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This character exists primarily or exclusively within the IDW Publishing continuity.
Information in this article may not be canonical to the storyline of the games or any other Sonic continuity.

Cover Tails while he does something smart!
Haha! What does that even mean?
I don't know! You're the genius!

Amy Rose and Miles "Tails" Prower, Sonic the Hedgehog #9

Miles Prower, more commonly known by his nickname Tails, is a character that appears in the Sonic the Hedgehog comic series and its spin-offs published by IDW Publishing. He is a two-tailed anthropomorphic fox with a high intellect and the sidekick and best friend of the world-famous hero, Sonic the Hedgehog.


Tails is a young, anthropomorphic fox cub with a unique mutation of two tails instead of one. He has mostly amber fur with white fur around his muzzle, front torso, and the tips of his tails. He also has sky blue eyes, large triangular ears with white canals on top of his head, a small black nose, and three locks of hair on his forehead. Typically, his attire consists simply of white gloves with a gray band around each wrist, and shoes that are red from the heel to the middle and white from the middle to the toe with gray soles, each with a gray band around the ankle.



For some time, Tails has been best friends with Sonic the Hedgehog, with whom he would travel the world with and battle the tyranny of Dr. Eggman.[1] According to Amy, Tails was practically raised by Sonic.[4]

In the past, Tails and Sonic would visit Angel Island. During their trip around the island, they became quite familiar with its various regions.[5]

Some time ago, Tails participated in a situation involving the Space Colony ARK, in which Eggman used its Eclipse Cannon to blow up a part of the moon in order to show the world the power that he wielded. These events let to Tails teaming up with Sonic, Knuckles, Rouge, Shadow, and even Dr. Eggman himself to stop a treat to the world.[6][7]

Later, Tails, Sonic and Knuckles formed a team. Soon after, a battle happened between Team Heroes and Neo Metal Sonic - the powered up form of Metal Sonic - who was impersonating Eggman. This time, the fake Eggman was piloting the Egg Emperor mech, but Tails and his friends defeated the mech.[1][8] After learning that Neo Metal Sonic had taken over the Eggman Empire however, Tails and his team defeated the robot and made him revert back to normal.[8]

At a later point in time, Tails reprogrammed Gemerl, thereby turning the robot from Eggman's lackey into a reformed robot who came to live with Cream's family.[9]

The Eggman War

During one of Tails' more recent adventures, Sonic got caught-off guard and captured by Dr. Eggman, who soon after conquered most of the world. Believing Sonic had been killed, Tails was emotionally traumatized.[1] Before going "solo" in the aftermath however, Tails gave a ragtag resistance group the ciphers they needed to communicate with the Wisps, thus allowing the group to recruit the Wisps for their cause.[10] Later on, Tails was reunited with Sonic, and together with him and the Resistance, Tails was able to put an end to Eggman's reign and break the Eggman Empire's control over the world.[1]


Tails' worries being eased by Sonic, from Sonic the Hedgehog #1.

Some time later, Tails arrived at a local town called Vista View which was under attack from a Badnik force. He found Sonic already on the scene and helped him take care of some Egg Hammers who were able to put the pressure on the hedgehog. After the duo handled the rest of the Badniks, Tails confided in Sonic that the Badniks had been undergoing much more coordinated attacks following Eggman's absence. As Tails suggested that there could be something controlling them, Sonic thought it might be Eggman, but Tails did not believe so, as Eggman was known for making sure they knew he had returned before attacking. Regardless, Sonic remained determined to take care of the rest of the Badniks like he always had. This made Tails express his worry over the thought of Sonic losing again, but his mind was put at ease after Sonic promised to be careful. Sonic then offered Tails to come along with him on his quest. While eager to accept the offer, Tails decided it was more important to help the town that they had just saved rebuild and recover, a decision which Sonic commended before taking off.[1]

The Fate of Dr. Eggman

Eventually, Tails joined up with Sonic again, whom he began raiding bases with in search of clues to whom was commandeering the Badniks. While flying through the sky in the Tornado however, the duo encountered an Egg Fleet battlecrusier. Seeing this as a chance to get a noteworthy clue, Tails had Sonic board the battlecruiser with his Miles Electric so that he could download any information he could from the first computer he saw aboard the battleship. Tails later ended up saving Sonic when he jumped off the battlecruiser in order to escape Neo Metal Sonic and landed on the Tornado. The duo subsequently traveled to Resistance HQ, where Tails, Knuckles and Amy learned from Sonic that Neo Metal Sonic was the ringleader behind the Badnik attacks. Apparently, he had taken over the Eggman Empire in Eggman's absence in an attempt to continue Eggman's rule for him and give him back command after finding him. In an effort to undermine Neo Metal Sonic's scheme, Tails and co. decided to search for any old plans that could tell them what Neo Metal Sonic was up to.[8]

Battle For Angel Island

Eventually, Tails was called to Resistance HQ. There, he and the Resistance's other allies were informed that the Resistance needed their help to liberate Angel Island, which had been conquered by Neo Metal Sonic and turned into a flying fortress. To make matters worse, Neo had also secured the Master Emerald for himself on the island. While they made plans on how to liberate Angel Island, Tails discouraged Blaze from going after Neo as Burning Blaze, believing that Neo could just copy Blaze's powers and become an even greater threat during their confrontation. Eventually, Tails was assigned to help two of the assembled group's factions with breaking the Egg Fleet's control over Angel Island while Sonic and Knuckles confronted Neo.[11]

Tails and Sonic, from Sonic the Hedgehog #9.

