Quotation1 Shadow and Rouge use Omega as a torpedo in a brutal attack that has a chance to stun a foe. Quotation2
— Description, Sonic Chronicles: The Dark Brotherhood[1]

Metal Storm (メタルストーム Metarusutōmu?) is a POW move performed by Shadow the Hedgehog, with the aid of Rouge the Bat and E-123 Omega, in Sonic Chronicles: The Dark Brotherhood. When performing this move, Shadow lifts Omega into the air where Rouge kicks Omega into the opponent. This attack may leave the foe stunned.


When performing Metal Storm, Shadow, Rouge and Omega walk up in front of their opponent, with Shadow on Omega's right side and Rouge on Omega's left side. Shadow then starts lifting Omega up into the air through a form of levitation by lifting his arms. Once Shadow has Omega in position, Rouge flies up behind Omega and delivers a forward kick into his back, knocking Omega straight into the opponent, while Omega strikes the opponent upon impact. After the attack, Shadow, Rouge and Omega return to their team positions.

In gameplay, Metal Storm deals attack damage to a single target. When it deals damage, Metal Storm has a chance of inflicting stun on the target. The higher the level of Metal Storm is, the more attack damage it will deal and the greater the possibility that it will inflict stun on an opponent.

Real-Time Interaction

When performing Metal Storm in gameplay, the player has to complete a series of real-time events by performing certain actions on the Touch Screen, in order to execute Metal Storm optimally.

  1. The player has to touch and stay inside the outer circle that appears when it overlaps the inner circle and follow it in a small curve on the left part of the screen from the bottom of the screen to the top.
  2. The player has to touch the inside of a circle when the outer circle overlaps the inner circle.
  3. The player has to tap an inner circle that appears eight times, before the outer circle overlap the inner circle.

Missing or not touching these circles correctly will either result in Omega missing the strike or the damage from the attack being reduced.


Level PP Cost Damage Effect
I 5 300% of Attack damage Stun (20% chance)
II 5 325% of Attack damage Stun (30% chance)
III 5 350% of Attack damage Stun (40% chance)


  1. Official in-game description.

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