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This character exists primarily or exclusively within the Pre-Super Genesis Wave continuity.
Information in this article may not be canonical to the storyline of the games or any other Sonic continuity.
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Miles Prower (born day 297, 3225),[2] better known by his nickname Tails, is one of the main protagonists of the Sonic the Hedgehog comic book series and its spin-off comics published by Archie Comics. He is a mobian two-tailed fox, born on the day of Dr. Ivo Robotnik's takeover of Mobotropolis. Since he was young, Tails has been at Sonic's side, helping him and the Knothole Freedom Fighters defeat Dr. Robotnik and other evil forces. Unbeknownst to Tails for many years, he was also destined to become the "Chosen One" by the Ancient Walkers to fulfill a prophecy. With guidance from Athair, Tails eventually fulfilled the prophecy and stopped Mammoth Mogul from destroying the multiverse, and also helped bring about the Great Harmony of the Chaos Emeralds. He continues to be at Sonic's side in stopping the forces of evil, though he is also a heroic Freedom Fighter in his own right.


Tails is a mobian fox with the unique mutation giving him two tails instead of one. He was originally colored with brown and cream fur, but later adopted his game colors of amber and white, though his family members remain brown. His eyes, initially simple black like other characters, gained sky blue irises around the time of the Sonic Adventure redesign. Typically his attire consists simply of white gloves and red shoes with white toes and gray soles. He has occasionally worn other outfits, including battle armor based on Horizont-Al's robot appearance and a tuxedo at Bunnie and Antoine's wedding.


Early life

Miles, son of Amadeus and Rosemary Prower, was born the same day as Dr. Robotnik's takeover of Mobotropolis. Just prior to the coup, Amadeus had discovered the mad scientist's nefarious scheme, but was thrown into the Roboticizer before he was able to warn the kingdom. After giving birth, Rosemary was subsequently brought in by SWATbots to also be roboticized, but just before the process occurred, the alien race known as the Bem transported the two foxes off world. Their fate was unknown to everyone on Mobius until Sonic uncovered the truth during his time in space, so for years, Miles assumed his parents died during Robotnik's takeover.

Miles was sent to the sanctuary of Knothole along with the majority of Mobotropolis' orphaned children, and was raised by Rosie. This responsibility was later passed onto Sally Acorn as she got older, leading the young fox to call her "Aunt Sally" on occasion. By the age of 4, Miles had received his nickname "Tails" due to the fox's mysterious double tails. He also discovered his ability to fly with them from an idea Sonic had gotten to make them spin around like helicopter blades. This in turn also lead to him and the others finding a limestone cavern in the Great Forest that would eventually be used by the group they found that day- the Knothole Freedom Fighters. On a winter day some time after this, Tails and the other children got caught up in a strange event that sent them into a pocket zone caused by a Power Ring they found. While Sonic and Sally each had their own adventure, Tails had a shared experience with Boomer and Antoine. As he pointed out it seemed like they were meant to stick together like a team, this indicated to the Ancient Walkers who watched them from a higher plane that Tails was a potential individual of great destiny.

Freedom Fighter and Solo Adventures

Once he became old enough, Tails joined the other Freedom Fighters in their efforts against Robotnik. For all his technical knowledge and training, he was thought to be too inexperienced to participate in the more dangerous missions for some time. At one point, he ate the fruit growing on Rotor's Tree of Wisdom and became a genius, creating a few robotic inventions of his own while also displaying tactical skills that may have led to Robotnik's downfall had the major effects of the fruit not been temporary. Despite not retaining the high intelligence initially granted by the fruit, Tails' natural intellect was somewhat enhanced by the experience. Even after going out on various missions with Sonic and the other Freedom Fighters to the Great Forest, Robotropolis, the Floating Island and other locations, he was still treated like a child, or at best a scout that was unfit to fight. Despite all this, he truly idolized Sonic, even during his purported "death" by believing Sonic was still alive (which he in fact was).

Tails being rescued from the Wing Dingoes by Wombat Stu, from Tails #2.

When Princess Sally finally granted his request for his own submarine to be built, she still had the final say by forbidding Rotor from giving the Sea Fox any oil so that it would not run. It was only after draining oil off of a drenched seagull that Tails finally got the submarine to work and embarked on his first solo mission to destroy a new underwater roboticization facility being guarded by Robotnik's sub-boss Octobot.

This eventually led him to embark on another solo adventure to the land of Downunda, where he worked together with the Downunda Freedom Fighters to defeat their arch-nemesis Crocbot. During his journey to this continent, he also confronted Octobot and met the Ancient Walkers and Athair, great-grandfather of Knuckles the Echidna, who revealed to Tails his destiny as the "Chosen One", a being fated to reach divine status and become an even greater hero than Sonic and Knuckles. Explaining that greed and evil often spouted from desire of the Chaos Emeralds, Athair added that the Chosen One was destined to bring about something known as The Great Harmony.

The Chosen One

Tails in his Turbo Tails super form, from Sonic the Hedgehog #56.

Tails finally began to realize there was something very special about him during a crisis on Angel Island. When Mammoth Mogul had stolen the powers of Enerjak during the Dark Legion's all out attack on Echidnaopolis, he banished Tails along with Sonic and Knuckles to another zone after the Freedom Fighters were summoned to assist with the situation because of the threat the young fox posed to him. After escaping from the Zone, Tails became Turbo Tails and worked together with Super Sonic, Hyper Knuckles, the other Freedom Fighters, the Chaotix, the Brotherhood of Guardians, Athair, and the Ancient Walkers, to defeat Master Mogul by draining away his powers with the Chaos Syphon, creating the Master Emerald and trapping Mogul within it-at least until Dr. Eggman shattered it to feed the then weakened Chaos.

World Tour

Soon after, Tails found himself on a long term mission to locate the crazed wizard Ixis Naugus and help Sonic return him to the Zone of Silence while also investigating areas that had been controlled by Eggman's Sub-Bosses. Taking off from Mobotropolis in their new plane, the Winged Victory, they were soon grounded in the Kingdom of Mercia by a storm caused by the most recent of the Days of Fury and then imprisoned by Robian troops of the High Sheriff, who was actually Antoine's missing father, Armand D'Coolette. After escaping, they ran into Knuckles, Rob o' the Hedge, and Mari-An, and engaged in a rescue operation to free the Lost Tribe of Echidnas while saving Yanar from execution with Tails and Knuckles taking on the High Sheriff and his men. Once the battle was over, Tails and Sonic departed on their mission, though they later stopped to investigate a strange nexus and were pulled inside the zone of Horizont-Al and Verti-Cal who were warring with each other. The two demi-gods then brainwashed Sonic and Tails and pitted them against each other, but they both remembered they were friends and broke the hold over themselves and fled when they were unable to convince Al and Cal to reconcile.

They then found themselves going up against the combined might of the Iron King, Iron Queen, and a possessed Monkey Khan. While Khan fought Sonic, Tails took advantage of the Queen's distraction and broke her staff which restored Khan's free will and allowed them to eventually break the tyrants' hold on the region. Downunda would be the next area they landed in to assist the Downunda Freedom Fighters in putting down an uprising of platypuses. Tails found himself happily reunited with Barby Koala who had missed him since their last mission together and had him stay close by her this time. Discovering that Crocbot was behind the insurgency, they deactivated the Badnik's remains and loaded him onto the Winged Victory. Barby bid Tails a fond farewell, who remained unaware of her feelings to him until Sonic pointed it out, causing him to confess a hope of seeing her again.

Sometime later, Tails and Sonic crashed in the Great Desert, but were soon picked up by Jack Rabbit and the resident Freedom Fighters, the Sand-Blasters. While traveling, they were attacked by a horde of mindless Robians which bothered Tails as all the Robians in Mobotropolis had their free will restored. After arriving in Sand Blast City, Tails had some misgivings about him and Sonic staying to defend the city for a while until the plane was repaired, and his concerns became more justified when he found Jack and his men covering up their plane despite saying it was fixed. Tails made his escape with Sonic that night, who had been aware of the situation the whole time. Reaching the Winged Victory, Tails dropped the tarp on it over the Sand-Blasters, allowing him to take off while Sonic destroyed the controls to the city's energy shield. After picking up Sonic, Tails suggested they could still help the citizens fight off an invasion of Robians, but the disheartened hero told him to just keep flying.