While taking the group towards Angel Island in one of the Resistance's battleships, Tails got a visit from Sonic. As the two friends were having a moment however, the Egg Fleet began bombarding the ship. Fortunately, Tails managed to steer the doomed ship towards Angel Island. Before the ship crashed on the island however, Tails and the ship's passengers managed to evacuate. Arriving then on Angel Island, Tails had Tangle the Lemur and Whisper the Wolf assigned to him as protection "while he [did] something smart". Soon after, Tails was busy fighting the island's horde of Egg Pawns.[11] However, while he fought by Amy's side, Tails noticed that they were not making much progress. Seeking a smarter approach, Tails got an idea. With Silver's aid, Tails managed to take control of an Egg Fleet battleship, which he used to destroy the last of the wing units attached to Angel Island's shoreline. Afterward, most of Tails' allies regrouped on the battleship.[4]

When Neo Metal Sonic―in his new Master Emerald-induced transformation, Master Overlord―approached the battleship, Tails took the battleship straight towards the robot, refusing to leave Sonic, who was in the grasp of Master Overlord, and Angel Island, which was currently in freefall, at Master Overlord's mercy. The crew was soon after instructed by Knuckles to force Master Overlord towards Angel Island while he focused on retrieving the Master Emerald from him. While the others attacked Master Overlord, Tails remained behind on the battleship. However, when his friends were about to get attacked by Master Overlord, Tails would ram the battleship into Master Overlord. This distracted the robot long enough for Knuckles to get the Master Emerald away from Master Overlord and bring it back to Angel Island, returning the island to the sky while Master Overlord powered down to normal. Tails then reunited with Sonic on Angel Island. With Angel Island now back to normal and Metal Sonic offline, Tails and Sonic celebrated their victory.[12]

In the aftermath, Tails made a few repairs on Metal Sonic without bringing him back to full strength. Then, upon Sonic's request, Tails reactivated Metal Sonic, and Sonic offered the weakened robot to make a truce with them and start a new life. Metal Sonic refused, however, and ran off. Tails wondered if they should go after Metal Sonic, but Sonic noted that they should respect the robot's choice. Remembering that Eggman could no longer repair Metal Sonic or weaponize him either, Tails went to work repairing the Egg Fleet battleship they had used earlier so they could get everyone on Angel Island back home. Although uncertain that he had repaired the "notoriously weird" Eggman tech onboard the battleship, Tails managed to get it flying by the time Sonic went to check on him. As they took off, Tails and Sonic congratulated each other on another adventure done in style.[13]

Jet Set Tornado

Tails and Sonic flying the Tornado in pursuit of a Stealth Balkiry, from Sonic the Hedgehog Annual 2019.

Tails later installed a new jet booster on the Tornado that was supposed to allow the biplane to reach even greater speeds. Tails, however, gave Sonic the privilege of flying the Tornado for this test because he thought he would be perfect to try out this speed. During the flight, however, the heroes stumbled upon a Stealth Balkiry who had stolen supplies from a Resistance warehouse. Sonic and Tails subsequently chased the Badnik to a volcanic island. There, they directed the robot so that it was hit by lava fired from a geyser. After Sonic then destroyed the Stealth Balkiry, Tails took over the Tornado's controls and grabbed his friend in midair. He then decided to fly until the fuel ran out, as the new jet booster's off button was broken, and decided to notify the Resistance so that they could collect the stolen supplies. He also offered Sonic to sit at the controls again, but Sonic declined.[14]


Tails fighting Rough, from Sonic the Hedgehog #16.

While working in his workshop, Tails got a letter out of nowhere that foreshadowed Eggman's return to his evil ways in Windmill Village. Brining the letter to Sonic, the two decided to investigate the matter by heading to Windmill Village. There, they found no one, except for Elder Scruffy, who had been beaten up and hung up in a tree. While helping him, Elder Scruffy revealed that Eggman had been kidnapped a week ago by two thugs, who had since returned and locked up the villagers in the community center. Immediately after, the thugs appeared, who turned out to be Rough the Skunk and Tumble the Skunk, now wielding weapons. While Sonic distracted them, Tails helped Elder Scruffy free the villagers. However, Tails had Elder Scruffy and the villagers stay hidden while he went to help Sonic. After the two heroes split Rough and Tumble up, Tails took on Rough, whom he defeated by using his Vapor Condenser against him. Destroying the Vapor Condenser afterward, Tails met up with Sonic after he beat Tumble, but before they could get Rough to tell them where Eggman was, the skunks vanished through a portal. Seeing that Rough and Tumble could not have acquired weapons like that on their own, Tails deduced that Eggman was back and helping the skunks, something which Sonic, who suspected that another one must have broken Rough and Tumble out of prison and told them where to find Eggman, hoped was not true. As Sonic prepared to set out to find clues, Tails opted to remain in Windmill Village and help clean up before joining up with Sonic.[15]

Tails later met up with Sonic, who needed his help dealing with an Eggman-created virus that was slowly turning him into a Zombot. While running some tests on Sonic in his workshop, Tails received a visit from Tangle. After discovering the extend of how contagious Sonic was, Tails concluded that Sonic had forced the virus into remission with his speed. Once Sonic had brought Tangle up to speed, Tails realized they had to start warning people about the Zombots. After then hearing about what Tangle had been up to, Tails said he was not sure of what they should do next. Since Amy had discovered plans for a battleship that Eggman was planning to spread his virus with, they should find it. After Sonic deliberately avoided a high-five with Tangle however, Tails saw that Sonic's infection had returned, which made him realize that Sonic's speed could only burn off the virus and keep it in check. Although Tails wanted to run some more tests on Sonic, Sonic took off to find Eggman's battleship. Tangle, however, assured Tails that he would find a cure for the virus.[16]

Tangle & Whisper

Tangle later came by Tails' workshop with Whisper the Wolf and the captive Mimic; they wished for Tails to create a device that would act as a cell for him. Tails built the Test Chamber, a contraption could run models through all sorts of artificial climate and atmospheric conditions, rendering Mimic's escape impossible. Mimic still claimed that he would escape but Tangle and Whisper warned him against doing so. Tails promised the girls that he would have the cell transported to the nearest jail as soon as he could. Following this, Tails said his goodbyes to the girls as they left his workshop.[17]

Crisis City

Tails carries Omega's head to safety, from Sonic the Hedgehog #20.

