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A Mission Card, a device that allows the player to initiate Missions, from Sonic Adventure DX: Director's Cut.

Mission Mode is an additional gameplay mode featured in Sonic Adventure DX: Director's Cut. It is accessible after finishing the story of each of the playable characters in the game. Afterwards, mission cards can be found located throughout the Adventure Fields of the game, where touching them would initiate the mission. There are sixty missions in total for Mission Mode.


No. Description Character Location Objective
1 Bring the man who is standing in front of the burger shop! Sonic Station Square, station entrance. Go to the burger shop to retrieve the statue and place it on the marker.
2 Get the balloon in the skies of Mystic Ruins! Mystic Ruins, top of train station stairs. Near the lake, seven Bladed Spinners will allow Sonic to climb up and pop the Balloon.
3 Collect 100 rings, and go to Sonic's billboard by the pool! Station Square, Hotel pool steps. Collect a hundred Rings in the Adventure Field (Action Stages would reset it) and then go to the Sonic X sign by the pool.
4 Weeds are growing all over my place! I must get rid of them! Tails Mystic Ruins, train station platform. Around Tails' Workshop there is grass that Tails can cut with his Rapid Tails Attack. 51 weeds need to be cut.
5 I lost my balloon! It's way up there now! Knuckles Station Square, outside casino-station entrance. Balloon above just out of jump distance. Climb the cinema and glide to reach it. Climb up the cinema nearby (up to the Chao in Space sign) and glide towards the balloon above where you started.
6 He is going to drown! Help the man in the water! Amy Mystic Ruins, cabin near lake. Take the statue from the center of the lake and put it on the marker in front of the cabin.
7 Lonely Metal Sonic needs a friend. Look carefully. Gamma Mystic Ruins, minecart to the jungle. Go to the Final Egg base beyond the jungle. From the lower floor, pick up the statue and place it on the mark area in front of Metal Sonic's containment tube.
8 The Medallion fell under there! No illegal parking please! Big Station Square, traffic island outside station. Get the Sonic Token in the sewers.
9 Get the balloon floating behind the waterfall of the emerald sea. Sonic Station Square, behind Twinkle Park entrance lift. Emerald Coast Act 2 with the waterfall over the cliff, eight Spinners and a spring will allow Sonic to pop the Balloon.
10 What is that sparkling in the water? Tails Station Square, in front of Hotel Restaurant elevator. Get the Sonic Token behind Station Square Garden fountain.
11 Destroy the windmill and proceed. Find the balloon in orbit! Sonic Mystic Ruins, down at lake, water exit. Enter Windy Valley. To the left will be a Leon, ten rings and a line of propelled islands (for Homing Attack) leading up to the Balloon which must be popped.
12 Who is Chao a good friend with? And what is hidden underneath it? Knuckles Mystic Ruins, at Egg Hornet battlefield. With five sign posts around the plateau, dig for the Sonic Token in front of the sign of Cream and Cheese.
13 I can't take a shower like this! Do something! Sonic Station Square, corner street at casino. In Casinopolis Shower Room, destroy all the Spinners in the showers.
14 I am the keeper of this hotel! Catch me if you can! Big Station Square, between station entrance and underground parking lot. Fish for the mechanical fish in the hotel's pool.
15 My medallions got swept away by the tornado! Somebody help me get them back! Sonic Mystic Ruins, next to the station at the cliff edge behind the safety barrier. There are five Sonic Tokens to collect in the tornado of Windy Valley.
16 Get the flags from the floating islands! Tails Mystic Ruins, the cliff edge between Tails' Workshop and the caves. In Windy Valley, the long thin landmarks floating over the grated paths have flags on them. Find all eight.
17 Aim and shoot all the medallions with a Sonic Ball. Sonic Station Square, the antique shop next to the pressure pad. In Casinopolis there are five Sonic Tokens to collect while playing Sonic pinball.
18 During night, at the amusement park, place your jumps on the top of one of the tables. Amy Station Square, behind the right desk in in the train station. At the start of Twinkle Park there is a platform on the pool under the pirate ship ride where Amy can Hammer Jump herself to the spring to pop the Balloon.
19 What is that behind the mirror? Station Square, near newsstand on top of shop sign. In the mirror hall of Twinkle Park an invisible Balloon can be seen reflecting in the mirror.
20 Get all the medallions within the time limit! It's really slippery, so be careful! Sonic Mystic Ruins, at the bottom of the pool to the left in the ice cave. Icecap, in the Limestone Cave, there is a switch to start the minute timer to collect thirteen Sonic Tokens between the icicles.
21 Protect the Sonic Doll from the Spinners around it! Gamma Mystic Ruins, in the jungle next to the Egg Base bridge. In Final Egg, instead of destroying the Sonic Doll, you must destroy all the Spinners around it.
22 Find the flag hidden in the secret passage under the emerald ocean! Big Station Square, second floor hotel next to the two switches. Emerald Coast, located on the small island in the secret fishing spot.