Tails in the Southern Tundra, from Sonic the Hedgehog #64.

Eventually Tails and Sonic confronted Naugus in the Southern Tundra, but found themselves at a disadvantage and were nearly beaten until the battle was interrupted by an avalanche. They were both then rescued by Eddy the Yeti who brought them to the home of Dr. Nate Morgan whom Naugus was after. Following Morgan's story of his past with Naugus, they were attacked by the wizard again and Tails underwent a super transformation into Hyper Tails to combat Ugly Naugus using Nate's artificially produced Power Rings. Unfortunately Hyper Tails burned up his energy too fast in the battle like Ultra Sonic and he came out of his transformed state with no recollection of it, only to be saved by Nate who managed to send Naugus back to the Zone of Silence, but at the cost of Eddy's life. Following this, Tails, Sonic and Nate headed back to Mobotropolis, but made a stop in the Great Rainforest to retrieve the Ring of Acorns in order to get home. While Sonic searched for the ring in the Temple of Shazamazon, Tails stayed with Nate and listened as he explained how he had found a Super Emerald in the temple when he came there while in exile.

Return of Robotnik and Metal Sonic

After returning to Mobotropolis, Tails had hoped to enjoy a more peaceful life, but that was not to be at the start with a sudden bombardment against the city from meteors, Nate being abducted briefly by the Destructix, and the shocking return of the Acorn Family’s long-lost first born, Prince Elias. Even so, Tails attempted to make the best of the situation and roomed with Bunnie and Antoine for a while. With some added free time to himself while the kingdom was busy rebuilding, he accompanied Amy to the city’s library where he met Jeremiah, the grandson of the great historian Kirby. Using Kirby’s books, Tails learned much about their society’s history, including its early formation and the events that lead up to the Great War. However, following one evening when the kingdom’s first communications broadcast was pirated and replaced with a biography of Dr. Robotnik, Tails became focused on more pressing matters and joined with the other Freedom Fighters to discuss the nature of a series of mysterious satellites that had been coming online while orbiting around Mobius.

Venturing into space, they found the satellites had merged into one massive space station and were soon captured by a villain who turned out to be Dr. Eggman who had lured them away in order to restart the war and recapture Mobotropolis. After being freed by Snively, they destroyed the station and returned to the city in order to help as many survivors escape. Tails lead Bunnie, Antoine, Jules and Bernadette back to the library to find Jeremiah and grabbed as many books as they could carry with them back to Knothole in order to preserve their history, planning to return when they could and retrieve the rest. Once safely in Knothole, Tails was able to learn more about the Great War with added input from Jules and Bernie, wondering how much detail of their history had been lost due to the years of war they endured.

While in Knothole, Tails built a new biplane with Nate’s help to replace the Winged Victory which he dubbed the Tornado, and amplified its engine output with the use of Nate’s Super Emerald. With the discovery that Dr. Eggman had found the Hidden City of the Ancients, Tails the Tornado to fly alongside the Freedom Fighter Special and navigate the narrow tunnels in the mountainside that lead to the city’s entrance. After being welcomed in the city and given a brief guided tour, Tails received clearance from Mayor Bullyani to explore on his own, to which he happily accepted and took to testing out his new plane’s capabilities with some aerobatics inside the cavernous airspace, catching the attention of many human residents below.

After Sonic described an encounter he had with a creature made of living water, Tails was sent out with him to locate it. Flying outside the city, they encountered Knuckles near the Mystic Ruins, and had another run-in with Robotnik, discovering that he was attempting to revive the ancient deity Chaos to take over Mobius. Tails and Sonic gave chase to the madman back to his Egg Carrier airship after beating back Chaos, but met with heavy anti-aircraft fire which prompted Tails to attempt a transformation mode to the Tornado in order to evade. Unfortunately this left them with no landing gear and they crashed onto the ship. Once there they located the missing Amy Rose after battling Egg Carrier, and Tails was tasked with flying her back to the city himself while Sonic and Knuckles dealt with Chaos again, where they were welcomed by the other Freedom Fighters with great relief. Unfortunately Tails’ Tornado had disappeared during the battle, so he and Sonic set out afterwards to locate it with a tracking device from Nate. Once they arrived, Tails found his plane completely destroyed in the Mystic Ruins along with Knuckles and Big the Cat, and also made the horrific discovery that Chaos was alive and had revived itself using the Tornado’s Super Emerald. Returning to Station Square, they found the water deity at full strength using the city’s Super Emeralds and Tails could do nothing but stay back and watch as Knuckles and Super Sonic resolved the situation and returned Chaos to normal with the help of Tikal. Before the Freedom Fighters could leave Station Square, they were attacked by Silver Sonic v2.0 in an act of vengeance by Robotnik. Tails attempted to catch Sonic as he fell in the middle of the fight, but got injured by debris from part of the robot’s body, knocking him out briefly while Sonic defeated the doppelganger, saving the city yet again.

With his plane gone, Tails rode with the others aboard the Freedom Fighter Special back to Knothole, but an emergency landing from flight failure lead to him and Sonic scouting the region they landed in for life at Sally's request (unaware that it was sabotage). After investigating the area for a while, they stopped to take a lunch break and Tails went to gather firewood for their meal. Soon after he was captured by a reconstructed Metal Sonic with a Power Gem core and took Tails to Mount Mobius and held him hostage for Sonic’s eventual rescue attempt. When Sonic finally did arrive, Tails was freed, but they were soon both attacked by Metal Sonic again. Sonic attempted to stall Metal Sonic so Tails could get to safety, but Tails decided to stay in order to help Sonic defeat his robot rival together. At that point Mount Mobius began to erupt and they were both trapped with Tails’ tails hurt, only to be freed by Metal Sonic who then sacrificed himself to save them. While on the way back to the other Freedom fighters, Sonic told Tails he believed the young fox had actually saved the day by staying at Sonic’s side and helping Metal gain some sort of robotic soul that surpassed his programming.

Replaced, the Eggman Empire, and Fulfilling the Prophecy

Once they returned to Knothole, Tails set off almost immediately as part of a massive rescue party to save Prince Elias, who had been captured while they were away and took to aerial bombing of Shadowbot forces with Bomb as they stormed Robotropolis. Following this, the Freedom Fighters were confined to Knothole and Tails began attending the recently built high school, only to be summoned away by Athair on his very first day to help Chaos Knuckles. It was at this point that Mammoth Mogul abducted Tails in transit during his super transformation into Turbo Tails and created a doppelganger to replace him so that no one would notice. For the next several months, Tails was held prisoner by Mogul who kept him in his super state with a steady energy supply, all the while leeching off Turbo Tails in order to restore his strength. Mogul's schemes were discovered by the doppelganger Tails and Sonic, and after a brief battle which weakened Mogul, the fake Tails vanished while the real one was set free. However, prior to this, Mammoth Mogul secretly placed a post-hypnotic trigger in Tails' mind while he was held captive by Mogul.

Later on, Tails assisted Sonic when Eggman was preparing to destroy both Knothole and Station Square nuclear missiles by delaying the countdown by distracting A.D.A.M. with jokes. The distraction lasted long enough for the others to destroy the battle ship which they would be fired from. He would subsequently witness Sonic and Sally's breakup, join the Freedom Fighters in defeating an Auto Automaton plot, cheer Amy as she joined the Freedom Fighters, and explore a base guarded by the robot Issac. After learning surprising details about Mobius' history and witnessing a battle between Isaac, Sonic, Shadow, and the latest Metal Sonic, Tails went on to enjoy time with Sonic's dog Muttski. He then had yet another encounter with Athair, who not only revealed to him the existence of his uncle Merlin Prower, but also that the time was drawing near for him to fulfill the prophecy of the Chosen One.

Soon afterwards, Tails learned that Mammoth Mogul, having obtained enough power to challenge Chaos Knuckles during the time he stole energy from Turbo Tails, had gone on to seize control of the Chaos Force after Knuckles' death and subsequent revival left it off balance. Using his near omnipotent abilities, Master Mogul proceeded to devastate the multiverse. Alerted to this threat by Zonic the Zone Cop, Tails joined with innumerable alternate versions of himself to become Titan Tails, who defeated Mogul and sealed him in his Chaos Emerald. He also took control of the Chaos Force briefly before using it and his own immense energies to restore the multiverse to its proper state, including himself. After several of his friends and teammates worked to stop a spreading tide of Nanites, Tails suspiciously welcomed Snively to Knothole, not trusting the group's old adversary. He and the other Freedom Fighters were then assigned to protect Mina Mongoose from assassins sent by the Eggman Empire, leading to a battle with Heavy and Bomb. Tails also witnessed Sally's marriage to Patch, Antoine's evil counterpart from another dimension, though fortunately it was quickly broken up. He then joined in defending Knothole from first an apparent invasion by Dr. Eggman and then an attack by the Metal Sonic Troopers.

