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This character exists primarily or exclusively within the Pre-Super Genesis Wave continuity.
Information in this article may not be canonical to the storyline of the games or any other Sonic continuity.
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For the version of this character after the Super Genesis Wave, see Mighty the Armadillo (Archie).

Mighty the Armadillo is a character that appears in the Sonic the Hedgehog comic series and its spin-offs published by Archie Comics. He is a mobian eastern armadillo who took up residence in the mountains of Angel Island, though he was born planet-side in the Kingdom of Mercia. He has known Sonic the Hedgehog since his childhood, though after their first adventure together they did not meet again for roughly six years. After spending much of his youth wandering, he was brought to the Angel Island by Knuckles the Echidna and Vector the Crocodile. One of the original members of the Chaotix, Mighty has fought by their side in numerous battles, and would often back up Sonic's old team, the Knothole Freedom Fighters. His adventures eventually led to being reunited with his long-lost sister, Matilda the Armadillo, long after both their parents had died.


Mighty in his updated outfit.

Mighty is a black-and-yellow mobian armadillo with a red shell. He wears simple white gloves and red and white shoes similar to those worn by Sonic; however, the white stripe doesn't cross the entire shoe and they lack the gold buckles. His black nose is somewhat longer and more pointed than usual. As with the rest of the Chaotix, he has light blue eyes.

Some artists add his small black tail but he otherwise typically lacks one. Artist Renae De Liz gave him a segmented shell reflecting real-life armadillos. The color of his eyelids varies between yellow and red, and some artists incorrectly place his ears atop his shell rather than beneath it. As a child, he was briefly forced to wear heavy-duty metal cuffs. He once wore a Dark Legion robe, and for the wedding of Antoine and Bunnie he sported a black tuxedo jacket with red cummerbund.

During his time as a member of the Sand-Blasters, Mighty's attire underwent some changes. His first appearance with them featured him donning a cap, a backpack with a single strap that went diagonally around his torso and shell, and what appeared to be bandages wrapped around his lower legs. Later, he swapped out his shoes for large black, red, and brown boots, as well as wearing a small pack around his left leg. His gloves were also exchanged for a black, fingerless pair with red lining the finger holes and buckled brown cuffs, with bandages now wrapped around his lower arms.


Early life

Mighty's family.

Born in the Kingdom of Mercia to a family of thieves, Mighty and his younger sister Matilda the Armadillo-whom Mighty affectionately called Tilly-were too young to realize that the actions of his parents ("oblivious in [their] innocence" as Mammoth Mogul put it) were illegal, recognizing only the love their parents had for them. After his parents were subsequently sent to prison for their crimes, Mighty sought a method to free them. Discovered by Mammoth Mogul, the ancient Mobian granted Mighty his tremendous strength in exchange for a favor-one that Mighty would forget due to Mogul's hypnotic powers. Even with his new powers, Mighty failed to rescue his parents however, and imposed exile on himself in addition to that appointed by Rob o' the Hedge's father, who was at that point Mercia's king.[1][2][3][4]

Still a young child and wandering Mobius in exile, Mighty was captured by Dr. Ivo Robotnik along with Fiona Fox, Ray the Flying Squirrel and other Mobians. Upon capture he was fitted with special shackles as a precaution against his unusual strength.[5] Taken to a forced labor camp, the captured Mobians were also used as experiments towards the creation of the first Auto Automatons. When a young Fiona Fox was grabbed by Robian guards to be taken away for such an experiment, Mighty angrily lunged at the guard, causing a brief riot in which he, Ray and Fiona were quickly subdued. Fiona was taken away and Mighty and Ray were locked in isolation. The camp was later infiltrated by a young Sonic the Hedgehog, who helped free Mighty from his shackles, allowing Mighty to destroy the bars of his cell.[6] The two went on to cause an uprising in order to free the camp's prisoners. After freeing Ray, the three somehow wound up in an alternate zone due to a Power Gem connected to equipment they'd hoped to disable. Due to a difference in time flow, they appeared to only be gone momentarily. However, Ray was not with them upon their return, and Mighty, angry at the loss of his friend, began to destroy the lab, forcing Robotnik to flee with Fiona. Having lost both Fiona and Ray, Mighty returned to wandering on his own.[7]

Joining the Chaotix

Mighty meets Knuckles for the first time and discovers Angel Island, from Sonic the Hedgehog #120.