Soon after, Tails called Vector and informed him about recent events, including the return of Dr. Eggman, the Zombots, and Sonic's Metal Virus infection.[18] Despite his efforts, Tails was not able to find a cure for the Metal Virus from the data he got from Sonic due to it being too robust. At some point, after Cream, Vanilla and Gemerl arrived at Restoration HQ, Tails helped to repair the latter. Later, Tails was called to action after he had gotten word about the Zombot outbreak in Sunset City. He took the Tornado there and was accompanied by Silver following the latter's injuries. As soon as the duo arrived on the scene, Silver used his psychokinesis on the many Zombots who were surrounding Sonic and Omega. After clearing a path for Sonic to retreat, Silver allowed Tails to grab Omega's head from his damaged body and released the Zombots. As soon as this happened, Shadow, who had fully become a Zombot, lunged at Silver but the latter narrowly dodged his attack. He then retreated with Tails.

Back at Restoration HQ, Tails asked to see Sonic. When the hedgehog came by, Tails explained that he will soon find a substitute body for Omega when he had the time. Tails then told the two that he created a device to read Sonic's biometrics as he ran to give more insight as to how his speed combated the Metal Virus. However, he also stated that the computers in the HQ would not be able to read that kind of data and planned to go to his lab in Cental City instead but was wary that he may get attacked by Zombots. Silver proposed to cover him, despite the risk that he may be called elsewhere.[19]

The Last Minute

Tails arrived to his lab in Central City along with Tangle and Whisper. He soon watched in shock as Dr. Eggman used the Faceship to dump a large batch of the Metal Virus into the city. Tails tried to change plans, but was told by Whisper and Tangle to stay at his lab. One hour later, Tails was researching for a cure while hiding from the Zombots outside his lab. He soon got a contact from Sonic, who told him he was at the outskirts of Barricade Town. After explaining how well he got the data from his bio-scanner and the situation at Central City, Tails suggested that Sonic kept running so he can find a cure for the virus. The fox cub called next Amy at Restoration HQ about his progress in his lab. He then told her that he will call for updates from Tangle and Whisper after she asked about sending Rescue Shuttles. Tails then contacted Tangle, who told him that she and Whisper managed to save a few civilians and guided them to the docks.[20]

Tails uses the Cyclone to escape his lab, from Sonic the Hedgehog #21.

Afterwards, the fox cub focused to research on the Metal Virus. After learning about the structure of the virus, he wondered how Sonic's speed could burn it down and how to apply this to others, not wanting to risk anything with the cure's possible ineffectiveness. Tails got the idea to go outside of his lab to retrieve a sample of the Metal Virus on the road and returned to his lab with glee. Soon after, Tails received a call from Tangle, who asked the fox cub about the cure. He confirmed to her that he had almost completed research on it and would begin helping the girls out soon. Tails then began to upload the data to Restoration HQ's server, only for his computer to suddenly shut down. Unbeknownst to him, a Zombot Cheese and Chocola were busy destroying the lab's main power supply outside. Tails tried not to panic and removed the server blades to use them at the HQ instead. The fox cub was interrupted by a Zombot who ripped into the entrance of the lab and knocked the server blades to the ground, destroying them. Tails was then forced to run to his garage with Zombots in pursuit. He used his Cyclone to emerge from the lab, ramming into several Zombots. Tails was then chased by Cheese and Chocola; he performed enough evasive maneuvers to dodge the Chao brothers and left them in the dust. Tails received a call for an update from Tangle. The fox cub cleared a path for the duo and told them to protect the survivors. At the dock, a Rescue Shuttle came to land. Tails continued to fend off Zombots until everyone was boarded and Tangle told him to come along. As his Cyclone was being ripped apart by Zombots, he abandoned his mech before it exploded and flew to the shuttle. Once he arrived, he received bad news from Amy that Restoration HQ had fallen. Tails panicked over this as he believed he would have been able to do something with the incomplete upload in his lab at the HQ. With this, Tails and Amy realized that their only hope now was Sonic.[20][21]

After the Restoration had gotten word that Spiral Hill Village had been attacked with the Metal Virus, they flew there with the Rescue Shuttle to help begin evacuation. While Espio, Tangle and Whisper helped to distract the Zombots in town, Tails and Cream helped fly uninfected villagers to the Rescue Shuttle. Soon, the two of them did not manage to find any more refugees in town, prompting them to fly back to the shuttle to inform Amy of the news. When they arrived, Sonic was also present and prepared to help. The young fox cub asked if he still had the bio-scanner with him only for Sonic to reveal that he lost the device after a fight with Dr. Eggman. After Tails shed some tears, he told Amy that he and Cream could not find any more uninfected villagers; with this, Amy called for a retreat. While Sonic went to find Tangle, Tails flew off to find Espio and Whisper. He soon returned with both of them and were prepared to retreat. When Sonic came back to the ship, he told the team that Tangle had actually gotten infected and chose to stay behind to prevent Zombots from following the Restoration. Tails was quite upset to hear this news and witnessed a hysteric Whisper attempt to run back into the village to try and rescue Tangle. After Whisper was pulled back into the ship by her Wisps, Amy gave the order for the shuttle to take-off and leave the village.[22]

All or Nothing

Tails argues with Eggman, from Sonic the Hedgehog #25.

