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I've changed a lot since I've started hanging with Sonic, but I can't depend on him forever. I know I can do this by myself!

— Miles "Tails" Prower, Sonic Adventure

Miles Prower (マイルス・パウアー Mairusu Pauā?), better known as Tails (テイルス Teirusu?), is a character that appears in the Sonic the Hedgehog series. He is a young anthropomorphic fox cub born on West Side Island who, due to a genetic abnormality, was born with two distinct twin-tails, hence his nickname. Due to his abnormality, Tails was a victim of bullying during his youth. One day, however, he met Sonic the Hedgehog and was inspired to be like him after seeing him run like the wind. Tails soon after began following Sonic on his adventures and has since become his best friend and sidekick. He is able to use his twin-tails to fly by rotating them like helicopter rotors and is a mechanic genius and aerial pilot.

A bright, energetic, and curious fox,[14] Tails was initially timid and lacked courage. After meeting Sonic, however, he has become more confident, eventually growing into a more outgoing, brave, independent individual and a hero in his own right. Since encountering Sonic, Tails has looked up to him and stood by his side in order to help him whenever he can, having travelled around the world and far beyond alongside him,[15] usually to stop the ambitions of the evil Dr. Eggman.

Concept and creation[]


Various sketches of Tails, taken from the console/PC version of Sonic Generations.

The concept of Tails was known to be founded during the development of Sonic the Hedgehog 2. After some discussion about making a sequel to the original Sonic the Hedgehog, a fraction of the Sonic Team went to work with Sega of America's Sega Technical Institute. A new element they wanted to introduce was a character that would both serve as a companion to Sonic the Hedgehog and hopefully draw the attention of new players to the franchise.

A contest was held at STI in which Yasushi Yamaguchi, originally the main artist and level designer for Sonic Team, won. The character was going to hold a "deep admiration for Sonic".[16] The name "Miles Prower" is a play on the term "miles per hour," a unit of measurement for speed, and also the word "power".[17] However, "power" was changed to "prower" due to making the character sound too powerful. Yamaguchi's entry won, but marketing director Al Nilsen and product manager Madeline Schroeder convinced the team to change the name from "Miles" to "Tails", in which Yamaguchi was not pleased.[18] Alternately, Yuji Naka claimed that the name "Tails" came up during his meeting with a producer from ABC at the time.[19] The team and Yamaguchi came to a compromise: the name "Miles" would serve as the character's legal name, while "Tails" would be his nickname, resulting in the full name of Miles "Tails" Prower.

Yuji Naka has stated that the character was originally intended to be a tanuki (a raccoon-like canine native to East Asia and extremely popular in Japanese folklore), who had been modeled after a UFO catcher plushie.[20] However, Yasushi Yamaguchi has stated that was misinformation regarding a different project, and Tails was intended to be a fox from the beginning.[21] Naka had told Yamaguchi to make Tails cute, like Kitsune in Urusei Yatsura.[17] Yamaguchi also wanted to make Tails cute to appeal to Japan, as the first Sonic game wasn't as popular there compared to America.[17] Initially Tails was designed with only one tail, but he received his twin-tails for a stronger impact inspired by Myau from Phantasy Star, and to grow more of a personality.[17][20] Tails was also always intended to be a boy despite wild rumors of him being mistaken as a girl at the time.[19] Tails was originally not going to have sclera, only completely black, round eyes. Yamaguchi also created Tails with the image of him being five years old, despite his official age ending up being eight. Despite Tails' three bangs usually being depicted erupting from the middle of his head, his creator intended them to be coming from the right side.[21] The relationship between Tails and Sonic was also inspired by the relationship between the characters Gohan and Piccolo from the Dragon Ball franchise.[22]

During the development of Sonic Adventure, Sonic Team had trouble while converting the established characters into 3D. However, the feeling that Sonic's design was "dated" allowed the developers to give him, Tails, and the rest of the cast a redesign. Kazuyuki Hoshino, art director of the game, recalled that "retro" games like Space Invaders and Pac-Man at the time were becoming popular again due to them appearing in "urban street" fashion and with indie music. This made the team want to make the franchise appeal to this type of subculture, or at least "have some cool T-shirts with Sonic on them".[23] An internal contest was held at Sega to determine who would be in charge of redesigning the characters, which Yuji Uekawa, character designer for Sonic R, won. His redesign saw Tails gaining visible blue irises, and turning slightly slimmer and taller. Additionally, like how it renamed Dr. Robotnik to "Eggman" in the West, Sonic Adventure made the name "Tails" become the mainstream in Japan, where the character was more commonly referred to as "Miles" before then.[23]


Tails is a young anthropomorphic fox cub with a unique genetic mutation giving him two tails instead of one. He possesses mostly amber fur with white fur around his muzzle with cheek tufts, front torso with fluffy fur on top of his chest, and the tips of his tails. He also has large triangular ears with white canals on top of his head, a small black nose, and three locks of hair on his forehead.

