Metal Sonic Projectors (メタルソニックプロジェクター Metaru Sonikku Purojekutā?), also called the Metal Sonic holograms, are recurring objects in the Sonic the Hedgehog series. They are hologram projectors created by Dr. Eggman which are set in the game's Zones.


The Metal Sonic Projectors are grey and dark blue colored projectors that display holograms of Metal Sonic kicking and harassing the Animals on Little Planet. The Animals that are displayed by the projector depend on their location.

Game appearances

Sonic the Hedgehog CD

The Metal Sonic Projectors can be found in the past of each two zones of all rounds (except Metallic Madness), which can only be reached by utilizing a Time Warp sign that is set to the past. When the player finds one, the player can destroy the Metal Sonic Projector by hitting it with a Spin Jump or Spin Attack. After destroying a projector, animals are seen moving around freely in every timeframe of the Zone, especially in the good future. Unlike robot transporters, destroying Metal Sonic Projector does not give any points.

By destroying all of the Metal Sonic Projectors along with all of Eggman's machines in the past of every zone, the player is awarded the "Saviour of the Planet" achievement/trophy in 2011 re-release of the game. 

Sonic Mania

A Metal Sonic Projector in Sonic Mania.

In Sonic Mania, and its expansion Sonic Mania Plus, a single Metal Sonic Projector is found at the end of Stardust Speedway Zone Act 2. When the projector is destroyed, Metal Sonic appears and challenges the player to a boss fight.

In other media

Archie Comics

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