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— Metal Sonic, Sonic Generations (console/PC)

Metal Sonic (メタルソニック Metaru Sonikku?) is the secondary antagonist of the Sonic the Hedgehog series. He is an evil, ultra-high performance,[2] very advanced[5] Badnik[6] version of Sonic the Hedgehog that was created as a secret weapon[7] by Dr. Eggman for the sole purpose of destroying the blue hedgehog.[8] Modeled with extreme accuracy after Sonic, Metal Sonic not only resembles his organic doppelgänger, but can also imitate his moves and achieve speeds matching and even exceeding the hedgehog's own.[6] The brainchild of Eggman, he is by far his greatest creation[4] and one of his "magnum opuses".[5] First deployed during the Little Planet incident, Metal Sonic confronted Sonic in battle and lost, though he would repeatedly return to challenge Sonic and his allies as Eggman's "too-sharp sword".[9]

While usually serving as Eggman's obedient and silent enforcer, Metal Sonic is an intelligent robot with a very dark side. A cold-hearted, aggressive, and ruthless killer, he is obsessed with proving his superiority to Sonic and eliminating him for good to the point where he has rebelled against Eggman more than once to achieve his goal. However, he always fails in the end, only to later return more powerful than before. To this day, Metal Sonic remains one of Sonic's most dangerous foes.[4]

Concept and creation[]

Naoto Ohshima wanted to introduce a new rival for Sonic in Sonic the Hedgehog CD. Kazuyuki Hoshino had a clear idea in his head when he was briefed. One of the keywords for this new rival was "menacing" and his design flowed from a concept. Things did not just have to be perfect, but just have meaning to their design. His glowing red eyes was one of the things decided upon by the team and would give him a deadly, intimidating look. His jet engine in his chest gave him the speed to match, exceed, and rival Sonic's speed, and the glossy reflective finish with CGI trends made Metal Sonic feel like a true nemesis and rival to Sonic and would be advertised on the box artwork along with Sonic.


Metal Sonic was created in the image of Sonic the Hedgehog and is thus mostly built of blue metal. He has a yellow circular depression in his chest with a black center, mirroring the peach skin on Sonic's chest. His head has metal fins resembling Sonic's quills and a pair of triangular "ears." Metal Sonic has a muzzle, shoulder plates, upper arms, legs, and fingers made out of silvery metal. His palms are black, while the backs of his hands are square yellow plates. His forearms and lower legs are blue metal like his head and torso, and he has red feet with white stripes designed to resemble Sonic's shoes. To simulate the hedgehog's eyes, he has monitors with cameras behind them,[10] giving them a red sclera.

Following the Ifrit incident, Metal Sonic received a slight update in design which made him taller and gave him a more ellipsoid torso. He also gained more detailed hands, a brilliant blue paint job, joints on his arms and legs, and sharper eyeholes.


Despite being built to match Sonic the Hedgehog in all aspects, Metal Sonic is the exact opposite of his organic counterpart in terms of personality.[4] Rather than fun-loving, adventurous, and carefree, Metal Sonic is a cold, dark, aggressive, mysterious and outwardly emotionless machine with a large superiority complex.[4] Early on though, he had a habit of mimicking Sonic's gestures, perhaps in a mocking manner. Notably, Metal Sonic is predominantly mute,[11] typically only making beeping and buzzing noises.

Most of the time, Metal Sonic is Dr. Eggman's docile and completely obedient enforcer. In addition to being programmed to serve Eggman, Metal Sonic carries only one goal in mind: destroy Sonic using abilities superior to his.[12] However, Metal Sonic is also an intelligent and calculative machine thanks to an AI chip given to him by Eggman.[2][12] Efficient and to the point, he is cunning and intelligent, and knows how to manipulate his opponents and take advantage of their weaknesses, but has also displayed somewhat of a sense of honor.[13] Also, in contrast to his emotionless demeanor, he is able to feel emotions[12] and carries a deep capability for vengeance. These traits together have allowed Metal Sonic to fuel his own dark goals of destruction and domination. In battle, Metal Sonic is likewise machine-like in execution and coldly serious. Combined with his muteness, he is a silent killer in every sense of the definition.

