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Sonic X
Mission: Match Up (transcript)

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This is the transcript of the Sonic X episode, "Mission: Match Up".

[Scene cuts to Yellow Zelkova's mothership.]

Yellow Zelkova: How could Red Pine have been defeated? He was almost as strong as me.
Pale Bayleaf: What you and Red Pine never understood is that strength must balanced with intelligence and skill. You're far too proud of your power. Your strength is your weakness.
Yellow Zelkova: You're calling me weak?!
Black Narcissus: This bickering is pointless. We should be fighting our enemies, not each other. We will not win this conflict unless we're unified.
Pale Bayleaf: We're not fighting, just having a difference of opinions over tactics.
Black Narcissus: Argue if you want, but my focus must stay on our foes, especially on Sonic. He's far more dangerous than you realize. The fact that he defeated Red Pine is extremely disturbing. I must learn the secret of his speed and discover his weaknesses. I will not feel at ease until that hedgehog has been eliminated.
Yellow Zelkova: I'm tired of all this talking. Why don't we go find him and fight him now?!
Pale Bayleaf: I will not be intimidated by that hedgehog. He and his fighters are weakened by their recent battle. The powers at our command are more than adequate to finish off Sonic forever!
Charmy: Um. Knuckles can't catch me! Knuckles can't catch me! Nyah-nyah! Nyah-nyah! Nyah-nyah!
Vector: When I'm through with him, even his own mama won't notice him.
Espio: Right.
Tails: Okay. You can help if you promise to back off!
Tails: V-e-c-t-o-r.
Knuckles: You messed up my face and now I'm gonna return the favor!

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