After his escape from the prison complex, Mighty continued to wander the lands searching for a place to call home and soon encountered Knuckles the Echidna for the first time. Attempting to explain to the Echidna terms like "slave labor", "prison camp" and "lab rat", Mighty eventually found himself confused when Knuckles tried to explain what a crocodile was, as he was hoping to find Vector. After the two realized they both had something in common, each having lost their parents, Knuckles offered Mighty the chance to accompany him and Vector back to the Floating Island, which Mighty accepted. Despite their death-defying ride aboard Vector's Gyro, which ended up crashing, the group made it to Mighty's new home. There, he was the first to meet Charmy Bee when the latter arrived on the island.[8]

Mighty began his new life on the island where he was finally able to live in peace. However, his peaceful life was disrupted when Renfield T. Rodent and Dr. Ivo Robotnik set up a base of operations on the island disguised as a carnival. Mighty was enlisted by Knuckles along with Vector, Espio the Chameleon and Charmy Bee to help him force Robotnik off the island. After Robotnik's rebuilt Metal Sonic was defeated, Mighty joined the newly formed group, the Chaotix.[9]

He later went on to enjoy a somewhat peaceful life with the Chaotix. However, this peace was disrupted repeatedly because of battles with Enerjak, a Chaos-powered version of Knuckles' distant uncle Dimitri;[10][11][12] the Dark Legion, a group of cyborg Echidnas led by Enerjak's descendants;[13][14][15] the Freedom Fighters, who fought the group after being tricked by a common enemy; and the Fearsome Foursome and Mammoth Mogul, who invaded Angel Island several times seeking first its Chaos Emerald and then the Sword of Acorns.[16][17] Despite all these powerful enemies Mighty's super strength usually helped both he and his friends through. His home on Angel Island was a furnished cave (complete with weight-training equipment) up a cliff in a region called Rocky Hill.[5] Things continued to change in Mighty's life, as the destruction of the Ultimate Annihilator Dr. Robotnik had built brought the city of Echidnaopolis back to Mobius, and a former Dark Legion soldier named Julie-Su joined the team.[18][19][20]

Fighting crime and the Dark Legion

Mighty, chained and left in the desert, from Knuckles the Echidna #9.

Once the Echidnaopolis crisis had been resolved, Mighty joined his friends in exploring the city, hanging out at the local food court. Not long after Enerjak, aided anonymously by Mammoth Mogul, returned to seek his revenge. Seemingly betrayed by Julie-Su, Mighty and the others were taken prisoner by the Dark Legion, who had sided with their ancestral hero.[21][22] Mighty, Espio and Vector were tied up (in Mighty's case, with chains) and left to die in Sandopolis; however, Knuckles soon arrived and freed them. They returned to Echidnaopolis just in time to save Dimitri from a sudden end after Mammoth Mogul used the Sword of Acorns to drain his powers.[23] Mighty joined in the fight against the newly empowered Master Mogul, but the day was only saved when Knuckles, Sonic, and Miles "Tails" Prower received a power boost from the Chaos Emeralds and Power Rings to transform into improved forms that Mogul was defeated and sealed in the new Master Emerald.[24] While Knuckles then departed to aid the Lost Tribe of Echidnas, Mighty and the Chaotix joined forces with Echidna Security Team Constable Remington to investigate their old enemy Renfield T. Rodent, who had refurbished his old theme park and begun tainting the food with an experimental seasoning designed to cause addiction and thus bring patrons back for more. Renfield accidentally put too much of the ingredient into some of his food, and the resulting overdose killed Charmy's friend Mello. The Chaotix themselves-Mighty included-were left disoriented by a similar poisoning, but recovered quickly enough. They then brought Renfield and his employer, Ebony Hare, to justice after defeating them and saving Julie-Su from their henchmen.[25][26][27][28][29][30]

