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Sonic X
Mission: Match Up (transcript)

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This is the transcript of the Sonic X episode, "Mission: Match Up".

[Scene: Blue Typhoon - Bridge]

[Cosmo is on the bridge. Sonic shows up with a few boxes.]
Sonic: Oh, this isn't the cargo hold.
Cosmo: Oh... Hi, Sonic.
Sonic: How's it goin', Cosmo?
[He spins off the bridge.]

[Scene Change: Blue Typhoon - Runway]

[Tails and Chris finish erecting the palm trees on the ship.]
Tails: That's the last one.
Chris: I've been meaning to ask you, what's the point of having these artificial palm trees? It's not exactly tropical out here in [Scene Change: Space]
Tails: Yeah, I know, but it's all because of your grandfather. Chuck once told me that it's important to make a ship like home to keep up the crew's morale.
Chris: Really? His ideas sure are original.

[Scene Change: Blue Typhoon]

[Amy hammers a dent until it is repaired. Sonic arrives with his stack of boxes.]
Sonic: Hiya, Amy. Watch this stuff for me, will ya?
[He sets the boxes down and starts to leave.]
Amy: Wait Sonic!
[He stops.]
Amy: Uh, do you think Shadow is okay?
[There is a shot of Shadow diving after the Crimson Egg.]
Sonic: Dont worry. He's always makin' a comeback.
[He leaves.]
Amy: Hey! What should I do with this stuff?
[She sighs in frustration. Sonic continues running.]

[Scene Change: Blue Typhoon - Engine Room]

[Cream and Cheese are helping Knuckles with repairs on the ship. Knuckles is tightening a nut with a wrench.]
Cream: It's lucky for us you can control the Master Emerald. It saved the ship!
Cheese: Chao!
Cream: Do you think that Rouge is going to be okay?
[There is a shot of the Crimson Egg descending into the gravitational field.]
Knuckles: Who cares about that bat? It serves her right for fluttering around where she doesn't belong!

[Scene Change: Blue Typhoon - Bridge]

[Using tongs, Chris places a chip into a circuit board.]
Chris: I'm almost done...
[He feels a pain blossoming in his leg.]
Tails: What's wrong?
Chris: Just a little sore.
[Tails stands up.]
Tails: That was a tough fight.
Chris: The Metarex are totally relentless.
[A shot of the crystallized Planet Egg is shown.]
Chris: They keep collecting Planet Eggs. I know they're transforming them somehow, but I can't figure out why.
Tails: Planet Eggs and Chaos Emeralds all have huge amounts of power. I bet the Metarex want to use that energy to take over the galaxy.
Chris: How are we ever gonna defeat them? Red Pine said there were three other commanders out there with armies of Metarex ready to fight!
Tails: I don't know if we can win, but if we give up, the galaxy is doomed.

[Scene Change: Yellow Zelkova's Battleship]

[Metarex General Yellow Zelkova ponders Red Pine's death. He is flanked by Metarex Troopers.]
Yellow Zelkova: How could Red Pine have been defeated? He was almost as strong as me.
Pale Bayleaf: What you and Red Pine never understood is that strength must balanced with intelligence and skill. You're far too proud of your power. Your strength is your weakness.
Yellow Zelkova: You're calling me weak?!
Black Narcissus: This bickering is pointless. We should be fighting our enemies, not each other. We will not win this conflict unless we're unified.
Pale Bayleaf: We're not fighting, just having a difference of opinions over tactics.
Black Narcissus: Argue if you want, but my focus must stay on our foes, especially on Sonic. He's far more dangerous than you realize. The fact that he defeated Red Pine is extremely disturbing. I must learn the secret of his speed and discover his weaknesses. I will not feel at ease until that hedgehog has been eliminated.
Yellow Zelkova: I'm tired of all this talking. Why don't we go find him and fight him now?!
Pale Bayleaf: I will not be intimidated by that hedgehog. He and his fighters are weakened by their recent battle. The powers at our command are more than adequate to finish off Sonic forever!

[The opening theme plays.]