The Rescue Shuttle arrived at Angel Island, a last resort for a safe haven. Tails and Amy went down to brief Knuckles on the current Metal Virus situation. After his run, Sonic returned to find Knuckles confirming that he was now fully up to speed on the situation and expressed annoyance over trouble being brought to his island again. Suddenly, a portal opened of which Eggman, Starline and Metal Sonic dropped out of. As Amy prepared to attack them for everything that they have done, Sonic prevented her act and questioned why Eggman appeared out of nowhere all of a sudden unarmed since he had the advantage. Eggman responded to this by saying Starline brought the Deadly Six onboard the Faceship, which they swiftly took control over. Espio then appeared to inform everyone that they had just gotten word from Rouge. On the shuttle, Rouge reported that Eggman had been powering the Faceship with the Chaos Emeralds, which Zavok had now distributed to the rest of his team and then sent them out into the world; she went on to say that she was coordinating with Orbot to spy on their deployments and coordinate their counterattack. An argument soon arose between Tails and Eggman about a cure for the Metal Virus, with the fox noting that he was close to making a cure before it was lost to Zombots. Eggman clarified that he did not need to have one as his research found that as the Metal Virus mutated, it became unsustainable. Tails helped Knuckles and the others understand that soon, every Zombot would disintegrate. Eggman theorized that this would occur approximately two hundred years into the future. An injured Silver came onboard and confirmed this claim as it described his current future well.[23]

Later outside, Tails and the others tried to come up with ideas on how to counteract the virus. Starline suggested using the Master Emerald to neutralize the Deadly Six but Tails told him that they could not move it risking the whole island and luring the Zeti to them as it would be too much of a gamble; Knuckles also added that Starline would not be allowed to touch the Emerald. Eggman instead came up with the idea to use the Warp Topaz, as if they had Super Sonic charge it with his power, they would be able to warp the virus away with one swoop. Starline protested against it due to its instability and decided to leave and create a solution on his own; instead, Eggman, with Metal Sonic's help, removed Starline's glove that had the Warp Topaz attached to it, fired him and had him thrown out via a Warp Portal. When Tails asked Sonic if they were okay with this, the hedgehog recalled how Starline was the one to bring back Eggman and try to blow him and Silver up, so he was okay with it. Following this, Eggman surmised that Rouge would be able to steal the two Emeralds that were on the Faceship from Zavok; Espio noted that it left five Zeti left to deal with but Silver felt confident that they would be able to overwhelm them so long as they had each other. The group realized that they would have to split up and ambush the Deadly Six all at once since there was a risk that one could contact the others should they get a sense of their plan. While Eggman thought to work on a "Multi-Portal Generator" to help the others reach their destinations, Tails thought it would be better if each person had backup in case someone turned into a Zombot; this prompted Amy to call in the Babylon Rogues to increase their numbers. Sonic managed to convince Jet to help, even though the hawk wished to get a reward out of it.[23]

Tails and Eggman finish building the Multi-Portal Generator, from Sonic the Hedgehog #26.

A while later, Tails and Eggman worked together to build the Multi-Portal Generator using the Warp Topaz so that it would send everyone where they needed to go all at once. When Eggman stated that the machine was not up to his regular standards, Tails took a light jab at him saying that they should focus on building something that would not cause the island to implode. Sonic returned from his run and had come up with a plan for who should be assigned with who and what Zeti they should go after; Tails used his Miles Electric to showcase what the Deadly Six looked like. He explained to Tails and Amy that they were tasked with taking on Zomom as they would easily be able to outsmart him and get his Chaos Emerald. Shortly afterwards, Tails joined Eggman in building a treadmill for Sonic as his speed was no longer countering the Metal Virus as well as it used to. Once Eggman adjusted the Warp Portal apertures and Tails got the coordinates set in, the latter set off to Vista View with Amy. Upon arriving at a restaurant where Zomom was wolfing down all food in sight, Amy and Tails revealed themselves to him. Zomom recalled Tails being one of Sonic's friends, unnerving them both. Tails, along with Amy, tried tricking the obese Zeti into giving them the Emerald by claiming that Zavok needed it and that they were here to escort it to him; however, Zomom refused as he wanted the Zombots to keep bringing him food. Angry that the pair interrupted the one of his many meals, Zomom claimed he was going to have to squash them, forcing Tails and Amy into combat with him.[24]

Zomom chased Tails and Amy while trying to attack them, though he was temporarily stopped after he was hit in the face by Amy's hammer; the Zeti was then trying to eat Amy's hammer. While the owner tried to pull it out of his mouth, Tails attacked him as well, forcing him to spit it out. Enraged, Zomom declared that "he was gonna chew them real hard now before swallowing", but when Tails mentioned something about dropping his lunch box while he was chasing them, the Zeti turned back to go find it. Tails and Amy then discussed what they were going to do as Zomom was a tough opponent to beat. After tearing through a couple of buildings, Zomom realized that he had been tricked and returned while now feeling "hangry". He raised his hands and commanded the Vista View Zombots to attack Tails and Amy, forcing them to escape to higher grounds. As the two continued to evade the Zombots from above, Zomom called them annoying. He then burrowed under the ground, causing a mini earthquake to collapse the building Tails and Amy were on. Zomom followed them while burrowing underground towards the town gate. Tails just managed to fly Amy up to the gate and soon developed a plan. Just as Zomom was underneath the gate, he popped out. This was revealed to be a trick; using the gate's cogs, Tails and Amy slammed the gate shut onto Zomom's stomach, trapping him. As the duo expressed their victory to him, they took his Chaos Emerald and left.[25]

Tails celebrates with Cheese and Chocola, from Sonic the Hedgehog #29.