Following Knuckles' return, Mighty and the rest of the Chaotix would find themselves with no enemies to fight for a time. That ended when the Dark Legion resurfaced yet again, this time attempting to seize control of Angel Island through politics. Mighty and the other Chaotix defeated them, only for Knuckles to be spirited away briefly by his ancestors in the Brotherhood of Guardians to Haven.[31][32][33][34] When he returned, the Guardian would struggle to come to grips with his feelings for Julie-Su. Mighty tried to support his friend during the ordeal, and was there with his first known date at Knuckles' birthday party when his old friend and Julie-Su kissed for the first time.[35][36][37] Together with the other Chaotix, Mighty would then help his friend when Knuckles found himself switching bodies with Sonic due to a team-up between the Dark Legion and a mechanical duplicate of Robotnik.[38]

Rescuing Ray and facing new threats

After the demise of Ivo Robotnik, Mighty was approached by Nic the Weasel who made him an offer; if he would help her recover a treasure from the now-abandoned prison camp, she would give him a lead on Ray's location. Using Nic's craft, they flew back to the outskirts of the old facility where they were met by, to Mighty's surprise, Fiona Fox.[5] Mighty had assumed Fiona had died, and despite his claims that he and Sonic had tried to save everyone they could, Fiona was extremely bitter about what she saw as having been abandoned. Despite Fiona's attitude, Nic assured her that in order to reach their goal, a mine Power Gem, Mighty's help was necessary. Mighty reminded her that they also needed to look for Ray, but the weasel replied that she didn't know where he was, only where he might be found. After breaking into the abandoned facility and coming across inactive Auto Automations based on various Freedom Fighters, the trio came to their final obstacle; a sealed door of thick metal. Thinking the Power Gem would be locked behind it, Nic told Mighty to open the door.[6] Tearing it down, they discovered not only the gem, but Ray clinging to it. Mighty was overjoyed when Nic destroyed the gem to free Ray, promising to compensate her for the loss of the gem. Mighty would then take Ray, who became his adopted younger brother, home to Angel Island.[7]

Shortly after, the Chaotix found themselves in the Mysterious Cat Country after an attack by Dr. Eggman left Angel Island on the surface. With Knuckles gone to aid the Freedom Fighters and the local inhabitants eager to punish them, and it was only the Guardian Locke's timely intervention that saved them.[39][40] Soon Mighty and the others were up against the Dark Legion again, but this time he and the Chaotix—except for Julie—were all transported to the Twilight Zone by the Quantum Beam.[41] However, Mighty was soon brought back to Mobius, together with the other natives of Angel Island, by Chaos Knuckles.[42] Having little to do with the attempted reunification of the Echidnas, he played an equally little role in Chaos Knuckles' battle with Mammoth Mogul, which resulted in Knuckles' death.[43] Like the other Chaotix, he was present at Knuckles' funeral,[44] and soon afterwards he and the other Chaotix found themselves telling a grieving Julie-Su stories of their early days with Knuckles.[45]

Assisting the Kingdom of Acorn

When the Xorda attacked Mobius, Mighty and the Chaotix joined in the assault on the Quantum Dial in the Southern Tundra. He was thus present when Knuckles made his miraculous return, though the Guardian was without his previous special abilities.[46] During Sonic's year-long disappearance, Mighty relocated to Knothole when Dr. Eggman launched a full-scale attack on Angel Island. Following Sonic's return from space, Mighty took part in Operation: Triple Threat when he went to Fort Acorn with the Chaotix to help the Mes Braves Battalion and Paladin Team Sigma-Alpha 2 defend the slagged remains of Robotropolis from Eggman's SWATbot army.[47][48]

Mighty also accompanied the Chaotix during their raid on Angel Island to liberate a Dingo-run concentration camp and rescue Knuckles' father Locke from captivity.[49][50][51][52] Following this, Mighty and the others returned to Knothole where they would remain for some time and perform duties such as training in the Battle Simulator, acting as security for Mina Mongoose and her band,[53][54] and protect Knothole from the army of Metal Sonic Troopers that had been commandeered by A.D.A.M..[55]

