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This character exists primarily or exclusively within the Sonic X continuity.
Information in this article may not be canonical to the storyline of the games or any other Sonic continuity.
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Sonic's always been there for me. He's taught me so much but maybe now it's time I learn to stand on my two feet!

— Miles "Tails" Prower, "Heads Up, Tails!"

Miles Prower (マイルス・パウアー Mairusu Pauā?), better known by his nickname, Tails (テイルス Teirusu?), is one of the main characters in the anime series Sonic X and its comic series published by Archie Comics. He is a two-tailed fox from an unnamed world in a parallel dimension to Earth and Sonic the Hedgehog's best friend. He quickly befriends fellow inventor Chuck Thorndyke, who helps him build the X-Tornado jet-plane.


Tails is a young, anthropomorphic fox cub with a unique mutation of two tails instead of one. He has mostly amber fur with white fur around his muzzle with cheek tufts, front torso with fluffy fur on top of his chest, and the tips of his tails. He also has sky blue eyes, large triangular ears with white canals on top of his head, a small black nose, and three locks of hair on his forehead. Typically, his attire consists simply of white gloves with a gray band around each wrist, and red shoes with white toes and sock-like cuffs and gray soles.

For the victory celebration party at the White House, Tails wore a dark blue tuxedo jacket with white cuffs and golden buttons over a white shirt, and a red bow tie.




Before meeting Sonic, Tails was bullied by other animals because of his twin tails. When Tails first met Sonic, he found Sonic's original Tornado, painted it blue, and made it faster. Sonic spotted him and they became good friends.[8] Sonic and Tails later befriended Knuckles, Amy, Cream, and Cheese, and together they would thwart Dr. Eggman's attempts to conquer the world.

New World Saga

During a battle with Dr. Eggman, Tails, like many others from his own world, were transported to Earth.[9] Tails quickly arrived with the Tornado 2 to rescue Sonic, Cream, and Cheese from Area 99 after Sonic attempted to infiltrate the base to rescue them, using his microchip paper airplanes to damage the base's electrical systems and laser surveillance cameras, before using the Tornado 2 to get Sonic, Cream, and Cheese to safety and back to the Thorndyke Mansion. Once meeting with Christopher Thorndyke, Tails and his friends decided to reside there for their stay.[10]

During their stay, Tails aided Sonic in a variety of different ways to help him defeat Dr. Eggman. The first time he fought Eggman after arriving on Earth, was when he and Chris fought E-23 Missile Wrist when he attacked Station Square.[2] He continued to use the Tornado 2 in battle against E-11 Beacon as well.[11] However, due to only Chris and Chuck knowing about him, Tails had to pretend to be a stuffed animal around Ella.[12] However, when Cream blew her own cover to yell at Chris for thinking ill of his mother, Tails was forced to reveal himself to calm Cream down. Luckily, Ella was told everything about Tails, and he was soon allowed to wander the Thorndyke mansion as he pleased.[13] Eventually, he built the Chaos Emerald-powered X Tornado to replace the Tornado 2 with help from Chuck Thorndyke after the Tornado 2 was unable to defeat Eggman's E-90 Super Sweeper in their first encounter with it.[14] Later, Tails was flying the X-Tornado over Diamond Stadium, when the Chaos Emerald in the cockpit caused him to nearly crash into the stadium due to there being another Chaos Emerald there. There, Tails and the rest of Sonic's friends did battle with Eggman and his E-21 Ballios in a baseball game, but Eggman cheated once Sonic's team took the lead, allowing him to escape with the Emerald found at the stadium.[15]

From that point onward, Tails continued to use the X-Tornado in battle with Eggman's robots, such as revealing its X-Cyclone conversion when dealing with E-35 Funfun while searching for the third Chaos Emerald at Tingalin Villa.[16] When Eggman ended up getting away with the third Emerald, Tails took Sonic to Eggman's headquarters where Sonic managed to claim the Chaos Emeralds Eggman held before GUN destroyed Eggman's headquarters.[17]

Chaos Emerald Saga

After Sonic and his friends were hailed as heroes for helping stop Eggman previously, they were given special passports due to their hero status. Now able to go out in public, Tails went shopping with Ella, Amy, Cream, Cheese, and Chris, only for Station Square to be besieged by Eggman in his new base of operations, the Egg Fort. Luckily, with help from Sam Speed and Mister Tanaka, Tails was able to retrieve the X Tornado so he and Sonic could do battle with the Egg Fort and manage to damage it enough to make it crash into the ocean.[18]

