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This character exists primarily or exclusively within the Sonic Boom continuity.
Information in this article may not be canonical to the storyline of the games or any other Sonic continuity.

I am not adorable! I'm serious and formidable!

— Miles "Tails" Prower, "Tails' Crush"

Miles Prower,[12] commonly referred to by his nickname Tails, is one of the main characters in the Sonic Boom series. He is a two-tailed anthropomorphic fox and Sonic the Hedgehog's best friend and sidekick. He serves as the pilot, gadget specialist, strategist, and overall brains of Team Sonic,[12] a group of heroes who protect their home from villains and disasters alike.

Concept and creation

Tails' attire was meant to emphasize his role as the "gadget guy" of the team. He received a belt to "really show" his gadgets and aviator goggles to reinforce that he was also the team's pilot.[1]

The sports tape Tails wears is inspired by fighters and American football players, which is meant to give him a sense of practical heroism by showing that he is not vain, which is a trait more fitting for villains, when saving the world and to give him a more grounded approach.[13]


Tails is a young, anthropomorphic fox cub about half a head shorter that Sonic with a unique genetic mutation giving him two tails instead of one. He has mostly amber fur with white fur around his muzzle with cheek tufts, front torso with fluffy fur on top of his chest, and the tips of his tails. He also has sky blue eyes, triangular ears with white canals on top of his head, a small black nose, and three locks of hair on his forehead. For attire, he wears a pair of brown goggles with orange lenses on his head that change shape when worn on his eyes, a brown work belt with a strap around his shoulder, which can store small items. A small, golden, circular buckle adorned with his signature symbol rests in the center, while white medium-long gloves with no cuffs adorn his hands. He also wears red sneakers with white toes and cuffs, which have white sports tape wrapped around the middle. He occasionally wears his Communicator.

In addition to his usual clothes, Tails has a number of additional attires:

  • At the Awardy Awards, Tails wore a yellow and black-striped bow tie.[14]
  • For cold weathers, Tails wears a thick grey and orange down jacket with a hoodie and yellow details, orange and white mittens, and white, orange and yellow winter boots.[15]
  • One time, Tails wore a waiter uniform, which included a white shirt, a black jacket, and a black bowtie.[16]
  • When playing for the Pin Dashers, Tails wears a dark blue and white-striped bowling shirt with matching bowling shoes. His shirt is likewise emblazoned with the team's logo.[17]
  • When performing with Dude-itude, Tails wears a glittery jacket and microphone headset.
  • For high-altitude trips, Tails has an advanced white spacesuit with yellow boots, belt and arms, and a white helmet with a fin-shaped antenna, spikes to accommodate his ears, and a transparent visor.[18]
  • For soccer matches, Tails has a soccer uniform that includes a white and blue t-shirt with a blue chest logo shaped like Sonic's head, long white socks, and white shoes with blue laces and red soles.[19]
  • On holidays, Tails has been known to wear a red and white Santa Hat, a European Holly on his belt strap, and brown goggles with green lenses and red and white-striped frames.


Tails showing affection to his plane, from "Dr. Eggman's Tomato Sauce".

Tails is a friendly young fox with a plucky "can do" attitude and an inherent optimism.[20] The most creative in his group, Tails is a proficient tinkerer with a big imagination.[21] He is constantly furnishing his mind with big dreams of epic inventions to not only give his team the edge but also make life easier.[12][7] While some of his creations are brilliant, however, some are questionable and not always reliable.[12][22] Nevertheless, Tails takes pride in his creations and is very emotionally attached to them, as seen in the case of UT, the Tailsmobile, and his plane, whom he will risk his own well-being for rather than leaving them to an unfortunate fate.[23][24][25] He has a similar attachment to his tools, which he refers to as his "babies".[26] Tails' love for his creations is also his folly, however, as he is extremely unwilling to harm them; even after his robot Hypnobot turned evil and sought to destroy the world, Tails could not bring himself to destroy him, which in turn led to Sonic getting injured.[27] It was first when Hypnobot threatened to kill Sonic that Tails finally overcame his inability to harm his own creation by destroying the robot.[28]

For all the mishaps he may cause, Tails can always be relied to come through for other people.[21] Logically orientated, Tails is a skeptic and relies on facts and science over questionable theories, and believes that every occurrence has a logical explanation.[20][29] However, Tails can get so caught up in what he believes to be fact that he can overlook other important or obvious truths.[4] Also, unlike Sonic, who runs headlong into trouble, Tails plans out the best possible approach to take on a challenge.[12] He also puts a lot of attention into keeping his house orderly, although Sonic has pointed out that it makes him a bit uptight and a neat-freak.[16]

