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Metal Sonic[1] is the boss of White Park Zone in Sonic The Hedgehog 4: Episode II. Metal Sonic fights the player on a rollercoaster track. He requires eight hits in both versions to be beaten.


Attack pattern

Metal Sonic has learned a few new tactics, and will employ them randomly during the battle. His first move entails charging the energy of the Mysterious Orb and release around himself, he glows with several energy waves to indicate this. He also has his own version of a Spin Dash, in which he will quickly speed across the bottom of the track towards the duo, this attack can fail very early in the fight if Sonic is in the background track, although one cannot always rely on this to be safe, making jumping when he approaches the most reliable way to avoid it.

When he's been hit a couple of times, he will employ a more tricky tactic, involving spinning and then jumping in the midst of his attack to catch players that would jump beforehand off-guard, require a more precise timing to jump. Also after two hits and the second phase of the battle begins, he will start emitting multiple pillars of electricity, forcing Sonic & Tails to evade them by jumping over, or through a gap that may present itself. Be warned however that sometimes the tracks can become a very important factor for this attack, as even if one remains on the same track, the altitude of the tracks changes constantly, and may screw the player's attempt to avoid this attack, also Metal Sonic tracks the player regardless of the track when using this attack. Metal has another more vicious attack when he's been hit 6 times, and involves him using a Spin Attack to demolish the track in front of the duo. Falling into these holes results in death, so jumping or flying over them is required to stay in the fight.

You can easily clear this attack with a well-timed jump. Also when he's on the last of his life, Metal Sonic will perform his most relentless move, by charging himself up and brutally ricocheting through the only track available at this time. This attack is infamous because it is quite unpredictable in terms of how he will employ it. Sometimes he will crashland directly on the left side of the screen, while others he will spin straight and then jump, both times he uses his attacks he will return to the right side of the screen by Spinning back, and then he will repeat the process all the time.

Defeating Metal

Metal Sonic is vulnerable to a Homing Attack or Spin Jump before he attacks, and while he is charging up, however the most reliable way to hit him is through the Rolling Combo as its speed guarantees a hit as soon as an opening is available. It is recommended to stay some distance away after landing a hit on Metal, as he will immediately get ready to strike. After landing seven hits, Metal will go into pinch mode. The fight moves from the two roller coaster tracks onto a single stretch of tracks. Metal's last ditch move is a deadly Spin Attack that ricochets off the ground and top of the screen and is incredibly hard to avoid. The only opportunity to strike now is while he is charging his energy, a well timed Rolling Combo can put an end to the fight before he uses this vicious attack, also if one manages to play as Super Sonic during the fight, one must be cautious of this attack, as even if Metal Sonic does not damage Super Sonic in terms of rings, the attack is strong enough to stun him, and make him lose much needed speed to deal the last hit. Once the final blow is landed, Metal Sonic sparks out and is beaten... for now.



Name Artist(s) Length Music track
Boss : Metal Sonic Jun Senoue 1:19


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