Later on, Tails joined Sonic and the others on a vacation to the Sapphire Sea. There, they went on an underwater expedition to a sunken treasure ship, where they managed to retrieve another of the Chaos Emeralds, despite being attacked by Eggman and E-57 Clurken.[19] However, during another dogfight between the X Tornado and the Egg Fort, both ships were shot down by each other and landed in the African Savannah, where Tails and Chris found themselves trying to prevent a pair of crooked men from trying to destroy the land for a dam construction project. Luckily, when Sonic arrived while facing Decoe and Bocoe in E-65 Gorru-Gaooh, the robot's camouflage ability was hindered by the construction equipment, allowing Sonic to not only defeat Gorru-Gaooh, but also ruin the crooked men's plot, leaving them to be arrested by the local rangers.[8]

Tails eventually joined Sonic, Chris, Amy, and Cream and Cheese with going to one of the on-scene movie sets for the latest movie being done by Chris' mother, Lindsey Thorndyke, where they ended up having to deal with King Boom Boo and his Boom minions, especially after they managed to trap Tails in their dimension with Sonic and the others. However, Chris was able to free all of them and they escaped from King Boom Boo, not realizing that they may have still allowed some of his minions to escape when they returned the Talisman keeping them trapped to where it was originally found.[6]

Tails and the rest of Sonic's friends were soon granted a vacation on the Thorndyke Family yacht, but while Tails tried to relax, Sonic went nuts with wanting to return to land, as being surrounded by water was driving him crazy. In an attempt to get back to Station Square, he suggested to Tails that the X Tornado might be lonely without him, and Tails fell for it. Though Tails learned that Sonic was tricking him when Amy learned of the trick Sonic played on her, he was willing to forgive Sonic. Soon after, the yacht was attacked by Eggman, now in his new Egg Fort II, but Sonic was unable to fight it due to his panicked state from the trip, until one of the senior citizens Mister Tanaka brought to the ship was able to help him regain his focus. To Tails' surprise, the X Tornado then arrived, piloted by a very furious Ella, who was after Bokkun for blowing a bomb up in her face. With her help, Sonic defeated the Egg Fort II, and was finally able to relax with Tails and everyone else.[20]

Back home, Tails was awoken one night by the arrival of Chris' uncle, Sam Speed, who wanted to challenge Sonic to a race using his new rocket car, but Sonic refused until threatened by Eggman siccing a kissing robot on him if he did not accept. During the race, Tails used the X Tornado to have Chris deliver lunch to Sonic, only for Sam to leave both Sonic and Chris covered in dust from his exhaust when he took off to regain the lead from Sonic. Tails then took Chris back to the stadium to wait for Sonic and Sam to finish the race, joined by Chris' parents and many fans.[21] Later, Tails joined Mister Tanaka on a trip back to his homeland of Japan, where he discovered a Chao colony when looking for Cheese after he got separated from the others. The colony was soon attacked by Eggman and his E-66 Da-Dai-Oh, but Sonic destroyed E-66 and helped Tails clean out the lake at the heart of the colony of the mud and dirt that polluted it from the attack by E-66.[22]

Tails was later invited by Nelson Thorndyke to come to Filmdom City as part of a plan for him to surprise Lindsey for their wedding anniversary. However, when he revealed the ring he got her to be a Chaos Emerald, Tails witnessed it reacting violently to the one Sonic was carrying before being subdued. During the plan, Nelson's Emerald was exposed again to not just the Emerald Sonic had, but the one Knuckles was carrying as well. Eggman soon crashed the set in the Egg Fort II, and Tails joined Sonic and Knuckles in having Eggman, Decoe, and Bocoe chase them across several movie sets before Eggman got the Emerald, and left E-74 Weazo to deal with Sonic and Knuckles. The two rivals managed to destroy Weazo though, and Tails joined everyone in celebrating the Thorndykes' wedding anniversary.[23]

When Sonic suddenly began running frantically without stopping, no one realizing he had gotten a microchip from E-88 Lightning Bird stuck in his ear, Tails aided in several attempts to stop Sonic, but all of them failed. Realizing that E-88 had done something to Sonic in his last battle with it, Tails and Amy tracked down E-88, and Amy attempted to get revenge on it, only for the robot to trap her. However, Sonic arrived in time to finish the robot for good and save Amy, knocking the microchip out of his ear in the process.[24]