Following these incidents, Tails and the other Freedom Fighters gathered at the restored Freedom HQ to celebrate Sonic's birthday, only for it to be interrupted by Bark the Polar Bear and Bean the Dynamite. After defeating that duo, the group were attacked first by Croctobot- a fusion of Tails' old nemeses Crocbot and Octobot- and then by Scourge the Hedgehog. After those threats were dealt with, Tails received a surprise visitor: his uncle Merlin, who had arrived to ask for King Elias Acorn's help in saving the ailing Ancient Walkers and maintaining the imprisonment of Mammoth Mogul, whose Emerald the wizard had been entrusted with. Though the two Prowers and Merlin's companion Sir Connery were menaced by the Destructix, the Freedom Fighters and Chaotix managed to overcome them. Unfortunately, the use of the magical Sword of Acorns by the Arachne Clan killed the Walkers and released not only Mogul, but Tails' old foe Ixis Naugus as well. The two supervillains then battled each other for the Sword and Crown of Acorns, with the Freedom Fighters and Chaotix leaping in to try and subdue them both. Fortunately, Sir Connery's sacrifice to destroy the artifacts and the arrival of Eggman's Egg Fleet halted the battle after Naugus and Mogul joined forces.

Tails and Shadow send all the Chaos Emeralds in the universe to the Zone of Silence, from Sonic the Hedgehog #169.

An attack by the Babylon Rogues forced Tails to put his newly developed Extreme Gear to the test as he, Sonic, and Knuckles defended Knothole from the attackers. He and Fiona Fox were then later held hostage by Sleuth Dawg and Scourge, who had both entered the employ of echidna scientist Dr. Finitevus. During this time, Tails learned that Fiona was dating Scourge behind Sonic's back, having fallen for the evil Hedgehog while believing he was Sonic. Tails was abducted by A.D.A.M., who intended to use Tails and Shadow the Hedgehog to collect every Chaos Emerald in the universe to give himself unimaginable power. However, A.D.A.M.'s plan was brought to a halt as Eggman woke him and Shadow up. Turbo Tails, working through intuition, had Super Shadow use his time-space warping abilities to access the Zone of Silence; they then sent the collected Chaos Emeralds there, with Tails saying he hoped it would cause "something special." The young hero then watched in horror as Tommy Turtle, whom A.D.A.M. had been using as his host, willingly opened himself to fire from the Egg Fleet in order to destroy A.D.A.M. Later, when Tails and Sonic went into the Zone later to retrieve an emerald, they were met by Feist, who gave them the grey Chaos Emerald composed of thousands of others-one of seven he had created-as thanks for them sending him the jewels in the first place. Thus, the Chaos Emeralds had been limited and hidden in the newly-created Special Zone, in part fulfilling the "Great Harmony" prophecy.

Vs. Friends & Foes

Tails is cast aside by Fiona, from Sonic the Hedgehog #172.

Later, Tails was reunited with his parents with the help of Sonic, Knuckles, and his uncle Merlin. The happy reunion also led to the discovery that the Xorda were at war with the Black Arms. More about the mysterious creatures became known when Tails assisted Shadow in accessing the diary of his creator, Gerald Robotnik, while Knuckles fended off an attack by Snively. When Fiona Fox's relationship with Scourge came to light, Tails attempted to prevent her from leaving, only to be cruelly dismissed by the object of his long time crush. Despite this, he continued to express regrets about the failure to achieve anything in a relationship with her, though he put it aside in the face of Antoine and Bunnie's wedding. During the proceedings, Tails became aware of his father's objections to the current arrangement of the government, but his concerns were allayed by his parents. He was then one of the few members of the Freedom Fighters to have escaped being captured by Eggman's forces during the assault on Knothole that resulted in the city's destruction, and assisted Sonic, Knuckles, Amy and Nicole in the ensuing rescue mission. He and the other citizens were then transported to the safety of New Mobotropolis where Tails continued to be supportive of his parents despite Merlin's concerns about their opposition to the royal family. He and the other Freedom Fighters and Chaotix then worked together to defeat the Egg Beater, a battle suit that had overcome Sonic but was no match for the combined might of the two groups.

Unfortunately, Tails' tense relationship with Sonic deepened to an argument as to how they should proceed with the rescue. This stressed to the point of breaking as the pair found themselves on opposite sides of a schism in the Kingdom of Acorn, Tails supporting the side led by his father and Sonic remaining loyal to the House of Acorn. When Tails helped his mother break Amadeus out of jail, long suppressed hostility was released as he and Sonic fought with each other. Tails was quick to bring up his fury at Sonic's lack of sensitivity, and refused to explain it to the baffled Hedgehog since he felt that Sonic would probably just ignore what he was saying again. Finally, the young Fox revealed that his main dispute with Sonic was over Fiona and Sonic's seeming dismissal of his feelings for her, and Sonic admitted that he had known about Tails' feelings and apologized, explaining that he had hoped that it would help Tails get over his crush. Reconciled, the two headed off to stop a duel between Amadeus and Elias, only to find out that Sally had beaten them to it. With his father returned to duty, his mother running for a seat on the new ruling council, and his friendship with Sonic restored, Tails' life seemed destined to make an upturn.

Tails in the Tornado with Sonic, from Sonic the Hedgehog #181.

Sadly, this was not to be the case, as Dimitri arrived with an urgent message for Knuckles: Enerjak, the Guardian's most powerful foe ever, had returned-and just after Knuckles had left for Angel Island by himself, only to disappear mysteriously. In an effort to appease the Chaotix, who were determined to go after their missing leader, Sally sent Tails along with Sonic to look for Knuckles. After narrowly missing Enerjak on Angel Island, Tails accompanied Sonic as they raced back towards New Mobotropolis. What awaited them was the ultimate nightmare: Knuckles, their strongest ally, had become the new Enerjak and thus their worst enemy.

After bringing Sonic back to New Mobotropolis, however, Tails had virtually no role in battling the brainwashed Knuckles, and in fact remained in the city for the duration of the battle in which Super Sonic- aided by the sacrifice of Knuckles' father, Locke- freed Knuckles' from Finitevus' spell.

Tails then returned to Knothole to help with repairs on Freedom HQ, and was there when Mina arrived home from her concert tour. Both of them, along with Mighty the Armadillo, were then revealed to have all had a hypnotic suggestion implanted in them by Mogul years before, who used his telepathic abilities to bring them into his service. When a similar attempt on Sonic proved less than successful, the trio were sent to aid their master's attempts to recruit the Hedgehog into a new Fearsome Foursome-by force. Sonic proved too much for the trio, however, so Mogul commanded Tails to fly into the stratosphere, effectively forcing Sonic to deliver the grey Chaos Emerald to him or else see Tails faint from the lack of oxygen and die from the eventual fall. His demand met, Mogul freed Tails and the other before departing, having decided that he would use his regained immortality to wait until his foes were either dead or too old to fight him before continuing his open campaign of world domination.

Moebian Invasion and Eggman's Defeat

Later, he and Rotor were attacked by the Suppression Squad in Freedom HQ. Sally, Amy and Bunnie arrived on the scene to fight them off. Rotor sent a message to Sonic, telling him to get back there so he can help them. As the Suppression Squad pressed their attack, Tails found himself facing Anti-Tails, who now went by the name of "Miles". His evil self explained his disgust at Tails, who had seemingly abandoned his gift of Chaos powers in order to pursue a study in mechanics and technology.