During his early years, up until before the Chaos incident, Tails had a roughly round torso and short, thin legs. He also had black eyes and yellow fur, though the latter has been portrayed inconsistently, often giving him orangish fur. Since the Chaos incident, Tails has become slightly taller, with a more rectangular torso shaped like a pear, longer legs, a larger head, and bushier twin-tails. His eyes have also turned sky blue, and his ears have become slightly bigger than before. Also, his fur has been turned amber.

For attire, Tails wears cuffed white gloves with a gray band around each wrist, white socks; and shoes that are red from the heel to the middle and white from the middle to the toe with gray soles, each with a gray band (formerly a light blue belt strap held by a white buckle) around the ankle.


Note: This is an abbreviated look at Tails' history, focusing primarily on his three most recent mainline adventures. For a complete history of Tails, see Miles "Tails" Prower/History and appearances. For his history in the IDW comics and Sonic Prime, see Miles "Tails" Prower/History and appearances (IDW) and Miles "Tails" Prower/History and appearances (Sonic Prime).


Miles Prower was born on West Side Island[4] with a genetic abnormality that resulted in him having two tails instead of one. Because of this, Miles was given the nickname "Tails", and became a frequent target of teasing and bullying from the locals.[24]

Everything changed for Tails when Sonic the Hedgehog arrived on the island in search of adventure. Tails first witnessed Sonic when he defeated the pair of foxes that had been bullying him, and from that moment, idolized the blue hedgehog for his cool and fearless nature. To the best of his ability, Tails continued trailing Sonic across the island, eventually gaining the hedgehog's recognition for being able to keep up with his signature speed. Soon after, the evil Dr. Eggman arrived on the island in search of the Chaos Emeralds, prompting the hedgehog and fox to work together in order to stop the scheme.[24] Throughout the adventure, Tails and Sonic became best friends and formed a brotherly bond with each other, each using their skills to combat the invading Badnik horde and collect the Chaos Emeralds. By using his quick wits mechanical intuition, Tails even helped Sonic reach Eggman's space fortress, the Death Egg, and watched from the island as the hedgehog subsequently dealt a critical blow to it. Soon after, Tails used the Tornado to rescue Sonic from the air.[25] From this point, Tails became Sonic's official sidekick, and enthusiastically followed the hedgehog everywhere, assisting him in many more adventures.

By the time of the Chaos incident, Tails had honed his technological and mechanical skills significantly, now operating from his own Lab in the Mystic Ruins, and experimenting with the applications of Chaos Emerald energy. Tails was soon involved in another battle, however, when Dr. Eggman returned once more with his newest weapon: an ancient god known as "Chaos", which grew from each Chaos Emerald fed to it. Tails and Sonic scrambled to gather the remaining Chaos Emeralds before Eggman could, but an attack from the doctor resulted in the hedgehog and fox being separated from each other, forcing Tails to face his insecurities without Sonic to back him up, and confront Eggman alone before the doctor could finish his revenge plan to destroy the city of Station Square. Overcoming his fears, Tails destroyed Eggman's Egg Walker machine, saving the city, and becoming a hero to the citizens. Although Tails soon after met up with Sonic and returned to his position as sidekick, the incident proved to Tails that he could be his own hero, without having to constantly rely or fall back upon Sonic for aid.

Sonic Forces[]

Much later, Tails helped defend a City from a Badnik invasion during the early stages of the Infinite incident, but was overwhelmed by the opposing forces, and forced to call on Sonic for backup. To Tails' alarm, Sonic was quickly defeated and captured upon arrival by the paranormal powers of Eggman's mysterious companion and his Eggman Army. Tails' panicked attempts to assess the situation only resulted in confusion as the sweeping might of Eggman's forces conquered almost all of the Earth in a mere six months, and put Tails under constant danger. During the subsequent War to Take Back the Planet, Tails attempted to work against the Eggman Empire in secret until he was met by a past version of Sonic that had been accidentally been transported to the current time by the Phantom Ruby's power. Tails assisted the past "Classic Sonic" in searching for his future self, eventually locating him as part of the Resistance group led by Knuckles. After the heroes met up, Tails became an active member of the Resistance and continued assisting the organization in their battle, up until they ultimately won the war, and liberated the planet from Eggman's tyrannical rule.