With six of the seven Chaos Emeralds found, Tails and the rest of his friends tried to find the seventh one, but had no luck in finding it. However, Tails soon learned that Chris and Knuckles had taken the four Emeralds they had, along with the one Knuckles had found, to Eggman, all for an attempt to help Tails and his friends get home, but Eggman double-crossed Chris and Knuckles and took Chris hostage along with the Emeralds.[25] With Chris having been taken hostage on the Egg Fort II, Tails took Chuck Thorndyke, Amy, Cream, and Cheese with him in the X Tornado to try and rescue him, but the X Tornado was unable to get close the Egg Fort II after it transformed into the E-99 Eggsterminator. Before anyone could do anything though, Sonic appeared, having been transformed by the Chaos Emeralds, which Chris had taken from Eggman and dropped when he was rescued by Rouge, into Super Sonic. Super Sonic tore the Eggsterminator apart within seconds, before unleashing Chaos Control. Tails worried that Chuck would be taken with them back to their world, but Chuck assured Tails it was not an issue. However, Super Sonic instead transported the Mystic Ruins and Angel Island to Earth.[26]

Chaos Saga

With the arrival of the Mystic Ruins and Angel Island on Earth thanks to the Chaos Control caused by Super Sonic in his battle with the Eggsterminator, Tails established a workshop in Mystic Ruins, using it as the new hangar for the X Tornado.[27][28]

Six months after the incident, when Sonic arrived to ask for his help regarding finding the Chaos Emeralds again before Eggman could use them to power up Chaos, Tails revealed he had already found the green Chaos Emerald. Using it, Sonic and Tails tracked down another emerald in Windy Valley, only to be attacked by Eggman in his Egg Hornet. Though Sonic destroyed the Egg Hornet, both emeralds landed in a lake, where Chaos was hiding, allowing it to evolve into Chaos 4. Sonic was able to beat it, but as Eggman fled in the Egg Carrier, Tails and Sonic gave pursuit in the X Tornado, only for it to be shot down by the Egg Carrier's massive weapon systems. Fortunately, Tails and Sonic survived the crash, with Tails only receiving some minor injuries.[28]

Once Tails recovered, he used the X Tornado to attack the Egg Carrier again with Sonic and Knuckles, but this time revealed the X Tornado's new Battle Armor Mode, allowing them a chance to land on the Egg Carrier, only for Tails to realize too late that Battle Armor Mode has no landing gear, forcing them to crash land on the Egg Carrier.[29] Onboard the Egg Carrier, Sonic and Tails split off from Knuckles to look for Amy, while Knuckles went looking for the last shards of the Master Emerald. Sonic and Tails soon confronted Eggman, Decoe, and Bocoe, but after Eggman retrieved the Chaos Emerald from the pendant Amy's Flicky friend Lily was wearing, he summoned E-102 Gamma to confront Sonic and Tails. Before Sonic could finish Gamma off, Amy intervened and convinced Sonic to spare Gamma, but Tails soon noticed that the damage the Egg Carrier had sustained was causing it to plummet out of the sky. Tails carried Amy and Lily back to the ground, meeting up with Chuck, who took them back to the Thorndyke Mansion. Later, Tails discovered that Eggman, furious about Chaos being defeated as Chaos 6, decided to raze Station Square with a large missile instead. Despite his initial reluctance at how he wanted Sonic there for support and guidance, Tails overcame his worry and managed to successfully defuse the missile, being hailed as a hero by Station Square.[30]

The fame became too much for Tails, but with Ella and Mr. Tanaka's support, he evaded the crowd wanting to thank and praise him and rejoined Sonic.[31] Later, they found Knuckles with an unconscious Eggman, who upon awakening, revealed that Chaos was still alive, double-crossed the doctor, and was looking for the Chaos Emeralds for its own plans now. Chris appeared soon after with the seventh Chaos Emerald, only to be caught by Chaos. Though Tails and his friends saved Chris, Chaos got the emerald, and with the negative energy in all seven of them, Chaos transformed into Perfect Chaos and flooded Station Square. Tails flew the X Tornado back to Station Square with Sonic, Chris, and Knuckles aboard, but despite a valiant effort, the X Tornado got damaged by Perfect Chaos. Before it could be finished off though, the X Tornado was caught in a mysterious light that landed it safely. The light revealed itself to be Tikal, having come to try and seal Perfect Chaos away in the Master Emerald again, but Sonic argued that as long as Chaos was filled with the anger and hatred that had plagued it for centuries, the cycle would only repeat. After Perfect Chaos spat out the drained Chaos Emeralds, Tails was among those to retrieve them and give them to Sonic, allowing him to use the positive energy in them to assume his super form. Tikal was shocked by this revelation, but Tails told her that caring and friendship can bring out the emeralds' more positive powers. Perfect Chaos attempted to attack Tails and the others to get to Super Sonic, but Super Sonic blocked the attack, which only provoked him further, resulting in Super Sonic blowing up Perfect Chaos, purging Chaos of its anger and hatred and reverting it back to its base form. Chaos then left peacefully with Tikal once it saw that the Chao it had sworn to protect were living peacefully among humanity. However, everyone noticed that Eggman fled in the confusion of the battle.[32]

