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The Mind Link[1] is a technique that appears in the Sonic the Comic series published by Fleetway Editions. It is an ability of Pyjamas' which lets her look into others' minds.


The Mind Link is a psychic connection that enables the user to look into a person's mind and read their memories, including dormant ones. When doing so, the user will see a visual representation of what the mind of the user is like.[1] With the Mind Link, it is also possible for the user to reawaken dormant memories or erased certain memories in their target all together.[1][2]


Pyjamas was first seen using the Mind Link to look into Super Sonic's amnesia-stricken mind and uncover his identity. However, the sight horrified Pyjamas and let Super Sonic recall his old life.[1][3] Pyjamas later used the Mind Link on Super Sonic again while he was stuck in the Globe of Enrokk to erase Super's Sonic recent memories when he reverted to his old demonic self, thereby restoring he benevolent persona.[2]


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