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This character exists primarily or exclusively within the Sonic Boom continuity.
Information in this article may not be canonical to the storyline of the games or any other Sonic continuity.

It's so hard to get decent help these days. Now run to the store and get the good stuff!
That won't be necessary. It's clear you're more foe than friend to robot-kind.

Dr. Eggman and Mighton, "Robots From The Sky Part 1"

Mighton is a character that appears in the Sonic Boom series. He is an alien robot hero from Roboken, a city in the clouds above earth.[2][4]

Concept and creation

Mighton's voice was based on Johnny Depp's from the film Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas.[5]


Mighton is a robot at Eggman's height, designed after a muscular humanoid. He has a gray frame with lion-colored armor covering his pelvis, lower chest, shoulders and feet. His upper torso and shoulders are further covered in red armor, along with his backhands, front forearms, lower legs and ankles. He also has what appears to be front lights on his chest, a green plate on the middle of his lower chest, lion stubs for knuckles, and a green spot on his front pelvis. His head is mostly red with a lion-colored face, a red mouth piece, a green spot on his forehead, and black eyes with blue sclera. He also has a gray antenna/cap on the right side of his head and can extend a small lens over his right eye.


TV series


Mighton hails from Morristown, a city in the clouds where sentient robots live together in harmony as equals within a government-less society.[2] During his career, Mighton went on a stint in Guatamañana. There, he woke up one morning to find his robotic platoon decapitated, leaving him with the task of screwing their heads back on.[6]

Alongside his sidekick Bolts, Mighton would become a benevolent hero to his robotic world.[2]

Season two

Mighton and Bolts coming to Eggman's aid.

While out flying, Mighton and Bolts crashed on Seaside Island when their spaceship got infected by malware. Looking around Hedgehog Village, the duo helped Dr. Eggman beat Team Sonic when they saw the team smash what the duo thought were innocent robots, and joined Eggman at his lair. After introducing themselves though, Mighton and Bolts saw that Eggman was no friend of robots despite his claims, prompting Eggman to imprison them to learn of Morristown's location. Eventually rescued by Team Sonic, Mighton and Bolts got their payback at Eggman, although Orbot and Cubot declined their offer to join them in Morristown. Admitting he had misjudged organics, Mighton bid farewell to Sonic and went home with Bolts in their fixed ship.[2] Upon their return though, they found Morristown under the control of Hypnobot, a Tails robot with the power to control robot AIs. With Hypnobot spreading his malware signal all over the world, Mighton and Bolts joined up with the Robot Resistance, whom Mighton became the leader of, to stop Hypnobot. However, they had to stay in a lead-covered bunker, or Hypnobot would take control of them.[6]

When Sonic and Tails appeared in Morristown to stop Hypnobot's signal, the two were taken to the resistance's bunker where Mighton helped tell them of their situation. There, Sonic and Tails offered to go after Hypnobot since they were not robots, which Mighton and his group approved of. After the duo beat Hypnobot by kicking him off of Morristown, Mighton and Bolts emerged to pick them up from the aftermath of their battle.[6] Mighton then helped show Sonic and Tails around Morristown until Hypnobot returned with Eggman and his army to conquer the city. With the rest of Team Sonic coming to their aid, Mighton helped his allies fight the invaders, only to turn against then when Hypnobot took control of him, forcing the heroes to retreat. When Team Sonic later turned the tides of battle by returning with Team Cybonic as support, Mighton tried to kill Sonic, but stopped when Tails destroyed Hypnobot. His ally defeated, Eggman retreated from Morristown with his army. Mighton and his people, now having Team Cybonic to help defend them, then bid farewell to Team Sonic as they left their city (now renamed "Roboken").[7]

Mighton and Cyborg Sonic on the hunt for Eggman.

Finding Eggman in Roboken again, Mighton let him go after learning that the doctor was just there on vacation with his robot family. After Mighton discovered Eggman's theft of Bolts' smart chip though, which had left Bolts lifeless, he and Cyborg Sonic began hunting Eggman. Following Eggman to earth, Mighton and Cyborg Sonic confronted him, with Team Sonic coming to the duo's aid. In the ensuing battle with Eggman's smart chip-upgraded robots, the smart chip ended up in Mombot, prompting Mighton and his allies to rush her. However, the Eggman family got in their way, and Eggman returned the chip to save Mombot, thus allowing Mighton to restore Bolts.[3]


Sentient and with free will and emotions, Mighton is a heroic and stalwart robot. Outwardly, he is a tough, serious and upstanding figure.[2] He comes off as a hardened soldier, having witnessed some horrific sights (by robots standards) during his career, and scoffs those whining over lesser injuries. He also has a no-nonsenses attitude that makes him brush aside any laid-back pleasantries, although he not above making analogies. He also speaks in a gruff tone and militarist manner.[2][6]

