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Metamorphia is a character that appears in the Sonic the Comic series published by Fleetway Editions. She is a female 'shape shifter', able to both transform herself or her limbs into anything she wants. Metamorphia was an 'artificial life form' created by Grimer[1] on behalf of Dr. Robotnik, whom she loved and would try earning his approval by attempting to destroy Sonic the Hedgehog and his Freedom Fighters, only to fail each time.


Sonic first met Metamorphia when she, posing as a sweet bear, lured him into a trap in the Grim Zone, where Sonic thought she had perished after falling into one of the Zone's fiery pits, she in fact assumed a fire proof form and survived.[2]


Metamorphia as "Cosmic", from Sonic the Comic #31. Art by Mike Hadley.

Metamorphia would return in the guise of a rival hedgehog named "Cosmic the Hedgehog". Cosmic was a green hedgehog that attempted to upstage Sonic the Hedgehog and the Freedom Fighters. Cosmic played up the image of a hero, wearing a yellow flowing cape, "C" emblem on his chest and a Superman-style curly forelock. He claimed to be the "fastest spiky thing alive" and challenged Sonic to a race to the end of the Emerald Hill Zone. Sonic, so irritated by Cosmic's posturing, agreed. During the race, however, it became clear that Cosmic possessed neither Sonic's speed nor his stamina, and he lost by a considerable distance. However, this was all a ruse by Metamorphia to isolate Sonic from his friends so that an army of Badniks could attack them. She revealed her true form and attempted to catch him, going as far as to assume Sonic's own form, only to be attacked by her own Badniks and defeated again.[3]


"Tonic", from Sonic the Comic #51. Art by Gary Andrews.

Metamorphia would resurface again, this time disguised as a spiky, brown hedgehog claiming to be Sonic's long-lost twin brother "Tonic the Hedgehog" for a plot by Doctor Robotnik to infiltrate the Freedom Fighters. When Tonic met the Freedom Fighters, Sonic did not remember Tonic (Tonic suggested this was because they were "born at a very young age"), but admitted that Tonic did look the way Sonic once did (before becoming blue and streamlined[4]). Tonic asked to join the Freedom Fighters, but Sonic refused, saying he did not trust Tonic, leading Tonic to run away crying. After being discovered contacting Robotnik by Tails though, Metamorphia dropped the disguise, but was easily defeated by the Freedom Fighters.[5]

Metamorphia fell from grace when she was assigned to destroy Shortfuse the Cybernik.[1] Although she succeeded in defeating Shortfuse and capturing Tekno the Canary (Robotnik's former weapons designer)[6] she failed to stop them detonating a large part of the Chemical Plant Zone. As punishment, Robotnik removed her shape-shifting powers and had her turned into a Badnik.[7]


Metamorphia's final form, from Sonic the Comic #83. Art by Mike Hadley and Steve White.

Some time later, Tails was attacked in the Grim Zone by the Badnik Metamorphia, who angrily blamed Tails and the other Freedom Fighters for making her like this. Once the Badnik shell was destroyed and Metamorphia was free, sobbing that she had failed again, she turned her back on being evil and said that she now hated Robotnik. Suddenly Metamorphia then experienced one last final change into a sweet bear (not much different from the form she took in her first appearance) and left to live a new life.[8]

When Robotnik absorbed the energy of the Chaos Emeralds and became a god, Metamorphia was one of the enemies that Robotnik resurrected to battle Sonic. She was defeated when Sonic knocked Commander Brutus into Plasma, causing a chain reaction.[9]


Metamorphia both idolized and loved Dr. Robotnik (her room in his Death Egg II had self-drawn pictures of Robotnik on the wall).[5] She was desperate to please him and have her feelings reciprocated. When not in battle however, she appeared to be very insecure and self-conscious.

Powers and abilities


Metamorphia revealing her true self to Tails

Metamorphia can take on virtually any shape, her true form being a black-eyed bobcat with a purple bodysuit.

Her different forms used throughout her missions consist of a little bear girl,[2][8] a rocket,[2] Tails,[2] a cloud of gas used to either knock out Sonic or evade attacks, a fireproof version of her normal form,[2] Cosmic the Hedgehog,[3] a cable net,[3] a green-skinned version of Sonic,[3] Tonic the Hedgehog,[5] an orange-skinned dinosaur,[5] an amorphous mass of orange goo,[5] a more muscular version of herself,[6] and a giant octopus.[7] She can also morph her hands independently of the rest of her body, forming weapons such as pickaxes,[3] blades,[7] sledgehammers,[5] and even laser blasters.[7] She can also gain different powers in different shapes; for example, the Cosmic form could fly, and she possessed Sonic's speed when she morphed into Sonic.[3]

After being transformed into a Badnik, Metamorphia possessed rocket boosters in her legs for flight and laser blasters in her palms.[8]


Pyjamas 1

Metamorphia, behind Big the Cat.




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