Shadow Saga

After Chaos' attack, Tails bit farewell to Chris when he and his family moved to the capital while their mansion was being cleaned from the flood.[33] Tails soon discovered, however, that Sonic had become a wanted fugitive by the police and G.U.N., as recent robberies have caught what appeared to be Sonic on the security cameras, especially a recent robbery of a Chaos Emerald from a museum. Tails arrived with Chris and the others as Sonic got surrounded by police and Gun Beetles, where Chris pleaded with Sonic to give himself up to avoid further trouble. Sonic did so once he learned that he was being taken to Prison Island.[34] However, refusing to let Sonic rot in jail, Tails and Amy took the X Tornado to Prison Island to bust him out, while Chris went with Mr. Tanaka by boat to climb the island's rocky cliffs to try and get in that way. However, their attempt to bust Sonic out coincided with an attack on the island by Eggman, aided by the true culprit who framed Sonic - the Ultimate Life Form, Shadow the Hedgehog - and an undercover Rouge. When it was learned that Eggman had planted explosives to destroy the island, Tails escaped with Sonic, Amy, and Mr. Tanaka, but believed Chris to have perished in the resulting explosion.[35] Fortunately, Tails learned later that Chris must have been taken to safety by Shadow.[36]

Upon learning that Chris had been taken to Space Colony ARK by Shadow, Tails and the others infiltrated Eggman's pyramid base to find transport to the ARK, having to deal with the Egg Golem before they could as Tails was able to reconfigure the X Tornado for space travel.[36] Once on the ARK, Tails provided Sonic with a fake Chaos Emerald in the hopes that it would sabotage the Eclipse Cannon, but Eggman used Amy as a hostage to allow him the chance to launch Sonic into space on an escape pod set to self-destruct, while Tails and the others tried to stop him from firing the Eclipse Cannon at Earth. However, when Eggman attempted to fire the Eclipse Cannon once all seven Chaos Emeralds were inside it, he triggered his grandfather's doomsday revenge plot for what G.U.N. did to Maria, leaving the ARK on a collision course with Earth to wipe it out.[37]

Realizing that the Chaos Emeralds were what had turned the Eclipse Cannon into a mega-bomb, Tails opened up a passageway for Sonic, Knuckles, Decoe, and Bocoe to take to the chamber where the emeralds were so Knuckles could use the Master Emerald to drain the Chaos Emeralds and render them inert, essentially disarming the Eclipse Cannon from its highly-volatile state. Tails then watched as Sonic and Shadow, in their super forms, defeated the Final Lizard and managed to restore the ARK to a stable orbit, only to then discover afterwards that Shadow had apparently sacrificed himself to do so. Tails joined everyone in mourning for Shadow before returning to Earth.[38]

Egg Moon Saga

Following the events with the ARK, Tails went back at the Thorndyke Mansion with everyone when he saw on the news word that Eggman had repaired the half of the Moon he destroyed with the Eclipse Cannon as an apology for his grandfather's doomsday plot. Later, when Amy was growing impatient with Sonic being tardy for their date, Tails watched her swing her Piko Piko Hammer in frustration until she hit something invisible. Later, the Chaotix arrived to collect Cream, leading to a fight breaking out. When Sonic finally returned, Tails called him for help before being subdued by Vector, who called Sonic a kidnapper, until a person with Sonic appeared, revealed to be Vector's client, Vanilla, who happily reunited with her daughter. Upon seeing the happy reunion, Tails and the others thus brought their fight to a sudden end before laying into Vector for his little case of mistaken identity.[39]