Team Sonic Racing[]

During the Dodon Pa incident, Tails and the rest of Team Sonic received mysterious invitations to an interplanetary racing tournament, and, out of curiosity, accepted them. Soon, Tails learned that the founder and organizer of the race was a mysterious bureaucrat known only as "Dodon Pa", who had invited many other teams to the prix as well, providing an advanced vehicle to each of them. As the race progressed and more teams joined, Tails became suspicious of Dodon Pa's true motives and alignment, and hired Vector the Crocodile to perform a secret investigation of the tanuki's background. While Vector gathered all the information he could, Tails continued partaking in races with his team, avoiding discussion of his business with Vector. Eventually, Tails received the collected information from Vector, which proved that Dodon Pa's real motives were to create an Ultimate Energy Engine from the race's data, which he planned to use for philanthropic purposes. Unfortunately, the engine was stolen by Eggman, prompting Tails and the other teams to fight back, successfully saving Dodon Pa and destroying the unstable engine.

Sonic Frontiers[]

During the Starfall Islands incident, Tails, Sonic, and Amy traveled to the Starfall Islands abord the Tornado, following up on reports that the Chaos Emeralds were mysteriously gathering there. Along the way, Tails and his friends were distracted by a decoy placed by Eggman, who was also approaching the islands for his own malicious reasons.[26] Upon defeating the decoy and reaching the airspace above the islands, however, Tails and his friends were sucked into a mysterious red vortex created as a result of Eggman's meddling with island's forgotten technology. Tails awoke to find himself trapped inside the Cyber Space of the Ancients unable to interact with the physical world outside of the small Cyber Cage cage he had been placed in on Chaos Island. Tails remained in the cage until Sonic arrived, having escaped Cyber Space on his own. Tails was soon freed by Sonic, but was left in a ghostlike state as a result of still being partially connected to Cyber Space. With his freedom restored, Tails assisted Sonic in his search across the island for the remaining Chaos Emeralds, using the opportunity to also examine the Ancient's technology, and confide with his friend in regards to his reignited insecurities. Although Tails was eventually freed from his non-physical state through the efforts of Sonic, the act infected the hedgehog with a deadly amount of Cyber corruption, and as a result Tails willingly returned to his ghost form in order to mitigate the damages, and allow Sonic to focus on solving the problem himself. Once Super Sonic and a reformed Sage ultimately defeated The End, the cosmic being that was behind the entire crisis, Tails was freed from Cyber Space, and returned to his physical form once more, celebrating the victory alongside Amy and Knuckles.

In an alternate version of the crisis's conclusion, Tails instead continued to assist Sonic after sacrificing his physical form, working with Knuckles, Amy, Eggman, and Sage to locate the Chaos Emeralds scattered across Ouranos Island. Battling his way through enhanced Guardian robots, and activating any Koco Devices that impeded progress, Tails helped deliver the Emeralds to Sonic, and later assisted Super Sonic during his final fight with the modified Supreme Titan, possessed by none other than The End itself.

Regardless of which depiction of the final battle actually took place, following The End's defeat, Tails rendezvoused with his victorious teammates preparing to leave the island on board the Tornado. Before the four heroes flew off into the horizon, Tails excitedly informed Sonic of his future plans to work on his own for development purposes, telling the hedgehog that he'd hardly recognize him when they'd next meet.


Sonic Jam

Tails' profile, from Sonic Jam.

Tails can be described as a gentle, sweet, kind and loyal fox with a good and positive attitude.[27][28][29][30][31] While he started out as timid and quiet due to being the victim of bullying, meeting Sonic caused him to open up and become more outgoing over time,[30] having strived to be more like his idol, giving him a progressively brighter, more positive and energetic personality.[32] Tails is not one to grasp the spotlight for himself. Instead, he is always ready and willing to help others without asking for anything in return.

