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Tails in the Misery Zone from Sonic the Comic #32. Art by Casanovas.

The Misery Zone is a location that appears in the Sonic the Comic series published by Fleetway Editions. It is one of the darkest and deadliest Zones of Mobius, inhabited by fearsome creatures and demons. Tails was transported here by the Mysterious Traveller in exchange for the Unbeatable Foe by means of a specially designed Inter-Zone Exchanger. When Sonic retrieved Tails and returned the Unbeatable Foe to the Misery Zone, the creature destroyed the Misery Zone with its Apocalypse Blast.[1]

The wasteland that was left over following this destructive blast proved suitably reclusive for Commander Brutus's private base of operations. It was here that he constructed his secret Badnik army, away from Doctor Robotnik's prying eyes.[2] From this base he launched his revolution against Robotnik, in an attempt to take control of Mobius by himself.


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