go ahead of him. What the kids did not know was that Stewart had planted a tracking device on Chris. However, Stewart soon lost the signal and went back to the camp to look for the kids. While he did not find them, he did see E-66 Da-Dai-Oh fly over them. Stewart, Tanaka, and Amy promptly went in search of Sonic to warn him, only discover that Sonic had already taken care of the robot when they found him. The following evening, Stewart reunited with Chris and his friends, who had found Cheese and a hidden Chao colony.[9]

Stewart meets Nelson Thorndyke.

Later, while visiting a cafe, Stewart spotted the X Tornado fly by. Curious as to where Sonic and co. were heading, Stewart followed the aircraft to Filmdom City in his car. There, he dropped in unannounced when Chris presented Sonic and his friends to his father, Nelson Thorndyke. Although his appearance surprised everyone, Stewart nonetheless made a comfortable introduction to Nelson, who showed them a Chaos Emerald he had brought for Lindsey. After experiencing a violent reaction from the Emerald, Stewart informed the government of his discovery of the Emerald, which he promised to retrieve. When Nelson's plan to give Lindsey the Chaos Emerald on the set of her latest movie eventually fell apart, Stewart reported the embarrassing development to home base. No sooner, Eggman showed up on the scene to steal the Chaos Emerald. In the ensuing chaos, Stewart was knocked into a pool by Topaz and Rouge while they tried taking the Emerald from Eggman. After Eggman got away with the Emerald, Stewart would crawl out of the pool, before barely managing to report his mission's failure to home base.[10] Sometime later, while teaching his class, Stewart noticed that Chris was looking glum. Taking him to counseling, Stewart correctly deduced for Chris that he was upset because Sonic and his friends were close to finding the last Chaos Emerald, which meant they would soon leave Chris behind and return to their home dimension. Although Stewart made Chris sad by stating the fact that he had to let Sonic and co. go eventually, he also offered the boy some words of comfort to lift his spirit. Afterward, Stewart was checked on by his superiors, and he proceeded to tell them that nothing was going on that he could not handle.[11]

Chaos Saga

Six months later, Stewart met up with the President and his other officials to discuss the events of the last months, including the transportation of Mystic Ruins to Earth following Super Sonic's victory over the E-99 Eggsterminator. Stewart himself gave the President an update on the current status of Sonic and his friends.[12]

Stewart helping his students during Perfect Chaos' attack.

Later, back at school, Stewart was reporting Chris' recent absence to the government when he got invited into a game of baseball with Danny, Frances, and Helen. During the game, the students told Stewart of much they had come to respect him, which moved the secret agent. The very same day, unfortunately, Station Square got attacked by Perfect Chaos. During the chaos, Stewart was called upon by the government. Refusing to leave his students behind however, Stewart disobeyed his order and helped evacuate the children to the outskirts of Station Square, where they saw Super Sonic fight and defeat Perfect Chaos.[13]

Shadow Saga

Stewart meets Scarlet Garcia.

After the Chaos incident, Stewart got a new assignment that forced him to give up his job as a school teacher, much to his displeasure. Working under the pseudonym "Franklin", Stewart was instated as the news director of NNT to investigate Project Shadow, a top-secret government project from fifty years ago. Seeking help for this task, Stewart invited Scarlet Garcia, a well-known Station Square reporter, to his office and offered her to take part in his investigation. During their talk, Stewart showed that he knew that Scarlet's father investigated Project Shadow before his death as well. Although Scarlet was reluctant to get involved with Project Shadow, Stewart convinced her after promising to protect her with his life.[14]

As the first step in their investigation, Stewart and Scarlet went to Prison Island. Thanks to Stewart's government papers, he and Scarlet were given access to the secure GUN facility. As they interviewed the director, they learned he did not know much about Project Shadow. However, he did show them some footage of what seemed like Sonic working together with Eggman to uncover the secrets of Project Shadow, which was why GUN was currently trying to arrest Sonic. Stewart did not really believe Sonic was guilty however, seeing that the hedgehog in the video footage was black.[15] Stewart and Scarlet would afterward look for a GUN soldier named Mr. Schmitz who was involved in Project Shadow.[16] However, he proved difficult to track down since he kept changing his name and residence.[17] They eventually tracked him to the Bucket Hotel, where residential Jerome Wise showed them Schmitz's room. Stewart could tell that Schmitz had been there recently, so he and Scarlet decided to wait. When he still did not show up, Stewart and Scarlet decided to take their leave. As they left the hotel, however, they got the feeling that someone was following them.[16]

Stewart and Scarlet eventually tracked Schmitz down to a nursing home. However, Schmitz refused to tell them anything. Eventually, Stewart decided they should leave, and try again later. On their way to their car however, they were attacked by Black-Suited Agents. While Stewart engaged them, Schmitz saved Scarlet from one of them. As more agents showed up though, the trio decided to hide in a garden. There, Schmitz decided to tell them about Project Shadow, revealing it meant to discover the secret to eternal life, but the government grew uncomfortable with it and sent GUN to shut it down, with Schmitz being one of the soldiers that invaded the ARK where the project was being carried out.[18] In the process, Schmitz inadvertently shot a young girl that was helping the ultimate creature escape.[19] Eventually though, the ultimate creature and its prototype were sealed away and the soldiers were sworn to secrecy while the invasion was written off to the public as an accident. After the story was done, Stewart did not condemn Schmitz.[18] Stewart later accompanied Scarlet's crew when she made the story of Project Shadow known to the public.[20]

Egg Moon Saga

Mr. Stewart having accomplished his mission.