[Scene Change: Blue Typhoon - Bridge]

Chris: There's an unidentified spacecraft directly in front of us!
Tails: Have you picked up their ID code?
Amy: They aren't sending any.
Tails: Put a visual on the main monitor. Maximum zoom!
Chris: Roger.
Cream: Is it a Metarex?
Cheese: Chao chao!
[An image of the detected spaceship appears on the jolo-monitor. The crew recognize it as the Chaotix' spaceship.]
Sonic: [Gritted teeth] It's Vector!
[Charmy waves a white flag.]

[Scene Change: Blue Typhoon - Hangar]

[Chris, Sonic, and Tails are meeting with the Chaotix.]
Espio: We're not sure how it happened exactly, but we got lost in [Scene Change: Space]
Vector: [Laughs] And there was no place to stop and ask for directions.
Chris: You mean you've been lost since you delivered those packages to me? But that was weeks ago!
Vector: Well... outer space is a big place. Plus our warp engine gave out, and we didn't have any jumper cables to restart it.
Sonic: You should've sent out an SOS, and we would have picked you up sooner.
Vector: Our transmitter got broke thanks to a certain bumblin' bee.
Charmy: It wasn't my fault.
Tails: I can probably repair your ship, but it will take some time, and until I'm done, you will have to wait on board the Blue Typhoon. While you're stayin' here, I don't want any trouble, okay? Captain's orders.
Espio: No problem.
Charmy: Eh? Forget it! I'm not gonna let you boss me around!
Tails: Fine! Then I won't fix your ship!
[Vector places a hand on Tails' shoulder.]
Vector: Don't listen to him. I give you my word, we'll be on our bestest behavior. And since you're makin' repairs anyway, why don't you install a multi-functional auto navigational system? That way we can get home!
[Everyone else but Tails sweatdrop.]
Tails: ...No problem.
[Later, Tails is at work on the Chaotix' spaceship. Cosmo wheels a cart of food to him.]
Cosmo: Lunch is ready. [Looks around] Hey, where did Chris go?
Tails: He's finishing the repairs on the Blue Typhoon for me. I've got my hands pretty full fixing Vector's ship.
Cosmo: We sure keep you busy, don't we?
Tails: Ah... It's nothing I can't handle. And besides, I like making repairs.
[Vector, who is watching them, chuckles. Espio approaches him.]
Vector: What do you know!
Espio: What's going on, Vector?
Vector: Now I see why Tails didn't want us around while he fixed our ship. That little fox sure is foxy.
[Charmy enters.]
Charmy: Huh?
Vector: Tails has a crush on that green girl. He got rid of us so that he could be alone with her, and I'll bet that he'll ask her for a date or invite her to take a spacewalk so they can gaze at the stars!
[Tails is taking a break.]
Cosmo: I think you and the others have been pushing yourselves too hard lately.
Tails: At least we have time to take it easy now.
[He sips his tea.]
Cosmo: This would probably be a good time to spring my surprise on everybody.
Tails: What kind of surprise do you have in mind, Cosmo?
Cosmo: I'm not going to tell you.

[Scene Change: With the Chaotix]

Vector: [Teary] Look at 'em. Tails is too shy and insecure to tell that girl how much he cares about her! I know exactly what that feels like!
[He sobs.]
Charmy: I think you drank too much swamp water when you were a baby.

[Scene Change: Blue Typhoon]

[The Chaotix walk down a corridor.]
Vector: Tails says he doesn't need help fixin' up my ship, but wanderin' around doin' nothin' while he sweats away makes me feel like a freeloader! I've been thinkin' that since Tails is scratchin' our back, maybe me oughta scratch his back!
Charmy: It's itchy?
Vector: [Shouting] That's just an expression!
Charmy: Sor-ry...
Vector: We'll repay Tails for what he's doin' by helpin' him with the heart of that green gal!
Espio: We're detectives, Vector, not matchmakers.
Vector: I've come up with a scmene I call "Dame in Distress". Here, let me tell you how it'll work.
[They huddle.]