After the freedom fighters were kicked out of Freedom HQ, Sonic and Amy prepared for their departure to Moebius. After they left, Nicole reported that Miles was standing outside of their city, armed with bombs. He was sent by Scourge to bomb them, but he didn't complete his mission. Instead, he offered an alliance to the freedom fighters, planning to overthrow Scourge. When Tails wanted to put in his opinion, it was dismissed by his evil self, claiming that he wanted an "intelligent conversation". Tails furiously tried to attack Miles, however, he was held back by Bunnie. However, the Freedom Fighters and Suppression Squad were no match Scourge. After Sonic returned to take on Scourge, they were both blasted by Boomer and thrown back into Moebius by Miles. Afterward, Boomer shut down the star posts; therefore, Sonic, Amy, and Scourge couldn't come back to Mobius.

After the departure of Rob o' the Hedge and Silver the Hedgehog, who arrived to find Sonic and subsequently transported to Moebius, Sally told Tails to start fixing up the Star Posts. He later assisted in taking down Super Scourge after he fixed the posts.

Tails with the Freedom Fighters and Chaotix after Eggman's defeat, from Sonic the Hedgehog #200.

Following this, Tails constructed a series of Neutralizing Mines, which would be used for the coming battle to bring down Eggman. Tails first used these to neutralize the Dark Egg Legion's weapons, leaving them unable to attack. When the Egg Phoenix arrived on the scene, Tails explained they could use the mines on it as well, but would need to plant them directly on the vessel. While Sonic distracted Eggman, Charmy, Ray and Saffron managed to plant the mines. When the Egg Phoenix began attacking once again, Tails held off activating the mines until it was right over his and Sally's head, despite the latter's orders to activate them sooner. The Egg Phoenix then crashed, but Eggman escaped. While the Freedom Fighters and Chaotix set up camp for the night, Tails conveyed his uneasy about the upcoming battle. Sonic consoled him, explaining they had "saved the day hundreds of times" and that they would do it again. The next day, Tails joined in on the invasion of the Eggdome, taking down fighting the Dark Egg Legion. Unfortunately, they they were unable go any further because of a barricade Espio said was for Sonic to quickly spin dash through. Sonic decided he would go through with it, telling Tails to find a breaking point in the wall before he left. After Bunnie and Mighty finished taking down the barricade, Tails and the Freedom Fighters entered to see a defeated Eggman. Tails and Amy proceeded praise Sonic as they all headed back to New Mobotropolis to celebrate.

The Iron Dominion

Shortly after the Eggman Empire's fall, Mina Mongoose and her band, the Forget Me Knots, arranged a victory concert which Tails attended with his parents, but it was disrupted by Monkey Khan who thought them selfish for partying while the rest of the world suffered, in part due to the continued threat of their old shared enemies in the Iron Dominion. A short while after Khan and Sonic returned from their failed mission to liberate New Megaopolis, the Iron Queen and Snively came and took control of Bunnie. Tails was among those who tried to stop the Iron Queen and help Bunnie, but only received a few injuries and a face full of jet smoke for his troubles, leaving him unable to continue fighting.

Afterwards, Tails was sent to back up Sonic who went to investigate a disturbance in the Great Forest, only to discover Sonic facing off against a delirious Dr. Eggman piloting his Egg-Tortoise mech. Eggman was so bent on attacking Sonic that Tails' arrival went completely unnoticed. Tails then snuck underneath the Egg-Tortoise and shorted out the mech, then questioned Sonic as to why he didn't take Eggman down straight away himself. After hearing Sonic's reasons, the two decided the best course of action would be to take Eggman under arrest and back to New Mobotropolis. Before the two could act, however, the Iron Dominion arrived in force and ordered Eggman be returned to their custody. Sonic then ordered Tails to take Eggman back to New Mobotropolis while he held the dominion off. Tails complied with the order, but quickly returned with the other Freedom Fighters to back Sonic up, beating back the invaders long enough for the group to escape into New Mobotropolis. Later, Nicole dispatched him and Sonic to Fort Acorn in order to evacuate Mes Braves Battalion after the Iron King attacked, and Tails impressed his father Amadeus with his piloting knowledge. Later, he and Sonic talked as he worked on the Tornado, both of them worrying over the growing threat of the Dominion. Then the Iron Dominion issued an attack on the city and the Iron Queen took control of Nicole, who locked the city down and trapped most of its occupants.

Tails tries to prevent Monkey Khan from destroying Nicole.

After battling in the dark against the Iron Dominion's forces, Tails regrouped with Sonic, Sally and Monkey Khan and headed over to the Tornado and escaped after Monkey Khan blew a hole in the dome encasing them. They then retreated to Freedom HQ, and Sonic had the idea of confronting Nicole in the digital world using the Particle-To-Light Organizer and Transporter Device. Tails set it up while Sonic explained his plan to Sally, and the two of them went into the digital world while Tails and Monkey Khan stayed behind to keep an eye on things. The two watched as Sonic and Sally fought Nicole and a gigantic Iron Queen, and Monkey Khan thought to himself of how to control the situation and left the room. Tails realized what he was up to and confronted Monkey Khan before he could go to New Mobotropolis and destroy Nicole as he'd planned. After a scuffle in the sky, Tails convinced Monkey Khan to wait until Sonic and Sally got back before taking more drastic measures. When they returned, Sonic and Sally told the two of them that Nicole was back to normal and working undercover for them, and that they would be heading out to the Dragon Kingdom to deal with the Iron Dominion on their own turf and wreck their supporting forces.

Tails lies injured in the bamboo forest.

Shortly after arriving in the Dragon Kingdom, Tails returned to Stormtop Village and received a tour with his friends of the Temple of the Golden Lotus. He, Sally, and Khan were subsequently captured by members of the Gossamer Clan, who released them after they agreed to meet with the Bride of the Endless Reach. After brief negotiations and insight into the history of former foe Uma Arachnis, Tails and his companions convinced the Bride to side with Khan and returned to the temple. After Li Moon provided them all with food and drink, the Yagyu Clan threw a dagger through the temple's window, and broke a teapot Li Moon was holding, but Tails dried her off using his tails as a fan. They were later attacked again by the Yagyu Clan when a few ninja mistook them for travelers, and both Tails and Sonic were excluded from a subsequent meeting with the Yagyu Lord. They found themselves occupied by other matters as Fiona, Sergeant Simian, Predator Hawk, and Flying Frog attacked, defeating the two heroes by ambush. Sally and Khan appeared to even the odds, but Fiona soon called a ceasefire and revealed that she was looking for their help. The Destructix had agreed to work under her in exchange for help in recovering Lightning Lynx, who had returned to the Raiju Clan. After some tense negotiations-including an attempt by Fiona to manipulate Tails' feelings for her-the two groups agreed to a truce, storming the Iron Fortress and confronting the Bride of Conquering Storm. After a subsequent duel between Sonic and Lightning, the Raiju Clan agreed to break away from the Iron Dominion, while Lightning was banished and forced to depart with the Destructix. Faced with the difficulty of locating the Shinobi Clan next, the Freedom Fighters received unexpected help in the form of their old teammate Espio the Chameleon.

Later, their mission in the Dragon Kingdom completed, Tails and his teammates returned to New Mobotropolis to confront the Iron Queen. They arrived just in time to aid Amy, Antoine, and Geoffrey, and were aided in turn as Nicole revealed her true colors by attempting to capture the Iron Queen. Remaining in the Tornado for much of the battle, Tails was finally able to help when the Iron Queen, her forces scattered, attempted to escape in a mechanical dragon made of nanites, which Tails attacked using his plane's guns.

Tails worries that Sonic is becoming obsessed with their search.

About a week after the fall of the Iron Dominion, Tails went with Sonic to New Megaopolis. Tails tried to talk to Sonic, to no avail, until he told Sonic that he thought he was becoming too preoccupied with finding Eggman. Sonic then stated that everyone was busy with something since the fall of the dominion and that he didn't want to be the only person doing nothing. He also stated that he was tired of all the surprise invasions, doubtless referring to Knothole's destruction, the Suppression Squad, and the Iron Dominion itself. After he told Nicole to scan harder, Sonic told Tails that they would check a few hallways before calling it quits. However Tails stated that Sonic had said that "yesterday and the day before that and the day before that", not realizing that he and Sonic were being watched by Dr. Eggman and Snively. Tails' belief that their search would again turn up fruitless was disproved when Nicole picked up a signal coming from a locked storeroom, which Tails managed to open. The signal led to the two to a box, which contained none other than an immobile Dimitri, whom they rushed back to New Mobotropolis so that Tails could give him an emergency power boost.

Bad Birds and Evil Wizards

Tails works on his new project, T-Pup.

