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This object exists primarily within the Adventures of Sonic the Hedgehog continuity.
Information in this article may not be canonical to the storyline of the games or any other Sonic continuity.
Mind Pollen

A pile of mind pollen.

Mind Pollen is a type of pollen that appears in the Adventures of Sonic the Hedgehog. It is a special pollen found in an artificial flower breed created by Colonel Stench. It has the power to alter the mind and leave people open to hypnotic suggestions. However robots like Scratch and Grounder are immune to it due to them having no sense of smell.


The mind pollen was a bi-product from a genetically engineered flower breed developed by Colonel Stench in hopes of making a perfume that would eliminate his natural skunk odor.[1]

Sometime later, Dr. Robotnik stole Stench's crop of flowers and began harvesting their hypnotic pollen to enslave all of Mobius. To help make more flowers, Robotnik used the pollen to hypnotize law officers so they could make their prisoners plant the flowers. When Sonic tried to stop Robotnik, he was buried under a heap of pollen and Robotnik hypnotized him into thinking he was just an ordinary slow-mo. The doctor then loaded canisters of pollen into his Robo-Blimp and began dusting the citizens with it whilst Scratch and Grounder followed on the ground in a loud-speaker truck, commanding the brainwashed citizens to adore Robotnik.[1]

Whilst under the pollen's spell, Sonic met the Road Hogs, who started bullying him until the leader poured juice on Sonic, washing off some of the pollen and temporarily returned him to normal. After Sonic had humiliated the gang, they told him he was their new leader, which he believed since he was still affected by the pollen. Sonic and the Road Hogs then terrorized a nearby town until Robotnik's blimp passed over them, dusting the Road Hogs and Sonic with the mind pollen. Tails and Stench, having followed them whilst wearing gas masks as protection from the pollen, stuffed ear plugs into the Road Hog's ears to block out Scratch and Grounder's command. Once they were gone, Tails ordered Sonic to be his old self, returning him to normal. Sonic then commanded the hypnotized Road Hogs into helping him stop Robotnik. The Hogs took out Scratch and Grounder's truck whilst Sonic fought Robotnik atop his Robo-Blimp. During their skirmish, Robotnik tried to use the mind pollen on Sonic again, but Sonic puncture the Robo-Blimp, making it crash harmlessly into a swamp with all Robotnik's mind pollen.[1]


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