Unlike Sonic, who is constantly hyperactive, Tails is somewhat calmer and more controlled. He has a passion for mechanics, and he finds himself most at home in his workshop working on his next creation.[33] Despite his great skills, he is very humble about his abilities and has not realized how useful his scientific skills are yet.[34][35] Because of this, he sometimes underestimates how much his inventions have helped his friends, and as such, he has yet to discover the true potential of what he can accomplish.[35][36]

Due to having hung out with Sonic for so long, the fox has become somewhat smug like his best friend over time;[37] by the time of the Lost Hex incident, he had become more confident and outspoken about his intelligence, engaging in more friendly banter with Sonic and mentioning his previous accomplishments more frequently. In contrast, he has been known to insult Dr. Eggman and his creations.

Despite his development, Tails can still be timid and withdrawn at times[31][38] and can sometimes sink into self-doubt and insecurity, especially when his creations are insulted or when he feels left aside in favor of others. The status quo of his relationship with Sonic, created from the hedgehog's authority over him, initially placed a mental stranglehold on Tails that made him dependent on Sonic. As such, he often lacked initiative and confidence when alone. However, a turning point for Tails came during the Chaos incident; when Station Square was in danger of being destroyed, and with Sonic nowhere to be found, Tails realized that he could not depend on Sonic forever and had to try on his own. After saving Station Square, Tails realized he could be independent and support himself without Sonic, and all he needed was determination and faith. Since then, Tails has become more independent, self-confident, motivated and brave, rising up to be a real hero when needed.

Despite his insecurity in times of weakness, Tails is always willing to support his friends with a clear mind. He constantly tries his hardest to help in some way, typically by making machines or other devices. Additionally, he hopes to one day be self-sufficient and independent like Sonic to prove he can be relied upon.[36] Also, even though Tails still enjoys being Sonic's sidekick, he believes that he can do almost anything if he puts his mind to it.

Tails profile SG

Tails' profile, from the Xbox 360 version of Sonic Generations.

During their earlier adventures together, Tails strove to become just like Sonic by replicating the mannerisms he found admirable. In this period, Tails was content with being Sonic's sidekick as he was just happy to hang out with Sonic. As Tails grew as a person, he would still remain as close to Sonic as ever and look up to him as he has always done, but his esteem about Sonic's heroics have dwindled, as these days he cares more about inventing than Sonic's heroic deeds.

Despite his intelligence and general fearlessness, Tails can be naive and big mouthed, such as during the Space Colony ARK incident, when he accidentally confirmed Eggman's suspicions that the Chaos Emerald that Sonic had was a fake, thus ruining the heroes' plans. He has a tendency to talk technobabble, much to the irritation of his friends, showing that he does not always use tact in a situational matter. Nevertheless, Tails is supportive of his friends, willing to be by their side no matter how dangerous the situation might be, and will do whatever it takes to help them, even if it means sacrificing himself for them.

IDW Publishing[]

His personality is similar to how he acts in the games who has a pure and courageous heart.[39] Although he has been persecuted in the past for his dissimilarities, Tails would over time find the right friends to give him support, which in turn gave him confidence. Loyal and trustworthy,[40] he can be counted on to stand firmly by the side of his friends and help them out however he can. While still young, Tails has time and again proven himself to be a force to be reckoned with despite his inconspicuous appearance, especially with his high intellect. As a result of being practically raised by Sonic though, Tails has been known to carry out his plans without warning or a heads-up. Despite this, he still uses his abilities and talents to carefully prepare himself and his friends for various situations if he is not entirely sure about what they will be facing. He is likewise very friendly and tries his best to approach others with a kind-hearted attitude, even towards enemies whom he does not know very well.

Tails often tries to stay optimistic. However, he is very sensitive, and when severely stressed out or under intense pressure, Tails can become quite nervous and fearful, which renders him unable to properly cope or do anything about the situation at hand. However, even in the worst of situations, he does not give up and shows a strong will to survive.

Much like Dr. Eggman, Tails has an affinity for personalizing his belongings in his likeness, with his house in Emerald Town resembling his head, and the Miles Electric being named after himself.

Powers and abilities[]

You've got brains like Eggman, speed like me, and can fly with your butt.

