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The Metropolis Zone is a location that appears in the Sonic the Comic series published by Fleetway Editions. It is the largest Zone on Mobius and encompasses what is known as Metropolis City. The Zone was the capital of Dr. Ivo Robotnik's empire during his rule over the planet, and was where he established his center of operations following his move from the Egg Fortress. After Robotnik fell, the Zone remained a hotspot for much criminal activity.


Metropolis Zone is the largest Zone on Mobius, having several districts within the city itself. Once the center for Dr. Robotnik's operations, it is naturally is filled to the brim with far more advanced technology and infrastructure than most other locales on Mobius.

During the RBR era, Metropolis was still inhabited by flesh-and-blood Mobians; but the city was a dystopian police state, its residents living in perpetual fear of arbitrary arrest by Robotnik's Troopers and deportation to the Badnik Processing Plants.



Before Metropolis Zone came to be, its region was all fields. It was here that Dr. Kintobor housed his first robot: Kog.[4]

The modern Metropolis Zone was established sometime before Dr. Robotnik came to power. The young resident known as Smokey remembered swimming at the Metropolis East Leisure Centre in the days before Robotnik, when Metropolis was still a fun place to live in.[1]

Ruled by Robotnik

Sonic the Hedgehog and Miles "Tails" Prower first arrived in the Metropolis Zone while it was under the rule of Dr. Robotnik. When Sonic was announced as the winner of the Hero of the Year Award, he discarded his disguise and took the mic from the announcer, stating to the audience that he would overthrow Robotnik. At that point, he was trapped in a bubble and nearly drowned, though he managed to escape and get away.[5]

After being sentenced to be hanged for his crimes of piracy, Captain Plunder and his lackeys were imprisoned in a cell within the Metropolis Zone, although they eventually managed to escape.[6][7][8]

Having abandoned the Egg Fortress altogether in favor of a more centralized base, Robotnik constructed the Citadel Robotnik in the Metropolis Zone.[3] Shortly after, Sonic and his allies infiltrated a Badnik Processing Plant within the city in order free the captives. Using various disguises, they pulled their plan off and managed to escape using a Star Post.[3][9]

While on the outskirts of Metropolis Zone, Sonic was confronted by Mister Blobnik. While Sonic initially took the robot as a joke, his lowered guard ultimately allowed said robot to capture and take him to Citadel Robotnik. Here, Robotnik proposed a partnership between the two in order to stop the rogue Brotherhood of Metallix.[10]

With Commander Brutus having failed to capture Super Sonic during a battle between the two, he returned to Metropolis to report to Dr. Robotnik, who scolded him profusely for his failure.[11] Meanwhile, Metamorphia would bring Tekno the Canary―an ex-engineer turned traitor―to Robotnik in Citadel Robotnik. For blowing up a factory during Tekno's capture though, Robotnik stripped Metamorphia of her powers. No sooner Shortfuse the Cybernik broke into Citadel Robotnik and busted Tekno out.[12][13]

Amy Rose, Sonic, and Johnny Lightfoot soon attempted to infiltrate Metropolis, only for the two latter to be kidnapped and presented before Robotnik by his robotic henchmen, with Amy managing to escape. However, this was all part of their plan, as Amy had snuck away and stolen information from Robotnik's computers. Upon an alarm sounding off to indicate Amy's activities, Sonic and Johnny escaped Robotnik's clutches and left the Metropolis Zone alongside Amy using a flying vehicle.[14]

While reminiscing about the days before Robotnik's rule, Smokey ran into Sonic, who was being pursued by robots. Running away, Smokey warned his Badnik friend that Sonic was nearby. Sonic, however, spotted the Badnik and warned Smokey to step away from it. However, Smokey explained that his friend was a rogue Badnik, with Robotnik's security robots on the look for him. With some trickery and acting, Smokey was able to convince said robots that Sonic destroyed his friend, granting the Badnik its freedom.[1]

Tails, while running into some difficulties with a bounty hunter named Fleabyte, managed to successfully return Tantrum back to his home in the Metropolis Zone.[15] He would later join up with his other Freedom Fighter allies on the outskirts of the city, where Porker informed his friends of his resignation due to what he was put through by the Brotherhood of Metallix. Annoyed at his cowardice, Sonic left and met up with the Chaotix Crew and watched them go after Nack. Sonic was soon ambushed by several of Robotnik's robots and subsequently saved by Porker, with the hedgehog apologizing for his words.[16]

