The Milky Turn (ミルキーターン Mirukī Tān?) is a move that appears in Sonic Advance 2. It is the Quick Reverse technique used by Cream the Rabbit.


When performing the Milky Turn, Cream pushes her body backward while in midair, as if she is pushing against the air. This causes her to stop and lurk backwards a few feet, thereby rapidly changing her flight direction.

In gameplay, the Milky Turn is quite useful when Cream is heading for obstacles or is about to have an awkward landing. Additionally, the move will not cancel the momentum Cream receives from the Boost Mode. However, it leaves Cream vulnerable to anything behind her. To use the Milky Turn in gameplay, the player must press the R Button after being launched into midair by gimmicks, like Springs or Ramps.


  • Milky Turn is the only Quick Reverse technique that does not begin with the word "Back."

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