Despite his intelligence and general fearlessness, Tails is still somewhat childish and can be a bit naïve at times when dealing with things he does not fully comprehend.[4][30] He can be shy in the face of the unknown at times as well, although his friends will always help push him out of his comfort zone.[21] Not liking to be thought of as adorable, Tails wants to be recognized as serious and formidable.[31] Also, when competing, Tails does not take personal losses very well. If pushed too far, he will pursue victory with such maniacal zeal that he tends to overlook crucial details.[32] Tails has a bad case of astraphobia as well; the slight rumbling and flashing makes him cower in fear and look for cover.[33]

While he may bicker with his friends at times, Tails nonetheless tries to present them, especially Sonic, as well as he can, so much that he sets up pictures in his house that show them in the best light, even when they get the best of him.[34] Tails also does not like to disappoint others, one time to the extent of outright lying so he would not upset anyone.[4] When he thinks he has let others down, such as when his well-intentioned inventions backfire horribly, Tails gets really hard on himself and will go to extensive lengths to do better in the future.[35][9] Along those lines, he sometimes feels like he has to prove himself to his teammates,[36] like when he worked hard to become Sonic's sidekick again after Sonic fired him.[5]

Powers and abilities

Gifted with a pair of twin tails, Tails can utilize these unique appendages to achieve flight by twirling them around like rotary blades, similar to a helicopter. He can also use them as a turbine to propel himself forward, allowing him to move almost as fast as Sonic.[22] By using his twin tails as rear propellers, Tails can also move underwater with great ease.[5] Even without his tails, Tails can run at exceptionally high speeds.[37] Tails also possesses a very high degree of physical endurance, as he was able to withstand a direct punch to the face from Knuckles.[38]

Regarded as Hedgehog Village's top scientist,[39] Tails is a genius-level mechanic and inventor.[23] Said to match Dr. Eggman in intellect,[40] he is capable of creating many forms of robots, programs and even devices capable of bending the laws of physics. His remarkable intelligence and technical skills are so well-developed that he can create advanced programs and other machines in a very short time, and has found solutions to problems even Eggman has failed to solve.[41] He is also an expert at multitasking, having invented a car that can circle the earth on half a jar of kosher pickles, balanced his checkbook, and come up with an organic quiche recipe while busy with other tasks.[42] His ingenuity and strategic mind is also demonstrated in battle where he can turn something as simple as a film projector into a weapon. He also knows how to speak and understand Morse code.[11]

Tails is also an expert pilot and easily one of the best aerial fighters around. Most noticeably, he was able to not only match three vastly superior spaceships from Morristown at once in aerial maneuvers using only his plane, but also defeat all three of them in a dogfight.[43]

Weapons and equipment

In combat, Tails uses mostly objects from the surroundings or his own gadgets and tools rather than engaging foes directly, although he has gone hand-to-hand on a few sporadic occasions. As such, his arsenal is wide-ranged and at most random. This includes anything from his trusty monkey wrench to his Hyper Exo Manifier, to a modified film projector. On some of his bigger adventures in particular, Tails has made usage of long-ranged gadgets like smoke-bombs, mini-fireworks, attachable bombs, blasters and his Buddy Bot.

Tails primarily wields a Communicator, a multifunctional and waterproof smartwatch-like device he himself has created. This device allows Tails wide-ranged radio communication between similar devices. It also functions like a minicomputer so Tails can conduct analyses and computer program-related work while on the go.[44] The Communicator can also generate its own Enerbeam, an energy tether that can latch onto objects or form a makeshift whip/rope. It can also tell the time, interface with Tails' tech-based equipment for remote operation, and assume other powers. It even comes with its own tracking device.

Tails' goggles are fitted with scanners that allow him to scan and detect the physical makeup of objects.[45] Tails also has the Enerbeam tech incorporated into his attire, which lets him channel its energy tether through his gloves with a turn of his belt's buckle.[5] As Tails began relying more on his Communicator to generate the Enerbeam though, he would modify his attire's Enerbeam feature so he could activate his Communicator's Enerbeam remotely using his belt's buckle as well.[46] Tails also has a unique set of clothes referred to as a Luminous Suit which can provide him with light in otherwise light-deprived environments.[44]

King of the Bee Bots

Main article: King of the Bee Bots

Tails as the King of the Bee Bots, from "You and I Bee-come One."