Leaving the Tornado with Sonic, Tails dusted off the Sea Fox and equipped it with additional seats so as to take the D'Coolettes with him on a long overdue honeymoon to his own personal retreat: Cocoa Island. As a result, the trio were unavailable to accept an invitation to become honorary members of the new Wolf Pack Nation. Though surprised by the appearance of a previously unseen third island, Tails dismissed it and landed, parting ways with Antoine and Bunnie to head to his workshop. He subsequently built and activated a dog-like robot called T-Pup, and had just settled in to sleep when sounds of battle between his friends and the invading Battle Bird Armada reached him. Tails went outside and found himself attacked by the group, whom he briefly mistook for a Dark Egg Legion chapter, but managed to overcome a few members before being attacked by Speedy, the sixteenth Battle Kukku.

The bird was quick to insult Tails as a freak, having witnessed his tail-based flying abilities and proclaiming it unnatural. Tails briefly tried to reason with him, but his explanation for his presence failed to convince the angry Speedy. T-Pup then attacked, enabling Tails to make his escape, only for Speedy to pursue him, Tails barely keeping ahead of him with his own flight abilities. Eventually, Tails managed to elude his pursuer by hiding out on a rock ledge, settling down to rest for the night. The next morning he retrieved the Sea Fox by knocking out the birds set to guard it, and then used it to examine the third island, which he had identified as the Armada's base. He was then attacked by a group of Armada submarines, complimenting them on their stealth technology before defeating them. Unfortunately, damage incurred during the battle forced him to surface or risk his cabin flooding.

He emerged just in time to catch a falling Antoine, who fell right on top of him. They returned to shore and Tails ordered T-Pup to find an entrance to the Battle Bird Armada's base. Once inside, Tails stole bombs from two Battle Birds to use later and they then met up with Bunnie who came to assist and gave Tails the schematics of the island she'd secretly downloaded. Using these, Tails determined the whole island was a flying fortress but didn't tell anyone until later. He and the others just charged into the laboratory of Dr. Fukurokov and came face-to-face with his Mole Mech. Tails ordered Bunnie and Antoine to strike the areas of the lab he'd pointed out earlier while T-Pup distracted the Mole Mech and he loosened its joints. When he was finished, a single strike from his wrench made the Mole Mech collapse into pieces and revealed Speedy had been piloting the machine. Tails helped free him from the wreckage and said they could be friends, but Speedy called him a "freak" again and told him to leave. Tails grabbed a damaged T-Pup and headed lower down into the base as it started to shake. The island was taking off and when it separated from land, all the four had to do was fly down. Tails then prepared drinks for the D'Coolettes back at his cabin and they toasted to having a real vacation. Once their vacation was over, they returned to New Mobotropolis and were greeted by Sally and Amy at Sir Charles's restaurant.

Tails and the Freedom Fighters were staking out a free concert by Mina to make sure things didn't get out of hand again when Ixis Naugus and traitor Geoffrey St. John arrived to turn the already paranoid crowd against Nicole and make Naugus king. The Freedom Fighters attempted to back up Sonic in stopping Naugus from getting to the council but Geoffrey stopped got in the way and they were no match for him. Tails was there to witness the Death Egg Mark II launch above New Mobotropolis. In the attempt to stop the new Death Egg, Tails flew Sonic and Sally in the Tornado to it, avoid a barrage of heavy artillery, and shot a hole in the Death Egg for Sonic and Sally to enter through. After that he and the rest of the Freedom Fighters acted as distracts until "Operation: Clean Sweep" was put into effect.


Tails met up with his friend Sonic in the Emerald Hill Zone where he was working on his biplane, the Tornado, and was introduced to the Freedom Fighters. He and Rotor promptly began to geek out over the plane. When he learned that the group was going to the Chemical Plant Zone on an adventure, he wanted to come, too, and, after Sonic assured the others that Tails could take care of himself, they headed off. At the Chemical Plant Zone, Sonic and Tails had a race up the pipes to an upper level only to find out that there was an elevator. After they narrowly escaped a room filled with Mega-Muck, Sonic decided to leave the group to find Dr. Eggman, and Tails naturally came along with him. When they entered the Metropolis Zone to find Eggman, Tails felt that it would have been better to have backup, but Sonic assured him that everything would be fine before Sonic jumped off the plane into a nearby building.

Tails continued to fly around in the Tornado, radioing Sonic. He told Sonic that all was quiet above, but Sonic had to fight his way through Badniks on the ground. After a while, Sonic radioed Tails, telling him that he was heading out a window and would need a pick-up in "about a ten-minute run" from where they parted ways. Sonic clarified that that was a ten-minute run by his speed, and as he burst from the window, he still had not heard a reply. However, Tails swooped in with the Tornado just in time, catching Sonic on the wings of the plane. Sonic congratulated him on the dramatic timing, and Tails playfully scolded that Sonic needed to give him more warning next time. Suddenly, an intense earthquake shook the region. Tails noted that they have been getting steadily worse. With all the bases shut down, he wondered if this meant that Dr. Eggman was not the cause of the earthquakes or if they were simply too late to stop him. Sonic replied that he was sure Eggman was the cause and that it was never too late. Just as he added that they needed to find Eggman, the Wing Fortress emerged from the clouds. Sonic remarked that that was easy. Tails began to approach the deck, but Sonic stopped him, saying that the ship was not their target. As a shuttle began to launch, Sonic reasoned that Eggman was instead heading for the Death Egg itself. Tails did not know what Sonic was talking about, but to his shock, Sonic leapt from the Tornado and caught the edge of the shuttle.

Tails continued to circle the Death Egg, hoping to be of any help to Sonic until his return. Eventually, he began to feel foggy and wondered if he was losing focus as the world turned to white...

A Reset World

Tails rescues Sonic from the Death Egg Mark II.

After a moment of confusion, Tails realized he was still circling the Death Egg Mark II along with the Freedom Fighter Special. He resumed defensive maneuvers when he realized his weapons weren't having any effect. When an explosion rocked the Death Egg, Tails cheered, realizing that Sally and Sonic must have had some success. However, things had not gone as well as it seemed; Tails soon found himself rescuing a battered Sonic as the latter fell from the Death Egg. Carrying Sonic on the Tornado, a distraught Tails asked where Sally was; Sonic only wearily replied that he "couldn't save her" and insisted that Tails return him to the Death Egg. However, the flying fortress had another trick up its sleeve; it fired a massive laser, striking both the Tornado and the Freedom Fighter Special. Tails and Sonic were forced to abandon the plane, and Tails carried Sonic to the ground where the FSS had made an emergency landing. Helping an injured Antoine, Tails tearfully broke the bad news; while Sally had succeeded in disabling the Death Egg's World Roboticizer, she herself had been roboticized. Despite his injuries, and the loss of both planes, Sonic insisted on trying to leave to rescue Sally; Tails and Amy proved a voice of reason and told him that he needed to recuperate first. The Freedom Fighters made their way back to New Mobotropolis, where another unpleasant surprise awaited them.

Due to the recent events, as well as magical manipulation, the wizard Ixis Naugus managed to turn public opinion to his favour and took the crown from King Elias with the people's approval. Despite the change in leadership, the Freedom Fighters tried to make do with what they could and remain focused on saving Sally. Sonic told Tails and Amy to report everything that had happened on the Death Egg to the Council of Acorn (despite the pair's protests that they hadn't been present to know all the details). As an overeager Sonic attempted to find quick ways to return to the Death Egg, Tails caught up to him at Freedom HQ to report that Geoffrey St. John had been arrested for treason. The trial was put on hold as the Battle Bird Armada unexpectedly attacked New Mobotropolis, hoping to uncover the ancient buried beneath the city. Amongst the confusion Tails attempted to repel the initial attack, along with the remaining Freedom Fighters and "King" Naugus, but the city was forced to evacuate as the Armada fired a massive laser into the center of the city, boring a deep hole and allowing Babylon Garden to rise. Sonic eventually succeeded in foiling the Armada's plans, causing the Garden to crash into the mountains beyond New Mobotropolis. Tails accompanied Sonic to the mountains to ensure the Armada would be unable to continue the attack before returning to New Mobotropolis. As the city's nanites slowly rebuilt the damage caused by the Armada, Tails and the others attended Geoffrey's trial. Geoffrey was found guilty but immediately pardoned by King Naugus; Tails attempted to keep Sonic focused by insisting they needed to focus their efforts on helping their friends, including rescuing Sally.