After helping in the battle against the collective forces of Mammoth Mogul, Ixis Naugus, the Destructix, and the Arachne Clan,[56][57][58] Mighty and Ray were asked to interview Fiona Fox when Rouge appeared in Knothole via Warp Ring with information on Dr. Finitevus and indicated some seedy connections to Fiona.[59] During a mission the Chaotix took to investigate Renfield T. Rodent's Casinopolis casino in Station Square, Mighty was responsible for destroying the new Auto-Automaton production machinery while he and Julie-Su rescued Knuckles.[60] When A.D.A.M. used his Nanites to control Bunnie as part of his scheme to start the Great Harmony, Mighty and Knuckles were forced to subdue her until her cybernetic limbs could be disabled.[61] Soon afterwards, he joined Ray and Espio on a secret mission to investigate Charmy's old home, the Golden Hive Colony, which Dr. Eggman had conquered and converted into holdings for his empire. Espio then destroyed the colony, which Mighty initially objected to until Espio remarked that he did it to hurt Eggman for hurting Charmy.[62] The Chaotix then departed to provide security for Mina Mongoose on her latest concert tour,[54] but returned to witness Antoine's wedding to Bunnie, though Espio was off on yet another solo mission and wound up being captured by Dr. Eggman.[63]

Mighty attacks Snively for "killing" Ray, from Sonic the Hedgehog #175.

Mighty was with the rest of the Chaotix in Knothole, playing video games with Vector, when the Egg Fleet attacked and destroyed the city. Enraged at the sight of Ray being captured by Snively's Beater (which appeared to disintegrate the target), Mighty viciously attacked, tearing the mech apart before he too was captured.[64] Mighty, like the vast majority of Knothole's citizens, was transported to the Egg Grape Chambers in New Megaopolis. However, he along with everyone else was eventually freed and transported to New Mobotropolis.[65][66] Mighty remained in New Mobotropolis with the rest of the Chaotix during the Enerjak crisis, though when Julie-Su wanted to leave the city and see if Knuckles was okay, Mighty readily assisted her and the rest of the Chaotix in attacking the city's airfield. However, when Sonic and Tails were dispatched to Angel Island instead, the Chaotix remained in the city.[67]

Mighty sends a Dark Egg Legionnaire flying, from Sonic the Hedgehog #189.

Shortly after the Enerjak crisis was resolved, Mighty remained behind to help rebuild Freedom HQ while the other Chaotix members went to Angel Island to comfort Knuckles. During this time, Mighty was mind controlled by Mammoth Mogul, who had made Mighty susceptible to his magical control in exchange for his strength years earlier. Mogul controlled Mighty like a puppet, along with Tails, and Mina Mongoose, to force Sonic to give him New Mobotropolis' Chaos Emerald.[1] While Mogul initially attempted to have the trio subdue Sonic, he then had each one put themselves in life-threatening situations, as for all his speed, Sonic would not be able to save all three at once. Mighty was "ordered" to walk openly into Eggman's territory without resistance, but after Sonic complied, he was released from Mogul's spell, fought off a few Dark Egg Legionnaires in Egg Mobile and escaped safely. Retaining memories of his actions while under the spell, the Armadillo expressed an understanding of how Knuckles had felt while possessed by Enerjak.[68] The spell's lingering effects were later completely erased by Merlin Prower as a precaution, though Mighty still possessed his strength.[69]

Raiding the Eggdome

Mighty Archie.png

Following this, Mighty and the rest of the Chaotix launched an attack on New Megaopolis and successfully destroyed one of Dr. Eggman's communications relays while fighting off the Dark Egg Legion.[70][71] Later, after the Suppression Squad incident, Mighty and the Chaotix helped the Freedom Fighters in a direct assault on the Eggman Empire.[72] Mighty and Bunnie helped break into the Eggdome by using their super strength to smash through the wall and then assisted in fending off the Dark Egg Legion. However, both he and Espio were pinned down by the Legion's laser fire and ended up being saved by Charmy, Saffron, and Ray. After Mighty and Bunnie finished beating down the barricade the DEL set up, he and the others entered to find Eggman defeated and they all returned to New Mobotropolis to celebrate.[73][74]

Aftermath of Eggman's defeat

Unfortunately for Mighty and his friends, they were soon forced to contend with a new enemy: the Iron Dominion.[75] After Espio left his former teammates to serve the despotic group,[76] Mighty teamed up with Vector to help the Freedom Fighters deal with a rampaging Monkey Khan, a cyborg ally of the Freedom Fighters corrupted by the Magitek of the Iron Queen.[77]