When Tails' Matter Transporter merged him with a Bee Bot, Tails acquired a Bee Bot-based cyborg form he eventually dubbed the "King of the Bee Bots." In this form, Tails was stronger, faster, capable of more precise flight, and able to fire laser beams. He also gained a mental link to the Bee Bots' Bee Network, or hive mind, which he could use to both control and communicate with Bee Bots mentally. However, Tails' link to the Bee Network caused his mind to slowly get infected by its malevolent commands. In addition, he felt pain whenever a Bee Bot got destroyed. Tails eventually lost this form when he and his Bee Bot got unmerged.[47]


Should his twin-tails be constricted, Tails is unable to fly; but if he can fly in such cases, he cannot steer himself properly.[48] His astraphobia can also get to him sometimes, whenever it is least unexpected.


Team Sonic

Sonic the Hedgehog

Tails hugging Sonic, from "Do Not Disturb".

Tails is the best friend and sidekick of Sonic the Hedgehog, as well as his most trusted companion.[49] Having been together for a long time, Tails shares a brotherly relationship with Sonic and is his equal partner in Sonic's adventures.[1][50] They are extremely close and both are willing to sacrifice their life for the other.[5] The both of them will likewise always be there for each other (or seek each other out) whenever one of them needs support.[49][51] Tails in particular is unwilling to leave Sonic behind when he is in a jam, no matter what the danger he has to go through, and is proud to be Sonic's sidekick.[5][51] Tails' friendship with Sonic has proven to be so strong that he was willing to destroy one of his own creations, an act of which he was previously unable to do on his own despite knowing that the fate of the world depended on it.[28]

Tails and Sonic often hang out or go on adventures together by themselves, unlike most other of their friends, demonstrating how close their relationship is. Together, they have proven themselves a near-perfect duo; both provides strengths to the other's weaknesses (Tails provides the smarts while Sonic handles the muscle) and neither of them would get far without the other's aid. In addition, they have demonstrated profound teamwork in combat.[5][10] Conversely, they are just as willing to engage in friendly competitions with each other simply for fun.[32][10] However, their competitions may not always turn out well due to Tails' zeal and Sonic's overconfidence.[32] Also, while Tails and Sonic enjoy each other's company, they are still very different people, and being together for too long tend to make them bicker; Tails himself has pointed out that while they are best friends, they are not the best of roommates.[16] Regardless of whatever issues that may arise between them however, Tails and Sonic respect and care for each other so much that both of them are unable to hold a grudge at the other for long. They are also willing to share the blame when they know they are both at fault, and will always make up on a good note when they find themselves in a dispute.[16][32]

Tails looks up to Sonic for many reasons and admires several of his skills, including his speed, cunning, fighting prowess and lovely singing voice.[52] Part of the reason that Tails has pictures of Sonic getting the best of him in his house (aside from Sonic deleting his images where he does not look cool) is because he wants to portray Sonic in the best light.[34] Even when Sonic makes a fool of himself, Tails thinks he looks cool.[10] Usually, Tails will always be there to back up Sonic and offers him unsolicited praise and loyalty, although he sometimes ends up patronizing him.[53] During their battles with Lyric, Tails even chose Sonic's life over the safety of the world. As pointed out by Knuckles though, Tails tends to stand too much in Sonic's shadow.[33] Like a lost puppy, Tails also follows Sonic nearly everywhere he goes.[54]

Despite his loyalty, Tails has a limit to how much of Sonic's ego he can take. Also, he is not afraid to tell Sonic when he is wrong, and becomes angry if Sonic mocks him.[1][55][56] Although they do not always get along, Tails has sworn to never stop fighting by his side. He likewise holds an unshakable belief in the faith Sonic has in his friends and team.[49]

Knuckles the Echidna

Tails dealing with Knuckles' stupidity, from "Robot Battle Royale".