Mighton is very loyal, being fully committed to protecting Morristown and his people, no matter what torture he has to endure, and is proud of his home. He is similarly extremely bold, having spoken up against Dr. Eggman with an insult despite being at the doctor's mercy at the time. He is also direct in his words and says things as he sees them, even if they come off as insulting or unnerving. Beneath his tough surface though is a kind and benevolent being who is devoted to the greater good and robot-kind. Mighton is thus always willing to help or avenge his "robot brethren" at a moment's notice whenever they are in trouble. Even the sight or mention of robots being treated as possessions or slaves is enough to grind his gears. Regardless, he is not indiscriminate towards robots, meaning he is willing to oppose and harm robots that turn out to be evil.[2]

As put by Bolts, Mighton can be a bit hasty in his judgment, as he sometimes forgets to take important factors into account when wanting to help someone.[2] Nonetheless, he has the qualities of a leader, although the stress of such a position can sometimes get to him.[6]

While Mighton's demeanor might imply that he keeps his relationships with other people strictly professional, he is actually shown to deeply care about his friends, specially Bolts. In fact, when he finds his friends hurt in any way, Mighton silently mourns them before getting consumed by cold rage. The only thing he has on mind from then on is to hunt down the wrongdoer so he can delliver vengeful retribution.[3][7]

Originally, Mighton did not think highly about organic beings. After meeting Team Sonic though, he came to realize that such "primitive rodents" are not all bad and enjoyable to be around.[2] He also shows great humility when admitting his mistakes and has even been known to taken an interest in his friends' relationships.[2][7] Mighton also has a bit of an artistic side to him, as he tends to bring a bit of enchantment with his hand gestures whenever he speaks the name of his city.[2]

Powers and abilities

In terms of overall strength, Mighton is said to be a mighty individual.[4] As his signature ability, Mighton can detach his fists from his arms and fire them as missiles at opponents from a distance and hit with enough force to disable a Fire Bot in one blow. While his fists are in flight, Mighton can steer them in any direction, even when they are not in his field of vision, and even guide them back to his arms to reattach them or keep them suspended in midair.[2][7]



Mighton mourning a lifeless Bolts.

Bolts is Mighton's partner and sidekick, and the brains of their outfit. While he does not always show it, Mighton cares deeply for Bolts; upon seeing Cowbot hurt Bolts, Mighton told Cowbot that it had "signed [its] own death warranty" before destroying it without mercy.[7] Similarly, when Dr. Eggman rendered Bolts lifeless by stealing his smart chip, Mighton hunted Eggman relentlessly in cold rage so he could bring Bolts back to life and get payback at the doctor.[3]

Dr. Eggman

Mighton initially allied himself with Dr. Eggman on the grounds that his robots were being destroyed by Team Sonic. From there, Mighton was tricked by Eggman into thinking that Team Sonic were hooligans bullying robots so the doctor could gain Mighton's allegiance. However, Mighton soon noticed Eggman's own abuse of his robots, prompting him to break off their alliance. Eggman subsequently became Mighton's enemy when the doctor imprisoned him to learn the location of Morristown so he could conquer it.[2]

Team Sonic

At first, Mighton thought Team Sonic were villains after seeing them destroy Badniks, prompting him to foil their hero efforts. Soon after, Mighton was fooled by Eggman into believing that Team Sonic were a rogue band smashing robots for fun. After the team rescued him from Eggman's captivity though, Mighton realized he had been wrong about them and recognized these "primitive rodents" as real heroes.[2]

Mighton has significant respect for Sonic and Tails in particular, calling them "the Mighton and Bolts of the terrestrial world."[2] Still, his disciplined demeanor makes him disagree with Sonic's more laid-back behavior.[6]




"Those carbon-based lunatics are destroying our robot brethren."
—Mighton seeing Team Sonic smash Badnik, "Robots From The Sky Part 1"
"I owe you all an apology. We had no idea that you primitive rodents were on the side of good."
—Mighton apologizing to Team Sonic for misjudging them, "Robots From The Sky Part 1"
"Well, it's a pleasure having met you. I'm glad we could make peace."
—Mighton saying goodbye to Sonic, "Robots From The Sky Part 1"
"I'm ain't no frat boy and this ain't no ice cream social."
—Mighton response to Sonic's request for a high-five, "Robots From The Sky Part 3"
"...our brains will be so scrambled that you can serve them with hot-cakes and a cup of joe for 5.99."
—Mighton explaining what will happen to him and others robots when Hypnobot takes control of them, "Robots From The Sky Part 3"
"Less bellyaching, more enemy breaking!"
—Mighton's response to mid-battle banter, "Robots From The Sky Part 4"
"You just signed your death warranty, you milk-filled miscreant!"
—Mighton's fury after seeing Bolts hurt, "Robots From The Sky Part 4"
"Hand over that chip before I give you a mouthful of 'punch'."
—Mighton threatening Dr. Eggman, "Eggman Family Vacation"


  • Mighton was first revealed in a sneak peek for the second season of the Sonic Boom television series in Sonic Boom: Fire & Ice.
  • Mighton's name is a portmanteau of "might" (which is a synonym for "great force" or "force") and "ton", the latter being a popular syllable for robotic names.


Concept artwork



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