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This character exists primarily or exclusively within the Adventures of Sonic the Hedgehog continuity.
Information in this article may not be canonical to the storyline of the games or any other Sonic continuity.
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I'm Miles Prower, but my friends call me "Tails"!

— Miles "Tails" Prower, "Tails' Tale"

Miles Prower,[4][5] better known by his nickname Tails,[5] is a character that appears in the Adventures of Sonic the Hedgehog television series. He is Sonic the Hedgehog's faithful Freedom Fighter sidekick and adopted younger brother.

A gentle soul born with the abnormality of having two tails, Tails lost his family when he was just a baby. After meeting Sonic however, he was adopted as the hedgehog's brother. Since then, Tails has accompanied Sonic during his adventures. He is also inspired by Sonic's heroism and dreams of becoming as strong and heroic as him when he grows up.


Tails is a young, anthropomorphic fox cub with a unique genetic mutation giving him two tails instead of one. He has mostly burnt orange-orange fur with white fur around his muzzle with cheek tufts, front torso, and the tips of his tails. He also has black eyes, human-like feet, triangular ears with white canals and three locks of hair on his forehead.

For attire, Tails wears white gloves with black wrist bands, and red shoes with white toes and cuffs.


TV series


Tails meets Sonic for the first time.

When he was just an infant, Miles Prower somehow lost his family in the wilds. After a long time, young Miles decided he was a bird due to his ability to fly and tried to live with them, but was kicked out of some birds' nest. Miles then literally landed on top of a teenage hedgehog named Sonic and, after answering his questions, asked him if he could live with him. Sonic initially declined, but Miles followed him and after getting him into some mishaps, he agreed to letting him stay with him, eventually adopting him as a younger brother. Sonic then gave Miles the name "Tails" after he explained that he hated his real name.[4]

Not too long ago, Tails and Sonic came to a village whose inhabitants were terrified. They then saw Dragon Breath, who was looking for a way to a bounty hunter convention. Tails then went with Sonic to interrupt Dr. Ivo Robotnik's speech to his bounty hunter Badniks. While Sonic destroyed the doctor's Badniks, Tails hid. Some time later, Tails and Sonic decided to stop by a chili dog stand, which soon transformed into a huge robot controlled by Coconuts. While Tails and Sonic tried running away from the robot, it started shooting at them. Eventually though, Sonic defeated it and Coconuts. Tails and Sonic were later having a nap when Grounder arrived and woke Sonic up by throwing a pumpkin at him. After this, Tails helped Sonic beat Scratch and Grounder. However, Tails later got caught by Grounder and Sonic was forced to give himself up for his friend's safety. In the end however, Tails was freed when Sonic tricked Scratch, Grounder and Coconuts. After Sonic then made Robotnik crash into his Badniks, Tails and Sonic escaped.[6]

Season one

Tails and Sonic caught by Scratch and Grounder.

One day, Tails was running with Sonic when they were both trapped by Scratch and Grounder. However, Sonic decided to tell them about how they first met in order to convince them of how much they meant to each other. After Scratch and Grounder had listened to the story, Tails was freed by Sonic, and the two escaped.[6]

Tails and Sonic were later running through Marble Zone when Scratch and Grounder started chasing them. To escape them, Tails jumped into a geyser with Sonic, which erupted a moment later and blew Scratch and Grounder away. Continuing onward, Tails and Sonic stumbled upon a treasury that belonged to Spelunk. Aggressive towards any intruders, Spelunk fired a cannonball at them. However, they both managed to escape and lose it in the corridors. Tails and Sonic soon after found a railroad that they followed upward, but Spelunk soon after appeared and chased them in his rail cart. While running away from Spelunk by following the railroad however, Tails and Sonic found their way blocked by a turtle family passing by. Fortunately, Sonic stopped Spelunk, allowing the turtles to pass through without getting run over. Tails and Sonic then left Spelunk and began making their escape up along a spiraling cliff. However, Spelunk triggered a trap that made the ground slippery, causing Tails and Sonic to slide into a cage made of Diamondius, a material that even Sonic could not cut through. While the heroes were trapped however, the cave ceiling began to collapse. During this, Spelunk opened a hatch under Tails and Sonic's feet that lead into a very deep chasm. While Tails and Sonic were holding onto the cage's bars however, the entire cage was destroyed by a crystal falling from the ceiling. Dr. Robotnik, Scratch, and Grounder soon after dropped into the cave and fell into the chasm. After Tails and Sonic said goodbye to the villains, they wanted to get out of the cave, but soon discovered that the exit had collapsed. Hoever, Tails, Sonic and Spelunk managed to escape after saving Spelunk. After getting outside, the heroes found Robotnik, Scratch, and Grounder stealing Spelunk's treasure. Tails and Sonic, however, managed to get all the treasure back. Afterward, Sonic and Spelunk disposed of Robotnik, Scratch, and Grounder. Spelunk then promised Tails and Sonic some chili dogs.[7]

