Mine[1] (機雷BOX Kirai bokkusu[2]?, lit. "Kirai BOX") is a Monitor power-up that appears in Sonic Drift 2. When obtained, this power-up allows the racer to drop an Mine on the racetrack.


The monitors with Mine feature a completely black screen.


Mine can in found in various places on the racing tracks and can be obtained by any racer by driving over it. However, unlike other power-ups in the Sonic the Hedgehog series, Mine's effect is not activated when obtained. Instead, an icon of Mine appear on the top of the screen, indicating that the player has it stored away to be spend at the player's command. To use Mine while in possession of it, the player has to press up on the D-pad. Until the player uses Mine, they cannot obtain any other power-ups.

When utilizing Mine, the player throws a Mine on the racetrack as a trap for the race participants. It can be thrown forward or backward, depending on where the closest opponent is. However, the Mines deployed can affect any participant in a race, including the player themselves.

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