While facing an opponent, Metal Sonic is very calculative and systematic, as what one might expect of a mechanical intelligence like himself. Analytic in his approach, he takes into account his strength and weaknesses in order to optimize his performances. However, his computerized mind can also be considered a weakness of his, as it makes him inflexible and unable to anticipate the creativity and unpredictability of organic creatures, which causes his thoughts to be temporarily fragmented in such instances.[12]

Metal Sonic is ticked

Metal Sonic's fury after missing a chance to face Sonic, from Sonic the Hedgehog 4: Episode Metal.

Metal Sonic's most dominating trait and raison d'être is his hatred and obsession with defeating Sonic.[9] Having been programmed for the sole purpose of destroying Sonic using abilities superior to his, Metal Sonic is obsessed with the conviction that he is better than Sonic in every way, which he assumes is logical since he possesses the best performance, a tireless body, and plenty of other factors that should make him unbeatable. He has even taken this logic further with the belief that his body was designed in Sonic's likeness because it was the best design to defeat him with. His greatest desire is therefore to overthrow the real Sonic and defeat him once and for all. However, since he has never been able to defeat Sonic, he finds himself caught in a logical paradox, unable to figure out a way to defeat Sonic despite possessing all the means to achieve this.[12]

While he is usually another one of Dr. Eggman's robotic servants, Metal Sonic is also highly sentient for a mechanical being, with his intelligence even being capable of evolving; during the Neo Metal Sonic incident, pushed forward by a strong will and ambition for revenge,[9] his AI chip led to him becoming self-aware, thereby allowing his ego to take control of himself and prompting him to upgrade his body and take control of the Eggman Empire.[2] At this peak of his newly-acquired independence, Metal Sonic showed himself as a ruthless, controlling, arrogant and cunning rogue with no regard for others. His sense of superiority was likewise elevated as he became self-aware, which led him to becoming a megalomaniac and seeing himself as the master of all living things, even transforming himself into a nearly unstoppable dragon-like monster.[14] To this end, he sought to conquer the world and establish a robot kingdom, with him ruling the world as its most supreme being.[15] However, Metal Sonic's superiority complex, combined with his newfound ego, also made him descend into madness, causing him to adopt the twisted belief that he was the real Sonic and that the original Sonic was his "loathsome copy".[16][17] After Metal Sonic was defeated by Team Sonic though, Eggman turned him back into a docile battle mech.[2] Even so, Metal Sonic's uncanny atmosphere and ability to act independently and upset the plans of his creator for his own desires was still there;[9] during the second World Grand Prix, Metal Sonic disguised himself as Team Dark's E-10000B, even without Dr. Eggman's knowledge, and stole the doctor's data to beat Sonic in Extreme Gear racing.[18]

Despite his many defeats and having his beliefs shaken though, Metal Sonic never gives up and will always pursue his goals with relentless determination and take any means necessary to achieve them, no matter how many setbacks he has to go through. Notably, he sees even his defeats as ways to improve himself for his next confrontation, as they provide him with data that he can reanalyze and use to upgrade himself.[12]

IDW Publishing[]

In the Sonic the Hedgehog comic series and its spin-offs published by IDW Publishing, Metal Sonic acts similar to how he does in the ganes. He is a silent,[19] ruthless, and cold-hearted killing machine. Incredibly intelligent and self-aware, Metal Sonic at one point evolved to become an independent, rebellious and power-hungry tyrant willing to betray his own creator and seize the Eggman Empire for himself. However, after his defeat he was stripped of his rebellious coding, turning him into a more obedient robot.[20]


Metal Sonic continues Eggman's reign for his sake, from Sonic the Hedgehog #7.

Nowadays, Metal Sonic is completely devoted to Dr. Eggman and his role of serving the Eggman Empire. After receiving Eggman's bio-data in the form of his genius, visions and ambitions, his loyalty towards his creator and purpose proved to be so great that he chose to step up to lead the Eggman Empire and conquer the world in the doctor's stead and likeness after he went missing to ensure that Eggman's reign remained unbroken. Should the world become his, he would then faithfully hand the empire over to Dr. Eggman. He has also proven to be very grounded in his beliefs: even when in a position of absolute power within the Eggman Empire, Metal Sonic insists that he is only a servant to the Eggman Empire, and that the only one fit to rule it is Eggman himself.[20]

Metal Sonic has an unhealthy obsession with his organic template, Sonic the Hedgehog, whom he refers to as his "double" and "loathsome copy".[20] This contradicting belief stems from the fact that Metal Sonic considers himself the "perfected" version of Sonic the Hedgehog, and therefore more worthy of being the "one, true Sonic" than the real Sonic. [20][21] However, he is deeply aware of some of the features Sonic has that he lacks, such as an organic body. For this reason, Metal Sonic tried to come into contact with the Metal Virus to feel anything, but to no effect, which momentarily stunned him.[22]


Metal Sonic threatens Rough, from Sonic the Hedgehog #13.