Some time after, Tails and Sonic were about to set up camp when Sonic heard a cry for help. Sonic soon after returned with someone he had saved from Scratch and Grounder: a hedgehog named Breezie, whom Sonic fell in love with and was ready to wait on hand and foot, someone who Tails did not like. Tails was later sent to take care of Breezie while Sonic gave her everything she wanted. Eventually, Tails asked Breezie of why she was like that, only for her to throw him into a lake. After this, Tails tried to tell Sonic that she was not what he thought she was, though Sonic ignored him. As it turned out, Breezie was actually a robot created by Dr. Robotnik to distract Sonic while the doctor tried to destroy a town. After Sonic had foiled Robotnik's plot and Breezie had left, Tails gave a sad Sonic a letter from a reformed Breezie, which cheered him up.[8]

Eventually, Tails and Sonic found themselves saving the Sloth Family and their home when it was being attacked by Scratch and Grounder. Sonic, however, soon got zapped by the Subatomic Slow-go Beam Weapon and trapped in a cage by Scratch and Grounder. Now alone, Tails accepted Sonic's doom until he managed to retrieve a reversed Subatomic Slow-go Beam Weapon and, with the help of Rocket the Sloth, rescued Sonic. Later, however, Dr. Robotnik arrived at the heroes' location. Tails, however, zapped Robotnik's Egg-O-Matic with the reversed Subatomic Slow-go Beam Weapon, making the vehicle fast and uncontrollable. After this, Sonic disposed of the Mobian Mega Crystal, the crystal that powered the weapon, so that Robotnik could never use it again.[1]

Later, Tails and Sonic went to the Casino Night Zone, where a group of Gambler Sheep stood to lose everything and become Dr. Robotnik's slaves. There, Tails was left in the casino's nursery by Sonic for his own safety, only for Tails to get kidnapped shortly afterward. Fortunately, Tails was soon saved by Sonic, who then got out of the deal he had made with Robotnik to ensure Tails' safety and liberated Robotnik's slaves.[9]

Tails later found himself reading the latest Crack Ups issue along with Sonic until it was revealed that Sketch Lampoon, the creator, editor, and publisher of these magazines, had been kidnapped by Dr. Robotnik and imprisoned in the Rot-Your-Life-Away Dungeons. Figuring that he could save Lampoon and thwart Robotnik's plans if he got inside the prison Sketch Lampoon was kept in, Sonic let himself get caught and brought there, much to Tails' worry. Tails later reunited with Sonic when the latter escaped his cell, freed Sketch Lampoon and scrambled the security system, causing the entire prison to self-destruct. Tails and his friends then watched Robotnik cry in the ruins of the destroyed Rot-Your-Life-Away Dungeons from afar.[10]

While Scratch, Grounder, and Coconuts tried to catch Sonic later on, Tails got kidnapped by Dr. Warpnik and taken to the Warp of Confusion. This was a part of a plot by Warpnik to get Sonic to come to him, which would make Robotnik follow Sonic into the Warp of Confusion so that he could have his revenge on the former. After Sonic and Robotnik entered the Warp of Confusion, the doctors got into a fight. Meanwhile, Tails and Sonic managed to escape the Warp of Confusion before its entrance was destroyed.[11]

Sonic Christmas Blast


Tails is a youthful, innocent, and kind-hearted soul. However, he is slightly gullible and naïve, sometimes getting tricked into being caught by villains. Like Sonic, his favorite food is chili dogs, but apparently Tails likes extra cheese on his. He is usually the one that discovers a way out of situations that look bad, but due to his young age, he occasionally gets into bad situations himself. Tails looks up to Sonic, seeing him as a role model and older brother figure.