[Scene Change: Blue Typhoon - Engine Room]

[Knuckles is polishing the Master Emerald. He looks up when he hears a noise.]
Knuckles: Hey, who's there?
[Charmy appears.]
Charmy: It's me. I'm getting bored of waiting for my ship to get fixed. Do you wanna play tag with me?
[Knuckles looks weary before getting back to work.]
Knuckles: I've got more important things to do.
Charmy: Um. Knuckles can't catch me! Knuckles can't catch me! Nyah-nyah! Nyah-nyah! Nyah-nyah!
[He makes another face.]
Knuckles: [Chuckles] You're gonna be sorry you said that, buzz boy!
[Knuckles runs towards Charmy, but the bee sprays him with a floral-scented spray. Knuckles faints, and Charmy lowers him to the ground. Vector and Espio emerge from behind a wall.]
Charmy: He weighs a ton!
Vector: Good work, Charmy! Now I'll take over.
[He opens a case of markers.]
Vector: When I'm through, his own mama won't recognize him!
[He draws on Knuckles' face while Charmy laughs.]
Vector: You take it from here, Espio.
Espio: Right.
[He becomes invisible and picks up Knuckles. Vector and Charmy smile.]

[Scene Change: Blue Typhoon]

[Cosmo walks down the same hall the Chaotix were in earlier.]
Cosmo: I hope everybody enjoys my surprise.
[Suddenly the heavily-modified Knuckles, hefted by Espio, appears in front of Cosmo.]
Espio: [Intimidating] Cosmo!
[Cosmo screams.]
Espio: [Intimidating] I switched sides. I'm fighting for the Metarex now! I'm going to take you prisoner!
[Espio accidentally drops Knuckles. But he picks him back up.]
Espio: Resistance is useless. Th-th-the Metarex rule!
[Cosmo looks less scared and more… confused. Vector and Charmy watch from upstairs.]
Vector: Growl or something!
[Vector and Charmy motion for Espio to scare Cosmo.]
Espio: This is ridiculous.
[As Espio moves Knuckles' arms, Tails emerges from another room.]
Vector: [Quietly] All right! Tails to the rescue!
Tails: What are you doing, Knuckles? ... Cosmo?
[Vector and Charmy look surprised that their plan is failing.]
Cosmo: Don't ask me. He jumped out, said some crazy things, and started dancing.
Tails: Knuckles, why do you have makeup all over your face?
[Espio is violently shaking Knuckles.]
Cosmo: Is that ballet?
Tails: I don't know.
[Tails approaches Knuckles.]
Vector: [Quietly] Forget it, Espio! Run for it!
Espio: This isn't over yet, Cosmo!
[He flees with Knuckles.]
Cosmo: I thought Knuckles was always serious. I didn't realize he was secretly a practical joker.
[She giggles, and Vector and Charmy sweatdrop.]
Charmy: Unfortunately, I think Knuckles came out ahead in this round.
Vector: Yeah, at thts rate, he's gonna give Tails some competition!
[He and Charmy laugh.]

[Scene Change: Crimson Egg - Cockpit]

[Decoe and Bocoe are repairing each other's damaged bodies with hammers.]
Decoe: That gravity field we fell into really bent me out of shape!
Bocoe: Well, what about me? Are my dents almost done?
Decoe: You never had any damage. I just enjoy striking you with this.
[Bokkun taps Decoe.]
Bokkun: Hey, look at me?
[Decoe and Bocoe turn to Bokkun to see that the gravity field has made him much taller, taller than even Decoe.]
Bokkun: You really better stand out of my way!
Bocoe: How did you turn into a big shot?
Decoe: The gravity field must have stretched him out.
Bocoe: We can fix that.
[They turn on Bokkun with their hammers.]
Decoe and Bocoe: We'll pound you down to size!
[They chase him around the cockpit with their hammers.]
Bokkun: I like being tall! You shrimps are just jealous 'cause you [unintelligible] from now on! Can't we settle this on a basketball court?!

