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Sonic Riders: Zero Gravity
MeteorTech Sparkworks

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Kick up sparks to light the darkened halls of this defunct factory!

— In-game description

MeteorTech Sparkworks is the fourth course of the Babylon Story in Sonic Riders: Zero Gravity. It is located inside the factory of MeteorTech in Monopole.


In the Babylon Story, Amy Rose encounters Storm the Albatross who is determined to pilfer the Ark of the Cosmos she has in her possession. In an attempt to escape from Storm, Amy unleashes a strong wallop from her Piko Piko Hammer onto Storm's head and makes her escape while the dazed Storm trudges slowly after her.


This level is characterized by blaring alarms, large gears and machinery, and the MeteorTech robots flying through and aligned throughout the stage. Contrary to its mirror stage, MeteorTech Premises, the lights in the factory are defunct and require "sparkworks" to become functional. These sparks are carried through electrical ramps that can be channeled through the racers, and after performing a trick off of these ramps, the current from the ramps will channel themselves into the lighting of factory.


Mission Objective Character Rank Requirements
1 Find the fastest route and reach the goal in under 1:13 minutes! Wave
  • Normal: 1:13-1:10
  • Super: 1:09-1:07
  • Extreme: <1:06
2 Reach the goal with at least 110 Rings! Jet
  • Normal: 110-129 Rings
  • Super: 130-149 Rings
  • Extreme: 150 or more Rings
3 Score at least 18 points by performing really slick tricks! Storm
  • Normal: 18-27 points
  • Super: 28-37 points
  • Extreme: 38 or more points
4 Perform at least 6 grinds before reaching the goal! Jet
  • Normal: 6-8 grinds
  • Super: 9-11 grinds
  • Extreme: 12 or more grinds
5 Earn 850 points performing gravity dives as you do one lap around the course! Wave
  • Normal: 850-999 points
  • Super: 1000-1199 points
  • Extreme: 1200 or more points
6 Take on 3 robots and come in at least 3rd place! Storm
  • Normal: 3rd place
  • Super: 2nd place
  • Extreme: 1st place
7 Land attacks on Sonic and his friends to reach the goal in under 1:10 minutes Jet
  • Normal: 3 attacks
  • Super: 4 attacks
  • Extreme: 5 or more attacks


  • Although this is a stage played in the Babylon Story, Amy Rose is played in this stage, making this stage the only time someone from Team Heroes is played during the Team Babylon story aside from Sonic at the last stage.
  • This stage is similar to MeteorTech Premises, by having the same music. It is also slightly harder than MeteorTech Premises, due to having to dodge flying robots in every part of each lap.
  • When playing as Amy in story mode, she retains her normal red dress and red boots, making that the only instance where a player can utilize an alternate costume for Amy.
  • If the player uses the Big Bang Extreme Gear and a close start dash to get 100 GP (and hence trigger Attack mode), then quickly uses the first Spring shortcut encountered, the player is launched against a closed door (where the next spring the player is launched towards is behind the door) which knocks the player away from the spring and will keep diving from the track and eventually the entire map.
  • On this track there are several deactivated robots which serve as crater-like obstacles, while on the rack's counterpart there are parts of them hanging from the ceiling.




Name Artist(s) Length Music Track
Gadget Round N/A 3:46


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