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Sonic Riders
Metal City

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Metal City (メタルシティ Metarushiti?) is a course in Sonic Riders, and the first course in Team Heroes' story. It is a futuristic city setting full of tall buildings and bright colors.


Metal City is an urban city setting. It takes place at a high level, with an ordinary city being seen underneath the platforms, in a light blue, clean sky with a few, albeit large clouds. The track pieces are enormous white-colored modernized buildings, while the paths are streets made of light gray metal and glass. A few of these streets also have cars that can stop the players who touch them. Some surfaces can also have green grass and be fenced to prevent racers from falling off.


The game starts out with Sonic, Tails, and Knuckles tracking a Chaos Emerald. They soon find out it has been stolen by a group of thieves riding hoverboards. Sonic tries to stop them, but they simply go around him. Knuckles manages to knock one off his board, but he hitches a ride with one of the others. Tails spots a strange marking on the board, but then Sonic ignores him, takes the board and gives chase. He soon catches up with their leader, but as Sonic cuts in front of him, the mysterious thief attacks him from above and knocks Sonic off. He mutters, "So you're supposed to be the fastest thing alive?" before escaping.

The next day, Sonic and friends find out that Dr. Eggman is hosting the EX World Grand Prix, a tournament for competitive Extreme Gear racing. They discover that the mysterious thieves from the night before are already competing in the tournament so Sonic and his friends decide to enter to find out what Eggman is up to and who these thieves are.


Metal City is a fast-paced and open course that introduces the player to the most basic items in the game. This track is very easy, and it is almost impossible to fall into a bottomless pit due to the paths being fenced. Like most other courses in Sonic Riders, the main objective in Metal City is to win a race by different methods.

Metal City features common gimmicks that are used in the rest of the game, such as Trick Zones, Air Pits and Item Boxes; all of which make plenty of appearances here. There are also the Grind Rails for Speed Types, Barricades for Power Types, and Catapults and Accelerators for Flight Types. The main obstacles in Metal City are the cars, through they appear a few times. Touching these will repel the playable character of almost all of the speed, though Power Types are able to knock them away with no problem.


Other game appearances

Sonic Free Riders

Metal City, from Sonic Free Riders.

In Sonic Free Riders, Metal City appears as a bonus track, which can be unlocked after completing the final race with Metal Sonic in the Final Story. The route is also used in the game's tutorial. It comes in two versions: standard and expert.


The monitor that shows Sonic in the streets, from Sonic Riders.







Name Artist(s) Length Music track
"Theme of Metal City" Tomonori Sawada, Kenichi Tokoi, Fumie Kumatani 2:56

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