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  • By the way, Japanese Wikipedia used to have a longer description for the Sonic manga, a lot of information we didn't have at the time that turned out to be accurate (info on the extended Veruca family, Nicky's age, etc).

    It said that Paulie's name ポーリー was sometimes spelled ポリー. I've not had time to look into this much, to see if it was a writer specific quirk, but it might be worth looking out for.

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    • I've found Japanese Wikipedia can be just as inaccurate as English Wikipedia at times, so it's rare to see such obscure info be vindicated. Are there any other deleted things worth looking out for?

      Speaking of Paulie, it's mentioned in his article that his name might have intended to be a reference to the term "Roly Poly" (ローリー・ポーリー Rōrī Pōrī?) as in a balled-up hedgehog — or maybe, now that I think about it (although it may be a stretch), "Polygon" (ポリゴン Porigon?) as in the computer graphics feel that the original 1991 video game was going for with Green Hill Zone at the time. What do you make of that?

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    • Someone saved a copy on their Geocities page:

      Most of it is stuff we've now seen hard evidence of. But there are still a few other things, like Vector living in Hedgehog Town, Sonic being Nicky's 16 year old future self, Little John's father being an inventor.

      All the hedgehogs have ordinary English names - Tania, Brenda, Amy, Nicky, Little John. It's probably the same for Paulie. But there might be something to it.

      Polygon is a real stretch though.

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  • Hi SaucieX

    I've just noticed an update you made to the Amy page.

    Since more scans have become available, it seems that the difference is down to the writer. Sango Morimoto used エイミー whilst the other writers used エミー. Sango Morimoto was also the only artist to use the ponytail design.

    Additionally, her surname "Rose" is used in the April 1994 issue of Bessatsu CoroCoro Special, by Koichi Tanaka.

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