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Mini (ミニ Mini?) and Mum (マム Mamu?) are characters that appear in the Sonic the Hedgehog series. They are a pair of tiny robot minions on Captain Whisker's pirate crew who accompany Whisker.


Mini and Mum are nearly identical in appearance, both of them appearing as small ovoid robots. However, one of them is blue with a single horn on his head, while the other is green with two horns on his head.


Sonic Rush Adventure[]

Mini and Mum were created by Eggman and Eggman Nega to help Captain Whisker retrieve the Jeweled Scepter in Blaze's world and would help their forgetful captain remember different things whenever he was confronted by Sonic the Hedgehog and Blaze the Cat. When Sonic and Blaze destroyed the Ghost Titan though, the pirates' entire ship exploded and Mini and Mum apparently sank to the bottom of the sea with their crew.

IDW Publishing[]


Min and Mum, as mentioned in Sonic the Hedgehog Annual 2022.

The two are mentioned by a robot pirate from Blaze's world. At some point between or after the Jeweled Scepter incident and the Eggman War in Sonic's dimension, Min and Mum's operations were allegedly stopped for good. Though their current state is unknown for sure, it is implied by one of the few remaining pirates of Captain Whisker's fleet that they were destroyed or disappeared at some point from unknown means, with the pirate mentioning itself and the other robots Blaze just disposed of being "all [of the pirates] that's left", and stating that "Captain Whisker, Johnny, even Min and Mum are gone" alongside the rest of Whisker's fleet.[1]


Mini and Mum appear to have similar thought processes. They are helpful to Captain Whisker, who would be lost without them. While not as smart as Whisker, Mini and Mum are more alert and scheming than they appear.

Powers and abilities[]

Mini and Mum are both capable of independent levitation.


Captain Whisker[]



In other media[]

Books and comics[]

Archie Comics[]

Main articles: Mini & Mum (Archie) and Min & Mum
Mini and Mum Archie

Mini & Mum in the Archie Comics.

In the Sonic the Hedgehog comic series and its spin-offs published by Archie Comics, Mini and Mum are the sidekicks and minions of Captain Whisker. Together with their pirate crew, they ravaged the Sol Zone.

After the storyline was rebooted following Worlds Collide, Mini and Mum became virtually identical to their game counterparts.


  • Mini and Mum's names are a play on the word "minimum."
  • Despite their appearances, there is no confirmation of who is who between Mini and Mum. Writer Ian Flynn on the Sonic the Hedgehog comic series and its spin-offs assumes Mini is the green one and Mum is the blue one, but he does not know that for a fact.[2]





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