In comparison to Dr. Eggman, Metal Sonic is much more subtle in his tactics. Rather than stepping up to claim responsibility whenever he commits something malicious, Metal Sonic tends to operate in the shadows or in a disguise.[23][24] He is similarly not one to prattle loudly about his master plans before they are carried out.[20] Metal Sonic also demonstrated a very calm and enduringly patient demeanor during his time ruling the Eggman Empire.[20][23] This is mainly due to his own arrogance and belief in his supposedly impending victories, as he consider any hiccups in his plans to be temporary failures.[20] He rarely lets his setbacks get to him and he gets no more than mildly annoyed whenever one of his plans does not go as intended.[20][25][23] That does not mean he does not possess a temper however, as he has been known to have episodes of angry outburst whenever something unexpected happens.[20][26]

Powers and abilities[]

Modeled with extreme accuracy after Sonic the Hedgehog,[6] Metal Sonic was made to copy Sonic's every ability[3] and is in no way any slower nor less powerful than his organic counterpart.[2] Being Dr. Eggman's most powerful weapon against Sonic,[4] Metal Sonic is able to go toe-to-toe with his template in both battle and other fields, making him one of Dr. Eggman's most powerful and skilled creations. In fact, he has been credited as the strongest robot invented by Eggman in order to defeat Sonic.[27] Furthermore, he is constantly improving himself,[2] returning from each battle and defeat faster and more powerful than before.[12]


Metal Sonic keeping up with Sonic in a race, from Sonic the Hedgehog CD.

Metal Sonic shares Sonic's innate super speed, which he can achieve using a powerful jet engine-based propulsion system.[28][29] With this system, Metal Sonic is able to outclass Sonic's acceleration,[28] who can instantly accelerate to the speed of sound,[30] and equal Sonic's speed;[6][28] on a few occasions, Metal Sonic has even been able to surpass the maximum speed of Sonic,[3][31] whose highest known top speed is Mach 5.[32] Even then, Metal Sonic can take his speed even further. By overloading his circuits, Metal Sonic is able to quadruple his speed for a limited time.[33][34] Using certain techniques, he can even achieve light-speed momentarily. In addition, Metal Sonic also has Sonic's astounding kineticism, precision and reaction time to match his speed. He has profound acrobatic skills and agility, along with enhanced reflexes that let him avoid any incoming obstacles with precise and delicate movements.

Sonic 2016-08-26 23-04-38-717

Metal Sonic's energy projection, from Sonic the Hedgehog 4: Episode II.

Metal Sonic has both impressive durability and physical strength. His frame consists of monocoque titanium[3] that makes him highly resistant to damage, and he has enough strength to tear his own frame apart by hand.[35] In addition, Metal Sonic comes equipped with several extra abilities due to his mechanoid form. These include a plasma pulse laser that he can fire from the intake on his stomach, telescopically extendable limbs,[28] the ability to generate a seemingly impenetrable force-field, and sufficiently sharp claws. Metal Sonic can even channel internal radioactive force within him to produce powerful energy surges, and, when accelerating to maximum speed, surround himself in an energy field that lets him penetrate any substance caught in his path. Plus, by utilizing his jet engine, Metal Sonic can achieve high-speed flight in any environment; even in a damaged state, he was once capable of interplanetary travel from Little Planet to earth.

Metal Sonic's arguably most impressive skill is his ability to replicate the abilities and skills of others. By scanning and copying another being's life data, be it either robots or organic creatures, Metal Sonic can immediately and flawlessly mimic other people's skills and abilities, such as chaos powers, ESP, super strength, invisibility, etc. This makes Metal Sonic's skillset near-indefinite. Once, Metal Sonic also demonstrated the ability to shape-shift. As a result, he can cause himself to look and sound like an exact duplicate of any lifeform or robot, wearing virtually any kind of clothing, such as when he posed as Sonic when he kidnapped Froggy and Chocola.