23 Go around the wooden horse and collect 10 balloons! Sonic Station Square, Twinkle Park and Twinkle Circuit lobby, next to the exit. In Twinkle Park, the carousel at Pleasure Castle has ten Balloon to pop.
24 'I hate this dark and filthy place!' Can you find it? Tails Station Square, Casino Alleyway (where the Ice Stone could be found). Casinopolis (Dilapidated Way), the player can fly up to the third ventilation system to find a sign of Cream and Cheese.
25 What is hidden under the lion's right hand? Knuckles Station Square, right of City Hall (Speed Highway entrance) on the pillars. On the second floor of Casinopolis is a roaring animatronic lion which has a flag under its right paw.
26 What is that on top of the ship's mast that the pirates are protecting? Station Square, left of City Hall (Speed Highway entrance) on the pillars. On the second floor of Casinopolis is a pirate ship with animatronic pirates. In the crow's nest at the stern of the ship there is a flag.
27 Collect 100 rings and head to the heliport! Sonic Station Square, just in the burger shop. In Speed Highway, collect a hundred rings and go to the marker under the helicopter.
28 During the morning traffic, use the fountain to get to the balloon. Station Square, on the corner on top of the hotel across from Twinkle Park. In Speed Highway Act 2, use the fountain to reach the spring to get to the Balloon over the bell tower.
29 I am the keeper of this canal! Catch me if you can! Big Station Square, garden to the right of Town Hall where there will be an egg-shaped stone. In the water way behind Twinkle Park elevator (just under where Tails can find the Jet Anklet), a Mecha Fish swims. Fish for it.
30 A fugitive has escaped from the jail of burning hell! Find the fugitive! Sonic Mystic Ruins, between the silver and gold pedestals to Lost World's back entrance. Red Mountain Act 2, when the lava rises and the player can stand on the pillars, a line of Spinners will allow the player to Home Attack their way up to a secluded platform where one of the ghost prisoners stand.
31 Get the balloon as you float in the air along with the trash! Tails Station Square, in the train station on top of the clock. Casinopolis (Dilapidated Way), the big fan room has a Balloon on the ceiling.
32 Can you get the balloon that is hidden under the bridge? Knuckles Mystic Ruins/Angel Island, On the bridge to the alter. Balloon underneath the player surrounded by three Electro Spinners and four springs. Requires gliding skills to get.
33 Shoot yourself out of the cannon and get the balloon! Sonic Egg Carrier, swimming pool. When the player leaves the pool room, take the cannon on the starboard side to reach the Balloon.
34 Can you get the balloon that is hidden on the ship's bridge? Egg Carrier, port side bridge from the engine. A spring will spawn nearby. Prepare a Light Speed Dash and after using the spring, dash along the line of rings to reach the Balloon.
35 I am the keeper of this icy lake! Catch me if you can! Big Mystic Ruins, In the caves leading to Mystic Ruins Garden, enter the caged Kiki cave, right behind the mound of dirt. Fish for the Mecha Fish in the pool in the ice cave near the ladder to Icecap.
36 Fighter aircraft are flying everywhere. Somebody get me out of here! Sonic Egg Carrier bridge, second floor over the Hot Shelter entrance. In Sky Deck Act 2 there will be a statue which the player must carry to the marked area before the second check point.
37 Fly over the jungle and get all the balloons! Tails Mystic Ruins, minecart from the jungle. Pop the five Balloons floating over the jungle.
38 A message from an ancient people: In the direction where the burning arrow is pointing you will see... Knuckles Mystic Ruins jungle, on the edge of the cliff over Big's home. In the Lost World chamber with the small house and Gohla, the burning arrows flying from the walls are constantly crossing in mid-way. This is where the player must dig for a Sonic Token.
39 Treasure hunt at the beach! Find all the medallions under the time limit! Gamma Station Square, the room where the Crystal Ring was. At Emerald Coast, a switch the player can shoot on the straw thatch roof will begin the 45-second time to collect five Sonic Tokens.
40 What is hidden in the area that the giant snake is staring at? Sonic Mystic Ruins, inside Tails' Workshop. Lost World in the water chamber. The player must charge the Light Speed Dash and ride the snake until they can reach the line of rings which lead to a spring and the Balloon.
41 Look real carefully just as you fall from the waterfall! Mystic Ruins, in front of the entrance to Lost World. Lost World's rapid river. The player must hang to the right so when at the waterfall, they can reach the Balloon on the right side.
42 I can't get into the bathroom. How could I've let something like this happened to me? Gamma Egg Carrier prison, opposite of Amy's cell. Hot Shelter, after leaving the lift at the start, clear the corridors and toilets of the metal crates and robots.
43 Fortress of steel. High jump on three narrow paths. Be careful not to fall. Amy Egg Carrier prison, inside cell near the exit. In Hot Shelter, where the player have to arrange the power cubes for the second time. On the metal beams above the puzzle there is a spring mid-air. Use Hammer Jump to reach the spring which will take the player to the Balloon.
