Metal-o-Turtle[1] (ドカブトン[2] Dokabuton?) is an enemy that appears in Sonic Chaos. It is a mass-produced, beetle-based Badnik model created by Dr. Robotnik.



Despite their western name, Metal-o-Turtles are based on Kabutomushis (commonly known as "Japanese rhinoceros beetles"). They have blue armor, yellow pincers with red claws, and a large cephalic horn on their heads. They move around with pair of tracked wheels underneath their bodies.


The player only encounters the Metal-o-Turtles in Gigalopolis Zone. In gameplay, all they do is move back and forth. They do not have any proactive offense other than having the player somehow collide with them and inflict damage.

The player can easily defeat the Metal-o-Turtles using a Spin Jump or Spin Attack. Like every Badnik in Master System/Game Gear games, they do not have Animals as energy sources.


  • Despite the fact that they appear to be a beetles rather than turtles, "Metal-o-Turtles" most likely refers to these robots in the Gigapolis Zone description in the English Game Gear manual, since the only other Badnik that appears in that zone is this game's equivalent of Buzz Bombers.


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