From Bad to Worse

Not trusting King Naugus, Elias decided to relocate his family to Feral Forest; the Freedom Fighters organized themselves as a safety escort for his departure, and so Tails flew with Amy on the repaired Tornado to provide air support. Unbeknownst to them, King Naugus secretly contacted Dr. Eggman, informing him of Elias' departure. While en route to Feral Forest, the group found themselves under attack from the Death Egg; the Freedom Fighters were especially horrified when Dr. Eggman sent the roboticized Sally after them. Tails deduced with shock that Sally's robotic body had been weaponized, making her especially dangerous. Mecha Sally cut through the Tornado, telling Tails and Amy that "children" didn't belong on the battlefield; Tails airlifted Amy to the ground as the plane crashed, and the two worked to combat more of Eggman's robots while Elias attempted to drive to safety. The battle went from bad to worse when Eggman set a newly-rebuilt Metal Sonic to detonate in an attempt to kill Elias and his family; Antoine bravely intercepted the robot, but was caught in the explosion. Thinking he had succeeded in killing a Freedom Fighter, Eggman ordered a retreat, leaving the distraught Freedom Fighters on the ground below. Realizing that Antoine was still breathing, Sonic resolved to rush him back to New Mobotropolis, with Tails crying, "Save him, Sonic! Save him!"

Struggling to cope, Tails focuses on his work.

With Antoine in a coma, Sally roboticized, Naugus king and public opinion against Nicole, things had become especially dire for the Freedom Fighters. Tails spent days pent up in the hangar at New Mobotropolis' airfield, attempting to focus all his energy on once again rebuilding the Tornado. He was eventually approached by his father, Amadeus; Tails bluntly insisted he was fine and needed to keep working in order to "fix" everything that had gone wrong, but eventually his resolve crumbled and he fell crying into his father's arms, not knowing how to cope with so much loss. He asked his father how he had coped with such difficulties in his own military career, and Amadeus replied that he just had to take it one day at a time.

Later on, Tails and Amy went looking for Sonic; they found him at Freedom HQ. The two were distressed as, when visiting Antoine in the hospital, they'd found a note from Bunnie saying she was leaving. To their shock, Sonic replied that he already knew. Distraught, Tails said that with everything going on, the Freedom Fighters were falling apart; Sonic replied that the team was already finished. Tails met this attitude with disbelief, saying that the person who had trained him to be the Freedom Fighter he was would never give up like this. Amused, Sonic said that he hadn't been allowed to finish; while the Freedom Fighters as a team was gone, that just meant it was time for something new. This "something new" was the creation of Team Freedom and Team Fighters, the latter consisting of Tails, Amy, Sonic, and T-Pup. Embarking on their mission to stop Eggman and rescue Sally, they quickly came to the rescue of the populace of Furville. Prior to leaving, he also assisted Rotor in rebuilding Heavy and Bomb to serve as members of Team Freedom.

Team Fighters

Pursuing a damaged Death Egg, Tails and his friends came to Soumerca, where they stopped in to visit their friends in the Wolf Pack Nation. Unfortunately, the friendly reunion was cut short with the news that Grand Chief Lupe Wolf had been abducted, and that the Wolves held the neighboring Felidae responsible. Joined by Leeta and Lyco of the Wolf Pack, the team set out looking for answers, and discovered that Queen Hathor of the Felidae had also been abducted. Encountering the escaped Hathor-who, bereft of her royal robes, identified herself as an emissary-the group learned that the kidnappings were the work of Mecha Sally, and that Robotnik intended to turn the Wolves and Felidae against each other. With their unlikely allies, Tails and Team Fighters invaded the Dark Egg Legion in Soumerca base, and succeeded in rescuing Lupe and the queen's robes.

Tails uncovers the Secret Freedom Fighters.

Having planted a tracker on the Death Egg, Tails and his friends pursued it to Feral Forest, where Elias and his family had relocated. To the group's horror, Robotnik dropped an invasion force led by Mecha Sally, the robot having been assigned to assassinate her brother. While his comrades dealt with the robots, Tails went to warn Elias, and was surprised to find him in the company of Leeta and Larry Lynx, both of whom were dressed unusually. Elias begged Tails not to mention that he had seen them, and the young Fox reluctantly agreed. He soon joined Amy in confronting Mecha Sally, who was attempting to mess with Amy's mind. Assuring Amy that it was Eggman's programming at work and not the real Sally, Tails confronted his enslaved friend, only for her to start setting fire to nearby homes. After a short battle, Mecha Sally departed, leaving her Egg Swat to occupy Tails and the others. Much to their dismay, the group realized that the Death Egg was now on course for New Mobotropolis. Unable to make it in time to stop the invasion themselves, they sent word to the city via radio.

Albion Attack

Pursuing the Death Egg towards Mercia, Tails and his teammates encountered trouble in the form of flying Egg Swats. As they moved to engage the attackers, Tails remarked that he hoped they would be able to rescue Sally soon and return home, fearing for the safety of the city with Naugus ruling as king. The trio then encountered another unpleasant surprise in the form of a new Titan Metal Sonic controlled by the Krudzu Hybrid Hydra. Thanks to T-Pup calling up a file on the improved version of their old enemy, Tails remembered that the robotic plant was vulnerable to water. As Amy launched Sonic at the giant robot, Tails targeted his friend with the Tornado's missiles, which followed him and exploded inside the giant monster. Their foe falling helplessly into the ocean, the trio continued their flight, only to come across the ruins of Albion, apparently already hit by the Death Egg.

As they moved aid Albion's resident echidnas, the group was attacked by Egg Swats riding Turtloids. After allowing Sonic and Amy a bit of fun against the robots, Tails targeted most of the attack force with missiles, blowing them out of the sky. The group would then be attacked by Metal Knuckles, who managed to cripple the plane, forcing Tails to make a crash landing. Leaving T-Pup behind to repair the Tornado, Tails and his teammates ventured into the city, eventually linking up with the Echidna Security Team under Remington and taking on the New Megaopolis Dark Egg Legion under Lien-Da. During the battle, the Legion reactivated an electrical defense system that threatened to paralyze the defenders, and Tails' attempts to turn it against the Legion resulted in a massive surge that knocked all the combatants out for some time. Tails and his friends were later awakened by Knuckles, who had arrived and been led to them by T-Pup, only to find the city empty of all other Echidnas. A quick investigation led to Thrash the Tasmanian Devil and his Tasmanian Devil pack, who had succeeded in banishing all the Echidnas through a super-charged Warp Ring. Determined to try and rescue the Echidnas, the four heroes engaged Thrash and his pack.

As the Devil Dogs became increasingly difficult to deal with, Sonic called upon Tails to utilize a tornado move to keep them restrained. Tails was initially confused, as Sonic referred to it as "that Spinny Thing" Tails was capable of, which the Fox initially mistook as a reference to his flying ability. Amy quickly took charge of the move, though Tails muttered that they needed to come up with a better name than "Spinny Thing" for the tactic. Regardless, he complied, and the pair were able to herd the Devil Dogs into an area that Sonic used as the site for a makeshift pen. With Thrash defeated, Tails searched him to find his Warp Ring, only to be snagged by a mechanical vine along with Amy. The new assailant turned out to be a combination of old foes: the Krudzu Hybrid Hydra and its new host, Metal Knuckles. Weak from the fight and facing the improved Hydra-now immune to water damage thanks to absorbing a Crabmeat-the heroes nevertheless managed to break free with Sonic's help, and prepared to face their opponent. They were in for two shocks: the first as the Krudzu transformed into a giant mechanical monster by absorbing discarded technology, and the second as it was struck down by Shard the Metal Sonic.

