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Metal Trip is a character that appears in the Sonic the Hedgehog series. She is a modified Metal Fighter designed in the image of Trip the Sungazer.

Concept and creation[]

Superstars Metal Trip Concept Art

Designs of an earlier and finalized Metal Trip, from Sonic Superstars. Note the unused design for Trip on the far left.

As shown in the Sonic Superstars digital artbook, Metal Trip's design went through several iterations before the final design was decided upon. Curiously, the concept art also confirms that Metal Trip's final design is actually based upon an earlier unused design for Trip herself, which depicted her with connected eyes, and only one eyelash per eye.


Metal Trip is modeled and designed after Trip the Sungazer.


Sonic Superstars[]

SS CSZ boss Metal Trip

Metal Trip, from Sonic Superstars.

Although Metal trip cannot be seen by default in Sonic Superstars, her Metal Fighter customization parts are unlocked for purchase once the player begins the Last Story. By equipping each part onto their Metal Fighter prototype, along with the "orange" paint scheme, the player can play as Metal Trip in battle mode, and battle Metal Trip during Cyber Station Zone's boss fight, although in both cases Metal Trip will function identically to any other Metal fighter.