Being a robotic clone of Sonic, Metal Sonic can imitate several of Sonic's signature techniques. The most prominent of these include Sonic's core offensive maneuver: the Spin Attack, a technique where he curls into a concussive ball or cutting disk and directs himself at his targets. With it, Metal Sonic can shred or burrow through just about any substance given enough speed. Highly adept in Sonic's usage of this technique, Metal Sonic can utilize several variants of the Spin Attack for both ground- and aerial maneuvers, including the Spin Dash, Spin Jump, Homing Attack, and the Light Speed Attack. Also, due to being modeled after Sonic, Metal Sonic has the ability to accurately predict Sonic's lightning-fast moves.[6]

As seen during Dodon Pa's Grand Prix, Metal Sonic also has excellent skills when it comes to driving and racing in race cars like the Formula M. During the second part of the Death Egg mk.II incident, he was also able to control the Metal Carrier with no difficulty.


Metal Sonic empowered by Chaos Emerald energy, from "Metal Mayhem".

Metal Sonic also comes equipped with a Chaos Emerald radar, which he can view both externally through projectable holograms or internally.[13] He can also harness Chaos Emerald energy to empower himself. By using all seven Chaos Emeralds, he obtains an extreme power up[36] that grants him a golden aura and yellow eyes. This power-up gives him greatly increased strength and speed, enough to match the combined forces of Sonic, Tails, Mighty and Ray. This could technically be his incomplete Super transformation, which could have reached greater heights if given time, like Super Sonic 2.[37]

IDW Publishing[]

Described as Dr. Eggman's finest creation,[38] Metal Sonic is an exceptionally powerful robot capable of going toe-to-toe with Sonic the Hedgehog.[19]

Metal Sonic shares Sonic's super speed, which he can achieve using a powerful turbine-based propulsion system. Plus, by utilizing his turbine, Metal Sonic can achieve high-speed flight in any environment. He also comes equipped with sufficiently sharp claws and articulated joints, allowing him to rotate his torso 360 degrees around.[19] He also possesses incredible strength; he is strong enough to carry at least one person around while in flight, and he is strong enough to break metal chains with ease, even in a weakened state.[38][39]

Metal Sonic also has an external defense system called the Black Shield. With it, he can surround himself with a black force-field that can block incoming physical attacks.[39]


Metal Sonic Kai[]

Main article: Metal Sonic Kai

Metal Sonic Kai, from Knuckles' Chaotix.

By harnessing the energy of a Dark Ring, Metal Sonic can transform into Metal Sonic Kai. In this state, he is much larger and his body turns red. While most of his abilities are unknown, it is known that he is able to perform a much stronger version of the Plasma Pulse Attack from his chest.

Giga Metal[]

Main article: Giga Metal

By using the Phantom Ruby, Metal Sonic is able to become Giga Metal. In this form, he transforms into a huge, mechanical monster of enormous size. As Giga Metal, he possesses greater strength and is capable of deploying time bombs and emitting a large laser from his mouth. Other than that, Metal Sonic's speed is slightly reduced in this state, even though he can still catch up with Sonic. His weak point, however, is the Phantom Ruby stored in his chest; should the ruby be removed from its compartment, Metal Sonic will return to his original form, taking severe damage in the process.

Neo Metal Sonic[]

Main article: Neo Metal Sonic

Neo Metal Sonic, from Sonic Heroes.

Metal Sonic assumed the form of Neo Metal Sonic for the majority of Sonic Heroes while he copied the four teams' data. Many of Neo Metal Sonic's abilities remain unknown, he is known to be able to shapeshift and has the ability to shoot lightning bolts from his hands and fly.

Metal Madness[]
Main article: Metal Madness

Using the data from Team Sonic, Team Rose, Team Dark, Team Chaotix and Chaos, and as well as parts of Eggman's other machines, Neo Metal Sonic can transform himself into a super powerful version of himself called Metal Madness. In this form, Metal Sonic possesses a flamethrower, missile launchers, a whip-like tail with spikes, and claws that can shoot spikes and crystals. In this state, he is so powerful that even with the seven Chaos Emeralds, the chances of defeating him were slim.