When Tails and Amy arrived back on Angel Island, along with most of the other survivors, they found that Zavok had found their location, drawing nearer to the island in the Faceship. He had led a large horde of Zombots to the location as well. However, thanks to the efforts of Rouge, the Faceship was brought down and fell into the ocean, crashing down onto the horde of Zombots. This did not stop Zavok as he simply emerged from the rubble and transformed into Giant Zavok with his Chaos Emerald. As retaliation, he shot a fireball at the island with his mouth. He then grabbed a large handful of Zombots and threw them onto the surface to deal with the survivors, which included a number of familiar faces to Tails. While Sonic, Silver and Metal Sonic went off to retrieve the final Chaos Emerald from Zavok, Tails was forced to fly away from a Zombot Cheese and Chocola. The Chao managed to catch onto his tails, forcing the fox to back down as he could do nothing to fight the infection but plead for Sonic to help. Eventually, with the combined efforts of Super Sonic and Super Silver, they were able to warp the entirety of the Metal Virus away from the world and to the sun. This act turned Cheese and Chocola back to normal, prompting Tails to celebrate with them. A large explosion soon erupted between the Warp Topaz, Sonic and Silver, which threw the latter back on the island. Tails and Knuckles helped Silver up with Amy present; the hedgehog stated that the Metal Virus was destroyed but Starline was right about the Warp Topaz not being able to take so much power. Silver continued, saying that Sonic tried to ditch the Topaz in the Super Warp Portal but this only resulted in a green gate of energy appearing in the sky, with Sonic nowhere to be found.[26][27]

Out of the Blue

Knuckles believed that Sonic was simply being dramatic and would fly back down any minute now. Amy turned to Tails and asked if there was any way to search for him, only for Tails to imply that he would not know where to begin. A while after Zavok was restrained, Amy fell onto her knees in relief that the crisis was averted. However, Tails turned her attention to the fact that five Zeti were still on the loose in the world. The weary Amy realized that once she got back to Restoration HQ, she would have to worry about them as well. Tails suggested that Amy took a break and asked why she even took the job in the first place. She explained that she only did it because Knuckles disbanded the Resistance on whim. Knuckles argued that his place was on the island and the war was over anyway. Amy countered this by saying that the people down below still needed help. Knuckles disagreed with Amy's want to spread herself thin to help everyone everywhere and asked when the refugees would leaving. Tails said that this would be after he repaired the Rescue Shuttle but after looking around, he could not find it. Eggman was nowhere to be found either until Big pointed out that he was escaping via the final Rescue Shuttle, much to Tails' concern.[28]

Tails parties with his friends, from Sonic the Hedgehog #31.

Some time later, Tails and Tangle went to rescue Rough and Tumble from a refuse pit that they were trapped in by Sonic back when they were still Zombots. They told the skunks that they were given another chance at life after Sonic had cured the world of the Metal Virus. Rough and Tumble simply laughed at this and ran off to cause more mayhem. When Tangle asked if this meant they would go right back to jail by the end of the day, Tails joked that this could happen if they found their way out of the mines first. Following this, when Tangle asked Tails if he was fine after Sonic's disappearance, he replied that he was fine; he was confident that they would see Sonic again as he has beaten the odds before and since he had never let him down before, he believed in him. Additionally, he believed that Sonic would be counting on them to keep the peace. Tangle complimented Tails' determination and invited Tails to a party that she was going to host in Spiral Hill Village. Later at the party, Tails celebrated with his friends using party poppers. Though he enjoyed his time for a while, the party was soon crashed by Eggman arriving in a large mecha with the intent of destroying everyone.[29] Taking charge, Vector asked Tails to use Miles Electric to mess up Eggman's mecha. Though Tails managed to write a program that would release Gemerl, who had been integrated into the mecha, he had to connect directly to Eggman's mecha. With the help of Rouge though, he managed to get to the mecha's tailgate and hook up there, and reject Gemerl. Tails also planned to release the Omega, who served as the mecha's core, but the robot was unfortunately directly connected to it. Tails was then saved by Rouge when Eggman tried to shoot him with a laser pistol. Tails continued to fight the mecha from there until Sonic arrived and released Omega upon Tails' instruction. After Eggman's mecha was destroyed and Eggman himself fled, Tails welcomed Sonic back and participated in a group hug. He then helped put out the fires in Spiral Hill Village, caused by Eggman's attack.[30]

Chao Races and Badnik Bases

Later in his workshop, Tails met Amy and Rouge, who delivered him Omega's parts so Tails could repair him. Rouge also provided Tails with blueprint codes straight from Dr. Eggman's personal files that were on the Faceship to aid with the repairs. However, Tails could not decode the codes and he expected that Omega needed a full rebuild. Tails then began to wonder where they could find an abandoned Eggman base that would allow him to hack into the Eggnet and retrieve the cipher for the blueprints. Sonic then appeared and informed him of an abandoned base near Windmill Village. When Tails noted that they still needed E-100 Series spare parts, which were rare, Rouge announced that she could get them from Clutch in White Park Zone. Tails and Sonic subsequently flew to the abandoned base in the Tornado, where Tails found a computer terminal and began working on restoring power.[3] Tails later tried to break through the Eggnet's firewall when Sonic suddenly discovered a mysterious robot that he tried to attack. Tails, however, stopped him, seeing that the stranger was not the typical Badnik. The robot introduced herself as Belle and announced that she was not the work of Eggman, but a creator who she was looking for and whose name she did not want to reveal. Tails also noticed that she was made of wood, which impressed him. When an alarm went off in the base however, Tails remembered that he had forgotten to turn off the firewall. Tails thus tried to regain control of the situation via the computer, but to no avail. The heroes were soon after surrounded by Beats and Tails started arguing with Sonic on how they should defeat them. After a while though, Belle pushed Tails away and saved him from an Egg Keeper's tractor beam field. Fortunately, Tails destroyed the robot and saved Belle, although they still had other issues the face.[31]

Tails hears from Rouge about how she was manipulated, from Sonic the Hedgehog #35.