A while after New Years, Mr. Stewart furtively entered the White House through a secret passage. His mission was to save the President, who had been captured and taken hostage by Dr. Eggman alongside the President's secretary, Christina Cooper. Stewart freed the president and his secretary and put an inflatable doll in his place. Eggman was tricked and covered with the doll instead of the real president. Thanks to his work and that of Sonic, Eggman was defeated and finally arrested.[21]

Emerl Saga

Stewart and the kids imprisoned in Eggman's lair.

Eventually, Stewart was assigned by the President to find Dr. Eggman, who had recently escaped prison. While looking around, Stewart found Eggman's two lackeys, Decoe and Bocoe, who tried to escape him. As Stewart tried giving chase, his former students (Chris, Danny, Helen, and Frances) and their friends found him. As he tried covering up his activities, Danny spotted Eggman nearby. In order to tail Eggman back to his lair and figure out his next move, Stewart convinced the kids to leave. However, when Stewart tried following Eggman in his car, the kids invited themselves along. Unable to do anything, Stewart let the kids come along. After losing track of Eggman in an alley, Stewart used his spy gear to locate Eggman in the sewers. Stewart subsequently headed into the sewers, along with the kids, in his car, which turned into a boat for them to use. While following Eggman however, the doctor caught the group and imprisoned them in his underground lair. While imprisoned, Stewart's spy cover was almost blown by Decoe, Bocoe, and Bokkun. Fortunately, the kids did not believe their former teacher could be a spy. When Eggman's crew then left, Stewart used one of Helen's hairpins to break them out of their cell. The group then began making their way out of the lair. At first, Stewart was able to get them through the first security gate by creating an explosive. When trying to hack the second gate however, Stewart dared not make a move in fear of setting off a trap that could harm the kids. Fortunately, the kids found Bokkun and convinced him to give Sonic a message from them. While they were waiting to be rescued, Eggman attacked them in the Egg Spider. Fortunately, Sonic, Rouge and Topaz came to their rescue, and Stewart and the others managed to escape the sewer when Eggman's machine exploded.[22]

Eventually, Stewart took part in the Chaos Emerald Martial Arts Mash-Up tournament. During the first round, Stewart squared off against Sam Speed. However, because Sam started before they rang the starting bell, Stewart won the battle by default.[23] In the finals, Stewart faced E-77 Lucky. Before the fight, however, Scarlet Garcia, who recognized Stewart from their investigation of Project Shadow, tried to ask him some questions. Fearing that his identity as a government spy had been discovered, Stewart fled from the tournament, essentially forfeiting his match.[24]

Homebound Saga

Stewart and Scarlet watching Project Homebound in action.

On the day of the execution of Project Homebound, Mr. Stewart contacted Topaz and the commanders of G.U.N. to go rescue the president, who was imprisoned in his office by the agents dressed in black under orders from G.U.N. General Card Passer. Eventually, the campaign succeeded. After this event, Mr. Stewart and Scarlet watched from a distance while Sonic and his friends were returning to their world. Meanwhile, Scarlet suspected that Stewart might be a government agent, but decided to keep the truth about him secret.[25]

Archie Comics

Mr. Stewart in the Sonic X comic.


A top-secret spy, Stewart is very careful and secretive. However, he is not without sentimental emotions. His assignment as a teacher at Station Square Elementary School, in particular, changed him very much. At first, he was bored with his new assignment, but in time, he grew accustomed to it and felt an obligation to protect his students, like a real teacher and guardian. He took great care of his students, eventually to the point that he willingly disobeyed important orders from his superiors in order to protect his students.

After leaving school, Stewart was saddened about leaving his students, but quickly returned to his old job with renewed vigor. Stewart is also prone to panicking if someone is close to discovering his true identity.

Powers and abilities

Mister Stewart is skilled at hand-to-hand combat, being able to defeat several trained human agents single-handedly.[18] He has proven quite resourceful with a variety of items and devices. He is also good at basketball.[13]


As an agent, Stewart owns numerous gadgets, including a green-blue spy car, which can transform into a vehicle for water travel.[22]


Christopher Thorndyke

Because of the nature of his assignment at Station Square Elementary School, Stewart took a particular interest in Chris Thorndyke, who he has saved on multiple occasions and eventually developed a soft spot for. He often talked with Chris in the hall and asked him about various things, though that was probably more for the sake of gathering information for the government concerning whether or not Sonic and his friends really were living at Thorndyke Manor. Also, whenever Chris was very worried, Stewart would talk to him and help cheer him up.

Scarlet Garcia

Scarlet is by far the only person who has been able to deduce Stewart's true identity as a government agent. Despite supporting her curiosity, however, Stewart always ended up keeping his identity secret to Scarlet. When they joined up to investigate Project Shadow, Stewart told her that he would take care of her and risk his life to protect her.





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