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Quotation1.svg It should be criminal to be this smooth. Quotation2.svg
— Mimic, Sonic the Hedgehog: Tangle & Whisper #3

Mimic[1] is a character that appears in the Sonic the Hedgehog comic series and its spin-offs published by IDW Publishing. He is an anthropomorphic mimic octopus and a mercenary who carries the ability to shapeshift and was formerly a member of the Diamond Cutters but later aligned himself with Dr. Eggman. He is now an enemy of Whisper the Wolf.


Mimic is a purple anthropomorphic mimic octopus. He has a large, sagging head with six small protrusions at the top and four long tentacles that extend from his head down to nearly his ankles. Suction cups can be seen on both his hands and feet. Mimic has white eyes with black sclera and possesses light gray muzzle with wrinkles at his beak and a black marking just above it, making his face look like a skull (this was done on purpose by using his shape-shifting abilities as an attempt to look scarier).[3] He wears a small, tattered gray cloak with sleeves and tattered gray leg warmers of the same slim fabric, all of which are tattered.[4]

Mimic as a member of the Diamond Cutters from Sonic the Hedgehog: Tangle and Whisper #3.

As a member of the Diamond Cutters, Mimic's skin was white and lacked the markings on his muzzle. His attire matched that of his fellow teammates. He wore a dark gray long sleeved top underneath an undamaged cloak, dark gray gloves with light gray suction cups on the palms and fingers and gray military-style boots with dark gray toecaps. For missions, Mimic would wear a circular cream mask with a gray line on the left-hand side. A blue "eye" surrounded by a black marking also exists on the left-hand side, whilst the right has three holes in a triangular pattern.[5]



Mimic used to be a member of the Diamond Cutters, an elite anti-Eggman mercenary team, as their infiltrator. His Wisp companion was a Blue Wisp. During one mission at an Eggman base, Smithy, Slinger and Claire Voyance, pretended to be captured by Mimic after he had shapeshifted into an Egg Pawn. After they managed to fool the guarding Egg Pawn there, Claire sensed a formation of Badniks on the far end of the base and two more on the inside that were recharging. After creating enough property damage, Mimic created an exit out of the facility with his Cube Wispon. Later, at the onset of the Eggman War, Mimic secretly betrayed the Diamond Cutters and aligned himself with Dr. Eggman. He brought a plan before the Diamond Cutters to take down an Eggman base that cause a blackout among his forces along the coastline. Though he insisted that everyone was needed on the field for the mission, Whisper the Wolf still decided to hang back at Claire's urging.[5]

At the Eggman base, the Diamond Cutters found no opposition; Claire could not sense anything with her powers, deducing that Eggman must have been emitting alpha waves somewhere to block her. Smithy sent Mimic to scout for an ambush while he, Slinger and Claire pressed onward; Mimic used the chance to meet Eggman elsewhere in the base. He watched as his teammates were killed by Shadow Androids in a locked room; following this, Eggman forgave Mimic for his "crimes" against him. Furious with what had happened, Mimic's Blue Wisp abandoned him. After Eggman discovered that Whisper was not killed, he sent Mimic to go finish the job. Mimic went outside in the form of an injured Slinger to try and lure Whisper out; however, there was no sign of his former teammate. Finding her discarded Wispon, Mimic decided to use it, as well as his own mask, as evidence that he had killed her.[5][1]

Tangle & Whisper

Pictures of Mimic causing trouble, from Sonic the Hedgehog: Tangle & Whisper #1.

After Dr. Eggman regained his memories and discovered that Whisper was still alive, he renewed his order for Mimic to finish what he had started. Fearing Eggman's wrath if he failed again, Mimic decided to try and lure Whisper out by wreaking havoc with his shapeshifting powers in the form of Sonic the Hedgehog. This included graffiti, stealing candy from babies and disturbing Chao.[1]

When the two came face-to-face, Whisper discovered that not only was Mimic targeting her but he was potentially targeting Tangle the Lemur as well. After Whisper overpowered him, she gave chase to Mimic in Spiral Hill Village while he still continued his Sonic facade. While Mimic ran away, Whisper attempted to shoot Mimic from the rooftops but Mimic took advantage of his Sonic form to talk to a star-struck villager so she would stand in the way of Whisper's shot. Mimic soon tried to creep off but was suddenly greeted by Tangle, who wanted to know why Whisper was shooting at him. Seeing an opportunity, Mimic told Tangle that Eggman had placed a mind control chip inside Whisper's mask scope, forcing her on a rampage, and he could not bring himself to hurt her. Tangle thus took it upon herself to stop Whisper, leaving Mimic pleased. Whisper soon took aim at Mimic again, only for him to shoot her a sinister grin. As Tangle tackled Whisper, Mimic left the scene. After the commotion between the two, Tangle and Whisper headed to the Mineral Museum and Mimic watched them leave in the form of the villager he talked to earlier. Mimic soon after went to the Mineral Museum and watched Whisper talk about him to Tangle and Jewel the Beetle. He then left a note for Whisper on the door to the museum that told her to meet him so that they could end things once and for all.[1][4]

Mimic taunts Whisper, from Sonic the Hedgehog: Tangle & Whisper #2.

