The Mid-Air Attack[1] is a move used by Shadow the Hedgehog in Shadow the Hedgehog. When using it, Shadow either delivers a mid-air kick or fires a weapon in midair.


Shadow using the Weapons to attack in mid-air

The Mid-Air Attack is a technique where Shadow attacks enemies high up by using his Air Shoes to stay afloat in the air after a Spin Jump. The way of attacking with this move can be executed in two ways. When barehanded, Shadow kicks 360 degrees around in the air, and when wielding a gun-like weapon, he will fire said weapon at foes.

To use the Mid-Air Attack in gameplay, the player has to jump into the air and press SNNBGAMECUBEDISCO.png/PSSquareButton.png. If the player is equipped with a weapon, the player can repeatedly press SNNBGAMECUBEDISCO.png/PSSquareButton.png to keep firing the equipped weapon. Shadow will remain in the same spot until the player stops shooting or the ammunition is exhausted. The player can also control the direction of the fire by moving the Control Stick (if he has a weapon).[1]


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