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Mining Mayhem is a track that appears in Sonic Forces: Speed Battle. It is unlocked in Tier 3, or upon reaching 500 Trophies. It was added in promotion of Sonic Colors: Ultimate, along with Mining Mayhem R.


Mining Mayhem is a medium-difficulty track based on Planet Wisp. As its location dictates, this track possesses much untouched, unspoiled and unmatched natural beauty. The track, while having a distinct alien appeal to it, is nonetheless covered in nature somewhat similar to that on Sonic's world. The environment is dominated by bluish-gray, rocky terrains with valleys, plateaus, rock pillars, fields and canyons covered in a lush variety of flora. These floras include green grass, various kinds of flowers in different colors with alien petals, extremely tall trees with straight tree trunks, platform-shaped tree crowns, and roots standing above the ground, bushes, green ivy, bioluminescent plants in various colors, and small bodies of clear water. Along the sides of the racetrack are also numerous Wisp breeds, including Black Wisps, Blue Wisps, Crimson Wisps, Cyan Wisps, Gray Wisps, Ivory Wisps, Magenta Wisps, Pink Wisps, Red Wisps, White Wisps, and Yellow Wisps.

In addition to Planet Wisp's nature, there are equally as many industrial elements imposed by Dr. Eggman. These elements primarily include red, gray and yellow metal structures in the form of massive and tall frameworks, large pipes heading over the roads or across the landscape into massive processing complexes, short metal walls along the racetrack, framework pillars that either hold up structures or just lie around the landscape, tunnels and bridges, large circular sawlades for deforestation and cranes for carrying trees, and mobile, cone-shaped towers equipped with massive gray drills on robot arms that dig into the rocky terrain. In addition, there are different hazard signs and entire rivers and waterfalls filled with a polluted purple liquid. Curiously, the track also features advertising signs for Sonic Colors: Ultimate.


In Mining Mayhem, the playable characters are stuck running down the level's road and can only move left and right between the road's four lanes (akin to the Quick Step). While running, the player can pick up Rings or power-ups from Item Boxes and utilize the gimmicks native to this track. Rings and Item Boxes in particular respawn almost immediately after a playable character picks them up from the this track.

Mining Mayhem has many environmental obstacles which the player can either jump over, roll or slide under or move around. Running into one of these obstacles will result in the player taking damage and lose some of their Rings. Falling into bottomless pits on the other hand forces the player to restart from an earlier point on the track.


The player starts out in a pristine and open forest canyon, before gradually transitioning into a more industrialized environment. When the race begins, the player will be racing through a right turn, which will soon after turn into a left-turning road. Along this turn are barricades blocking the whole track, which has to be jumped over. After that, the track will turn to the right again and continue directly ahead for a short while before making a turn to the right, followed by an extensive turn to the left. After that, the track will even out for a while, with a row of barricades blocking the path head. These must be jumped over. After that, the track heads through a right turn through a metal tunnel before evening out for a short while before turning to the left, During this turn, there will be a saw arm across the road that the player has to slide under. After that, there will be a brief turn to the right before the path leads into a Grind Rail corkscrew. After this section, there will be an extensive rightward turn just ahead. Soon after though, it will turn to the left., before going directly ahead with a bar across the track that the player must slide under. From there, the road will twist itself left and right repeatedly for a while until the player arrives at the goal.


Name Artist(s) Length Music track
"Planet Wisp - Act 1 (Remix)" Kenichi Tokoi 5:08

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