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Sonic in Metal Blade Zone (?)

Metal Blade Zone is a scrapped level that would have appeared on the Sega Saturn cancelled video game, Sonic X-treme. This is the third zone in Sonic X-treme.


This stage is shown to be a dark sky stage, much like Death Egg Zone. Another stage is confirmed to be a metropolis.


Metal Blade was going to have three acts: "Nightmare Bridge", "Sewer Shock" and "Necropolis". Metal Sonic would have been encountered at this stage as a boss.

In the boss fight with Metal Sonic, the player could use a "Lock On" mode, when the camera is locked onto the boss and that helps to dodge harmful things from him. Metal Sonic would usually slowly follow Sonic and when he's locked onto him, he'll charge at him or shoot missiles.


  • This zone is the only zone of Sonic X-treme that doesn't have official screenshots. The only time it was shown in a video is in the Canadian TV series "The Anti-Gravity Room".
  • Metal Sonic's model and some Project Condor models were discovered in a Sega Saturn SDK.
  • The ground texture from the Metal Sonic boss battle was found while disabling some layers in the 718 prototype.
  • Chris Senn made some variants of Metal Sonic in his concept artwork images, but they were all scrapped in favor of the actual Metal Sonic.


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Sonic Xtreme Metal Sonic Boss Clip

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