Missiles (ミサイル Misairu?) are objects that appear in Sonic Adventure 2 and Sonic Adventure 2: Battle. They are variations of rockets. These devices contain responding missiles that can be used to destroy obstacles, and can be launched by pressing the buttons on the launching pads.


Missiles bears a striking resemblance to rockets in Sonic Adventure 2, with similar round-shaped and grey launching pads, except they have a smaller rocket-like missile projectile on the front of the launching pad and a green button on the back of it.


Unlike rockets, missiles do not aim their projectile upwards in their standing position, but instead straight forward. In order to activate the missile, the player has to stand on the green button on the launching pad. This will then cause the missile to fire a metallic projectile from the front of the launching pad in a straight line.

Projectiles fired from the missile can destroy any type of Containers, metallic walls and other breakable objects upon impact. Because such obstacles are often blocking the player's path and passages, the missiles are usually placed in front of them or with a direct view of them, so their projectiles are guaranteed to hit.


  • Originally in Sonic Adventure, the player could been able to destroy giant firing cannons of Egg Carrier in Sky Deck by launching rockets from their launching pads without the playable character need to hang on them.

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