Later returning to Angel Island, Mighty joined Knuckles and Julie-Su in traveling to the Dingo camp to meet with Helmut Von Stryker, who provided the three with information on the whereabouts of Dr. Finitevus. After speaking with his old friend Harry and escaping from an ancient booby trap in some Sandopolis ruins, Mighty passed through a Warp Ring to Downunda, where he and his friends found and attacked Finitevus. In the midst of their battle, chains reached up to capture Angel Island, and Finitevus offered the trio the chance of saving their home by working with him.[78][79] While Knuckles and Julie-Su were immediately antagonistic, Mighty played the part of voice of reason to try and calm things down. After being joined by Vector and Ray, he and his friends—along with Finitevus—then prepared to face a wave of Wing Dingoes who were quickly defeated by the resistance group, the Downunda Freedom Fighters. After that, the Downunda Freedom Fighters told them of the betrayal of their former member, Duck "Bill" Platypus, and what had happened in Downunda for over the past year. Mighty, Knuckles, and Vector went with Guru Emu to release Angel Island from the chains but were attacked by Wing Dingoes and the chapter Dark Egg Legion at the rim of the Great Crater. Mighty was soon knocked out cold and captured by the Legion, who then brought him and his friends to their base in chains.[80] After Finitevus revealed his reasons for siding with the Legion and departed, Bill surprised the group by freeing them and explaining that he had been acting the part of Eggman's ally. Once the two teams staged a breakout, Mighty assisted Knuckles in getting to Angel Island to confront Dr. Finitevus by literally heaving him up into the air so he could fly right to Shrine Isle before moving on to help confront the Legion.[81]

Mighty learns his sister is alive, from Sonic the Hedgehog #212.

Later, Mighty and Vector arrived in New Mobotropolis and helped evacuate civilians as the Iron Dominion invaded with the help of a reprogrammed NICOLE, taking the people out through a Warp Ring.[82] Once the Iron Dominion had been defeated, Mighty and the other Chaotix gathered to welcome back Espio, who tried to regain the group's trust by explaining everything he had kept secret, starting with the fact that his clan had first dispatched him to Angel Island in order to observe Knuckles. Espio also revealed that he had come across information about the other Chaotix, and reluctantly informed Mighty that what he had found indicated that the Armadillo's parents were dead, but that his sister was alive and now a member of a Dark Egg Legion chapter. Mighty stormed off, and later Ray found him at his home, packing supplies for a journey. Ray feared that the armadillo was angry, and he replied that while he wasn't happy that Espio did not immediately reveal this information to him, he'd respect why he didn't do so. Mighty announced his intention to find his missing sister, but Ray protested that he was needed among the Chaotix. Mighty attempted to allay Ray's concerns by remarking that Vector and Knuckles could fill in for him as the power element of the team, but Ray pleaded to be taken along, not wanting to be left behind a second time. Mighty agreed to allow Ray to accompany him, the two bidding goodbye to the others before departing Angel Island.[83]

Sister Search

Mighty searches through Friar Buck's records, from Sonic Universe #46.

Mighty and Ray's journey, which they reported to the Chaotix via letters sent through a Warp Ring, eventually led them to Mighty's birthplace of Mercia. Mighty's strength allowed him and Ray to easily defeat a group of soldiers from the Mercia Dark Egg Legion and their G.O.O.N.s, after which they encountered the Crazy Kritter Freedom Fighters. Acting leader Bow Sparrow acknowledged the role of the former king in the punishment of Mighty's parents and the Armadillo's exile, and offered his own life as restitution. Mighty proved forgiving, and gave the Sparrow a friendly-if somewhat painful-hug. Friar Buck then allowed Mighty to look over his collection of Mercia's records, which allowed Mighty to determine that his sister had been in an orphanage prior to her Roboticization. Reasoning that the Eggnet in Snottingham Castle would be able to provide him with his sister's current location, Mighty and his friends planned a daring nighttime raid. However, the attack plan was halted when the Legion launched a surprise attack on Deerwood Forest in an attempt to uncover the location of Hideaway, the Freedom Fighters' base. Though Bow recommended that Mighty and Ray should go to the castle and use the assault as a chance to sneak in, the pair chose to fight alongside their newfound allies. After largely overcoming the invades, Bow again sent the pair off, and Mighty and Ray left to continue their quest. However, the Freedom Fighters had no contact with them after that point, and their Warp Ring returned to Angel Island by itself.[3][84]