Some time later, Tails joined everyone on the Thorndyke family yacht to celebrate the New Year, only for the sunrise to be ruined when the Sun is eclipsed by the mended Moon, now known as the Egg Moon. Eggman confessed that the Egg Moon was malfunctioning, and while he worked on repairs to it, he offered his Sunshine Balls to compensate for it. However, Tails was shocked when Sonic decided to topple the Mirror Towers powering the Sunshine Balls, getting the police and G.U.N. on his tail.[40] Hoping to talk to Sonic about why he was committing all that destruction, Tails was prevented from doing so by an angry mob of citizens led by Jerome Wise that had surrounded the Thorndyke Mansion. Luckily, Sam Speed and his Speed Team arrived and forced the mob to leave. The way clear, Tails took the X Tornado to find Sonic, arriving just as G.U.N. did with their Hot Shots, and interrupting Sonic having another bout with Knuckles, who had been asked to stop Sonic by some citizens. Sonic then revealed that Eggman had been lying to everyone as the Egg Moon would be unable to eclipse the Sun 24/7 due to the Earth's rotation around the Sun and the Egg Moon's rotation around the Earth. Realizing Sonic was right and that he owed him an apology, Tails took everyone, including Rouge and her partner Topaz, back to the Thorndyke Mansion to plan their next move. While Rouge, Knuckles, and Topaz went with Mr. Tanaka into space to deal with the Egg Moon, Tails took Sonic and Amy to the capital to rescue the President and Christina Cooper, whom Eggman had taken hostage in the White House. With a little help from Mister Stewart, Sonic rescued Eggman's hostages and kicked Eggman out of the White House. Now on the run from authorities, Eggman fell into a trap set up by Tails, Sonic, and their friends, resulting in him, Decoe, and Bocoe finally being caught and imprisoned.[41]

Emerl Saga

Despite the newfound peace now that Eggman was locked up, it did not last before appliances made by Nelson's company, Thorndyke Industries, began to go berserk as a result of Eggman sabotaging them from in prison. Luckily, Tails and the others were able to deal with them, but it gave Bokkun the chance to bust Eggman and his lackeys out of prison to resume their evil ways.[42]

Hoping to lure Eggman out again to arrest him once more, the President held a tournament with the red Chaos Emerald as the prize for the winner. Tails took part in the competition, but was eliminated in the early rounds.[5]

Homebound Saga

Tails and the gang were later summoned to assist with the search for the G.U.N. destroyer Seahawk, which had gone missing, along with its crew, including Topaz. As they looked for it, they ran into Eggman and his new flying fortress, the Egg Battleship. As it turned out, Eggman was looking for the lost continent of Murasia with the intention to use it to take over the world in another bid to establish his Eggman Empire. Sonic and Knuckles managed to save Topaz and the crew of the Seahawk and destroy the Egg Battleship however.[43] Tails and the crew then headed to Murasia to stop Eggman from erupting the volcano there. Their efforts prove successful, and Eggman was stopped. In addition, his two robot lackeys, Decoe and Bocoe, renounced their allegiance to Eggman and joined Tails and the others.[44]

However, it was soon revealed that the Time Suspension Phenomenon was occurring, and Tails and the others had to return to their world to avoid time stopping permanently.[45] Tails was able to build a portal to allow everyone and everything from their world to return with help from Chuck, the Chaos Emeralds, and the Eclipse Cannon. Tails was among those who are last to return home before Chris shut down the portal to prevent Sonic from following them.[46]

Once back home, Tails was rudely awoken one night by Eggman flying about in his Grand Egg Imperial, calling Sonic out to face him. Tails confronted Eggman in the Tornado 2, where when he pulled one handle in the cockpit, he received a message from Chuck, who reconfigured the Tornado 2 into the Hyper Tornado. However, Eggman sicced a heat-seeking missile on Tails, and though he intended to self-destruct it, the missile never had that option installed. Tails appeared doomed, before the missile is destroyed by Super Sonic, saving Tails, and leaving him happy that Sonic was finally back home with the rest of them.[47]

Metarex Saga

When the heroes return to their original home-world, they find a new threat to the galaxy: a group of robots and cyborgs named the Metarex. Tails then built the Blue Typhoon so that the heroes could travel into outer space to stop the Metarex's evil schemes as well as recover the Chaos Emeralds Sonic had discarded across the galaxy. During the course of this adventure, Tails fell in love with an ally against the Metarex, Cosmo, an extraterrestrial plant-alien, when they both got lost together in the underground cave controlled by the Metarex. This is also shown when the Chaotix attempt to pair the duo together in love, where Tails at the end became very flustered with her.

