The Mid-Air Hammer Jump is a moved used by Amy Rose with the influence of Miles "Tails" Prower. It is a move where Amy launches herself higher into the air with her trademark Piko Piko Hammer, while still in the air. It It has only appeared in Sonic Advance 3.


The Mid-Air Hammer Jump resembles a combination of the Hammer Jump and the Jump Attack. To perform the Mid Air Hammer Attack, Amy must have Tails as her partner. Here, Amy must be the character the player controls, and Tails serves as the character that follows the controlled character. With Tails' influence, Amy can perform the Mid-Air Hammer Jump.

When performing the Mid-Air Hammer Jump, Amy must be in the middle of a jump. She then pulls out her Piko Piko Hammer and performs the Jump Attack, which will damage any enemy near her. Once she brings her hammer down in front of her however, she will launch herself higher into the air in a way similar to the Hammer Jump, except that she does not have to whack into the ground, but rather into the air. When performing this move, Amy leaves a trail of pink hearts. At this point however, Amy is not performing an attack and is therefore vulnerable to damage.



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