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The Metal Virus[1] is an object that appears in the Sonic the Hedgehog comic series published by IDW Publishing. It is an synthetically concocted virus created by Dr. Eggman that transmutes organic matter into metallic matter.



At a microscopic level, the Metal Virus consists of nanobots that resemble bacteriophage. When observed and contained on the other hand, the virus appears like a gray metallic liquid.

Powers and traits

When the Metal Virus makes contact with active organic tissue, be it either in flora or fauna, the virus will spread across the organic matter of the subject and transmute it into a metal-like substance. In the case of fauna that has been transmuted by the virus, their metallic makeup will retain the flexibility of organic matter. The virus will also rob the subject of their free will and make them subservient to Dr. Eggman's orders. It also causes aggressive tendencies without direction. Like an actual virus, the Metal Virus is contagious, and its infection can be transferred immediately through the slightest touch with subjects infected by the virus.[1]

The virus can make slight changes to a subject's anatomy, like making a flower's parts more mechanical in shape and granting animals sharp claws and red sclera.[1]

The Metal Virus's rate of infection depends on the situation. Full saturation in the virus causes an immediate and total transmutation, while infections received through touch from infected subjects will spread at a considerable slower rate. However, the Metal Virus can only infect living flora and fauna. It cannot transmute processed or inorganic matter, such as processed food and wood, metal or stone.[1]



The Metal Virus was created at some point by Dr. Eggman. However, it was put on file for unknown reasons.[2]

Battle For Angel Island

After having his memory restored, Dr. Eggman began his plans to synthesize the Metal Virus, with the intention of unleashing it upon the world to make everyone suffer for the indignities he endured while he was an amnesiac.[2]


Metal Virus transmute

A Pocky being transmuted by the Metal Virus, from Sonic the Hedgehog #13.

After making his first Metal Virus batch, Eggman began experimenting with it to see the full extent of its abilities. The first test subject was a flower, which it successfully transmuted. The second test was with vertebrate specimens. Eggman covered a Pocky with the Metal Virus, causing an instant transmutation. For the next test, Eggman had the Pocky touch a Picky, causing the virus's infection to gradual transmute the Picky. After observing the behavior of the Pocky, Eggman moved onto test four, which involved having the Ricky pick up the transmuted flower and make it touch various objects. The Metal Virus showed no signs of transmuting the objects, but having touched the flower, the Ricky was infected by the virus as well. Deeming the Metal Virus a success, Eggman began implementing it into the next phase of his plan.[1]



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