Tails soon after lured a Beat into blowing up their room's exit door. During their escape however, Tails was caught by an Egg Keeper. Fortunately, he was saved by Belle, and Sonic took them outside the base. There, Tails received a message from Rouge, who asked them to come to White Park Zone. Before leaving though, Tails persuaded Sonic to take Belle with them when she asked for a ride. After flying to White Park Zone in the Tornado, Sonic and Belle went to the White Park Grand Chateau, while Tails landed the Tornado where Rouge had specified. There, Rouge attacked him. Tails was subsequently tied up and seated next to Rouge in a roller coaster. When Tails came to, Rouge revealed to him that she had been hypnotized into carrying out the orders of the hooded figure in front of them. Tails, however, recognized the figure as Dr. Starline. Tails later tried to warn Sonic about Starline when he came to their aid with Shadow. Starline, however, beat him to it before detonating explosives on a nearby mountain and setting off an avalanche. He then gave Sonic a choice: save Tails and Rouge, or the hotel guests at the White Park Grand Chateau who were in the way of the avalanche.[32]

Tails quickly told Sonic to go save the guests at the hotel. Despite Tails' insistence however, Shadow went to fight Starline. Meanwhile, Rouge freed himself and instructed Tails to start loosening his ropes as well. When Starline was thrown off the roller coaster by Omega, Tails managed to freed himself and began flying towards the White Park Grand Chateau with Rouge. Upon their arrival, Tails informed Amy to help them evacuate the civilians in the hotel and take the parts they needed for Omega. During the evacuation however, Starline returned with the intention of kidnapping Tails. While Amy and Rouge kept him at bay, Tails explained to Belle who Starline was. Suddenly though, Starline broke free thanks to his Tricore and grabbed Tails by his tail. Tails, however, quickly pulled Belle's tail, thus forcing her to kick Starline in the beak. Tails and his friends then evacuated to a safe spot as the avalanche hit the chateau and buried Starline. In the aftermath, Tails told Sonic about how Belle helped them. Tails then suggested to Belle that she could help him in his workshop, which Belle accepted. Upon Tails' return to his workshop, he rebuilt Omega with Belle's help and offered the former to try his now body by sparring with Gemerl, whom Tails had also repaired. Shortly thereafter, Tails realized that Belle had not been completely honest with him about her creator: she had read Omega's plans without any problems, and only Dr. Eggman or one of his creations was capable of doing that. Regardless, Belle insisted that Eggman did not build her.[2]

Test Run!

Tails, Sonic and Amy inside Eggman's overloaded test chamber, from Sonic the Hedgehog #37.

Tails and Sonic later took Belle to the Restoration's new HQ where they met up with Amy and Jewel to get Belle somewhere to live. While there, they found out that Eggman had built a mysterious tower on the coast that was influencing the weather. From the video feed of the tower, Tails deduced that the energy ball at the top of the tower was behind the weather effects. Together with Sonic and Amy, Tails decided to go investigate the tower. Flying to the tower in the Tornado, Tails, Sonic and Amy defeated the group of Egg Pawns there before blowing through the tower's front door. By doing so however, they accidentally fell into a portal and woke up in an unusual corridor. Tails also noticed that the portal that had transported them there was no longer working. Making their way through the corridor, Sonic destroyed a Egg Pawn using a piece of chalk, an act which intrigued Tails. After ten minutes of walking through the corridor, Tails got a bad feeling and decided to conduct an experiment; leaving a trail of chalk on the wall, Tails had his group follow the corridor around in a circle. When they got back to their starting point, Tails saw his chalk trail had disappeared and reasoned that the corridor was altering itself as they passed through it. Sonic then decided to see if the corridor would be able to keep up with him and began running around with Tails and Amy. As the corridor began to overload, the trio destroyed one of the walls, only to fall into a strange space.[33] Catching Sonic and Amy there, Tails hypothesized that the space they were in was a creation of Eggman's where he could bend the laws of spatiality. Tails then took Sonic and Amy to another portal he spotted, but when they passed through it, Tails and co. found themselves in an abandoned town. While there, Tails reminded Sonic that this space using the same spatial warping as the first one when Sonic tried to run around the area. Immediately after, Amy called the duo to an open house. There, they found mannequins that they initially mistook for normal residents. Suddenly though, they heard a disturbing noise, which turned out came from a Badnik that was a hybrid of different models. After taking care of it though, other Badnik hybrids launched an attack on the group, but Sonic and Amy managed to defeat them. Upon noticing an army of Badnik hybrids approaching from the window though, Tails and co. barricaded themselves inside the house. There, Tails came up with the idea of finding an exit by tracking the signals for the incoming Badniks. Suddenly though, Tails and co. heard Eggman's laughter from the kitchen. Finding the doctor transmitting to them via the kitchen appliances. Eggman proceeded to inform the heroes that the spaces they were in were used as test chambers for his new robots, and that he would now use this opportunity to test his machines on them.[34]

Eventually. Tails tracked down an exit through which he and his friends could get out of Eggman's test chamber with, only for Eggman to reverse gravity inside the test chamber. While Tails managed to stay safe thanks to his flight ability, he eventually decided to throw himself into what turned out to be a new room with Sonic and Amy in an attempt to escape their situation. There, the heroes were attacked by an upgraded Egg Viper that used electrified shields. Although Tails helped Sonic destroy the vehicle, three new Egg Vipers quickly appeared to attack them. Although Tails helped Sonic and Amy get out of the flood caused by the blue Egg Viper, the green Egg Viper knocked them down with its turbine-induced whirlwinds.[35] As the fight continued, Tails and Amy were surrounded by flames from the red Egg Viper. Fortunately, they were saved by Sonic, who directed the blue Egg Viper's water jets into the flames. As the trio then were overwhelmed by the green Egg Viper's gusts, Tangle arrived to help. Tails proceeded to help his friends subdue the Egg Vipers, but Eggman soon had the mechs set to collide with the heroes. Fortunately, they managed to escape the collision thanks to Tangle, who dragged Sonic out of the test chambers with her tail while Tails followed them while carrying Amy. Once back in the tower, Tails and everyone else fled to the Tornado and escaped the tower before it imploded due to an overloaded test chamber portal. Informing his friends that the tower was completely gone, Tails proceeded to tell them that they would have a smooth flight to Restoration HQ from there. Tails would also worry about Belle, who had accompanied Tangle to the tower and discovered that her creator, "Mr. Tinker", had truly gone back to his evil ways.[36]

Zeti Hunt!