Recognizing their old enemy and believing him to be Eggman's latest rebuilt agent of choice, Tails and his teammates attacked him, initially ignoring his attempts to convince them that he was there to help. The Hydra recovered from Shard's attack and engaged them again, and Sonic decided to accept Shard's help. Realizing that they needed more muscle to handle the improved Hydra, Tails turned to the captured Devil Dogs. Believing them intelligent enough to understand their situation, he appealed to them for their help against the Hydra. His efforts proved successful, and they joined in as Team Fighters and Shard defeated the Hydra, reducing it to a tiny sprig. Shard then offered to take the sprig back to New Mobotropolis to see if it could be used to return Sally to normal, a solution which Tails agreed might be possible if Uncle Chuck got involved as well. He then sheepishly admitted in response to Shard's questions that they had not come up with their own solution for Sally's Roboticization, having been occupied dealing with Eggman's forces. Tails then bid farewell to his new Devil Dog friends, and accepted Shard's request to help him repair the Tornado and place a tracker on it after the robot apologized for their previous confrontation. With that, Team Fighters and Shard parted ways, the former tracking the Death Egg towards the Northern Tundra.

Rescuing the Roboticized Princess

Tails and his teammates quickly joined up with the Arctic Freedom Fighters, who had monitored the Death Egg since its landing at a bunker operated by the Northern Tundra Dark Egg Legion. Tails thanked Guntiver the Arctic Wolf for his help, and explained that they intended to use T-Pup to contain Mecha Sally until they could get her home, while explaining obscurely that they had someone working on a way to return her to normal. The two groups then joined in storming the Egg Bunker, and were surprised by the arrival of Silver, who again claimed to have learned the identity of the traitor to the Freedom Fighters. Sonic proved to be in no mood to listen to the time traveler, but Tails gleaned insight from Silver's claims that he had received outside help from a source that he couldn't identify. After confirmation from Silver, Tails convinced Sonic to listen, but Tails had to hold him back-and demand an explanation-when Silver revealed that he had identified Sally as the traitor.

Explaining further that he now intended to help save Sally, Silver informed the group that he had realized the truth of things. In sacrificing herself to stop the World Roboticizer, Sally had unwittingly set off a chain of events that led to the destruction of the Freedom Fighters in Silver's past. However, her actions as Mecha Sally weren't her fault, thus leading Silver to his new goal. Tails and his teammates decided to let Silver join their team, traveling through an underwater tunnel towards the Death Egg, only to be discovered by Akhlut and his Legionnaires. Tails and the Arctic Freedom Fighters in fighting off the Orca, and subsequently swam Sonic and Amy to the water's surface. As the team continued its battle with Eggman's forces, Mecha Sally entered the fray, and Tails saved Sonic from near death at the hands of their enslaved friend. Silver then shorted Mecha Sally out, but the team had little time to rejoice as the world around them turned white by the Genesis Wave.

Trouble on Two Worlds

Note: Due to the Genesis Wave, Tails' history from this point were changed to be nearly identical to that of his game counterpart's.

Tails captured by Eggman and Wily.

After the second Genesis Wave swept Mobius, Tails was targeted by Dr. Eggman and his new partner, Dr. Wily. Tails was attacked while working in his house by their top minions, Metal Sonic and Bass, and was captured, along with Knuckles, Amy, and Shadow. The four of them became the first Roboticized Masters: Tails Man, Knuckles Man, Rose Woman, and Shadow Man. Tails Man was dispatched alongside his teammates to rob the Mega City bank in Dr. Wily's reality. There they encountered Proto Man and Mega Man, the former attempting to stop them and the latter coming to his rescue. Subsequently, Tails Man was employed alone to observe a battle between Mega Man and Sonic in the Green Hill Zone, relaying footage as he did so to the two doctors.

After some time, the battle unexpectedly transitioned into Mega Man's world, where Sonic and Mega Man started arguing over who did what. Fearing that talking to each other would eventually lead to them discovering the deception, the two doctors ordered Tails Man to attack them. Sonic almost immediately recognized the Roboticized Master as his own best friend as Tails Man assailed him and Mega Man with powerful wind-based attacks. After saving some innocent bystanders caught in the mayhem, Sonic and Mega Man stunned Tails Man, allowing Mega Man to successfully use his copy ability on him, surprisingly deroboticizing Tails in the process. Sonic rushed over to embrace his buddy as Tails explained the details of his kidnapping, clearing things up for his blue companions.

With hostilities having ceased, the trio made for Mega Man's home, Light Labs, where they caught Metal Sonic and Bass kidnapping Dr. Light himself. After Mega Man explained about the two Mobians to his sister, Roll, and his other companions, Tails worked with Proto Man on a warp ring portal that Light had been working on prior to his capture. After they successfully activated it, Sonic volunteered to go with Mega Man in search of Light, prompting Tails to volunteer as well. Roll assured them the lab was in good hands, although Tails was briefly confused After this, Joined by Mega Man's dog, Rush, and Proto Man, the heroes stepped through the portal into a strange new world: the Skull Egg Zone. After briefly discussing the zone's strange nature, the heroes pressed onward only to be attacked by Copy Robot and the Genesis Unit. Tails ended up facing off with Hyper Storm H, whose vortex powers proved overwhelming until he received a much needed assist from Mega Man that allowed him to finish the battle. Tails and Sonic were then informed that it was very strange that the four villains could have appeared, as they had previously been completely destroyed and were virtually impossible to recreate due to losing their Integrated Circuit chips. Pressing onward, the group eventually caught sight of the Wily Egg, and Tails voiced his concern that they hadn't found any sign of their missing friends. Unfortunately, it was at that moment that the eight other Roboticized Masters appeared to attack the heroes.

The heroes and the Masters became engaged in a heated battle, which abated somewhat as Proto Man departed, drawing all the Masters after him except for the Roboticized versions of the Chaotix: Vector Man, Espio Man, and Charmy Man. Tails quickly determined that some means of stopping them was required, and questioned how he had been restored to organic form. After learning that a combination of Mega Man's Mega Buster charged shot and Sonic's Spin-Dash had immobilized him, Tails set to work modifying the Buster so that it would have the qualities of both attacks. While Sonic distracted the three Robians, Tails astonished Mega Man with his quick action, and they were quickly able to restore the trio to normal with the Sonic Shot. The Chaotix were then sent to find Proto Man, while Tails and his companions continued their search for the other Roboticized Masters and Dr. Light. They hadn't gotten far when Shadow Man attacked in company with one of Dr. Wily's Robot Masters, also named Shadow Man. After a brief but intense battle, Shadow was restored to normal, destroyed an immobilized Shadow Man, and left in a huff over his capture. His use of Chaos Control had an effect on the minds of the heroes, who began remembering what their realities had been like before the evil doctors' tampering. Determined to undo the damage, the heroes pressed on only to run into Silver Man and Blaze Woman, whom they likewise restored to normal.

Shortly thereafter, Tails and his companions were forced to battle the last two Roboticized Masters, Knuckles Man and Rose Woman. The fight became more urgent as the two activated their self-destruct sequences in a bid to destroy the heroes. Mega Man was astonished by their raw power, and asked Tails whether or not they had been modified, but Tails was quick to explain that Knuckles and Amy had always been rather formidable. Fortunately, Mega Man was able to stun Rose Woman and restore her to normal, and her Piko Hammer weapon helped him gain the edge on Knuckles Man. Tails then joined Sonic and Rush in a tag team attack on Knuckles Man, resulting in his return to normal. Tails was then sent with Knuckles to meet Proto Man and the Chaotix at the Wily Egg, near a teleporter pad they had discovered, while the others went to round up their various other allies. The group of heroes were then forced to face a massive army of Robot Masters who had been time-cloned by the doctors to oppose them. Tails proved as reliable as ever, rescuing Amy from Splash Woman and other water-based Robot Masters even as Tornado Man, Gyro Man, and Wind Man were mobbing him. Shortly thereafter, he was called away from the fight by Sonic to assist him as he and Mega Man-likewise aided by Rush-set out to board the Wily Egg. They hadn't gotten far when suddenly they spotted Dr. Light falling from the fortress, too far away for them to reach in time.

