Quotation1.svg The kind and courteous owner of Surfside Seagull Sundries. It's been three decades since he opened the Gull, but not much has changed; Milos still lives the same peaceful life. He loves to gaze out at the water as the sea breeze blows by. Quotation2.svg
— Directory, Sonic Unleashed

Milos (ミロス Mirosu?) is a character that appears on the Xbox 360/PlayStation 3 version of Sonic Unleashed. He is a human resident of Apotos and the owner of the town's local shop "Surfside Seagull Sundries". He is also a recognized florist.


Thirty years prior to Sonic Unleashed, Milos established his shop. Ever since then, he has lived a peaceful life without many changes.

During the events of Sonic Unleashed, Milo was given a order from Ciccio in Spagonia to provide a bouquet of blend of flowers to his wife Natalia on her birthday. However, as Ciccio did not specify what kind of flowers he wanted, Milo made a lovely blend of different flowers. He later handed it over to Sonic, who brought it to Ciccio in Spagonia.


  • He is named after the Greek island of Milos located in the southwest of Greece.


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