Sonic the Hedgehog, Sonic Frontiers

Though not as much on the forefront in battles as other characters, Tails is still an accomplished fighter. On his own, he has defeated several of Dr. Eggman's robots and combat mechs, and even single-handedly defeated the entire Battle Kukku Empire and Witchcart's gang during their respective incidents. He can also head-to-head with other skilled fighters like Sonic, Knuckles, Rouge, and Chaos.[41]

KMPlayer 2016-09-27 12-27-30-826

Tails using his two tails to keep up with Sonic, from Sonic Colors.

Due to a genetic abnormality, Tails is bequeathed with two large, fluffy tails that can twirl together. Over time, he has learned to use them to his advantage in many situations. Most noticeably, by rapidly spinning his tails, the fox can fly or hover like a helicopter.[42] While in flight, Tails can move around with outstanding agility and enough speed to keep up with even Sonic,[43] who can run at faster-than-light speeds. Or, at the very least, his casual running speed. However, he gets fatigued if he uses them to stay in flight for too long.

Vlc 2016-09-26 23-36-44-159

Tails holding a toothpick with his tail, from Sonic Lost World.

By manipulating the curvature of his twin-tails, Tails can glide through midair. He can also use his twin-tails as a rear turbine to sail across the ground at speeds great enough to let him stand a chance against Sonic in a race. By using them in said manner underwater, his twin-tails become rear propellers that let him move around underwater with ease. They are also quite powerful limbs, being both strong and fast enough to slice through metal, and highly prehensile, having once grabbed a toothpick from a sandwich by its tip and then used it to type on a keyboard.

Even without his twin-tails, Tails can move at exceptionally high speeds. He is able to keep up with Sonic's speed on foot[44] and even once cut the hedgehog off repeatedly using extremely swift movements.[45] While Sonic Battle stated Tails' speed to be 'average',[46] and Tails himself has admitted in spite of his feats that he is still slower than Sonic[47], several sources since then have indicated otherwise. Previous mentions of his speed are from events that antedate Sonic Battle, and Sonic himself states Tails is as fast him in Sonic Frontiers. Tails is also quite physically strong, having enough strength to hold up both Sonic and Knuckles at once and move 10 ton weights. He is also tough enough to withstand atmospheric re-entry and then land on the ground unharmed.[48] In addition, Tails has demonstrated great feats of acrobatic skills and agility, he can effortlessly grind on rails and pull off different acrobatic tricks while airborne. He is also good at swimming and cooking.

Tails has also demonstrated the ability to harness Chaos Emerald energy for his own use, although this is an ability he uses sparingly. By harnessing the Chaos Emeralds, he can give himself a boost in power.[49][50]

Tails possesses a genius-level intellect, knowledge of electrical engineering,[42] and is a skilled inventor. Described as a natural born mechanic with genius-leveled prowess in this field[27][51] as well as a master mechanic,[52] Tails is as talented as Dr. Eggman,[34][36] who has an IQ of 300. Tails even once claimed he is smart enough to build a TV out of paperclips and reprogram a supercomputer using a toothpick and dishwashing detergent. As a testament to his skills, when presented with foreign technology, even of the advanced kind, Tails only needs to take a few looks to understand it.[53] He is likewise quick to grasp new forms of technology, and once he develops an understanding of it, he excels at said technology.[54] Tails also has a knack for building things, to the point that his friends believe that there is nothing he cannot build.[36][55] Said to excel at creating roots and flying machines,[52] Tails has created a number of inventions that often have gotten both him and Sonic out of trouble and let them stay just ahead of Eggman's schemes. These creations include his transformable Tornado series of airplanes, his combat equipment, his Emerald Detector, the Sea Fox, the Lunar Fox, a fake Chaos Emerald and his multifunctional Miles Electric to name a few. Among the different fields of his expertise, Tails is also a capable Extreme Gear mechanic who can create, customize and tune Gears. Though he is Wave the Swallow's lesser as an Extreme Gear mechanic,[56] his skills are still good enough to impress Wave,[57] which is a considerable feat.

While mechanics are his specialty, Tails is also well-versed in physics and science, enough to come up with solid theories regarding matters as complex as time and space.[58][59] Combined with his mechanical skills, Tails can construct different vessels that can travel between dimensions. In addition, Tails has shown that he can read and translate binary and hexadecimal language. He is also a history buff who knows a lot about his world and its lore.