During the battles against the Metarex, Tails lost his morale, but thanks to Cosmo's encouragement, which let him make a comeback and he managed to save everyone on-board the Blue Typhoon from a nasty Metarex attack. When Shadow came after Cosmo to kill her, Tails protected Cosmo for as long as he could while his other friends got clobbered until a freak accident teleported them to Green Gate where they escaped Shadow's attack and learned of the Metarex's connection to Cosmo's species. Tails and his allies soon after united in a final battle against the Metarex and their leader Dark Oak, but unfortunately, Cosmo sacrificed herself by fusing herself with Dark Oak to immobilize him so that Tails could destroy him with the Sonic Power Cannon charged with Super Sonic and Super Shadow. Tails was extremely hesitant to fire, even ready to outright refuse to pull the trigger, and only did so at the urging of Dr. Eggman and Cosmo herself. In doing so, he admits how much she meant to her. Super Sonic and Super Shadow tried saving Cosmo with Chaos Regeneration, but only manage to produce a seed. When Sonic brought the seed to Tails, the fox collapsed with grief. Upon returning home, Tails had calmed down after the incident and planted the seed he got. Along with the other heroes, Tails did not see Chris return to Earth and along with Sonic, declares war on Eggman when he announces that he has returned to his evil ways.

Archie Comics

Early adventures

Tails' adventures began when Ben-728 Packratbot, which was being controlled by Dr. Eggman, attempted to rob a bank. Tails and Amy fought against it, but were overpowered until Sonic joined the fight. He would be struck in the battle as he was searching for a Ring for Sonic, causing multiple Power Rings to scatter on the ground. Eggman used this chance to grab some of the Power Rings and fled as Sonic destroyed the robot.[48] A week later, Tails would join Sonic on his mission given to him by the President find a Chaos Emerald in Captain Seamus MacGuffin's sunken ship. Eggman would use the Power Rings that Tails dropped to power his Dragonbots and sent them underwater, where they fought against Sonic, Rouge, Topaz and later Knuckles. After the battle, they discovered that there were no Chaos Emeralds and Tails wondered how Sonic was able to fight the robots underwater.[49]

Another week later, Tails would join Sonic, Tails, Amy and Chris' class on a field trip to Station Square Space Museum, until they were ambushed by Eggman's robots. As Tails and Amy were fighting against them, Eggman activated Chris, Topaz, Sam Speed, the President and Mister Stewart and trapped them inside the machines.[50] Sonic arrived to fight with them, none of them realizing that they were trapped until Rouge alerted them off this. As Knuckles, Chuck Thorndyke, Cream and Cheese arrived to help, Sonic told Tails about a device Eggman was holding and to take it off him. As he was about to accomplish this, he was grabbed by the robot with the President, but rescued by Cheese. With Chris and the President restored, Tails managed to grab and helped everyone else break free. Eggman made a hefty escape while the heroes celebrated their victory.[51]

I Never Promised You a Chao Garden

After Sonic had saved a spotted owl in a forest fire, Eggman began selling evil clones of Cheese to the citizens of Station Square. Within a week, Tails suspected that Eggman was up to something and that he may had found a way back to their world. All of their suspicions were proven true when Eggman activated the Dark Chao and they began to reek havoc in Station Square.[52] It was not until Knuckles, Tikal, Chaos and her army of Chao joined the fight that they were able to save the citizens from the Dark Chao. Chuck eventually managed to create a device to stop Eggman's signal and Sonic used it to transform the Dark Chao back to normal. With Eggman defeated, Tikal waved goodbye to them as her, Chaos and all of the Chao, except Cheese, went back to the Master Emerald.[53]

Wicked Sweet Shuttle Shenanigans

After Chris' birthday party in Paris, Nelson Thorndyke was going to show his company's creation: a space shuttle. Once the space shuttle was shown, giant robots appeared and began attacking the crowd, being controlled by Eggman. As Tails worked with the others to defeat the robots, Eggman fled into a house of mirrors to which they followed him.[54] Another robot stomped through the roof of the building, which caused Tails to become trapped in rubble. He was saved by Amy and helped free the others who were trapped while Sonic fought the robot. However Eggman went off with the shuttle but Nelson assured them that he would build another one for them to go into space.[55]

No Thanks for the Memories

Later, Tails would greet the Chaotix on their arrival on Earth when the entire Chaotix Detective Agency disappeared. Excited with the event, Tails wanted to take some findings. He would be captured by Eggman and placed into virtual reality with Sonic, Amy, Knuckles, Rouge, Cream, Cheese and Vanilla. He was stuck in the world in Star Light Zone trapped by a fan. Sonic, Amy, Knuckles and Rouge would save him and continued through the virtual reality world eventually meeting up with the others. They were saved by Chris and Chuck before they were sent to the moon via Eggman's old base and left as the base exploded.[56][57]