Tails explaining the Zeti Zapper and the Zeti Launcher, from Sonic the Hedgehog #42.

Tails later contacted Sonic and got him to head out to help the Chaotix in their efforts to stop the Deadly Six, who were causing trouble again and heading towards Sunset City.[37] To deal with the Deadly Six, Tails went to his lab in Central City, where he prepared his Zeti Zapper, a device he had reverse engineered from Zavok's Chaos Emerald syphon which could turn a Zeti's electromagnetism against them. He also prepared a rocket called the Zeti Launcher to send the Deadly Six back to the Lost Hex with. Following a video meeting with Sonic, the Chaotix and Jewel where he explained his inventions however, it was discovered that the Deadly Six were attacking Restoration HQ. Caught unguarded by this move, Tails gathered his inventions to take with him to Restoration HQ in the Tornado. He also tried to inform Sonic of this, only to notice that Sonic had already headed out.[38] Realizing he needed to hurry, Tails arrived at Restoration HQ using the Tornado 2. There, he and Sonic managed to take out all of the Deadly Six with the Zeti Zappers, including Zavok, whom Tails managed to trick in order to place a Zeti Zapper on him. However, they then heard from Tangle that Belle had been kidnapped by Dr. Starline.[39]

Having forced the Deadly Six into surrendering, Tails and Sonic sent them back to the Lost Hex in the Zeti Launcher as planned. After the Zeti Launcher had departed, the duo heard from Jewel that she had received no updates from the Chaotix. While Sonic reassured Jewel that the group would find Belle, but that he would join the search if necessary, Tails warned Sonic that they still did not know what Eggman and Starline were up to at the time.[40]

Trial by Fire and Deep Trouble

While at his lab in Central City, Tails would lend his prototype camping gear to Amy, who needed it for a camping trip. As Amy asked for a way to repay his kindness, Tails would ask for a report on his gear. When Sonic then contemplated on going with Amy though, Tails reminded him that he had promised to play a video game with him, making Sonic skip out on Amy's trip. Later that night, Tails noticed Sonic sneeze while playing his game.[41] Soon afterward, in his workshop, Tails would repair the damage Belle had sustained on her right hand during her trip with Amy. With Belle having brought a friendly Motobug that came to be named Motobud with her as well, Tails planned to take a look at it as well in hopes of figuring out if they could get lesser Badniks like Motobud to defy their programming too, which previously had only been possible for advanced Badniks.[42]

Tails heading out on a new adventure with Team Heroes, from Sonic the Hedgehog Free Comic Book Day 2022.

Eventually, Tails and Sonic were called upon Knuckles to come to Angel Island to help him with a problem. Traveling to Angel Island in the Tornado, Tails would dissolve an argument between Sonic and Knuckles that flared up when the two of them met. Afterwards, Knuckles told Tails and Sonic that he needed their team in order to investigate some unusual quakes in Marble Garden. Tails would then laugh at a snarky remark that Knuckles directed at Sonic before heading out with his friends. Soon after, as Tails and Sonic began discussing which way would be the quickest to Marble Garden (among other things), Knuckles would take them down a shortcut through the mountains. As Tails marveled at Knuckles' knowledge of Angel Island, Knuckles admitted that he had only found this shortcut recently and that he had yet to explore all of Angel Island. Eventually reaching Marble Garden, Tails and his team came across Dr. Eggman, who was causing the quakes by recklessly drilling for rare minerals in a drilling vehicle. Following then a few brief exchange, the trio engaged Eggman and his vehicle. During the battle, Tails saved Sonic from getting swallowed by a crack in the ground that Eggman made, and by working together, Tails and his friends defeated Eggman's vehicle. After Eggman had then fled from Angel Island, Tails offered Knuckles to come back with them for some R&R and see what had been going on without him. Knuckles declined the offer though, insisting that he still had a lot to discover about Angel Island first.[5]

Tails, Sonic, and Belle soon after began conducting an experiment on lesser Badniks that they had gathered at Tails' workshop. With the group having isolated Motobud's nonaggression subroutines, Belle would transfer them to the other Badniks, which made them docile in the presence of Sonic after Tails unveiled him to them. Their experiment a success, Tails tried to ease Belle's excitement about using this to save other Badniks. Furthermore, he was worried about Eggman being behind the recent chaotic incidents. Regardless, he and Sonic went for lunch in his workshop afterwards. Later at night, however, Tails awoke to find Belle and Motobud under the influence of a control signal. As Tails tried reasoning with Belle, he was saved from a nasty punch from her by Sonic, who would keep her and Motobud occupied while Tails wiped something up to help his friends. Soon after, Tails saved Sonic when Belle had him pinned down and placed a prototype Zeti Zapper on her that blocked the control signal. With Sonic keeping Motobud pinned down as well, Tails learned from Belle that it was a beacon signal controlling her and that it was being used to summon an army of Badniks from everywhere in one place. Since Belle could not recall where however, Tails and his friends resorted to setting Motobud loose and following it to the signal's source. Along the way, they found people surrounded by Badniks, but Sonic managed to get them out of the robots' hairs. Resuming their chase, the trio eventually reached some woods after hours of pursuit, where Tails found out that Eggtropolis was just ahead of them after some scouting. Belle then tried to stop Motobud, which caught the attention of the surrounding Badniks. As Belle then went to work cutting Motobud's power and make the Badniks cease their attack, Tails and Sonic held the Badniks off. After Belle's plan worked and the Badniks resumed their mindless march, Tails discovered that Belle had found a written confession for her from Mr. Tinker inside Motobud. After Sonic had then comforted Belle, Tails suggested that she went home. Instead, she chose to come with them. Tails and his friends thus headed for Eggtropolis to investigate.[43][44]