Tails is disgusted by romance. He sometimes finds it gross when Sonic flirts with girls, and vice versa. Tails hates his real name and does not want anyone to know about it, a fact that Sonic occasionally exploits to convince him to do things. However, once, he cheerfully introduced himself by his real name to William Le Duck.[5]

Powers and abilities

Tails possesses a pair of twin-tails which he can utilize to achieve flight by twirling them around like rotary blades, enabling him to lift himself off the ground and fly around in mid-air like a helicopter. While in flight, he can move fast enough to keep up with Sonic.[6] Even without the use of his twin-tails, Tails can easily reach Sonic-like speeds.[12]

While he does not regularly show it, Tails seems to have vast skills in mechanics and can operate independently in drastic situations when Sonic's in danger. One instance of this was lacing an entire building with booby-traps in order to revive Sonic from a nasty ailment. He also built Sonic a flying bike for his birthday out of parts he found from a junkyard and invented a machine that would have stopped Dr. Robotnik forever had it not been tampered with. He can also pilot airplanes.


While Tails has proven himself to be one of Sonic's strengths in many situations, he has proven in many situations to be one of Sonic's weakness as well. Tails is very young and with him being very naive and lacking defending skills, he is often kidnapped by Robotnik and his Badniks who seeks to use him as bait for Sonic.


Sonic the Hedgehog

A family is just people who care about each other more than anyone else, right?
You're it! You're my mom, you're my dad, and you're my picket fence!

— Miles "Tails" Prower and Sonic the Hedgehog, "Tails' New Home"

Sonic the Hedgehog is Tails' best friend and adoptive brother. While looking for a family when he was just a baby, Tails saw Sonic running at incredibly high speeds. After a less than stellar first introduction, Tails began to follow the hedgehog, and also managed to impress him enough to make him his brother. Since that day, the two of them have been inseparable.[4]

Tails shares a very close bond with Sonic and looks up to him as an older brother, a hero, and an idol, but also sees him as other members of a family, and wishes to run as fast as him. Their relationship is portrayed with varying degrees, mostly like brothers, but also like parent and child, with Sonic being more-or-less Tails' legal guardian.

Despite his admiration of him, Tails can sometimes get impatient and annoyed by Sonic's fast-paced behavior and attitude. He is known to get jealous whenever Sonic stops paying attention to him, whether it is due to a girl or something else. He also dislikes when Sonic is flirting with a girl or vice versa. Despite facing such cases several times though, Tails remains loyal to Sonic and stands by his side to aid him no matter what.

Dr. Ivo Robotnik

Like Sonic, Dr. Ivo Robotnik is one of Tails's enemies. Tails completely thinks of him as a threat due to both his age and him being kidnapped by him and his Badniks multiple times.





I get a big brother and a new name, I'm Tails!

— Miles "Tails" Prower, "Tails' New Home"

Boy, it's really great to be home!

— Miles "Tails" Prower, "Tails' New Home"

If I'm ever gonna be fast on my feet like Sonic, I gotta keep training! Sonic says, you gotta think fast, train fast, and be fast!

— Miles "Tails" Prower, "Full Tilt Tails"

No trouble here, either! It's no fair! Now that I've got speed, there's nobody to rescue! And I'm not going back to Sonic till' I prove myself!

— Miles "Tails" Prower, "Full Tilt Tails"


  • Tails was voiced by Christopher Welch, who was 10 years old at the time of the show's production. Welch was replaced by Chris Turner for Sonic Christmas Blast due to Welch's maturing voice, making Tails the only character within the show to change voice actors.
  • Tails (and his counterpart in the Sonic the Hedgehog television series) has to twist his tails up before they start spinning, though this rule has been broken several times.
  • While he said he cannot write due to his age in "Slowwww Going", he is seen writing in "Tails Prevails" (the only things he writes are "Sonic" and "Tails"), but he is also seen to be a poor artist. This may be the case that Sonic has been taking Tails to school at certain points, as he promised he would do so in "Over the Hill Hero" (Tails even mentioned having gone to school in "Prehistoric Sonic" and having learned about the Big Bang).
  • Ironically, despite Tails being Sonic's best friend, foxes are predators of hedgehogs in real life.
  • In "Hedgehog of the "Hound" Table" Tails was able to use the Chaos Emerald of Invincibility, despite not being a king.
  • Due to poor translation issues, the Latin Spanish dub of Adventures of Sonic the Hedgehog accidentally referred to Tails as female. In this dub, his nickname was "Colitas" (Spanish for "Little Tails") and his true name was "Vivi".[13] These errors would also be carried over to the Latin Spanish dub of the Sonic the Hedgehog television series.

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