[Scene Change: Crimson Egg - Project Shadow room]

[Eggman and Rouge are looking at Shadow's stasis chamber.]
Dr. Eggman: Well, Rouge, you got more than you bargained for when you stowed away on my ship.
Rouge: That's an understatement. All I wanted was the Chaos Emeralds.
Dr. Eggman: I suspected it all along.
Rouge: What happened to us, anyway?
Dr. Eggman: It would appear we were swallowed up by some kind of gravity field, and spit back out into an unknown part of the galaxy.
Rouge: You're joking, right?
Dr. Eggman: It may take us a little while to get our bearings. With luck, we'll be able to return to our own region of space without too much difficulty.
Rouge: I hope so.
[They look at Shadow, who is in the stasis chamber.]
Rouge: But what'll we do about sleepyhead here?
Dr. Eggman: Shadow needs some time to recover. He's still knocked out because he released all his evergy before he transformed into Super Shadow, and now he's completely run down. I just hope it hasn't had any other interesting effects on him.
Rouge: Could he get his memory back?
Dr. Eggman: Maybe.
[Shadow slowly opens his eyes.]
Shadow: What happened to me, Doctor?
Dr. Eggman: You passed out, but you're fine.
Shadow: Did everybody else make it out safely?
Dr. Eggman: [Grins] You saved us all! Thanks to that ring on your wrist, you overpowered our enemies.
Shadow: ...Really?

[Scene Change: Blue Typhoon]

