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Dodge the incoming attacks, and try to take down the Eggman!

— Description, Sonic Runners

The Missile Eggmobile is a recurring boss in Sonic Runners which can be fought with any character in the game at various points in the game.

Boss guide

Hint card for the Missile Eggmobile.

During the battle, the player automatically chases after Dr. Eggman in his Eggmobile. However, the Eggmobile usually stays out of the player's reach, leaving the player unable to attack it. Amidst this battle, missiles are fired in straight horizontal lines from behind Eggman at three different altitudes, which the player must avoid. Springs are also dropped from the Eggmobile to make it more difficult for the player to dodge the missiles.

After a certain number of missiles have been fired, Eggman will charges towards the player, which is the moment where the Eggmobile can be hit with the Spin Jump. Keep hitting the Eggmobile whenever it closes it until Eggman runs out of Health Points. Eggman will then retreat and the player will have cleared this boss.

As the player progresses through the Episodes of Sonic Runners, the Missile Eggmobile will increase in Health Points from five and up to twenty, while its battles get faster and more difficult.

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