Quotation1 Behold! The ruler of this lake: the Mist Dragon! Quotation2
Merlina, Sonic and the Black Knight

Mist Dragon

Mist Dragon's model.

The Mist Dragon is a mini-boss that appears in Sonic and the Black Knight. It is fought at the Misty Lake during the second mission.


As the name implies, the Mist Dragon is a dragon. It has a cyan horn located on the top of its head. Most of its body is green, but there are some yellow and dark green scales on its head and wings. Its wings, mouth, and under the torso and neck are peach-colored.


With Sonic almost completing the second mission in Misty Lake, he comments how easy going through the area is. Merlina decides to give Sonic "something challenging" after hearing him, so she calls out the Mist Dragon during the second mission. It is unknown if the Mist Dragon is evil or just defending its home.


The Mist Dragon does not attack at first, slowly moving its head left and right. Sonic must hit the dragon's head before it slams its head down on the ground. Sonic must either avoid the head or guard to avoid taking damage. After it is hit several times, the dragon will go on a frenzy, slamming its head repeatedly and making it best for Sonic to stay back or block this time. After taking enough hits, Sonic will jump on top of the dragon's head and hit its horn. The horn is cut off, and the defeated dragon collapses.



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