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The second Metallix from Sonic the Comic #50. Art by Richard Elson.

This Metallix is a character that appears in the Sonic the Comic series published by Fleetway Editions. It was the second Metallix Badnik, a series modelled after Sonic the Hedgehog. It stole the Master Emerald for the purposes of powering the Death Egg II.


This Metallix model had been developed for Robotnik by the Brotherhood of Metallix (prior to the Brotherhood's betrayal).[1] While Sonic and Knuckles were distracted fighting an army of EggRobos, Robotnik sent Metallix to steal the Master Emerald from the Emerald Chamber in the Hidden Palace, so that he could use its power to launch the Death Egg II.[2]

After taking the Emerald, Metallix was intercepted by Sonic and Knuckles. (Sonic initially believed that this Metallix was the same as the one he had previously defeated on the Miracle Planet, until the Metallix later revealed they were brothers.) Metallix escaped with the Master Emerald to a teleporter, taunting Sonic and Knuckles to follow, and all three were transported to the Sky Sanctuary Zone via teleporter. Metallix absorbed energy directly from the Emerald, empowering himself and gaining an advantage over Sonic and Knuckles. Knuckles was knocked unconscious, but Metallix made a critical mistake during the fight: it knocked Sonic right over to the Master Emerald. Sonic powered himself up with energy and turned into Super Sonic, quickly bringing the battle to an end by knocking Metallix's head clear off and then ripping the body apart. However, Metallix had left the Master Emerald on the teleporter, meaning Robotnik could still take it and use it to launch his Death Egg.[1]

Powers and abilities

Metallix possesses speed almost equal to Sonic and is just as strong as the previous Metallix. It is capable of flight and rocket-dashing, has telescopic limbs so it can extend its punches further, and its power core allows it to absorb energy from the Master Emerald. When powered up, Metallix can generate an impervious shield and can fire large bursts of plasma from its torso. It cannot utilize the Emerald energy very efficiently, however, as it exhausts its power very quickly and must recharge after each attack.



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