Tails is a young fox cub who has a pure and courageous heart. Loyal and trustworthy, he can be counted on to stand firmly by the side of his friends and help them out however he can. While still young, Tails has time and again proven himself to be a force to be reckoned with despite his inconspicuous appearance, especially with his high intellect.[1] As a result of being practically raised by Sonic though, Tails has been known to carry out his plans without warning or a heads-up.[4] Despite this, he still uses his abilities and talents to carefully prepare himself and his friends for various situations if he is not entirely sure about what they will be facing.[38]

Tails often tries to stay optimistic. However, he is very sensitive, and when severely stressed out or under intense pressure, Tails can become quite nervous and fearful, which renders him unable to properly cope or do anything about the situation at hand.[27] However, even in the worst of situations, he does not give up and shows a strong will to survive.[20]

Much like Dr. Eggman, Tails has an affinity for personalizing his belongings in his likeness, with his house in Emerald Town resembling his head, and the Miles Electric being named after himself.[45]

Powers and abilities

Gifted with a pair of twin tails, Tails can utilize these unique appendages to achieve flight by twirling them around like rotary blades, similar to a helicopter.[1] While in flight, Tails can maneuver efficiently and with great agility in order to avoid threats. He can even use them as an extra pair of limbs to catch and throw objects.[15] He is also very agile and can keep up with Sonic at quite high speeds.[1]

Tails also has a genius-level intellect which has allowed him to invent, construct, and operate many machines and devices for helping him and his friends on their adventures.[8] Notably, despite the notorious weirdness of Eggman's technology, Tails is able to hack into Eggman's systems and tinker with his machines, though he sometimes needs extra help.[13][2] In addition, Tails can do a number of advanced calculations in his head in a matter of seconds, and can do so even in the heat of battle in order to analyze a situation and deduce the most efficient way to attack an opponent.[15] He is also a capable pilot, particularly when it comes to the Tornado plane, and his skills as a pilot exceeds even Sonic's.[8][14] Tails also uses his skills to modify and improve vehicles.[14]

Like Sonic, Tails can attack enemies by curling into a concussive ball or cutting disk and directing himself at his targets, allowing him to perform moves like the Spin Attack or the Rolling Combo.[1]


Overuse of his own twin tails for flight can exhaust Tails, leaving him unable to fly again for a time.[25]


Sonic the Hedgehog

Tails and Sonic, from Sonic the Hedgehog #1.

Sonic the Hedgehog is Tails' best friend, idol, and one who acts as an older brother figure to him. Tails is likewise considered Sonic's personal wingman and partner in their various adventures.[11] Notably, Tails has willingly accompanied Sonic on many adventures, and they both have a lot of experiences that come from them. It is for this reason that they are in perfect sync with each other on the battlefield. Sonic likewise trusts Tails and has great faith in his skills and intellect.

The two of them have been together for a long time, and, as such, have developed a close, brotherly bond. Though Tails tends to get annoyed by Sonic's recklessness and smugness, this does not truly hinder their bond. Tails is even able to reason with Sonic despite his confidence when the need arises. IN truth, Tails genuinely cares for Sonic and does not want anything bad to happen to him, as the very thought of losing Sonic is enough to greatly worry him, especially after he thought Sonic had been killed during the Eggman War.[1] Despite this, Tails has full trust in Sonic as he has never let him down before.[29] He similarly believes that Sonic can survive any situation, even if he is gone for a long time.[29]

Tangle the Lemur

Tails first met Tangle during their fight against Neo Metal Sonic. They started out as good allies and slowly developed into having a brother-sister relationship. Tangle has been continuously impressed by Tails' intellect and has thus been trusting of his various endeavors and inventions. She has also been supportive of Tails emotionally, such as when she checked up on him after Sonic disappeared while also feeling inspired by his optimism. Tails has been appreciative of Tangle and has shown similar care towards her, evident when he said he would hate to see more Eggman robots target her home town.[11][16][17][20][29]

Belle the Tinkerer

Tails had been fascinated by Belle the Tinkerer since they first met. Notably, he protected her from an impetuous Sonic when he thought that she was just another Badnik to destroy. She especially intrigued him with her wooden casing, something of which he had never seen before. In return, Tails was also would be saved by Belle twice during their first adventure together, which he would repay by offering her a place in his workshop.[31][32][2] He would also convince Sonic not to abandon Belle and help her find a new home.[2][33]

When Tails deduced that Belle must have been made by Dr. Eggman, he was not angry at her, but admitted that he wanted her to be more honest with him. Similarly, when he tried asking about her true creator, only to receive no answer, he merely sighed and put no further pressure on her.[2] Tails has also been concerned about Belle's conflicted feelings about her creator after it was confirmed that Eggman indeed made her.[36][43] Nevertheless, he gladly invited her to help in his workshop and enjoys working on projects with her.[2][43]





"Could you not risk your life for five minutes?"
—Tails to Sonic after rescuing him from an Egg Hammer, Sonic the Hedgehog #1
"Those are better left to the professionals!"
—Tails and Sonic preparing to defeat some Egg Hammers, Sonic the Hedgehog #1


Trading Cards

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