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Meteor Base Zone

Quotation1.svg Not much is known about Dr. Eggman's top-secret base hidden deep within an asteroid field, but you can bet it's filled with hot, bubbling molten lava and some of Eggman's fiercest creations. Quotation2.svg
Sonic Rivals Instruction Manual

Meteor Base Zone is the sixth and final Zone in Sonic Rivals. It serves as Dr. Eggman Nega’s top-secret main base where he plans to turn the whole world into a card, in a final, insane attempt to change his future. It is located inside a large asteroid field in outer space, not too far from earth.


The entire base is an orbital, highly technological space station which stretches across an asteroid field and serves a mining and manufacturing complex. It bears a small resemblance to Meteor Herd, from Sonic Adventure 2. It appears that the complex’s function is to mine the space rocks in the asteroid field and then processing whatever useful minerals that are found, probably to provide resources to Eggman Nega’s creations.

Inside this factory, there can be found several giant vats of molten metal, and some of Eggman Nega’s most dangerous creations. Outside of the doctor’s complex, you can find the asteroid field with crimson meteors so large that they have canyons that run straight through them, and a background depicting the vastness of space.

When racing through this course, the characters passes the central modules of the complex, rides on the wind currents from the cooling fans, leaps over the vats with molten metal and blast through the asteroid field.

In Story Mode, the player has a time limit in all acts (including the boss fight) to complete the stages.


After Sonic, Knuckles, Shadow and Silver defeats each of their individual Egg Kong, Eggman Nega finally had enough and decides to destroy the world by turning it into a card and escapes to the Meteor Base Zone.

Sonic and Knuckles then meet up and decide to work together to stop Eggman Nega (which they still believe is Dr. Eggman). Tails then shows up in a new Tornado and he takes the duo to the Meteor Base Zone. Meanwhile, Shadow meets up with Silver and tells him that he was right about the villain being Eggman Nega. The real Dr. Eggman (who was freed by Shadow) then appears and takes them to the Meteor Base Zone to stop Eggman Nega.

As the two pairs pass through the base, they eventually meet up with each other and decides to assist each other in the fight against Eggman Nega. As they reaches the center of the base, they find Eggman Nega onboard the Egg Destroyer, equipped with his special camera and he reveals he plans to fuel it with the cards containing Amy, Rouge and the Master Emerald, but the four rivals do not intend to let Eggman Nega get away and attacks the Egg Destroyer. After the battle, Eggman Nega is turned into a card while Amy, Rouge and the Master Emerald are saved.


  • This is the only Stage in Sonic Rivals that does not take place on Onyx Island.
  • It is the only Stage in story mode that rivals help each other instead of racing.

Game screen with the Meteor Base Zone glitch active. Note the Rings and race position values correspond to the frozen timer (in seconds).

  • In Story mode, a glitch occurs if the player pauses the game just as they are about to approach a rival character that will help the player in either Act. Upon restarting or playing another level in the game, the game's timer will be frozen and all HUD elements (timer, Rings, race position and no. of hits required in boss fights) display static erroneous values. Also, when the player completes an Act, they will always lose regardless of which position they finished. Boss fights however can be completed as normal.


Name Artist(s) Length Music Track
Meteor Base Act 1 Chris Renzanson 0:45
Meteor Base Act 2 Chris Renzanson 0:45



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