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Meteor Smash (メテオスマッシュ Meteosumasshu?) is a technique that appears in the Sonic the Hedgehog series. It is a technique used by Silver the Hedgehog where he forms a gigantic ball of wreckage and throws it at his opponents.


In the console/PC version of Sonic Generations, when performing the Meteor Smash, Silver uses his psychokinetic powers to pick up various debris and mashes them into a giant ball many times his own size. Silver then shouts "Meteor Smash" and throws the ball at his foes as it rolls along the ground. However, it will fall apart once Silver loses concentration.

In gamepplay, the Meteor Smash appears during Silver's battle with Sonic, after Sonic has successfully hit Silver five times. When using this technique in the battle, Silver teleports behind Sonic, where he forms the Meteor Smash and sends it rolling after Sonic. The ball will roll after Sonic infinitely, so the player must keep running while dodging Silver’s other attacks. After one or two attacks (depending on whether the battle is set to Hard Mode), Sonic can hit Silver with the Homing Attack, sending Silver into the sphere of wreckage and making him lose concentration, thereby causing the sphere to break apart.


  • The longer the “meteor” chases Sonic, the more it closes in on him. This can prevent Sonic from defeating Silver, since if the “meteor” gets close enough, jumping for a Homing Attack is fatal, as Sonic will simply jump into the meteor, which will cause an instant death.
  • Unlike most other objects levitated by Silver's powers, the Meteor Smash does not display a cyan glow.
    • However, when he is picking up the obstacles to form it, they still have a cyan glow.




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