In direct combat, Tails utilizes a fighting style that combines a blend of basic punches and/or swipes with his twin-tails. When applied in battle, his twin-tails become like whips that can lash out with significant power across a wide range. Tails can as well spin around with his twin-tails at high speeds to become a dangerous top that can tear through opponents. Tails also has a number of aerial maneuvers to get advantage over ground-bound opponents. These maneuvers let him launch attacks at foes from above or fly at them with increased momentum.[60] During some of his tougher periods of battles, Tails has also been known to complement his fighting style with gadgets.

Tails' Spin Jump

Tails using the Spin Jump, from Sonic the Hedgehog 2.

Tails is also able to perform the Spin Attack, a technique where he curls into a concussive ball or cutting disk and directs himself at his targets. With it, Tails can shred or burrow through just about any substance given enough speed. Adept in its usage, Tails can utilize several variants of the Spin Attack for both ground and aerial maneuvers, including the Spin Dash, Spin Jump, and Homing Attack.

Tails has excellent skills when it comes to piloting aircrafts and driving vehicles,[7] including mechs and racecars. He also has incredible aerial dogfighting skills, being able to win areal battles against massive ships like the Egg Carrier and Egg Cauldron with his personalized biplanes. Tails is also a talented Extreme Gear rider in his own right, and possibly one of the best in the world due to his ability to go head-to-head with the Babylon Rogues, who are considered the best Extreme Gear riders around. On an Extreme Gear, he has enough skills to ride through mid-air with great control.

Equipment and weapons[]

As shown on several occasions, Tails tends to make use of various mechanical devices to improve his prowess in different situations, such as his Magic Hand, Energy Cannon device, and Big Hand.[61] He also occasionally carries around a wide arsenal of bombs, from basic explosives, to remote-controlled mines. He also has equipment for support, like healing devices, bots for fortifying his defenses and the Helmet. Another example is his Cyclone mech, which can transform into a car, a monoplane, or a bipedal mech equipped with hover engines, a Volkan Cannon minigun, a laser target, a grappling hook, different missile launchers, and a large frontal multi-colored laser cannon.

Once, Tails made use of the Boomering, which could pull and latch onto objects like a grappling hook. On a few occasions, he has also used Dummy Rings as projectile weaponry. While on the Starfall Islands, Tails also made great use of wrenches as weapons, as well a laser blaster that he could turn into a pile driver.

IDW Publishing[]

Tails can maneuver efficiently and with great agility in order to avoid threats. He can even use them as an extra pair of limbs to catch and throw objects.[62] He is also very agile and can keep up with Sonic at quite high speeds. Tails is able to hack into Eggman's systems and tinker with his machines, though he sometimes needs extra help.[63] In addition, Tails can do a number of advanced calculations in his head in a matter of seconds, and can do so even in the heat of battle in order to analyze a situation and deduce the most efficient way to attack an opponent.[64] He is also a capable pilot, particularly when it comes to the Tornado plane, and his skills as a pilot exceeds even Sonic's.[65][66] Tails also uses his skills to modify and improve vehicles,[66] as well as weapondry.[67]


Super Tails[]

Main article: Super Tails

Super Tails, from Sonic Heroes.

By using all seven Chaos Emeralds, Tails can enter a Super State, transforming him into Super Tails. In this state, all of Tails' abilities far surpass his normal ones. He is also able to fly without his twin-tails, and is nearly invulnerable. However, this transformation consumes a lot of energy and requires Rings to be maintained.

Hyper Tails[]

Main article: Hyper Tails

Hyper Tails, from Sonic 3 & Knuckles.

By using all seven Super Emeralds, Tails can transform into Hyper Tails. In this state all of Tails' innate abilities far surpass his normal ones, and ever those of Super Tails. Additionally, this form appears to grant Tails greater manipulation of Chaos Emerald energy, allowing for him to pass it on to Animals such as Flickies, granting them a Super State of their own.

Hyper Mode[]

Main article: Hyper Mode

A weaker variant of the super transformation. Tails is capable of using this mode for a brief time on his own by drawing power from the Chaos Emeralds. In Hyper Mode, Tails' speed and attack power greatly increase.

Color Powers[]

Main article: Color Power

By harnessing different variants of Hyper-go-on from Wisps, Tails can use specific Color Powers to transform into a certain form, such as a drill, a laser or even a planet, each one possessing its own unique abilities. So far, Tails has been able to transform into the Cyan Laser, Yellow Drill, and Indigo Asteroid. However, these transformations require a steady supply of Hyper-go-on to be maintained.