Soon after, a demonstration was held by the citizens of the Metropolis Zone, showing their disdain for their evil dictator. Naturally, the Special Badnik Service was sent in to put an end to this. With Sonic and Tails arriving on the scene, not only were the robots repelled, but the statue of Robotnik in the area would collapse in the aftermath of the battle.[17]

Because of this defiance, Robotnik decided to give the people a reason to fear him again by imprisoning his citizens for no justified reason. With Sonic and his fellow Freedom Fighters interfering with this plan, Plasma and Arnem Abacus were sent to stop them. Though Amy put an end to both by knocking out the latter and destroying the device that manifested the former, she allowed Sonic to take the credit for the victory.[18]

As the Freedom Fighters stopped an unprovoked Badnik attack in the Metropolis Zone, Commander Brutus arrived with his own Badnik army and took out the Freedom Fighters as he set out to seize control of Robotnik's empire.[19] As Brutus and Robotnik faced each other in Citadel Robotnik, Sonic and Shortfuse intruded on them to rescue Amy and Johnny, whom Brutus had turned into Badniks.[20] As Sonic and Shortfuse fought Brutus and their friends, Robotnik donned a mech suit to take on Brutus.[21] While Sonic and crew reclaimed their friends and escaped, Robotnik destroyed Brutus and took his Badniks for himself.[22] Around the same time, Super Sonic would attack the Freedom Fighters just outside the Metropolis Zone and seemingly destroyed them.[23][24] Weeks later, Sonic went into hiding in the Metropolis Zone, where he accidentally turned into Super Sonic. Having survived Super Sonic's attack, the Freedom Fighters tracked Super Sonic down and separated him from Sonic by sending the demon into the Special Zone.[25]

Posing as an informant for the Freedom Fighters on behalf of Robotnik, Vermin met Johnny Lightfoot in the Metropolis Zone and gave him information that would lure the Freedom Fighters into a trap in the Gum Tree Zone.[26] It was later that the citizens of the Metropolis Zone tried to keep Robotnik's forces from destroying the local sentient Ancient Trees, with Knuckles and Ebony joining in on the fight.[27] However, when the Elder Tree got destroyed by Robotnik's henchmen, the Ancient Trees began taking their revenge by creating a forest across the Metropolis Zone in mere minutes.[28] However, Knuckles stopped the Ancient Trees' attack by convincing them that violence was not the answer. Following this, Robotnik fenced off the forest, allowing the Ancient Trees to grow undisturbed.[29]

As the Metropolis Zone came under Grimer Wormtongue's brutal management, the Freedom Fighters stood up to the invading Badniks. Inspired by the Freedom Fighters, the citizens of the Zone had enough of Robotnik's rule, and so helped save the Freedom Fighters before starting a revolt to topple Robotnik.[30] As the riots moved towards Citadel Robotnik, Grimer called hundreds of Badniks to the Metropolis Zone. Just as the rioters were overwhelmed though, an electromagnetic pulse (courtesy of Sonic) appeared over Mobius.[31] The pulse wiped out all of Robotnik's forces, allowing the people to regain control of Mobius. Amidst the chaos, Sonic and Super Sonic appeared in the Metropolis Zone to do battle until Super Sonic ran away, having been rendered unable to store energy. Developing amnesia, Super Sonic was taken in by an elderly couple. Meanwhile, Sonic brought the defeated Dr. Robotnik back to the Metropolis Zone, only for Grimer to come and rescue him. Sonic, however, intercepted Robotnik and Grimer in Citadel Robotnik as they tried bringing Robotnik's empire back online. Though the villains escaped, Sonic destroyed Citadel Robotnik, signifying the end of Robotnik's dictatorship.[32]

Post-Ruled by Robotnik

As the Metropolis Zone recovered from the blackout, the seat of power was left vacant by Robotnik. Elections for a new world leader (both political and violent) were thus held in the Metropolis Zone until the Zone Leaders were established.[33] Amy and Johnny would soon after search the Metropolis Zone for Super Sonic, unaware the amnesiac and now pacifistic demon had left his caretakers to discover his identity.[34]