Metal Overlord[]
Main article: Metal Overlord

After completing his transformation as Metal Madness, Metal Sonic became Metal Overlord. In this form, he sprouts wings, thus gaining the power of flight. He also gains the ability to use Chaos Control. In this form, Metal Sonic becomes so powerful that it requires three Super State users to face him and even they cannot harm him directly. His attacks are strong enough to stun Super transformation users, but still not enough to penetrate their invulnerability.

Super Neo Metal Sonic[]

Main article: Super Neo Metal Sonic

Super Neo Metal Sonic, from Sonic the Hedgehog #9.

In a stand-off against Sonic the Hedgehog and Knuckles the Echidna inside his newly-built fortification around the Master Emerald's shrine on Angel Island, Neo Metal Sonic assumed the new form of Super Neo Metal Sonic by absorbing the power of the Master Emerald before challenging the two heroes. In this form, he gain the powers of super speed, enhanced strength and can fire golden bolts of energy.

Master Overlord[]

Main article: Master Overlord

After Metal Sonic copied the bio-data of Sonic the Hedgehog and Shadow the Hedgehog, he absorbed the energy from the Master Emerald and transformed into this form. In this form, Metal gains the abilities of super strength, super speed and being able to fire massive crystal projectiles.

Color Powers[]

Main article: Color Power

By harnessing different variants of Hyper-go-on from Wisps, Metal Sonic can use specific Color Powers to transform into a certain form, such as a drill, a laser, or even an asteroid, each one possessing its own unique abilities. So far, Metal Sonic has been able to transform into the Cyan Laser, Yellow Drill, and Indigo Asteroid. However, these transformations require a steady supply of Hyper-go-on to be maintained.

In case the Wisp will not cooperate with him, Metal Sonic can have a Wisp Capsule installed into him that lets him forcefully extract Hyper-go-on from Wisps until they turn into Nega-Wisps.[40]


Despite claiming to have no weaknesses,[4] Metal Sonic has a few design flaws, with a number of his own techniques being detrimental to his internal systems. His Ring Spark Field for example uses so much energy that it decreases his mobility. There is also the V. Maximum Overdrive Attack, which fries his circuits from the overloading process and can possibly destroy him if used for too long.[33][34] Typically though, Metal Sonic's body just cannot handle the raw speeds he pushes himself to reach, which more often than not causes him to overheat or even self-destruct.[12][41]


  • Main CPU: LIPS AI Eggman Custom Chip. Located in the head, this processor contains three output links. The internal CPU contains a system that is capable of executing mathematically logical enactment and a simultaneous analog neuro-connection between all components.[3] In short, this allows Metal Sonic to react very quickly to certain situations.
  • Sub CPU: Neo Super DFX Chip, containing a five-link system connecting to all major body components governs the power control system. A Next Risk Chip Series III, with eight basic loading ports in each eye unit, utilizes RGB imaging in the optical area.[3]
  • Frame: Monocoque titanium[3]
  • Color coating: Reinforced blue metal tektite[3]
  • Main engine: 250cc, 4-valve Orgone Fusion Engine[3]
    • Max power: 55ps/6800rpm[3]
    • Max torque: 7.54Kg-m/4000rpm[3]
  • Secondary engine: Tesla Power Coil which produces electricity through electromagnetic induction.[3]
    • Max power: 256 Kw[3]


Sonic the Hedgehog[]

Sonic Channel 2021 06

Metal Sonic racing Sonic the Hedgehog, from Sonic Channel.

Sonic... I was created for the sole purpose of destroying you... But I can never seem to defeat you. That is why I transform my own body with my own hands.

Metal Overlord, Sonic Heroes[8]

Sonic the Hedgehog is Metal Sonic's organic template and arch-rival, having been created by Dr. Eggman for the sole purpose of destroying him.[8][12] Because of his programming, Metal Sonic regards Sonic as his primary target.[3] Though their appearances are similar, there is a certain difference between the two of them that goes beyond their obvious physical dissimilarities. While Metal Sonic is obsessed with the one purpose he was made for and will eliminate everything not related to that goal, Sonic enjoys life freely and lives for adventure. As such, even though they are both extremely speedy hedgehogs (albeit with one of them being a robot), their worldviews are completely different.[12]


Sonic faces Metal Sonic during the Little Planet incident, from Sonic the Hedgehog CD.

