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  • I understand your statement and I am flattered that you like me that much. However, this makes it only much harder to say because it is my duty to keep things as true as they can on SNN, and unfortunately, the things you say about Sonic warping time with his speed is fundamentally flawed, speculative or ambiguous. So for you to better understand this, I will surmise for you in detail what you have gotten wrong, and I am sorry to do this

    • "Although it is questionable whether these implications are cannonical, for they may simply be gameplay elements or a manner of making the gameplay more exiting, however they are also worth noting" - we cannot allow anything ambiguous without actual solid facts or strong evidence to support that Sonic can warp time with his speed. This does just that because there are gameplaymechanics involved in Sonic's success at breakink the time barrier. In other words, if he needed them to do this and there is no statement supporting this, then there is no way he can travel in time with his own speed, and any outside claims will be speculative.
    • "In Sonic Generations Tails noted that both Sonics were restoring the damaged timeline using their pure speed." What Tails said in Sonic generation is that when the "Sonics accelerate through time they restore space." That is a very open statement and does not specifically point to the fact that Sonic can warp time with his speed. More objectively, it can just as well mean that Sonic simply running through the places in the different time periods simply set an effect in motion that restores space, like how we throw a stone into a puddle (the stone has no special ability and it still creates ripples in the water by moving into it). Because of that, we cannot claim that Sonic's speed can warp time.
    • "In Sonic CD, Sonic was able to travel into the past or future using his pure speed, even before being in possession of a time stone, and in Sonic Rush Sonic was able to travel into the special stage(deemed as another dimension) in a similar manner." - In both of these scenarios, Sonic used a specific gimmick to travel time and space (the Time Warp Plates and the Special Generator respectively). If Sonic did not have them, then he couldn't travel time and space. These devices might just as well just create the time-space warping effect when Sonic reaches a certain speed, ergo is the traveling part not something Sonic can do under his own power. Because we cannot prove that Sonic can do this on his own, then we cannot claim that Sonic's speed can warp space-time.
    • "In games Such as Sonic Adventure 2, Sonic generations and Sonic and the Black Knight Sonic was seen moving at speeds rivaling or even surpassing those of Chaos Control-induced teleportation and warping." - these statements bind in the gameplay mechanics which is a flawed measure. Like Amy has demonstrated equal speed to Sonic in a few games but is terribly slow in others; those are due to gameplay mechanics in some cases equalizing the characters and that is a vague comparison. In other words, Sonic can simply exceed the warp because the gameplay mechanics allows him so because they make him equal to the characters. Another reason could also be that it just takes that long for a Chaos Control warp to occur or Shadow/lancelot travels to a future point in time; I cannot say that, but that is the reason why this is ambiguous and why we cannot say Sonic can outrun a warp.
    • "Also on the back of the box of the original Sonic the Hedgehog for the gamegear Sonic was stated as able to "bust the speed barrier wide open" " - This is a personal opinion based on what you think it means, It could as well just refer to the sound barrier or another type of barrier that has nothing to do with the time barrier.

    These are my point and I hope you understand why I do this. I am sorry for this and please don't hold a grudge at me. I just want SNN to be as truthful as it can be, and in the process, I only make enemies. Please don't hate me.

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    • I understand completely! And i don't hate you! I sent that message so that you know that i'm not like anybody else on the internet who goes insanely crazy over tiny things like "green eyes" or "blue arms". I thought about it, and you're absolutely right! I need to be sure that everything that i say on this wiki is as accurate as possible before i publish it. And don't worry, I DON'T HATE YOU! I thank you!

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