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This article's name is conjectural.
Although this article is based on official information, the actual name of the article's subject is pure conjecture, meaning, the name is made by the community members instead of the original creators.

The Mimic Ghost[note 1] is a ghost character who appears in Sonic Rivals 2. It attacks Sonic and Tails in Mystic Haunt Zone, taking their forms before challenging the duo.


The Mimic Ghost so far can become a duplicate of Sonic or Tails, minus its glowing red eyes. In its cutscene sprite it seems to have a ghostly body including a ghost tail and lacks legs. However, during the act it is shown to have a complete, transparent body of the character's appearance.


Sonic Rivals 2

When Sonic and Tails entered Mystic Haunt Zone to investigate the mysteries surrounding the Ifrit, the Mimic Ghost took notice of their arrival, shape-shifts into their form, and challenges them throughout the zone, before losing to the pair.

Powers and abilities

The Mimic Ghost can shapeshift into other people. It can also copy the powers of whoever it mimics.


  • Whether or not there is more than one Mimic Ghost is unclear; the Mimic Ghost that Sonic or Tails faced in Act 1 changes into a duplicate of the other character in Act 2 while in the cutscene before fighting the Egg Phantom, both the Sonic-like and Tails-like forms of the Mimic Ghosts are present suggesting that there are two Mimic Ghosts as implied by Tails.


  1. Unofficial name

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