Metal Sonic is one of Sonic's earliest foes[6] and his first true rival, being able to copy both his raw speed and power. Both of them share a strong rivalry with each other.[27] Metal Sonic was first deployed on Little Planet where he kidnapped Amy Rose in front of Sonic, which led to a confrontation with Sonic on Stardust Speedway where Metal Sonic lost to his foe. This defeat would turn Metal Sonic from one viewing Sonic as an enemy into a bitter and deadly rival of the blue hedgehog. However, it can be said that Metal Sonic's first loss to Sonic was more than just the beginning of his rivalry with Sonic, but also a "fated" relationship.[12]

Following his revival by Eggman during in the midst of the Death Egg mk.II incident, Metal Sonic had developed a deadly grudge against Sonic and sought to settle the score with him. Notably, he would unleash an unbridled fury around some innocent Animals after just missing Sonic[42] and would go as far as to challenge Sonic to a rematch in the image of their first showdown onboard the Death Egg mk.II, only to be defeated once more. Metal Sonic has since continued to challenge Sonic again and again, steadfastly determined to fulfill his purpose of defeating him, only to face defeat at Sonic's hands or end up with a tie each time. With each defeat however, Metal Sonic's hatred for his doppelgänger has only grown, thus making him more determined to beat Sonic. This determination has even made Metal Sonic go against Eggman on at least two occasions. To Metal Sonic, to miss an opportunity to defeat Sonic is as painful as failing to come to his master's aid, if not more so. Even so, being a mechanical intelligence, Metal Sonic's mind is very analytic and precise when evaluating his feelings of frustrations at Sonic, often declaring the situations with Sonic being victorious or having the advantage as simply "unfavorable".[12]

Since meeting each other, Metal Sonic and Sonic have never once had an instance where their interests align, unlike Sonic and Dr. Eggman. In several cases, Metal Sonic has even been known to go after Sonic on his own without being ordered so by Eggman while also using persuasion tactics to make Sonic challenge him. When he finally gets to face Sonic, Metal Sonic is single-minded about besting him, to the point where nothing else seems to matter except proving himself the better of the two of them. This obsessive desire can make Metal Sonic act rather recklessly and without concern for his own well-being, as he has been known to radicalize himself from the inside out by cutting off all "wasteful" functionalities in his body in order to push his performance (most notably his speed) further, all without concern for the damage he does to his systems and body by pushing them beyond their limits.[12]

While Sonic has many rivals, Metal Sonic is special in his own right. As Sonic's rival, while Metal Sonic is a tremendously powerful combatant, it cannot be denied that a large proportion of Metal Sonic's skills are committed to speed competitions, as the highly advanced robot was specifically designed to defeat Sonic by outmatching his speed. As such, Metal Sonic's speed capabilities make him an outstanding rival to Sonic.[12]

Over time, Metal Sonic and Sonic have had countless fights, and nearly every time they meet each other they fight ferociously. Regardless, Sonic always manages to either beat or tie with Metal Sonic in the end. However, Metal Sonic's losses to Sonic have only increased Metal Sonic's hatred for Sonic and endowed him with an unhealthy obsession to surpass and defeat him. This obsession is entirely one-sided, as Metal Sonic is the only one who is so obsessed with speed and making himself the superior hedgehog.[12] At one point, Metal Sonic's hatred and obsession for Sonic pushed him over the brink, making him usurp control of the Eggman Empire and upgrade his own body with the goal of killing Sonic once and for all. He even adopted the warped belief that Sonic was his copy and that he was the real Sonic.[8][16] Also, though Metal Sonic has been known to claim that he has other motives behind his actions, as seen when he sought world domination during the Neo Metal Sonic incident, it can all be traced back to his wish of proving himself superior to Sonic, and, by extension, all others.

As long as Metal Sonic's goal is to defeat the real Sonic, Metal Sonic will always return as a powerful force that stands in opposition to Sonic. Likewise, every time Metal Sonic becomes a big threat to Sonic, the robot will stand up to face him, and although he always loses, he will always return later on as an even greater threat that awaits Sonic. As such, Metal Sonic stands eternally as the strongest thug in Sonic's rogues gallery whose intent is to overthrow Sonic.[12]

Despite the kindness Sonic showed him after the battle for Angel Island, the furious Metal Sonic wanted to attack him upon waking up. He subsequently rejected the truce he offered and returned to Eggman, which disappointed Sonic.[43] Sonic would later tell Metal Sonic about how he preferred that he was more like Gemerl or Omega, who broke free from Eggman and started their own lives.[44] He also does not expect them to become friends anytime soon and would accept that they lived apart from one another on opposite sides of the planet.[43] Furthermore, according to Eggman, Metal Sonic's software ensures that his only desire is to destroy Sonic.[44]

Dr. Eggman[]

Eggman and Metalsonic

Dr. Eggman and Metal Sonic, from Mario & Sonic at the Rio 2016 Olympic Games.