When attending a Fabian Vane concert in the Metropolis Zone, Amy and Tekno were made Fabian's bodyguards to protect him from crazy fans pursuing him.[35] However, they soon learned that these "fans" were honest people that Fabian owned money, so they forced Fabian to pay his debts during a TV phone-in.[36] Meanwhile, Tails and some construction workers would uncover Kog under the remains of Citadel Robotnik. Taking pity on Kog, Tails helped the outdated robot find a new place in modern society.[4]

Super Sonic eventually met Ebony and Pyjamas in the Metropolis Zone's The Groovy Train, where Bio-Hazard appeared to kidnap Super Sonic.[37] While trying to stop Bio-Hazard, Pyjamas and Ebony learned who Super Sonic was by unlocking his memories. Fortunately, Super Sonic would remain pacifistic despite remembering his past actions and Bio-Hazard's was brought in by the police soon after. After that, a sympathetic Ebony gave Super Sonic a job in her cafe.[38][39] On New Year's Eve soon after, a party was held in the Metropolis Zone, during which Tekno, Amy and Shorty stopped a wanna-be villain called the Party Pooper from disrupting the party with a magnetic ray (which unknowingly released Vermin the Cybernik from a local prison in the process).[40] Vermin later wrecked havoc in the Zone, making the Freedom Fighters come to stop him. In the end, Shorty sacrificed the program that let him leave his Cybernik suit to stop Vermin.[41]

The Metropolis Zone was soon after attacked by outdated Badniks deployed by D.R.A.T., but Sonic and Tails handled the situation until the police could take over.[42] Agent X would later plant a Doom Seed beneath the Metropolis Zone on behalf of Dr. Robotnik, causing nearly-unstoppable weed to sprout and overrun the entire Zone.[43] Fortunately, the Freedom Fighters would locate and destroy the Doom Seed's main root, causing all the weed in the Metropolis Zone to whither and die.[44] The next supervillain to appear in the Metropolis Zone was Alf Garment. Using body-controlling fabric for the suits he sold to the businessmen of the Zone, Alf made the commuters commit crimes and steal valuables for him. However, Amy and Tekno would track Alf down after discovering the thefts and put him in prison.[45] A missile was soon after sent into the heart of the Metropolis Zone by D.R.A.T. To stop and contain the missile, Sonic pushed his speed so far that he got stuck at turbo speed. Fortunately, Sonic found the means to wind himself down in the Zone's local cyber cafe.[46]

Having taken over the Metropolis City High Security Prison, Grimer sent a Knuckles Metallix to attack the Metropolis Zone to draw Sonic out. Knocking Sonic out cold, Metalix brought Sonic to Grimer, who extracted Robotnik's last known location from Sonic's memory. Grimer then returned Sonic to the city where he made it look like to Sonic that he had taken out Metallix.[47] Sonic and Porker Lewis were soon after called in to solve a case regarding stolen gold from the Metropolis Zone Bank. Locating the gold, the heroes discovered the thief was Nack the Weasel. Although they heroes got the gold back, Nack would escape.[48]

Answering an alarm, Sonic would come to the Metropolis Zone thinking a Badnik army was attacking. However, he discovered he had been lured into a trap when the Kintobor Badnik attacked him.[49] When he could not beat the Kintobor Badnik though, Sonic resorted to shutting him down at his source in the Emerald Hill Zone. This, however, was all a distraction set up by Grimer while he patched into the Kintobor Computer.[50] When a train track accident later occurred in Metropolis City, Super Sonic used his powers to save a cabin of passengers. However, this caused him to revert back to his old psychotic self.[51] Before Super Sonic could go on a rampage though, Ebony immobilized him while Pyjamas erased his memories, bringing back Super's pacifistic persona. The duo would then hide Super Sonic from Sonic when the hedgehog came to the Metropolis Zone looking for Super Sonic.[52][53]

When the Trickster sent a smart-missile after Sonic in Metropolis City, Sonic was forced to solve its riddles or it would detonate. The missile pitted Sonic against Mr. Fry and old Badniks around the Zone before he was given a chance to disarm it. Fortunately, "Tekno" would appear to jam the missile and take Sonic to the Trickster's Secret Zone.[54] Much later, the Metropolis Zone was attacked by Chaos. As the police proved powerless against the creature, the Freedom Fighters came to the rescue. Though Sonic was able to make Chaos retreat, it quickly returned and managed to kill Johnny before the Freedom Fighters could beat it with Porker's invention.[2][55]

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