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Mirage Road (Blaze)

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Mirage Road (ミラージュロード Mirājurōdo?) is the third zone in the game Sonic Rush.


It is a hot, desert labyrinth with an Egyptian theme that extends even below the surface and is the first of three levels to consist of rooms that trap in the player. The player must then destroy a set amount of Eggman's robots in order to escape. The level resembles past desert-themed levels such as Sandopolis Zone from Sonic & Knuckles and Pyramid Cave from Sonic Adventure 2. Towards the end of both acts, the player has to ride along a moving platform where boulders and enemies will drop from the top of the screen. Its speed changes according to the inclination of its path. In Act 2, the platform will fall into a flowing river and is converted into a thin floating vessel where the player can freely move along the width (by pressing up or down on Controlpadds.png; the player is unable to perform the Spin Dash/Burst Dash in this state) and length of the platform as normal to avoid incoming enemies and boulders falling onto the platform, and Sonic or Blaze will have to dodge falling boulders and robots. The song for Mirage Road is "Ethno Circus".

When playing as Sonic, Special Generators appear throughout this Zone which can warp the player to the third Special Stage for a chance to collect the yellow Chaos Emerald.


The boss fight is Egg Scarab, fought in a circle and resembles the inside of a pyramid tomb. The boss itself is a robot that looks like a giant, metallic scarab. It attacks the player with spiked balls and will occasionally fly up to throw them. It can be damaged by hitting the balls it rolls around when they aren't spiked up into its back, the boss' weak spot. Try not to get distracted by the piles after piles of shining gold and treasure in the middle. When playing as Blaze, the yellow Sol Emerald is retrieved after defeating it.






Song Name Music Track Length Composer/Performer
Ethno Circus - Sonic
2:15 Hideki Naganuma
Ethno Circus - Blaze
2:20 Hideki Naganuma

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