Having successfully accessed the Eggnet and located his missing sister in the area of Sand Blast City, Mighty traveled there and joined the Sand-Blasters under the name "Flex" while Ray went by "Jitters." Their reasons for doing this were cautionary-though they knew the Sand-Blasters to be untrustworthy, the local Eggman Empire forces would likely prove hostile as well. As such, they decided to masquerade as Sand-Blasters for a time in order to the get the lay of the land, and sent their Warp Ring back to Angel Island in order to keep it away from their "allies." Mighty saved several of his new teammates from a Great Desert Dark Egg Legion tank, responding to Jack Rabbit's thanks with his desire to "pay his keep" while trying to locate his sister. An unexpected surprise came as Vector, Espio, and Charmy came looking for their missing friends, nearly blowing the pair's cover in the process. After explaining all that they had accomplished- and putting on an act of bullying his friends- Mighty was questioned by Vector as to why he hadn't provided more of an explanation. Mighty responded that he had done what he had thought appropriate, and then questioned if Vector was going to hold his joining the Sand-Blasters against him as he had Espio's ties to the Shinobi Clan and Julie-Su's history as a Legionnaire. After the Crocodile admitted his tendency to be unforgiving, he expressed his happiness that the group had been all but reunited, only for Mighty to reveal his plans to meet with Beauregard Rabbot of the Legion.[4][85]

Mighty surrenders to the Baron in order to meet with him, from Sonic Universe #48.

While Mighty was glad to have the trio arrive in time to look after Ray while he went to meet the Baron, his teammates were less-than-pleased. Assuring them of the Baron's reputation for fairness, he turned down Ray's pleading to go with him, determined that he didn't want his adopted younger brother hurt. With Espio's help, he escaped the city unnoticed and approached the Legion base, only to be attacked when they proved doubtful about his intent to surrender. Disabling a pair of tanks, he was then allowed to meet with Beauregard, who was dubious as to Mighty's intentions given how effective he had been against the Legion. Beauregard was then stunned to learn of Mighty's mission, and summoned Matilda, whom Mighty was overjoyed to see. Mighty's heart was then broken as Matilda recounted her tragic past, which had left her with no memory of-and no feelings for-her long-lost brother. Beauregard expressed his condolences, and his hopes that Mighty would have been able to help Matilda open up, and then assured Mighty that his sister was with a family of sorts in the Legion and that they would take care of her. In order to keep up the pretense, the Baron had the heartbroken Mighty "confined" and sent word to Jack for a prisoner exchange.[4]

At the meeting site the next day, the Baron had Mighty enter a powerful restraint, keeping up the pretense that he was a helpless prisoner. Mighty submitted without complaint, still heartbroken over his sister's rejection after all he had done to find her. Beauregard again expressed his sympathy, before turning to address the arriving Sand-Blasters. However, the supposedly peaceful meeting turned into a battle as several of Jack's "prisoners" turned out to be Sand-Blaster operatives disguised as Legionnaires, who began attacking. Mighty begged the Baron to release him so that he could help protect Matilda, regardless of her lack of feelings for him. To his shock, Ray boarded the carrier and demanded that Beauregard release him, only to anger Matilda, who might have attacked Ray had Mighty and the Baron not intervened. When Ray realized who Matilda was, he asked her to come with them, only for Matilda to again demonstrate her lack of feelings towards Mighty and any desire to go with him. Mighty was once again heartbroken, but was then caught off guard as Ray pleaded his case with Matilda, citing Mighty's love for his sister and Ray, and his efforts to find her so that he could help her as he had the Flying Squirrel.[86]

An enraged Mighty defends a wounded Matilda, from Sonic Universe #49.