[Tails and Cosmo are carrying piles of boxes. They approach each other at a corner and accidentally run into each other, causing them to drop the boxes.]
Tails: Sorry...
[Cosmo starts to restack her boxes.]
Cosmo: It was my fault! I should've looked where I was going.
[Tails helps Cosmo.]
Tails: Are you okay?
Cosmo: I'm fine, but I'm in a bit of a hurry. I'll talk to you later, okay?
[She hurries down the hall. Tails notices a pink box on the ground.]
Tails: Huh?
[He picks it up and opens it. There is a flower inside.]
Tails: Cosmo must have dropped this when I bumped into her.
[Elsewhere, the Chaotix are walking together.]
Vector: Guys, my new plan's sure to do the trick!
[They stop in front of a door.]
Espio: I'm afraid to ask what your plan entails.
Vector: Well, it's still a work in progress.
[He presses the button to open the door. Tails runs past them. He doesn't see the Chaotix.]
Vector: Where's he goin'?
[Tails enters another room. Cosmo is decorating a room. There is a stage with stage lights, and a sign that says “THANK YOU EVERYBODY !!” Cosmo is on a ladder, trying to reach something. Tails enters the room.]
Tails: Cosmo!
[Cosmo turns around.]
Cosmo: Now it won't be a surprise.
[Tails comes closer.]
Tails: Why did you decide to throw a party for everybody?
Cosmo: I know fighting the Metarex can be exhausting, so I thought you all deserved to have a little bit of fun.
Tails: It's not easy to put a party together all by yourself. Why don't you let me give you a hand?
Cosmo: But you have to repair Vector's ship.
Tails: It' wasn't in bad shape. I'm already done. I'm all yours now.
Cosmo: Then I'll take you up on your offer.
Tails: Great! What would you like me to do?
Cosmo: Let me see...
[They are being watched by the Chaotix from outside the room.]
Vector: Tails is doin' pretty good on his own.
Espio: Then there's no need for us to get involved. Let's go.
Vector: We can't leave yet! You're completely clueless when it comes to this stuff, Espio. This romance still needs a little push, and since I'm naturally pushy, I'm just the one to make sure Tails wins that girl game, set, and match!
[He walks into the room.]
Vector: Ahem! Why, hello!
Cosmo: Oh, Vector!
Vector: We were passin' by when we overheard ya talkin' about the surprise party. If you don't mind, we'd like to help out too!
[Espio and Charmy enter.]
Cosmo: Oh, thanks a lot.
Tails: I'm not so sure this is a good idea...
[Vector wraps his arm around Tails.]
Vector: We're repayin' you for fixin up our ship, foxy-woxy! All we ask is that you and the missus remember to invite us to the wedding. [Double take] D'oh! Never mind.
[Tails is seen setting up garland.]
Vector: [To himself] Seein' how Tails is so shy, I have a hunch he won't be anywhere near Cosmo while he's helpin' her.
[The lights turn off in a shot.]
Vector: [To himself] So we're gonna stage a bogus blackout.
[Espio pushes Cosmo, and Vector pushes Tails together in the shot.]
Vector: [To himself] That's when me and Espio make our move and give 'em a helping hand.
[The next shot shows them blushing.]
Vector: [To himself] After Tails and that girl stand close to each other for a few seconds, I guarantee that sparks will really start flyin'!
[They hold hands as a heart appears on the screen. They smile.]
Vector: [To himself] We'll call it "Project Date on the Dark"!
[He laughs quietly.]
Tails: Okay, you can help us if you promise to back off.
[In a moment, Espio stands by Cosmo as she sets up garland, and Vector stands by Tails as he tinkers with the sound system.]
Vector: It's just as I suspected.
[He signals to Charmy, who turns off the lights.]
Vector: Let's move!
Espio: Okay!
[They accidentally grab the wrong objects and run into each other in the dark. A brief shot of fireworks are shown. The lights are turned back on, and Tails and Cosmo approach the unconscious Vector and Espio.]
Cosmo: Are you all right?
Tails: Don't you guys know it's dangerous to run in the dark?
Vector: [Eyes closed] Even the best plan can blow up on ya...
[Vector opens his eyes, showing fireworks. Later, Vector and Espio are sitting at a table while Tails, Cosmo, and Charmy work on decorations.]
Espio: Are you ready to give up now?
Vector: I'm just starting' to get warmed up, old buddy. No matter what it takes, I'm gonna make sure that true love triumphs!
Espio: You should let their relationship develop naturally.
Vector: My next scheme's so perfectly planned it can't fail! All I need's for you to disappear!
[He suddenly has another idea.]
Espio: But Vector... ...I'll do it.
[The plan is ready to begin. Espio is invisible, ready to drop the handkerchief.]
Tails: Hey, Cosmo!
[Cosmo turns to him from atop the ladder.]
Tails: Do you have any more streamers for me to put up?
Vector: [Quietly] Go!
[Espio drops the handkerchief, making it look like Cosmo dropped it. Tails picks it up.]
Tails: You dropped your hankie, Cosmo.
Cosmo: But that's not mine.
Tails: Well, whoever this belongs to really needs to drop it in the washing machine.
Cosmo: Hey, look, something is embroidered there.
Tails: V-e-c-t-o-r.
[Espio faints, knowing that the plan is bust.]
Tails: Vector! I think you'd better have this thing disinfected.
Vector: [Blushes] Yeah, I'll do that.
[Later, the Chaotix are back at the table.]
Espio: I'm not gonna get involved in any more of your hankie-pankie!
Vector: I can't believe how Tails keeps blowin' the opportunities I've given him!
Espio: For a detective, you certainly are clueless.
[Meanwhile, the decorating is nearly finished.]
Tails: It looks great, Cosmo!
Cosmo: I never would have finished without your help, Tails. I really owe you.
Tails: You don't have to thank me, Cosmo. I like being with you.
Cosmo: Ah, really? ... Me too, Tails. It's been fun to work together. We make a pretty good team. Don't you think so?
Tails: I agree!
Espio: Well, Vector, I'd say there's no need for you to turn up the heat, unless you want to get burned again.
Vector: I guess it's true bein' a love detective ain't exactly my speciality.
Charmy: So your matchmaking mission is finally over, Vector?
Vector: [Stands up] Not yet, Charmy. Those two squares sill need to learn how to have a ball!
[Vector kicks a disco ball, and it bounces around the room before heading right for Cosmo.]
Tails: Cosmo!
[He tackles her out of the way.]
Tails: You weren't hurt, were you, Cosmo?
[Her eyes open, and she blushes slightly.]
Cosmo: I'm fine, Tails, thanks to you.
Tails: Sorry.
[Tails finds himself blushing too.]
Cosmo: Oh... that's okay.
[They see the Chaotix standing there. Tails sits cross-legged, trying to ignore what's going on.]
Tails: Don't you have something better to do?
Vector, Espio and Charmy: No, not really!
[Cosmo is holding the disco ball. She looks up at the spot where it is supposed to go. Tails lifts her into the air.]
Tails: You look like you could use a lift.
[With Tails' help, Cosmo hands the disco ball.]
Cosmo: It's lucky for me you know how to fly.
Tails: I've been thinking...
Cosmo: What is it?
[Tails averts his eyes, hesitant to admit his feelings for Cosmo.]
Tails: Uh... Maybe... we could do this more often.
[The Chaotix look on.]
Vector: Their relationship's taking off!
Tails: Time to party!
[The disco ball is switched on, and it casts its light around the room.]
Tails: Whoa! Wait 'til the others see this!
Cosmo: It's amazing! Now we have to figure out how to get everybody in here.
Tails: What'll we do?
Vector: We'll bring all your guests to the surprise party courtesy of the Chaotix Detective Agency!
[The Chaotix once again walk down a hall.]
Vector: Lemme see... How can we get the crew to the party?
Espio: For starters, we could promise you won't be there.
[They are shocked to see that Knuckles is awake and walking.]
Knuckles: [Gritted teeth] If I ever run into those clowns again...
[He turns on the Chaotix.]
Knuckles: You messed up my face and now I'm gonna return the favor!
[The Chaotix back away.]
Vector: Come on! I can explain!
Vector: Let's go!
[Knuckles chases the Chaotix down the hall.]
Knuckles: Get back here!
[The Chaotix duck back into the party room. Knuckles opens the door, and doesn't even see the party.]
Knuckles: It's payback time!
[Knuckles attacks the Chaotix, damaging the party in the process. Sonic, Tails, and Cosmo enter.]
Sonic: What have you guys been doin' in here?

