The Mirrors of Soleanna (ソレアナの鏡 Soreana no Kagami?) are gimmicks that appears in Sonic the Hedgehog (2006). A type of shrine, they serve as the game's entrance points to the Action Stages.


The Mirrors of Soleanna are stone shrines with wings that hold large and circular magical mirrors on top of them. Instead of a reflective surface, they each show an image of the Action Stages around Soleanna.


The Mirrors of Soleanna are located throughout Castle Town, New City, and the forest of Soleanna. Through them, the player can enter the game's various Action Stages from the Town Stages. They usually require a specific Level Up Item or story progress to be reached. When touched (or at least homed into), the Action Stage will begin for the player to progress through.



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