Mikhail is a resident of Soleanna in Sonic the Hedgehog (2006). He is a young boy from Castle Town who is the proud owner of a collection of ten bronze medals. It is unknown what these medals are for and how he acquired them, but they are purportedly very precious. His strict mother would berate him if he were to lose them. Mikhail also owns a pet cat who is not only extremely agile (it can climb very tall buildings and structures, including Castle Town's bell towers), but also quite mischievous.


A relieved Mikhail thanking Silver for finding the medals.

In Silver's story, Mikhail gives Silver his third Town Mission. The boy's devilish cat has discovered his bronze medal collection and hidden the 10 medals in various locations in Castle Town. Mikhail has attempted to search for them, but each medal has been misplaced high up on the rooftops, far out of his reach. Frightened at the inevitability of his mother yelling at him for his carelessness when she returns home, the boy asks Silver to find the 10 bronze medals that are scattered around the town.

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