Metal Harbor is the fourth stage of the Hero story in Sonic Adventure 2. It is playable by Sonic. As the name suggests, the harbor is indeed built of metal, and consists of many shipping yards and aircraft launch sites scattered about.


Sonic the Hedgehog must escape Prison Island after being freed by Amy. G.U.N. is aware that Sonic has escaped, and several bomber planes have been scrambled in an attempt to impede his progress.

Stage Layout

Unsurprisingly, the construction of the harbor leads to an abundance of rails, all of which can be grinded on. The frantic charge through the harbor eventually culminates in a hectic race up a missile gantry, forcing Sonic to find a spot to latch onto the missile before it launches and destroys the very ground he's standing on. As Sonic races through this zone he encounters many G.U.N. bots trying to stop him and jets.


The upgrade in Metal Harbor is a major level-up item, called the Light Shoes. These allow Sonic to move along a trail of rings at super speed. You have to get this level-up item if you want to beat the game.



  • Big the Cat is seen fishing near the last checkpoint of this stage. This only occurs in the Dreamcast version.
  • The missile that Sonic grabs on to has two hold spots but the higher one is a little harder to get to, the only way to get the A rank is to grab the higher missile.


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