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Tails and the Miracle Planet from Sonic the Comic #27. Art by Richard Elson.

The Miracle Planet is a location that appears in the Sonic the Comic series published by Fleetway Editions. It is a small satellite that appears over Mobius for a few days every month. It is also the origin place of the legendary Time Stones, which possess the power to control time itself. They are apparently the reason Dr. Robotnik travelled to the Miracle Planet at one occasion.[1]

The Miracle Planet has on two separate occasions been converted into metal and used as a power source for the Metallix robots. On the first occasion, the machine was powered by a Time Stone,[2] although on the second, the Alpha Device drew power from the Brotherhood of Metallix to begin the process.[3]


The Miracle Planet appears in the sky over Mobius for three days out of every month.[3] It is not clear where the Miracle Planet goes to, although from the Miracle Planet's surface it is actually Mobius that seems to vanish.[4] The Miracle Planet is connected to Mobius by means of a huge chain, which was apparently put in place by Doctor Robotnik after he conquered planet Mobius.[5] On Mobius, the chain is anchored to a rock carving of Robotnik's head (in his original form) at Never Lake,[6] while on the Miracle Planet it is attached to a similar statue of Robotnik's head, but made out of metal plates.

The chain does not prevent the Miracle Planet from disappearing and seems to possess certain magical properties that nobody understands. Although it seems to be hundreds of miles long, it is possible to walk the entire length of the chain in just a couple of hours.[3] When the Planet vanishes, the chain remains visible from both planets,[4] however one only needs to stand a few yards along the chain from the Miracle Planet (approximately sixteen links) to remain in the same dimension as Mobius. In either case, while the two planets are out of phase, the chain appears to end in space, supported by unknown means.[7]

Before Robotnik's intervention, the Miracle Planet was unspoiled and completely uninhabited.[1] Although lush and abundant in plantlife, it seems mostly devoid of animals, although a butterfly was once seen there.[3] Since the chain was put in place, it is possible for anybody to travel between the two worlds. Robotnik stationed some of his Badnik army in the Miracle Planet's zones,[8] and even Mobian animals (such as rabbits) have been known to travel there.[9]


After anchoring the Miracle Planet to Mobius by means of the giant chain, Doctor Robotnik somehow transported a "living" machine to the planet. Powered by one of the Time Stones, it grew and spread its machinery across the whole planet, all within the time between appearances above Mobius.[2]

Metallix lured Sonic to Never Lake by kidnapping Amy Rose, and then took her along the chain to the Miracle Planet, forcing Sonic to follow.[6] He attempted to battle Metallix, only to discover that the machine that had roboticized the world was supplying the robot with limitless power. Metallix was close to defeating Sonic, until Sonic was rescued by a future version of himself.[4] This future version gave Sonic a Time Stone, with which he travelled into the past and prevented the machine from covering the planet. He travelled to the future again, gave the Time Stone to his past self, and watched as the time-lines reorganized themselves: the planet reverted to its green form, the machinery disappeared, and even Metallix ceased to exist. By this time, however, the Miracle Planet and Mobius were out of phrase, and Sonic had to wait for a whole month to return home with only Amy for company.[2] It was later revealed that in this time he spent two days pretending to be lost in a network of underground caves, just to hide from her.[3]

In an attempt to confuse Sonic, Robotnik once ordered B.A.R.F. agents Cam and Bert to bring Badniks that he had stationed in the Palmtree Panic Zone to the Green Hill Zone on Mobius, where Sonic wouldn't expect them.[8] The Freedom Fighters took advantage of the empty Zone to have a brief holiday,[10] and when the Badniks were later returned the Freedom Fighters had no trouble destroying them all.[11]

When the Brotherhood of Metallix broke free of Robotnik's control, they sought to use the Miracle Planet as a power source, just as the original Metallix robot had done when it fought Sonic.[12] To this end they kidnapped Grimer and forced him to build the Alpha Device,[13] intending to use it to re-shape the planet and release its unlimited power.[3] The Freedom Fighters attempted to stop them, but failed, and Porker Lewis was trapped with the Brotherhood of Metallix for a month when the Miracle Planet vanished.[7]

During the month, the Metallixes transformed the Miracle Planet into a gigantic replica of a Metallix head, taking over the entire planet. However, they used an energy to hide the transformation, so that when the Miracle Planet reappeared above Mobius the following month it semed green and lush as usual.[14] After discovering this deception, Sonic returned to the Miracle Planet with Chaotix. They rescued Porker Lewis, only to discover that the Emperor Metallix had used the pirate copy of the Omni-Viewer to travel back in time to Mobius' past and change history, transforming Mobius into a cyberformed Planet Metallix.[15] When Sonic and Chaotix managed to restore the timeline, the Brotherhood of Metallix left the Miracle Planet to attack Citadel Robotnik en masse, and were subsequently wiped out by a self-destruct device created by Doctor Robotnik.[16]

One month later, Sonic, Amy and Johnny Lightfoot travelled to the Miracle Planet, which was still covered in the Brotherhood of Metallix's machinery. Amy and Johnny used the Kintobor Computer to reprogram the Alpha Device and undo transformation process. Meanwhile, Sonic encountered a bird that had managed to survive alone on the Miracle Planet during the Metallix occupation by disguising itself in some Metallix armour. After this, they all returned to Mobius, knowing that it would take at least another month for the Alpha Device to return the Miracle Planet to normal.[17]


  • The Miracle Planet has consistently referred to as the "Miracle Planet", save for a single mention in the backup Sonic's World story of Sonic the Comic #25 ("Prologue: Once Upon a Planet...") that some people know it as the Little Planet.
  • When the Miracle Planet was first covered by Robotnik's machinery, the landscape resembled the level Metallic Madness from Sonic CD, complete with shrinking rays. Other levels of the game, in particular Palmtree Panic, were established as separate zones (regions) of the planet.
  • The Sonic's World story "The Seven Badniks" (from Sonic the Comic #59 to #62) does claim that the Miracle Planet appears in the last month of the year, but this is presumed to not be in continuity.

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