Tails has a tendency to talk too much as shown during the Space Colony ARK incident, when he revealed to Dr. Eggman that the Chaos Emerald Sonic was trying to give him was a fake after the doctor made it sound as though he already knew.[68] He is also said to be afraid of thunder,[7] ghosts,[69] and, rather ironically, great heights.[70]

Although Tails is capable of flying and gliding on his own with his twin tails, this requires great effort and stamina, and it can exhaust him heavily. He can get fatigued more easily if he is carrying something while flying, although this is dependent on the weight of what he is carrying.

Tails occasionally lacks self-confidence but has been shown to get over this weakness on some occasions and has most recently dedicated himself to overcoming it entirely.

One of Tails' bigger weaknesses is his meekness towards women. He is easily flustered, something typically attributed to his young age. This allows him to be easily manipulated by Amy's overzealousness or Rouge's flirtatious nature should they want his help.

IDW Publishing[]

Overuse of his own twin tails for flight can exhaust Tails, leaving him unable to fly again for a time.[71] He also struggles against opponents who are faster than him.[72]


In other media[]

Sonic Prime[]


Tails, from Sonic Prime.

Tails is Sonic's best friend and companion. He fights against Eggman in order to protect his friends and home. He is a very smart inventor and is always there for Sonic. Due to the Paradox Prism's incident, Tails is displaced across different dimensions from the Shatterverse. His alternate counterparts are: Tails Nine from New Yoke City, Mangey Tails from Boscage Maze, and Sails Tails from No Place.


SonicMovie2 TailsFlyMain

Tails, from Sonic the Hedgehog 2 (film).

In the Sonic the Hedgehog film series produced by Paramount Pictures, Tails is an anthropomorphic two-tailed fox who hails from another planet. After learning about Sonic the Hedgehog and his lifestyle on Earth, Tails began to admire the hedgehog. He soon learned that Knuckles the Echidna, the last of his kind, was looking for Sonic, prompting Tails to travel to Earth to warn the hedgehog of this. Tails ended up going on an adventure with Sonic to find the Master Emerald before Knuckles and Dr. Robotnik. Later teaming up with both Sonic and Knuckles, Tails helped defeat Robotnik, secure the Master Emerald, and began living with the Wachowskis on Earth.

IDW Publishing[]


Tails, from Sonic the Hedgehog #1.

In the Sonic the Hedgehog comic series and its spin-offs published by IDW Publishing, Tails is the best friend and sidekick to Sonic. His past is virtually identical to his game counterpart's, up until after the events of Sonic Forces. After the Eggman War, Tails helped defend towns from wild Badniks after Dr. Eggman went missing. Tails himself suspected that someone had taken control of the Badniks, and his suspicions were proven right when it was revealed that Neo Metal Sonic was behind the Badniks now. Tails subsequently took part in the battle of Angel Island, during which Metal Sonic was defeated. When Eggman later returned and released the Metal Virus, Tails would research Eggman's virus in an attempt to create a cure for it, but to no avail. He later joined forces with his enemies to defeat the Deadly Six when they took control of the Zombot hordes and tried using them to destroy the world. Later, Tails met a wooden robot named Belle and nearly got kidnapped by Dr. Starline. When later attacking an Eggman tower, Tails' suspicions about Belle's origins were proven correct when she was revealed to be a Badnik, albeit a good-natured one.


Tails was awarded "Best New Character" in Electronic Gaming Monthly's 1992 video game awards, stating "not only is he as cute as Sonic, but he actually serves a major purpose in the game." He was also cited as being the second best Sonic character in the Official Nintendo magazine.[73]

According to official polls, Tails is the third most popular character in the Sonic the Hedgehog franchise, coming behind Sonic and Shadow.[74] According to the Sonic Jam Official Guide, Tails stimulates the maternal instinct of many female fans from all around the world thanks to his charm that contrasts Sonic's.[75]


For more quotes, see Miles "Tails" Prower/Miscellaneous#Quotes
"Full speed ahead!"
—Tails' catchphrase
"Good job to you on inventing a translator that allowed us to speak to the aliens and figure out exactly what we needed to do so we weren't running around the park looking like idiots. Oh no wait, that was me."
—Tails speaking sarcastically when Sonic said that he didn't do anything, Sonic Colors
"I'll admit he isn't perfect, but Sonic has overcome impossible odds over and over again. I know he'll save us all."
—Miles "Tails" Prower, Sonic Frontiers




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