Knuckles the Echidna is one of Tails' teammates. Although close friends, Tails and Knuckles have strongly contrasting personalities, with Tails being a genius while Knuckles is "as dumb as a rock," which often strains their relationship. Not thinking highly of Knuckles' intelligence, Tails is often left frustrated by Knuckles' stupidity, though it does not stop him from trying to have intelligent conversations with him (only for them to go nowhere).[57][58][59] While Tails is considerate about Knuckles' feelings and does not want to hurt them, he will be blunt when Knuckles wears his patience thin.[59]

Regardless of their differences, Tails still enjoys hanging out with Knuckles and trusts him a lot. They are both firmly loyal teammates and Tails often joins Knuckles and Sonic on many of their foolish escapades.[31][60] Most importantly to Knuckles, Tails also helps fill out the kind of loneliness he gets about being the last of his kind by being the family he longs for.[61] Tails also values Knuckles as an important member of their team and acknowledges the contributions he provides, like when he praised him for giving him the idea to stop Hypnobot with Vacuu-Fan 2000.[59] In addition, Tails has tutored Knuckles in various subjects.[62]

Amy Rose

Tails and Amy on a picnic, from "Unlucky Knuckles".

Another one of Tails' teammates and closest companions is Amy Rose. They are overall great friends and loyal teammates, whose eagerness complement each other, and they usually hang out alongside their friends. However, Tails does not always agree with Amy's bossy attitude, nor is he very fond of her ideas for group activities.

While Tails may behave inconsiderately towards Amy at times, he nonetheless appreciates her as both a teammate and a friend, and will try making it up to her whenever he has upset her. In fact, Tails cannot stand watching Amy cry.[63] Tails also cares about the safety of Amy a lot more than people may think.[33][53][64]

Sticks the Badger

Tails having upset Sticks with his tech, from "How to Succeed in Evil Without Really Trying".

Sticks the Badger is one of Tails' teammates and a close friend, though there is an opposing dynamic between them. While Tails is an inherent optimist and relies on facts and science, Sticks is generally suspicious and has lots of crazy ideas, which causes a great deal of bickering between the two.[20] This is only made worse by how Tails loves technology while Sticks shows great aversion of it.[23][30] Tails thus loves the irony when Sticks is forced to use technology and enjoys teasing her with this fact.[65]

Like his other friends, Tails is usually unnerved by Sticks' paranoia and disregards her theories,[29][66] though he will apologize for doubting her when he is proven wrong. He also hesitated to tell her that Lyric had kidnapped Amy because he feared upsetting her. Despite their disagreements, Tails is very loyal to Sticks and always make peace with her at the end of the day, as they come to appreciate each other's differences and contributions.[30][35] Tails will likewise gladly offer Sticks unsolicited help and be there whenever she needs his aid.[30][65]

Dr. Eggman

Like the rest of Team Sonic, Tails' sworn enemy is Dr. Eggman, though their relationship is rather complex. On one hand, Tails always fights Eggman whenever he plots something evil. Outside that however, they keep a somewhat passive relationship where they let each other be nearby without starting to brawl. At times, the two have even been known to hang out together,[60] though Tails remains suspicious about Eggman's motives.[55][67] When Eggman claimed to be homeless, Tails even let him stay in his house in hopes that he would behave, though it was more on the grounds of proving himself the better person.[68] Because of his constant victories over him, Tails has a tendency to underestimate Eggman and forget how dangerous he can be.[56] Tails also loves playing pranks on Eggman when he is an easy target.[8][69] Still, Tails does not hold complete animosity for Eggman, as he has been known to feel guilty when he takes things too far with him.[69]

Tails and Eggman working together, from "Let's Play Musical Friends".

Tails and Eggman have at lot in common, being both inventors and highly intellectual. While Eggman acknowledges Tails as a genius,[23] Tails has no issue about aiding Eggman with scientific problems when he calls him in for help. They also usually join forces in the field of science when dealing with a common threat, where they are known to work in perfect sync and occasionally show good-spirited teamwork.[41][60][70] At the end of the day though, Tails and Eggman both agree that them acting like friends is too awkward.[70]


Tails getting a kiss from Zooey, from "Tails' Crush".

Zooey is Tails' love interest and girlfriend. When first crushing on Zooey, Tails would often zone out about her, but because he was too shy to approach her, he would get nervous and lose control when she talked to him. Desperate to get closer to Zooey, Tails made several awkward attempts to impress her which only pushed her further away. Once he started being himself though, Tails would win Zooey over after saving her from Giant Robot, which she signified with a kiss.[31] Since then, they have remained in a healthy relationship. Tails in particular thought a lot about Zooey while he was out on a dangerous mission once, and would constantly write her letters.[15]



See also


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