[Scene Change: Blue Typhoon - Engine Room, later]

Tails: Cosmo wanted to do something special for us, so she was gonna throws us a surprise party. I guess it's off now.
Knuckles: Whoops.
Vector: Do you hafta cancel the party?
Sonic: Of course you don't! We don't need any fancy decorations to have a good time. All that matters is we're together.
[This lifts Cosmo's mood.]
Cosmo: Right, Sonic!
Sonic: Thanks for the party!
[Vector thinks that Sonic is in love with Cosmo instead.]
Vector: [To himself] Great. She likes Sonic now. It's back to square one!
[Party poppers are fired. Knuckles returns the favor of what was done to him earlier by painting Espio's face. Charmy, whose face was also painted, laughs. Amy twirls around in a new floor-length dress.]
Amy: Well, Sonic, what do you think? Do you like my party dress?
Cream: You look gorgeous, Amy!
Cheese: Chao chao!
[She approaches Sonic.]
Amy: [To Sonic] I wore this dress just for you. Now you can tell me how pretty I look. ... I know. You're too stunned for words.
[Sonic sweats profusely.]

[Scene Change: Blue Typhoon - The party room]

[Soon, everyone is seated at the party.]
Vector: So there I was, flushed down the sewer with no hope of escaping, except for my superior brainpower.
[Espio and Charmy emerge and strike poses, causing everyone else to laugh. Tails sees Cosmo standing by herself near the window. Tails get up and approaches her.]
Tails: Cosmo?
Cosmo: Hi, Tails.
Tails: It wasn't quite what we expected, but the party turned out great.
Cosmo: I'm glad everybody's having a good time.
Tails: Oh yeah... Here.
[Tails hands Cosmo the flower she had dropped earlier.]
Tails: You dropped this before. I polished it up for ya. I hope you don't mind.
[Cosmo is overly delighted.]
Cosmo: I think it's just wonderful! Thank you so much!
Tails: I was hoping it would make you happy. [To himself] Cosmo certainly is special. I only wish I could tell her how I feel.
[After a moment of looking at Cosmo, Tails blushes.]
Tails: You're so beauti-- Whaah!
[He realizes what he is saying and panics.]
Cosmo: It's true; the stars are beautiful. I'm so happy right now. I feel like I could stand here staring at them forever.
Tails: So do I.
[He chuckles embarrassedly as the camera pans out. The episode ends and the credits roll.]