Thrown in prison and further challenges

Tails worked on upgrading his plane with Chuck when Agents Cheung and Devine from G.U.N. arrived. They took him to their headquarters and was shown an alien craft by Captain Westwood. He lied to him that the President requested his help to fix the machine, and that he found the machine by himself. They managed to activate the machine, but it quickly went haywire and began creating havoc in Station Square. Sonic, working with Sam Speed, managed to bring the machine down, but were shocked to find them inside.[58] Then the President's officials took Tails and Sonic for questions of the incident back at the G.U.N headquarters. They were both seen guilty and were thrown into prison.[59] However, Nelson managed to convince the President to release Sonic and Tails and the duo went to a private island were Chris and Cream were having trouble and needed their help to save their mothers, which Sonic managed to accomplish.[60]

Tails accompanied his friends to a laboratory, where Chuck's old friend Pell had discovered Rubinite to power his device. Unfortunately, Eggman, Decoe and Bocoe invaded inside powerful robots and were hit by the device with Sonic and Tails. They shrunk in size and Sonic and Tails worked together to escape, crashing into a toy store. They were separated and Tails hit inside a doll's house, where he found a toy car to catch up with Sonic. They found each other, but were about to be attacked by Eggman's forces when Pell managed to return them back to normal.[61]

Tails would later appear with Sonic, Knuckles, Amy, Chuck and Chris on television to show off their skills to Station Square. He ran the obstacle course, showing off his flying abilities while Sonic was trying to take the attention away from them. After they had showed off their skills, it was downloaded into Eggman's robot and sent to attack them. Tails tried to fight the robot by himself, but all of them eventually worked together. They managed to stop the robot and Sonic apologized for trying to hog the attention.[62]

Green-eyed monster

Eggman would unleash his new line of Greenbots to attack Station Square. Tails piloted his X-Tornado to help take down the robots with Sonic and Amy, but they fled. They managed to track them to Angel Island, where they fought against them with Knuckles, but were overpowered. The X-Tornado was damaged by one of the Green bots and the Chaos Emerald was stolen from inside the plane. The Greenbots used all of the Chaos Emeralds to summon Chaos from the Master Emerald and fused with Perfect Chaos, turning it into Chaosbot, to give Eggman control.[63] He went with Sonic, Knuckles, Amy, Chris and Chuck clinging onto the Tornado to follow Perfect Chaos into Station Square. They watched as Sonic managed to obtain the Chaos Emeralds from Perfect Chaos to become Super Sonic. Sonic managed to destroy Eggman's controller and the green bot shell and Tails cheered for him. Chaos would disappear into the ocean back home to the Master Emerald.[64]

Later adventures

Tails joined Sonic and his friends for a barbeque with the Chaotix. The party was interrupted when Chuck called the group to a meteorite he discovered through his telescope and believed that there was a Chaos Emerald inside. Chris decided to make it a competition that they would race to bring back to the Chaos Emerald; to which Tails was picked on Sonic's team with Big. He travelled to the South Pole to grab the Chaos Emerald within the meteorite and helped Sonic to retrieve the meteorite. Sonic managed to make it back, thus making them the winners but were unable to find the emerald. Chris arrived last with Charmy and Cream and had retrieved the Chaos Emerald, and thus winning the competition.[65]

Tails would join Sonic and Amy at a pool party, which Eggman had won,[66] and did not suspect as Sonic and Eggman had switched bodies.[67] After the arrival and departure of the Prime Zone version of Shadow, Tails tried to find Sonic after hearing about Eggman's attack, but was too late to help out or meet Shadow again.[68]

Game appearances

Sonic X (Leapster)

In Sonic X (Leapster), Tails, alongside Amy and Knuckles, was kidnapped by Dr. Eggman. However, he was saved by Sonic in Angel Island.


Tails is Sonic's loyal sidekick. He is very intelligent and acts very kind and friendly to others, and as well humble and innocent. Tails has also been shown to be rather shy and he often had little confidence in the beginning of the series as he depended on the other characters, especially Sonic, to help him in times of need. Tails can also be shy and easily flustered around girls, as shown by some of his interactions with Cosmo and his reaction to Rouge kissing him on the cheek. Due to his timidness, Tails was often overshadowed by the other characters as he can be seen often keeping quiet as the far more outspoken characters got their ways in discussions. However, through the series Tails gained more courage and developed more leadership skills, which was especially seen in Season 3 where he was the captain of the group (being the owner of the Blue Typhoon) and his love for Cosmo furthered his courage.