44 I am the keeper of this ship! Catch me if you can! Big Egg Carrier, port side stern of the ship (very corner of the Egg Carrier). Fish for Mecha Fish in Eggman's swimming pool.
45 Go to a place where the rings are laid in the shape of Sonic's face! Sonic Mystic Ruins jungle, in Sand Hill cave. Final Egg Act 3, where the player reaches Gamma's shooting range. Either use the spring or the wall to reach the above platform which will have plenty of rings and the flag which is needed.
46 A secret base that's full of mechanical traps. Pay attention, and you might see... Mystic Ruins jungle, where Big's second Lure Level Up Item was. The freefall in Final Egg Act 3. Fall towards the forward direction to hit Balloon.
47 Get ten balloons on the field under the time limit! Tails Mystic Ruins, balcony of his workshop. A switch will spawn nearby which will give Tails two and a half minutes to pop ten Balloon over Mystic Ruins.
48 Can you get the medallion that the giant Sonic is staring at? Knuckles Station Square, perched on a street lamp outside the antique shop. In front of the statue is a ring of springs protecting the Sonic Token.
49 Scorch through the track, and get all the flags! Sonic Station Square sewers, under the antique shop with the machines. 31 flags in Twinkle Parks race course.
50 Select a road that splits into 5 paths before time runs out! Amy Mystic Ruins/Eggman's base, on the wall around the stairs. In Final Egg, where the player has to find the right exit among five doors, the switch in the middle of the room will give the player ten seconds to find the Sonic Pinball Party signboard (or the Sonic Unleashed one in the 2010 versions).
51 Gunman of the Windy Valley. Destroy all Spinners under a time limit! Gamma Mystic Ruins jungle, on the ruins above the front entrance. In Windy Valley, where the player must destroy their way to a cave that descends, there is a switch that will give the player ten seconds to destroy all the Spinners while hovering down.
52 Get 3 flags in the jungle under a time limit! Big Mystic Ruins jungle, by his bed at home. The switch on Big's bed will give the player three minutes to find the flags. From the ladder exit, one is located at the fork down the left path. Further down the path is an entrance to one of the snake statue dirt mounds where a flag is located. Keep going down the path to the broken wall into the ruins where the final flag is located.
53 Pass the line of rings with 3 Super High Jumps on the ski slopes! Sonic Mystic Ruins/Angel Island, where the Ancient Light was. When snowboarding down Icecap, before reaching the end, take the higher path to use the last, elevated launch ramp to fly as far as the line of rings at the end of the Action Stage.
54 Slide downhill in a blizzard and get all the flags! Tails Mystic Ruins, ice cave, just across from the pool. While snowboarding down Icecap, collect 13 flags.
55 Run down the building to get all the balloons! Sonic Station Square, Outside the elevator Big used from the sewers to get to Twinkle Park. During "Going Down" in Speed Highway, get eight Goal Balloons.
56 Relentless eruptions occur in the flaming canyon. What could be hidden in the area she's staring at? Knuckles Mystic Ruins, behind a tree, on the right side outside the tunnel that takes you to Angel Island At the beginning of Red Mountain, a Cream sign will be facing the direction of a small platform with a circle of rings and a Kiki. Dig in the center of the circle to unearth a Sonic medallion.
57 Peak of the volcanic mountain! Watch out for the lava! Sonic Mystic Ruins/Angel Island, between the two rocks behind the alter. Red Mountain Act 1, where the lava pool is at the very top, there is a spring to reach the Balloon up above.
58 The big rock will start rolling after you! Try and get all the flags! Mystic Ruins jungle, behind the ladder. In Lost World, when the big burning boulder is rolling after the playable character, the player must collect 36 flags.
59 Watch out for the barrels, and find the hidden flag inside the container! Knuckles Egg Carrier, On the diving board above the pool. In Sky Deck, have the ship tilt to the left so that the barrels will fall at the further part of the area. The flag is on the right doorway that dispense barrels.
60 Something is hidden inside the dinosaurs mouth. Can you find it? Big Mystic Ruins, on the tracks in front of the train. Icecap, the frozen lakes at Limestone Cave can be smashed by Bigs weight and he can swim in it to find various skeletons of a dinosaur. In a large skull he will find the flag.


  • The Mission cards use the same model as the Employee ID Card. However unlike the Employee card, mission cards cannot be handled and will disappear during the mission and permanently when the mission is cleared.
  • If the mission takes place in an Action Stage, the player just has to win the mission and close the Action Stage as the progress of the Mission will saved immediately without the need of clearing said Action Stage.
  • If the player destroys a robot needed to reach the balloon, the robot will respawn immediately.
  • Completing the Mission Mode, as well as collecting all 130 Emblems, is required to unlock all games in the Game Gear collection.



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