Dr. Eggman is Metal Sonic's creator, and Metal Sonic is the only robot of Eggman's that has come the closest to defeating Sonic. Because of his programming, Metal Sonic is aligned with Eggman's intentions.[3] Despite Metal Sonic's multiple defeats to Sonic, Eggman has not lost hope in him, and has since rebuilt him several times to accomplish his various agendas, even to the point of summoning the original back from Little Planet.[45]

Metal Sonic gives Dr

Metal Sonic offering Dr. Eggman a flower, from Sonic Mania Adventures.

Metal Sonic eventually betrayed Eggman due to his increasing hatred for Sonic and seized the Eggman Empire for himself to rule the world, with Metal Sonic's primary objective being to destroy Sonic. It is heavily implied that Eggman regretted this outcome, as he proceeded to answer Team Chaotix's interrogation of who locked him up with a saddened tone. However, Eggman did not give up on Metal Sonic even after that, and so reprogrammed Metal Sonic into his obedient servant again after regaining possession of him. Although Metal Sonic still displays rebellious tendencies, it has not stopped the doctor from continuing to use him for different missions.

Eggman also praises Metal for his successes or the victories he almost achieved, from even the small ones like landing a punch on Sonic to the almost successful conquest of Angel Island. He was also the catalyst that allowed Eggman to regain his entire memory and persona while he suffered from amnesia.[46]


Sage and Metal Sonic in their "Let's Go Dad" shirts, from The Murder of Sonic the Hedgehog.

In The Murder of Sonic the Hedgehog, Metal Sonic waits with Eggman while donning a shirt that reads "LET'S GO DAD," suggesting a degree of paternal-child relations between both. Sage is also present and wears the same attire.

Amy Rose[]

Shadow the Hedgehog[]

Shadow the Hedgehog and Metal Sonic first met each other as enemies, as the former had been working with Sonic and the rest of the teams to distract Metal Sonic in his Metal Madness form. Some time later, during the Ifrit incident, Metal Sonic and Shadow became partners due to Dr. Eggman calling Shadow for his assistance. Although they were together for a brief period, Shadow displayed that he did in fact care for Metal Sonic, at least on some level, as he constantly asks him if he is alright. Also, near the end of that incident, when Metal Sonic tore himself open to retrieve the Chaos Emerald within his body, Shadow told him to stop out of fear that Metal Sonic would destroy himself.

Eggman Nega[]

During the Onyx Island incident, Eggman Nega and Metal Sonic were allies. However, this alliance ended after that incident. By the time of the Ifrit incident, not only were Metal Sonic and Eggman Nega enemies, but Nega also provided Metal Sonic with his own personal rival, Metal Sonic 3.0. This caused Metal Sonic to view Eggman Nega with contempt and was determined to defeat him.

Belle the Tinkerer[]

Because Metal Sonic recognizes Belle the Tinkerer as fellow Eggtech, he does not see her as his enemy. This prompted him to destroy a Motobug that threatened her after she had repaired him. Afterwards, he helped her by taking her to Dr. Eggman.[47]

In spite of this, Belle's plead for Metal Sonic to stop his assault on Sonic, Tails, Kitsunami and her fell onto deaf ears. When she stood in-between him and Sonic, Metal Sonic shoved her out of the way without remorse which leaves them on neutral territory.





Metal Sonic has proven to be one of the most popular villains in the Sonic franchise. GameDaily placed Metal Sonic thirteenth on their "Top 25 Video Game Robots" list, describing him as Dr. Eggman's "greatest creation" and praising the strength of his abilities.[48] According to a poll on Sonic Channel, Metal Sonic is the most popular villain in the series, and the second most wanted character for future appearances, beaten only by Shadow the Hedgehog.[49]



Main article: Metal Sonic/Gallery


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