Later, at an Eggman Empire bunker, Mimic set bombs all around the facility and watched as Tangle and Whisper approached the facility. Mimic wanted to face Whisper alone but decided to have the duo handicap themselves and thus shapeshifted into Jewel. He soon called out for help in Jewel's voice and then shapeshifted into Whisper. Tangle met up with him, thinking he was Whisper and wondered how Jewel was in the facility if she was left back in Spiral Hill. Mimic suggested that Jewel was kidnapped after "they" left the museum. Mimic led Tangle to a safe where he claimed that Jewel was being used as bait. Once Tangle faced the safe, Mimic kicked her into it and locked it. He then shapeshifted into Tangle and went off to meet Whisper. He pretended to be intimidated by Whisper's Variable Wispon and was asked by her to prove that he was the true Tangle. "Tangle" showed Whisper a cut on his shirt, claiming that Mimic had lured the lemur by shapeshifting into Jewel and he tried to attack her afterwards. After Whisper seemingly accepted this story, "Tangle" led her to where Mimic had supposedly run off to. Mimic instead activated an Egg Hammer that wielded a wrecking ball and used it to attack Whisper. Whisper managed to defend herself and managed to destroy the Egg Hammer with her Variable Wispon's Rocket Mode. As the Super Badnik went down, Mimic jumped off and threw a bomb Whisper's way. The wolf managed to dodge this which prompted Mimic to use his laser gun to shoot at her. Whisper instead sniped the gun out of his hand and stood over him while he complimented her shooting style. When Whisper demanded to know where Tangle was, Mimic instead taunted Whisper by shifting into the other members of the Diamond Cutters and told her that she was not there to protect them. Whisper initially hesitated but persisted and hit Mimic, reminding him that he was the one who sold them out. Mimic thus revealed that Tangle was being held in a safe but he had also set some bombs in the bunker. Knowing she could not leave her friend behind, Whisper ran to get Tangle while Mimic exited the bunker. He locked its entrance, returned to his original form, said his goodbye to Whisper and walked away.[4]

Later, Mimic returned to the site of the explosion on his Omnipotence to provide concrete evidence to Eggman that Tangle and Whisper were killed. After finding an empty safe, Mimic followed a trail of fresh footprints to a small ditch that had the words "WE END THIS WHERE WE STARTED" engraved into it. Realizing what this meant, Mimic asked Eggman for backup.[5]


Mimic is known to be a person who has always sought prestige and riches.[2] To match his shapeshifting abilities, Mimic is an untruthful person. He does not like causing much of a scene, relying on tactics to undermine and trick others into doing what he wishes. He fears those who are stronger than him, like Metal Sonic. He is quite sinister, ominous and unapologetically violent in nature.[1][5] He is also very manipulative. One such instance of this was shown when he shapeshifted into Whisper to make Tangle enter a safe so that he could lock her in it.[2][4]

Powers and abilities

Mimic has the ability to shapeshift into whoever he pleases, allowing him to impersonate others. Though he is able to look nearly identical to the person he shapeshifts into, notable differences include brown eye colors and darker shades of fur, skin and clothing (for robots, he just turns a darker shade of their normal color scheme). The suction cups on his hands and feet are also still visible when he shapeshifts, even if he gives himself the appearance of gloves and shoes. He is also able to combine his true appearance with the shapes he takes.[1]

While he can imitate appearances, Mimic cannot replicate abilities (such as Sonic's speed) or weapons (such as Whisper's Variable Wispon) with his shapeshifting.

Mimic has also displayed some tracking abilities, as he was able to determine that Tangle and Whisper's tracks were deliberately leading him somewhere.[5]

Weapons and equipment

During his time as a Diamond Cutter, Mimic would wear a mask that would serve as a long-distance communication device as well as granting him the ability to understand the Wisp language. The mask also had a built-in camera which was connected to a network, granting his teammates the ability to later watch and review missions from his perspective. He also used a Cube Wispon, which was powered by his Blue Wisp companion. Mimic would use both its offensive and utility functions during missions.[5]

Mimic is known to wield combat knives with serrated backs;[1] his proficiency with them is unknown. He also wields a laser gun.[4]

Mimic uses an Omnipotence Extreme Gear as a mode of transportation, allowing him to cover large distances quickly and easily.[5]






Trading Cards


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