Mighty was deeply impressed by his "little brother," but the happy moment was interrupted by Jolt the Roadrunner, who aimed to take Mighty out for lying to the Sand-Blasters, a fact which had come out during the battle. Matilda, connecting with her sibling thanks to Ray's speech, defended him from not one but two Sand-Blaster attacks, sending Jolt flying and intercepting a missile aimed at her brother. Seeing his sister injured and enraged at Jack's cruelty, Mighty snapped and went on a violent rampage, decimating the Sand-Blasters tanks and jeeps, as well as going after Jack and the others with a car engine, and even could have killed them all had the Chaotix not stopped him and Ray getting through to him by reminding him of Matilda's injury. Fortunately, Matilda survived, and Mighty was able to properly introduce her to her adopted sibling, Ray. Unfortunately, Beauregard informed the group that Matilda's recovery would require care that only the Legion could provide, and that Mighty would have to leave in order for her to be safe. Mighty suggested that he could blend in with the Legion, but the Baron convinced him of the temporary nature of such a tactic, promising that he would be able to visit Matilda. With the encouragement of his teammates, Mighty bid farewell to Matilda, promising that they would meet again soon.[86] Mighty and the others returned to Angel Island, only to find Knuckles unaccompanied by Julie-Su and Saffron. The pair had been banished through a Warp Ring by Thrash the Tasmanian Devil during the absence of Mighty and the others, and Knuckles' initial response to his friends' questions was to break down in helpless rage.[87][88]

Note: From this point, Mighty's history continues from his new life in the altered timeline.


Mighty is not particularity aggressive, though he enjoys physical activity and is willing to fight for a good cause, especially for the safety of the weak or small. He is extremely protective of his allies, often quick to shield them or ensure they're uninjured. He is extremely protective of Ray the flying squirrel, whom he regards as his younger brother. Upon several occasions when Ray has been in danger, Mighty flies into a terrible and uncharacteristic rage. His somewhat over-protective nature stems from the lingering guilt of his failure to find his parents and his previous (forced) abandonment of Ray. This same guilt is why he was so determined to find his younger sister Matilda. Unlike his friend Vector, Mighty holds no grudges and is able to get along with anyone. He tries to only see the good in others and is somewhat sensitive of hurting their feelings; indeed, he has a very kind heart, which was broken when he discovered that his long-lost sister cared nothing about him.

Powers and abilities

Mighty curls into a ball to protect himself.

Mighty has incredible strength, bestowed upon him by Mammoth Mogul when he was a child;[1][2] he is the third strongest Mobian alive, after Big the Cat, and Bark the Polar Bear.[89][90] He is able to easily rip apart metallic objects and can lift incredible masses with relative ease. Once, upon waking up in a hospital, he thought exercise would improve his condition and began lifting weights—holding his bed (with a nurse perched atop) up over his head with a single hand.[29] He and Bunnie Rabbot were the only ones able to manage even superficial damage to their chambers when held captive in the Egg Grapes,[65] and during other incidents, Mighty is often held by stronger-than-average means to prevent him from escaping. Mighty's powers can fluctuate depending on his health and emotions; when enraged, he's especially destructive. However, his strength apparently has its limits. During a silly play for the children of Knothole, Mighty needed help from Jules Hedgehog and Espio to hoist Rotor (who somehow was cast as Tails) into the air so that Rotor could "fly".[91]

Mighty's shell is also capable of deflecting laser blasts, and Mighty can curl up into a ball either for defense or to launch into his own version of the Spin Dash.[4][7][73]





  • Writer Ian Flynn stated in his character Q&A that Mighty gave Vector personal training following Sonic's disappearance that led to Vector's transformation from his Knuckles' Chaotix look to his Sonic Heroes look.[92] This was later confirmed in print in Sonic the Hedgehog #212, where Mighty remarked to Ray that Vector had become nearly as strong as he was due to going through his training course.
  • Mighty's relationship with Ray sort of mirrors Sonic the Hedgehog's relationship with Tails as they both have a brotherly relationship with the latter.
  • Mighty's redesign for Sonic Universe #48 and following issues was done by Archie Comics artist/writer Aleah Baker with the idea of incorporating Mighty's "rough-and-tumble adventurer" personality while visually connecting him with the Sand-Blasters.[93]


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