Powers and abilities

Possessing a genius-level intellect, Tails has a talent for tinkering which enables him to turn out high-tech gadgets with ease.[7] Tails can fly using his two twin-tails in a similar way as in the games and when he was defending Cosmo from Shadow he used them to protect her against his much more powerful adversary, even to the point of being injured severely. Also, when he fought against Hawk in a contest, he used his strong twin-tails to absorb most of his opponent's attacks.[5] Tails can also do the Spin Attack.[57]


Sonic the Hedgehog

Sonic and Tails setting out in the Tornado.

Sonic the Hedgehog and Tails are best friends, sharing a close brother-like relationship. When Tails first encountered Sonic, he exclaimed that the hedgehog was cool and followed him to tinker with his Tornado. Sonic was amazed by Tails' work with the biplane and Tails asked if they could be friends and Sonic agreed.

Chuck Thorndyke

Tails has been a true friend of his fellow inventor Chuck Thorndyke. Both of them share a common passion for mechanics and they always worked together to develop new inventions to help Sonic stop Dr. Eggman.

When Chuck realized that Tails had to return to their own world, Chuck kept his emotions in check and wished the best for him. When the time came for them to say farewells though, Chuck and Tails both mourned their separations. However, before Tails left, Chuck game Tails a parting gift in the form of the Hyper Tornado.

Christopher Thorndyke

Chris and Tails.

Chris Thorndyke and Tails are good friends. Whenever they ride the X Tornado together, Chris helps Tails give Sonic Rings when Tails is too busy to do so. During the Metarex wars, Chris and Tails became even closer friends due to Chris having become an accomplished scientist, which meant they had more to relate to each other about. After seeing Chris' growth, Tails would comment that Chris reminded him a lot of Chuck.


Tails watching the moon alongside Cosmo.

Cosmo and Tails' love for each other was confirmed when they activated a love trap Amy had set for Sonic. Early on, Tails would get flustered with affection for Cosmo; when the Chaotix attempt to pair the duo together in love, Tails quotes "You're so beautiful, Cosmo," (or rather, almost says it); however, Cosmo mishears him and thought he said the stars were beautiful. Also in the Japanese version of "A Fearless Friend", Cosmo sacrificed herself and Tails admitted that he loves her. Cosmo admitted that as well just before dying. In the end of the final episode, Tails had planted the seed Cosmo left behind after her death, and it is shown to have sprouted two leaves, showing that Tails misses her.

The true strength of Tails' love was shown when Shadow, in an attempt to kill Cosmo, clobbers Sonic, Chris and Knuckles, but despite his efforts, could not manage to get past Tails, who was determined to protect Cosmo, no matter the cost.





"They're the same!?"
—Tails when he found out that there was someone else who found a Chaos Emerald.
"You're so beauti-- WHAAAH!"
—Tails about to call Cosmo beautiful, but then got to his senses by realizing what he was going to say.
"X-Tornado. Let's go!"
—Tails taking flight in the X-Tornado
"Tornado X. Blast Off!!!"
—When the X Tornado takes flight.
"You see, Sonic has a pure heart of intention."
—Tails explaining to Cosmo about Sonic's personality.
"You losers!"
—Tails discouraging animals who were having their habitats destroyed and they weren't fighting back.
"You can help if you promise to back off!"
—Tails to Vector, who collared him and is snickering at his plan.
"How do ya' like me now Eggman?!"
—Tails fighting his way onto the Egg Carrier with the X Tornado in Battle Armor mode.
"Go, Sonic, go! This is no time for relaxation!"
—Tails cheering on Sonic in his race against Sam Speed in Sonic X #1.
"Heads I win, tails you lose!"
—Tails when fighting one of the human-possessed robots in Sonic X #3.


  • Both Tails and Amy Rose appeared in the second-most number of episodes of Sonic X (72), but in a different order.
  • Tails swears in the Japanese version of Sonic X, despite being at a young age.
  • In Sonic X (Leapster), most of Tails' sprites are taken from Sonic the Hedgehog 3 & Knuckles and the Sonic Advance series.
  • In the Thai dub of Sonic X, Tails' name was mispronounced as "Mires Power"[69]
  • In the Latin Spanish dub of Sonic X, Tails' true name is "Miles Colas" (Spanish for "Miles Tails"),[70] while his nickname is "Colas" (Spanish for "Tails").


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  1. The world where Tails comes from is not named in the anime and comics. The comics state, though, that Tails and his friends traveled across dimensions on a parallel planet, Earth.

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