Fortunately, Shadow came to Dr. Light's rescue with Chaos Control, and was able to give Tails' party some intelligence as they made their way aboard the Wily Egg. Tails managed to hack the teleporter with his Miles Electric and get the party aboard, only to run into the Mega Man Killers. Tails teamed up with Rush to take on Enker, but was saved from his onslaught thanks to Sonic tricking Punk into destroying his teammate. The two Mobians then went after Ballade while Mega Man and Rush finished off Punk, but Tails ended up being hit point blank by one of Ballade's bombs. Badly injured, Tails was loaded aboard Rush to be taken outside, assuring Sonic that he would be fine and asking the Hedgehog to give the doctors "one for me." The pair soon rejoined their allies outside, with Amy taking up a worried vigil by Tails' side. Unfortunately, the fight went poorly, with the others desperately trying to hold off the attacking Robot Masters while Dr. Light tended to Tails, unable to do anything for his wounds. Tails tried to buoy the doctor's confidence, confident that Mega Man and Sonic would succeed, only for Light to point out that they needed a miracle to escape their current situation. As if on cue, a miracle occurred: the original Light Labs Robot Masters arrived to join the heroes in battle. The entire group then bore witness as the Super Genesis Wave washed over the Skull Egg Zone and both their realities, but before the Super Genesis Wave could finish rewriting the two realities Mega Man restored his world to normal, while Sonic's restoration attempt was scuppered by Eggman's interference.

Note: From this point, Tails' history continues from his new life in the altered timeline.


Tails is a very friendly and humble fox. He looks up to Sonic as a "big brother", and though he lacks confidence, he is always quite capable around Sonic and often helps him out. He is very intelligent and at times he has even outsmarted Eggman along with the Freedom Fighters. For a long time, Tails seemed to be perfectly satisfied with just being a "sidekick", but after his adventures in Downunda, he found he could be just as brave and independent as Sonic. Tails has a few weaknesses: though intelligent, he is naive and still can act a bit childish at times. He also appears to be extremely ticklish, especially on his feet. He used to blurt secretive plans when under pressure (including other secret thoughts). He has also been shown to be jealous of his fellow Freedom Fighters at times, especially when Fiona Fox dated Sonic for a short while. He also becomes angry when people patronize him or mock him for his youth, since he feels he has enough experience as a Freedom Fighter to be held in high regards. He is very caring and thoughtful of his teammates, especially Sonic. Furthermore, his confidence has grown as a result of his various solo adventures and accomplishments as a Freedom Fighter, enabling him to handle himself well in combat situations. Most of the time, he will keep his anger under control when pressured, but this can build up into a rage if he snaps. When Tails gets this angry, even Sonic has trouble controlling him.

Powers and abilities

Tails is able to use his twin tails to hover or fly, or simply increase his speed on the ground. His speed can increase to a point where he can even keep up with Sonic, making him one of the fastest characters in the series, though he can tire out quickly if he uses it too much. He can also use his tails as a makeshift fan, as well as being able to generate at high speeds in order to create a tornado.

Tails maintains a genius intellect and is a capable inventor and skilled mechanic, sometimes working alongside Rotor, Uncle Chuck and Nicole. He may even surpass Rotor and Uncle Chuck in intelligence and has had to a rivalry with Dr. Eggman in regards to intellect and mechanics. This has led to the creation of various pieces of gadgetry such as the robot T-Pup, and he's also capable of piloting aircraft and other vehicles-namely the Sea Fox-that he maintains himself.

Following the move to New Mobotropolis, Tails has been taking lessons in combat from Knuckles-similar to what Amy is doing with Knuckles' girlfriend, Julie-Su. His twin tails can also help him in combat as he can use them to block and smack his enemies with great force. Like Sonic, Tails has been shown to be able to create his own variant of a sonic spin.


Through various methods, he has been seen transforming into several super forms, namely Turbo Tails, Hyper Tails, and Titan Tails.


Sonic the Hedgehog

Sonic the Hedgehog is Tails' adoptive brother and role model. Even as a baby, Tails and Sonic quickly got along together as Tails stopped crying when Sonic comforted him. Sonic raised him as his own little brother. On one of his birthday, Sonic was the guest that Tails waited the most. He was happy when the latter showed up with a present: a pair of shoes, which Tails never took off. Each time Sonic could not go on a mission, he engaged Tails instead. He does not believe that he died and looked for evidence, no matter Sally's orders. Even though Sonic spent time with Tails' clone, he considered the clone like the original one.

However, Tails does not tolerate that Sonic hurts him or does not recognize him. He left the Freedom Fighters to get over Sonic's mind control. He is even more reticent after Sonic's return because he is in the background. Their friendship goes into a clash when Tails' crush: Fiona, joined the Freedom Fighters. Tails accused Sonic to have broken his dreams on purpose, so he attempted to get revenge on him by letting his parents go to take down King Elias. While Sonic tried to explain to Tails, the latter reminded him about Fiona, specially for the troubles he caused. He insisted that Sonic hanged out with Fiona despite that he knew that he loved her. They finally recovered their friendship after Sonic explained his actions and apologised. Afterwards, Sonic took a better look about his actions and Tails doesn't doubt about him anymore.

Antoine D'Coolette

Antoine D'Coolette knew Tails since he was born. On Tails' birthday, Antoine offered him a medal as a present, though Tails expected Sonic to come. While Tails knew that Antoine's stories are fake, he found them inspiring enough to listen to them. Each time Sonic is not around, Tails always went to Antoine to ask him anything. One night, he went to Antoine's to ask him to go to Robotropolis to look for his schoolbag that contained the Ring that Sonic gave him, so he went there and found Tails' schoolbag, and he infinitely thankful to him.

Antoine's sacrifice to let Elias and Megan Acorn leave New Mobotropolis safely hurt Tails, as he cried into his father's arms.

Fiona Fox

Tails approaching Fiona.

Fiona Fox was Tails' crush, who meant the world to him. Tails knew Fiona's existence through the Auto Automaton of her which he met during one of his solo adventures and immediately fell in love with. Even though he was dealing with a robot made by Dr. Robotnik, Tails did not try to fight his feelings and tried to reason with the Auto-Fiona. He finally met the original counterpart, who was much older, when she joined the Freedom Fighters. Despite their age difference, it only reinforced his attraction towards her. He almost asked her to see Mina's concert together, but Sonic showed up and stopped him. While he thought Sonic was cheating again, Fiona explained that she only loved him as a friend and preferred to hang out with boys of her age like Sonic. Her answer broke Tails' heart as he ran away while crying. After that Sleuth told him about the secret relationship between Fiona and Scourge. Tails did not want to tell Sonic about it in the fear of losing Fiona forever. When she was finally confronted about her disappearances by Sonic, Tails begged her not to leave with Scourge. However, still not caring much for Tails' feelings, she slapped him. It was from this point that Tails slowly began to let Fiona go. However, he still accused Sonic for having broken his dreams of being with her on purpose. When Sonic explained himself about the situation, the pair stopped fighting and Tails seemingly got over Fiona.

When Tails and Sonic met Fiona again at the Dragon Kingdom, Tails was unsure of his feelings towards her as he hesitated to accept to help her to reform the Destructix.

Barby Koala

Barby Koala appeared to have a crush on the young Tails, kissing him goodbye once when he left with Sonic. It is unknown if Tails reciprocated these feelings, though when Sonic mentioned to Tails his belief that Barby was attracted to him, he said he "hoped so" and wanted to see her again.

With regards to the possibility of Barby and Tails being in a relationship, writer Ian Flynn stated: "There is no Barby/Tails. Barby's affections were entirely one-sided, not to mention extremely creepy. I'll find a way to write that one into the ground to bury and kill it later, but for now, there is no Barby/Tails. And there won't be so long as I'm on the book."

Li Moon

While as a guest at Li Yuen's house, Tails seemed to possibly develop a crush on Li Moon, as he was shown blushing when she offered more tea to him. However this is unconfirmed as no concrete statement was made of the matter, only the aforementioned blushing. When a kunai thrown by a Yagyu shattered the teapot and soaked them both, Tails used his twin tails as a fan to dry her off. Later, before he left the Dragon Kingdom with Sonic, Sally, and Monkey Khan after completing their mission, Li Moon gave him a food basket as a gift.





  • Tails' possession of two tails is derived from the mythological kitsune (Japanese for "fox") from common Japanese folklore. The kitsune is said to be capable of growing multiple tails- nine at maximum- with it being said that the more tails it has, the more old, wise and powerful it is.
  • The name "Miles Prower" is a pun on "miles per hour", a reference to the famed speed of the Sonic the Hedgehog video game series.
  • Despite the year being 3237, Tails has yet to turn 12, as his birthday comes after Sonic's.
  • As a lasting effect of eating the singular fruit from Rotor's Tree of Wisdom, and temporarily gaining "Ultra-Intelligence," Tails' age was doubled from its originally stated five years to ten. His age and date of birth were retconned when the span of the Great War and other details were more concretely established.

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